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CMLL Line - 06/16/02 (-12, Originally Aired: 06/19/01)

Correction: The Arena Coliseo dates for -13 should've been 05/29/01.

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Black Tiger is from Japan, but he's coming to CMLL! Watch out! He's friends with the Mexicans, so don't be too scared. (At this point, no one knew who Black Tiger was.)

1 Capos (Universo 2K (c), Mascara Y2K, Cien Caras) vs Atlantis (c), El Hijo De Rayo Jalisco Jr., Solar I
06/05/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:27
U2K/MY2K double side backbreaker EHDRJJ
CC elbow drop Atlantis
2 4:36
Solar II Mexican Surfboard MY2K
EHDRJJ reverse tope U2K
3 2:39 MY2K senton Solar II
U2K shoulder breaker (Triple Pin) EHDRJJ
T 9:17 Rudos (2-1)

Notes:  Okay, I could swear the ring announcer announces the third tecnico as "Hijo De Lizmark" but it's obviously not him - I think even the announcers note that. First fall is beatdown. Capos with good team work, as always. Beatdown continues to second fall.  Comeback happens but I miss it and don't feel like rewinding. Atlantis accidentally hits Solar with a missile dropkick and that soon ends that. They pull of Rayo Jr.'s mask after the match and talk a bit.

Vignette:  Satanico talks and laughs some more to Rencor Latino. This is where they officially change his name to Averno. And there's the third Infernal, but we still can't get more than a sellout. 

2 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero (c), Rey Buccanero), Mascara Magica vs Fuerza Guerrera, Satanico (c), Averno
06/05/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:15 everyone sentons Satanico short, but good beatdown
2 3:38 everyone sentons Ultimo fierce comeback
3 0:21
Averno bodyscissors rollup Magica
Satanico DQ (simulated mask pull)
bad finish
T 7:26 Ultimo (2-1) had promise

Notes: Satanico's music skips, and by the time that's straightened out, the fight is on. GdI jump Satanico's side but don't get much of an advantage.  Rey and Ultimo end up punking out Satanico in the ring, though, and getting control there. Rey looks freaky with his makeup on and wearing his ring jacket collar up high like he's a Vampire or something. Mascara Magica goes right for Averno. Averno gets a double drop toe hold on the rope, then a triple slide to the floor. Fuerza into get beatdown. Mascara has the green mask but black pants today. Ooh, rolling back elbow, don't get that. Triple boot for Satanico. Sentons wild! Triple pose! I think one of the over head lights must've gone on fire, because there's alls orts of smoke (or maybe mist from sprinklers?) at the begging of the fall. Someone's ripped half the front of Fuerza' mask, and now he's angry. He and Satanico get pumped up, then charge to make the save for Averno. It works  - for a second. Back to the beatdown. Ring is cleared out quickly. Averno comes in and his mask is ripped and pulled at some more - it's half untied in the back, thanks to Magica. There's the elevated sit. "Infernal" chant from the fans. Satanico in. Will eh turn it around? Yes - missed corner charge of course means a change in momentum. Rey gets thrown into the seats. Averno works on Magica's mask. Satanico and Ultimo fight - Ultimo eventually gets trapped in the ring against the three people from the other team, but everyone else backs off so Satanico can wallop him himself. Same finish, same pose, but Magica is in to push Averno off the top. They fight during the break, until Fuerza pulls Magica off more (ripping more of his mask off in the process.) We clip out a bunch of the third fall and go right to Ultimo's team trying the triple facebuster on Averno - Ultimo and Rey go to celebrate instead of checking to see the move got through, and don't find out that Averno reversed into a bodyscissors for three. GdI fight back and clear the ring. Rey and Fuerza are back in it - but Fuerza ends up hitptossing Rey to the floor, dropkicking him through the ropes, and then hitting the somersault body block form the apron. In We see Averno and Magica battling on the outside, the refs trying to get Averno away (why?) and Magica using the opportunity to cheap shot Satanico. Satanico looks at Magica, Ultimo finishes taking off his mask and throws it to Satanico, then crumbles to the mat, and Magica gets the ref's attention.

Post match, Ulitmo and Rey taunt Satanico, and Magica says he'll do whatever it takes to get Averno.

Spectacular Moments - Ultimo potatoes Satanico with a kick last week. That finish from the Silva match last week. Running post job for Marvin from Virus. But we see Ricky Marvin hit a double jump Asai moonsault after. Rayo's Asai from last week. 

Vignette: The Boricuas have a party for Pierroth, because he's back for the first time in a while. Pierroth Jr. claims his injury was caused by oil on the floor that those evil tecnicos put there. All the dancing valets are here to make this more intersting.

