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CMLL Line - 06/22/02 (39)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette:  Poder Boricua, Mr. Mexico and Gran Markus are hanging out around the truck again. I have no idea what this is all about. 

1 Killer, Bulldog (c), Mastin vs Poder Boricua, Mr. Mexico, Gran Markus (c)
06/04/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:16
Masin fisherman's suplex Poder
Bulldog double choke drop Mexico
hey, it's a boring beatdown
never seen that
2 2:44 Markus top rope splash Bulldog no real transistion
3 4:27 Markus DQ (Bulldog faked low blow) what a horirble finish
T 10:33 Boricuas (2-1) Finish

Notes: Killer's mask looks somewhat familiar this week. Mastin's a less fat white guy. Maybe he saw the Spiderman movie with Mascara Magica. I guess this is the new Boricuas B-Team. Then again, no sign of Pierroth here so maybe it's not an official Boricua match? You know, I think Violenica, Veneno and Nitro could be a decent trio if they weren't stuck in this angle. I give credit for the Boricuas being kind enough to wait for the introduction graphics to be over so I can see how Mastin's name is spelled. They wait till after to start the beatdown. I could not possible care less about this match, and it's only my dedication to not fast forwarding through the Saturday show that's stopping me from skipping it entirely. The second fall turned into a normal match, with the longest armbar ever. Markus better sell this for the rest of the match. No, no, he's not. Tecnicos get tired of standing on the apron and come into start the reverse beatdown. Bulldog is still awful. Mastin kinda knows how to throw a chop, but he's doing a strong man gimmick. He'd probably be too small to do the same if he was in the US, which is why he's here. He's built, which makes you automatically assume he's just there because he's built. Bulldog is just there so Markus has a big guy to beat up on - and I guess Fuerza Boricua isn't ready? Or maybe he's worse, that's scary. At least he can throw a decent low blow. And then he does the WORST JOB EVER faking a low blow. "Hey ref, he hit me a low - he hit me right here - he hit me...oh right, I'm supposed to be selling the low blow, ow ow the pain I must grab my own groin to relive it" 

Vignette:  Hey, this is the vignette with Shocker and Magica talking (Shocker says Shock-tres, which I missed the first time) and leads in to the match...

2 Takemura (c), Masada, Blue Panther vs Shocker (c), Satanico, Mascara Magica 
05/17/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 4:47 Rudos DQ (excessive beatdown?) non sensical finish
2 5:55 Shocker top rope elbow Takemura more exciting
T 10:42 Tecnicos, 2-1 set up!

Notes: ...we saw two weeks ago. Odd.

3 Dr. Wagner (c), Fuerza Guerrera (c), Blue Panther vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior
06/07/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:21
Panther wakigatame armbar Niebla
Rudos DQ (Atlantis mask pull)
odd finish to a beatdown
puts the champs over
2 3:40
Atlantis torture rack Fuerza
Atlantis 'rana Wagner
Atlantis is good
match was emotional
T 6:09 Tecnicos, 2-0 but not really great

Notes: The rudo team is wearing their CMLL title belts and the tri-masks, so you know a challenge angle is about to happen. Good to see Niebla's okay. Atlantis is an upgrade over Antifaz, I'd think. I'm going without sound here, so if someone says something interesting I missed it. And I'm kinda guessing on the whistle. Rudos attack tecnicos as they enter the ring, with usually strike and mask pulling. Ring is cleared in about :30. Niebla back in and triple teamed - whip, drop toe hold, off the ropes three times and the dropkick to the head. Warrior gets a corner whip, two corner clotheslines, and the Steiner Bulldog (Fuerza as Rick, Panther as Scott.) They try the GdI "you hold him up against the ropes, I get a running start and jump over you, sitting on our opponent" but either Panther tries more of a splash or he doesn't get high enough. It doesn't look good. Niebla back in, via double suplex. They're all wearing similar tights too, so while you still can pick out Fuerza, it's not always easy to figure out which one is Panther and which one is Wagner. Panther's armbar looks great. Warrior is in only to be thrown out. Atlantis tries to start a comeback but it doesn't last, and they go for the triple mask pull, which works but gets them DQed. They lose a fall they were easily going to win but didn't seem to upset about it. Wagner takes the mask, points at it, then punches it. Then he leaves the ring and walks over to below rabid tecnico fan balcony and holds up the mask to taunt them, before punching it again. Atlantis is helped to the back, with his face covered. Replays of the armbar and the mask ripping. As the champions continue the beatdown between falls, we get a break.

