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CMLL Line - 06/23/02 (Original Air Date 07/02/02, -10)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment


1 Guerrero Del Futuro (c), Aaron and Chris Stone vs Volador Jr., Mano Negra Jr., El Filloso (c)
06/19/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:35 Mano Negra Jr. reverse bow and arrow Chris Stone
2 NA Finish
3 5:00 Mano Negro 'rana GdI
T 7:35+ Tecnicos, 2-1

Notes: The Stones team enters to Offspring and has "Arena Coliseo" tag team belts (which look to be as made as well as they are important.) This match has mat wrestling and new people and other things I tend to like at a beginning of a match but I'm running late. Here's the comic misunderstanding - and here's the Volador Asai moonsault. Oh great now I have to figure out which Stone is which - I wouldn't bet on that working. And now a wacky submission hold that doubles as a pin. I guess the other guys got counted out. Replay shows (who I presume is Filloso - the other one more closely matches up to Mano Nergo Sr.'s picture on La Arena) hitting a tope on GdF as Volador was hitting his dive, and going shoulder first into the seats. The seats didn't give all that much, and he's still down. Break.

We come back with a replay of the second fall finishes. Los Stones hit a double spinebuster on Volador, but GdF snuck in for the pin while they were high fiving. Less than please. In return, after GdF has whiped MNJ, Alan clotheslines him and rolls him up before GdF can. 

Filloso is standing near their ring post but on the mat to start this fall - but he does eventually come in. He's clearly favoring that shoulder and really hampered, but he's making the effort and you've got to give him that. Probably. Anyway, as the babyfaces make their comeback, I venture over to CMLL and Alan just happens to be one of the eight guys they have profiles of. Chris has short hair (and glasses), Alan has long. Filoso is looking better as he gets the aderline back into him, favoring less. Stones are highspot guys, of course. Alan puts Mano Negra in an admonal stretch, but GdI punches him and puts Mano Negra in his adominal stretch. So Alan runs and dropkicks him. Alan's dropkicked out - there's Volador to tope him, and Mano Negra manages to win given the third change. Stones and GdI have a disagreement after about who's fault this was.

2 Poder Boricua, Fuerza Guerrera (c), Zumbido vs Felino (c), Safari, La Fiera
06/22/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:48
Zumbido counted out Zumbido
Felino inverted figure four Poder
fast start
2 2:06
Zumbido handspring 'rana Safari
Poder top rope senton Fiera
beatdown, okay
Zumbido was cool
3 1:42 Fuerza Modified Front Facelock Felino too quick 
T 8:29 Rudos (2-1) good for the time

Notes: See a Borciua, fast forward. (I read later that this is Poder's TV debut.) Actually, this lineup doesn't look that bad - weird that we're getting two undercard matches this year. I think we discovered that I have an odd fascination with La Fiera. I think Fuerza offers Safari gum before the match. I swear I'm not making that up. They then mat wrestle, which is more believable. Fuerza wins the better, though it goes down to open hand slaps. Zumbido and Felino, who do more of ropes wrestling. Pace really picks up. Fiera has good kicks.

Announcers drop the names "Silver King, Vampiro and Shocker" during this fall - I guess they were talking about Lucha people who went to NJ. Rudos eventually triple team to take control. They're a little unused to working with each other. Yep, we're into the beatdown. Zumbido tries to do the corner charging springboard off Poder's back, but gets no bounce - fans laugh at him. He hits a top rope 'rana to make up for it, then an handspring to a 'rana. Nice. 

Safari was really tentative on a dive in the right fall, maybe not having the communication right. Fuerza reversed a spinebuster attempt into the finish. I guess there was an argument over the facelock being a choke - it was kinda close. 

Vignette: Villano III works out head in preparation for his match tonight. He wants to beat El Signo.