3 Zumbido, Boricuas (Veneno, Gran Markus Jr. (c)) vs Olimpico (c), Felino, Safari
06/08/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:30
Veneno (and Markus?) CO
Felino powerbomb Zumbido
2 3:36 Boricuas DQ (mass run-in)
T 6:12 Finish

Notes: On one hand, it's a Boricua match. On the other hand, I like everyone here who's not Markus. I'm tired and want to get this done wins. Wow mass Boricuas run-in, glad I didn't bother. Zumbido joins in, kinda. Making the save is...VAMPIRO? Wow. He turns the tide. I think Zumbido tries to walk out by himself but Olimpico catches up to him and beats him up. Vampiro poses in the ring a bit while the other tecnicos help run off the Boricuas, then helps run them up the aisle. Then they come back and he poses. The tecnicos pose seperate from him. 

4 Villano III (c), Villano IV, Villano V vs Signo (c) Negro Navarro, Blue Panther
06/08/01, Arena Mexico
1? trios 1:52 Signo seated headscissors sleeper Villano

Notes: JIP, this is all hyope for III vs Signo - and though they don't say as much, it sure seems like it was the last fall. Or maybe one fall. Or maybe any fall. Who knows.

Vignette: Emilio and Scorpio meet - apparently, Shocker's back from Japan. And they aren't happy with him, or his behavior before he left. Shocker says he'll make it up to him: special hair dye he brought all the way from Japan. They're unsure, but Shocker assures them that's what he used on his hair. Shocker brings them to his beauty shop to get it done. Shocker leaves them to the hairdresser (who's bribbed) and takes off. The final product is revealed and their hair is...back to black! They see each other and laugh - then they realize they're both messed up, and it's all Shocker's fault. They're not guapo anymore - they're feo! Bestia is on the verge of ears.

5 Guapos (Emilio (c), Bestia, Scorpio) vs Shocker (c), Apolo Dantes, Black Warrior 
06/08/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:20 Emilio rope choke Warrior very short, one big move
2 :56 Emilio DQ (choke) the HECK
3 2:12
Warrior top rope splash Bestia
Apolo step over surfboard Scorpio
quick finish due to injury
T Time Shocker (2-1) Disappointing

Notes: Shocker taunts the Guapos on the way to the ring, for not being guapo anymore - they're the Feos to him now. I was just gonna zoom through this and blow it off but I decided to sleep and give some effort - all for you, Mr. Black Warrior. 

Fight starts outside the ring, with the Guapos attacking the psuedo-Tecnicos on the aisle after Shocker made fun of them, and clearly dominating. Everyone gets brought in the ring for stomps and the like, then Shocker's kicked out by Emilio. They leave Apolo for a second to beat up Warrior, then try whipping Warrior towards Apolo, but Apolo helpful backdrops Warrior to the apron and helps him from falling. Scorpio tries charging Apolo, but he sidesteps and Warrior punches him down. Apolo covers, Bestia tries to break with an elbow drop but Apolo moves and Scorpio takes it. Warrior slingshots himself back in, off the far ropes, lifted up by Apolo and there's a double dropkick. DOUBLE SUICIDE TOPE! Shocker and Emilio in the ring - off the ropes, Shocker missed clothesline, off the rope, Emilio missed clothesline replay. When w come back, Emilio rams Shocker into the ropes, then chokes him on the second rope and doesn't seem eager to take a five count. Then they raise his arm? I'm very confused. The fight goes on the outside but very the Guapos have won the fall - we just don't know how. We get a replay of the double tope, which was very awesome, and the choke on the ropes - oh, I guess Shocker gave up when being choked on the ropes. That's bizarre. I guess it was the rudo ref but he was waving out so I guess it's okay - except the whole winning with an illegal move.

It's a beatdown to the start second fall. Emilio with a devastating chinlock on Shocker. At least he picked a body part. Another choke on the ropes but the tecnico ref wants them to let go this time. And now he DQs them for keeping the boot choke on too long. WHATEVER. Beatdown goes on but now I'm just fast forwarding.

I'd think we have a five minute fall here but who can say. I'm not sure I'll still truly care anyway. Shocker's team gets back control early on, but it's just a lot of brawling the other way. Oh, weird rolling elbow by Shocker, and then a springboard plancha - but he hurts his knee and grabs it after impact. He's laying down on the floor and screaming in pain - Apolo and Warrior must've not seen it because they go the other way. No, they're both standing there when it happens, and they go in the ring to pick the action. The rudo ref takes on of the bigger bumps of the match to get in position to count a fall, rolling over Warrior. They went to the finishes quick after the injury so they must think it's a very serious one - Shocker could have blown out his knee on that. But then he's up and walking around after the match, so it must've just been something temporary. Replay shows that Warrior really didn't get as far as he'd hope, and Emilio kinda stood around during the finishes. Guapos talk

Next Week: Vampiro Candianesse, Shocker, Atlantis, Black Tiger, Villano II, Emilio, Scorpio, Mascara Y2K, Universo 2K, Black Warrior, and the Boricuas.

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