Beatdown continues, 3 on 1 in the ring. Atlantis has not yet returned. They're taking turns hurting Niebla's weakened arm. Psychology. No Wagner is on the outside and punching the heck out of Warrior, just because he can. Fuerza beats up Niebla on the ramp, with lots of head smashes into the ramp itself. Panther is going for Warrior's mask. Atlantis is finnaly back and that cues the comeback. Everyone gets posted. Atlantis is ticked and beating up Wagner. Those two make it back in to the ring eventually, but we watch Niebla and Fuerza on the ramp first. Atlantis wants Wagner's mask, and gets yelled at by the referees, but yells right back. Wagner tries to escape but Atlantis catches up to him and resumes pulling. Atlantis is punching a bunch too. Somehow, we transition to a normal match with the tecnicos getting the better of the rudos, more 3 on 1 than one one. I should not the shoulder brace Fuerza has on. Black Warrior gets off his spinaround DDT on Panther, then hits the suicide tope. Fuerza accidentally runs right into the Torture Rack and that's all for him.  Niebla leapfrogs Panther, then comes back for a bodyscissors rollup. Wagner tries to reverse it but Atlantis is till close enough - Rana and added leverage from his partners.

Post-match, Warrior makes the "I want the belt" motion and Atlantis resumes going for Wagner's mask. Not being able to hear how the crowd reacts is disappointing in a match like this. Wagner's mask gets completely ripped, and I'm sure that Atlantis put out a challenge for the belt.

4 Negro Casas (c), Black Warrior, Felino vs Takemura (c), Masada, Nosawa
06/04/02, Arena Coliseo
3 trios 2:20 DQ (illegal choke) whatever
T ?:?? Tecnicos, 2-1 not worth the effort

Notes: Why do we get this match? It's already in progress, but I'd guess maybe just to see the losers with their head shaved? That's a nice jumping back kick for Casas. Nice to see him moving around too, after last week. Once they figure out what they're doing, there's some nice teamwork by the rudos on Casas. Lots of sleepers on him for some reason. Oooh, a spinning sleeper, you don't get that often. It's probably more of a choke hold at this point, but Casas isn't giving up. He's falling unconscious but - oh, wait, they ruled it a choke and that it wasn't let go in time so it's a DQ. Casas gives us a glassy faraway look. I'm not quite sure what the point of that was, but the Japanese side is happy with it. We must have time to kill this week. I feel unfair giving this any rating, because we saw only a little of it.

We get a promo here for a upcoming match - June 16, Psicodelico, Solar II, Sangre Azteca, Starman, Dr. X, Volador Jr., Tigre Blanco and Super Kendo in a cage match - last one out loses their mask. All of the guys are first half of the card workers, so they rarely make TV but get a chance at the main event here.  

Spectacular Moments - Oh wow, he just barely turned himself over on that moonsault. Scary. Gotta love the Wakigatame. I think that's Dr. X with the Damien Neckbreaker, but I can not be sure. Tough to tell often. Mini dives. Olimpico goes high. Hey, Volador hits a high Asai Moonsault - oh this mush have been his Lighting Match against Averno. Why couldn't we have found time for that today? Taking out the repeat match alone would've done it. Maybe Televisa ran short and Galavision just had to fill time.

Vignette: GdI talk. These vignettes make even less sense without sound, but it looks like they have World Cup Fever. Also Rey and Ultimo are the new tag team champions, don't forget. The camera guy can't stop circling around them. They're World Champions. But not of soccer. Tarzan Boy remains awesome without a belt. I presume they finish by discussing how they themselves could beat every team in the Group Of Death.

5 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Tarzan Boy (c)) vs Shocker (c), Mascara Magica, El Hijo Del Santo
06/07/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:53 Magica reverses 'rana rollup Tarzan Boy a lot in a little
2 2:51 Tarzan Boy spears Shocker Finish
3 6:53 Tarzan Boy double low boot Shocker fast pased
T 11:37 Rudos 2-1 needed a better finish

Notes: Oh wow, now they have matching kilts. This team is beyond mortal men. Magica (Amazing Spiderman tights) and Shocker enter together and seem to be reminiscing about how much they hate this trio. Tarzan Boy wanders out to ramp, slaps them both hard on the chest, then runs as fast as he can. Magica and Shocker opt not to wait for their partner or introductions to start this, which of course works out very badly. Tarzan Boy always enjoys taking it to Shocker. He's choking him with his own shirt! Who's the third guy? Rey Buccanero runs to the top of the stage to meet - hey, it's Santo. With Magica out on the floor with a posting, Ultimo and Rey beat up Santo before he can even make it to the stage, while Tarzan Boy boot chokes Shocker. Shocker out, Magica (still wearing his leather jacket) in - oh wow, it's the gory special double faceslam combo, gotta love it. Shocker brought back in - double back elbow, and I think that's the triple wheelbarrow suplex. Shocker clotheslined out. Santo's still down on the ramp so GdI have plenty of time to pose. Oh wait, Santo's up and running, Shocker gives him a boost and Ultimo gets nailed with a tope. Ultimo rolls out, but Santo ducks a clothesline and nails him with a tope on the floor. Shocker does "get tossed but dropkick someone [Rey]" bit, and Tarzan Boy doesn't seem Mascara Magica coming before he's clothesline. Tarzan Boy pulls off a  'rana, but Magica rolls though - one two three. Replays.