3 Emilio Charles Jr. (c), Negro Navarro, El Signo vs Villano III (c), Lizmark, Olimpico 
06/22/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:56 Villano III 'rana Signo
2 1:15 El Signo DQ
T 4:11 Tecnicos 2-0

Notes: Beatdown to start - it falls apart when they spend too much time on Villano and forget about the other too. Nice top by Olimpico. Lizmark does one two. I swore they said Emilio was captian but who knows anymore. I think we start the second fall in progress. Ref bump in the second fall - rudo ref goes down, Signo trying to push him into Villano but Villano missing. Signo picks up some seats and tries to use them on Villano, but Olimpico stops him and the steps fall on Signo. I guess Signo got DQed for that push, because the match is stopped for no other pecrivable reason soon after. I choose the hand raise time, which is about :30 after the push. Leo Lopez (Commissioner) says he's making a report to the commission about Signo's behavior in this match, I guess. V3 talks some too. Signo talks too. I like it when they show replays of stuff they clipped out in the first place. It lets me know the time is probably way off.

Vignette: Dr. Wagner (w/stethoscope) is in the trainer's office and mad. He imagines (? - he materizles with funny music) Black Tiger sitting on the table and then turns him into a cat. And then he picks up the cat and yells at it. AND THEN HE THROWS THE CAT! Wow. Wow. 

4 Dr. Wagner (c), Shocker, Black Warrior vs Rayo Jalisco Jr (c), Black Tiger, Mr. Niebla 
06/22/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios :30
Shocker Frog Splash Tiger
Niebla CO
clipped greatly
2 2:29
Tiger Triple 2nd Rope Moonsaults Warrior
Nelbia on Shocker
decent, but not great.
3 1:01
Warrior CO
Shocker Circuit Breaker Niebla
Wagner DQ (Low Blow Mule Kick)
disappointing finish
T 8:45 Tecnicos 2-1 could've been more

Notes: Oh wow, everyone but Rayo rules. I should take this match seriously.

Tiger and Wagner have words on the outside. Inside the ring, Warrior gets bored and tries to jump his opponents to start this match finnaly, so we take a crowd shot and it's Wagner about to powerbomb Tiger as we come back. It hits, Shocker hits a frog splash one two three. What a fall! Oh wait, Warrior is slamming Niebla on the ramp, setting up for something. Slingshot guillotine legdrop to the floor, nice. Shocker and Wagner are working over Rayo on the other side of the ring - I think Wagner is trying to tweak Rayo's left shoulder. (Not that it really gets brought up again.) I assume that Niebla must've got counted out because we act like the fall is over. It's really that kinda week, huh?

Second fall starts in beatdown mood, and I'm not paying close attention after getting the non-fall. So much so, I miss how Rayo gets back control for his team. We settle down into a match. No, we settle into the Rayo comedy hour. Wow, I could swear that Wagner and Warrior actually lifted their arms higher so Rayo could go underneath. Hey, Niebla cheated there. Oh, and then he accidentally hit Black Tiger.  Actually, this is a good segment for Tiger and Warrior, going with their finishes. Yes, Rayo goes for the Wagner mask after the fall. He gets it untied, at least. 

Third fall starts okay with a short Warrior/Niebla sequence. I now officially dislike that spring up and over the ropes - especially when it's done as slow as Niebla does it here (or as messy as Safari does it.) Shocker and Niebla have a nice sequence - wow, he pulled that finish out of nowhere. And then he hit the Special and pose. Tiger ejects Shocker form the ring, Wagner takes down Tiger with a powerbomb and feet on the bottom rope, but I think Rayo knocked them off at the last second, or Tiger somehow manage to kickout anyway. Gory Special - running Gory Special. Announcers invoke Gory's name. I don't think Tiger's gonna give here. Wow, Tiger turns it around into one of his own! Wagner with a Victory roll but Tiger reverses one two no. I think Black Warrior got counted out back there - let me go check. Either he did, or he got hurt and never got up. I can't quite tell you. Nice plancha by Tiger. Shocker and Rayo and I don't see this well working out for Shocker. He does the somersault off a shoulderblock. And one off a hair toss. Abdominal stretch - he's not giving, he's not giving, Rayo decides to try something else. Giant DDT for Wagner by Tiger, and when Tiger goes for a German suplex, Wagner tries the low blow mule kick and gets caught. Ooops.  

Rayo talks after. Yep. Fast forwarding.

No Spectacular moments?

Next Week: Giant Silva, El Hijo de Rayo Jr, Lizmark Jr, Rayo Jr., Wagner, Universo 2K, Fuerza, Villano 3, Mascara Y2K, Black Tiger, Black Warrior and more.

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