GdI regroup on the outside in between falls. It'll be Magica and Rey to start, and they exchange slaps. Magica with an armdrag, hiptoss, armdrag, tries to follow up but kicked away. Rey with a chop, chop, whip, reversed, and Rey goes right into the spinebuster. Magica with the leg grab and sit down on the leg. Rey crawls to his corner to escape, but Magica gets another shot in on him and on Tarzan Boy before letting up. Santo and Ultimo in now, though Ultimo is in no hurry. He waits, and catches Santo by Surprise with a back elbow. Santo off the ropes, under a clothesline and hitting a high knee. Santo off the ropes, misses with a clothesline but hits the spinning headscissors into the spinning armdrag. Ultimo out, Santo out after him with open hand slaps, knocking Ultimo into the announce desk. Ultimo staggers to the floor as Santo backs away. In the ring, it's Tarzan and Shocker. Tarzan off the ropes, over and hitting a big shoulderblock. Off the ropes, missing a clothesline and Shocker hit a dropkick to the knee, elbow to the back. Shocker starts running, Tarzan grabs a leg to stop him, Shocker gets up and hits him with an enziguri. Rey back in, boot, kick to the head, off the ropes, jumping hipcheck but Shocker catches him and dumps him over the top rope. Ultimo in and chopping. Whip, Shocker slides under, there's the wacky Ultimo/Shocker reversal spot, Ultimo tries a clothesline but Shocker hits his own. Pose - but Tarzan Boy in with a spear. And punches. Ultimo helps cover and Rey stops the saves - one two three. Ultimo and Rey get their hands raised while Tarzan Boy continues stomping Shocker. It's all tied up. Replay of the spear. 

Third fall starts with the tencicos on the outside, regrouping. Shocker (who has multi-colored hair to match his multi-colored tights) starts the charge but the GdI take control. Rey beating up Magica on the outside, Ultimo going after Santo on the ramp, and Tarzan Boy on Shocker in the ring. Shocker gets a double whip, double boot. Santo gets a double clothesline, then stood back up for a double back elbow. Magica tries turning around but is quickly laid out. Double drop toe hold, double elbow drop, picked up and held for a Tarzan Boy missile dropkick. GdI decide to go out of the ring to beat up everyone individually some more.  Magica is held for a through the ropes dropkick. Santo is brought back in and dragged by his mask. Triple dropkick to the head! Perhaps you guys might want to try a pin? No, they're not done. Double whip, double drop roe hold, and triple slide to the floor. Who's next? Magica thrown back in again. Here's the move I was talking about before - Rey goes for it, but Magica breaks free and knocks them all away. Shocker in with boots! Santo beating up Rey on the outside as the Tecnicos make their comeback. The ring is cleared quickly, with Santo getting in a few more shots on ultimo. Tarzan Boy back in and he and Shocker start. Exchange of slaps. Tarzan with a boot, right, forearm, stomp, stomp, dance. Pickup, no shocker pushes him way. Tarzan Boy tries to stop him with slaps but they don't work - off the ropes, big boot from Shocker. Shocker signals to the crowd. Off the ropes, boot is caught, Tarzan Boy with a neat boot takedown. Tarzan Boy quickly to the apron, slingshot legdrop but no one's home. Shocker with a big running clothesline to take everyone out. Magica and Santo quickly in to try double dropkicks to the knees, but they both meet and GdI works them over in opposite corners. Whips are versed, Rey and Ultimo spin each other around and try for a double chop on Santo, he moves, and Magica and Santo give their opponents clothesline before a double slide to the floor. DOUBLE SUICIDE TOPE! Shocker and Tarzan Boy back in, evading each others' moves. Tarzan Boy hits the spear (which is more of a two leg takedown this time than it was a last) and punches but does not cover. Corner whip, reversed, Tarzan Boy tries for boots up but Shocker catches him and pulls him for the ropes. Tarzan Boy's head lands on the bottom turnbuckle, so Shocker tries for a Bronco Buster but Tarzan Boy gets his boots up in a low place (rudo ref saw, did not call for a DQ) and he jacknife covers one two three. 

Replays. Tarzan Boy talks. Ultimo talks. Rey talks. 

Next Week: Tarzan Boy, Rayo, Shocker, Mascara Magica, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Universo 2K, Mascara Y2K and more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


X Matches (41:21), about 33.1% of showtime (125:00); 

Average Match Rating 71.2
Overall Match Rating: approximately 75
5 Trios
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: A couple good stuff, but Boricuas

Closing Notes: 

1. They're really working hard to make Magica a top guy, and I think it's going well.
2. Also, making people hate Tarzan Boy, that's accomplished.
3. The Boricuas angle will never end. What will they do with all those rudos when ?
4. Mastin benefits from being around smaller guys a bunch.

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