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CMLL Line - 06/29/02 (40)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Black Warrior and Atlantis wander into the locker room, all excited about Mexico's big game. They talk to Niebla, who says something about Magica and Shocker fighting the Japanese and we also learn that Niebla isn't a good soccer player. WORLD CUP FEVER.

1 Black Tiger (c), Nosawa, Masada vs Atlantis (c), Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla
06/11/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:44 Warrior 'rana Tiger not new but done fine
2 1:56
Tiger face first crucifix powerbomb Warrior
Masada/Nosawa double armbar/legpull Niebla
okay, but a little short
3 4:54
Nelbina on Nosawa
Atlantis abdominal stretch Masada
action packed
T 10:55 Tecnicos (2-1) good little match

Notes: Tiger got a Black Warrior mask before the match, and threatened to sit on fire with his lighter - it didn't quite work as well as he'd planned, but he eventually got it burnt a little bit. Atlantis and Warrior wore their Team Mexico jerseys to the ring, and it took a second for them to notice the torching in progress and stop it. Warrior and Tiger fought in the ring while everyone else was out of it - Mexico dominates. Warrior went for the mask and enlarged the eye holes, but Tiger eventually escaped to the floor. Warrior followed him out and posted him. While those two fought a little more, we settled into a normal match with Nosawa and Atlantis. Nosawa did a lot of posing, and eventually got some help fro the outside by Masada. Double team of course backfires and Atlantis takes care of them both. Niebla in and dancing again Masada. Masada with chops, but one is ducked, Masada goes to blow the high shot, gets kicked in the butt then slapped in the face. Off the ropes, Niebla goes over, past, past, Handspring (taking out Nosawa) into an armdrag. More taking care of both Nosawa and Masada - an armdrag takes Masada out. Nosawa with chops, corner whip, charge, Nosawa backflipped to the apron, poses, and gets knocked hard upside the head. Warrior vs Tiger. Warrior charges but Tiger dices down. Right right right, off the ropes, Tigers tries a clothesline but Warrior turns it into a float around DDT. Warrior yell. Charge, Black Tiger goes for a tilt-a-whirl but there's another DDT. 'rana one two three. The other two Rudos are run off to the entrance

While watching replays, we miss how Tiger takes down Warrior, but he certainly does - holding him in a chicken wing while his teammates bat him up, then eventually bring in all three tecnicos for a beatdown. Tiger goes for the mask, of course - and later hits a superplex. Back to the mask - the front is almost all pulled off, but Warrior manages to adjust so it covers him up well enough. The announcers talk about Eddie Guerrero for reasons I don't understand - maybe they're saying Black Tiger was - or IS? - Eddie? Anyway, Black Tiger hits a, um, face first crucifix powerbomb for one two three. Niebla is in, and he's beat up - double armbar, double legpull submissions. Atlantis gets a drop toe hold, legdrop, camel clutch, dropkick to the face for fun. 

As we come back from replays, Black Tiger hits a nice before-the-bell dropkick on Warrior. Whip, corner clothesline, pick up and HEY Black Tiger just stole D'Lo's Sudden Impact. Or maybe it was the other way around. Tiger is going to..,take his time doing whatever. Did we take a long look at the guys on the apron to clip. Replay. Whip, head down too soon so he's kicked, Warrior off the ropes again and in a power slam. Warrior manages to make it to his corner for a tag. Niebla and Nosawa in- Nosawa clothesline, Niebla dances. He tries it again and it's blocked - hard slap, dropkick, dropkick no I guess it was blocked. Uppercut, push in rudos corner and tag to Masada. Eye gouge (does that actually work on Niebla?), chop, chop, whip, back elbow and out goes Niebla. Atlantis and Masada now - Masada with a more strikes, corner whip, corner clothesline. Kick, chop, corner whip, corner charge but Atlantis is waiting for him. Atlantis tries to flapjack him on the corner buckles but Masada lands short of it. We kinda pretend anyway. Clothesline by Atlantis and he's pumped up. Off the ropes - no he's pulled out by Tiger, who holds him in a full nelson and signals to Masada - off the ropes - no, he's pulled out by Niebla, who beats him up. Looks like Atlantis is beating up Nosawa, which leaves Tiger and Warrior in the ring. Tiger misses a dropkick, and and Warrior puts him in a submission hold - more designed so he can untie the mask. The fights continue on the outside in the meantime. Warrior lets go of the hold after loosening the mask, and they exchange chops. Kick to the back of the leg by Warrior takes Tiger down, and there's a dropkick to the face that knocks him out of the ring. We've settled back into a normal match - Niebla and Masada now in. Niebla standing up to Masada shots and Masada not doing as well from Niebla's. Dropkick takes him out of the ring, Nosawa dropkick takes Niebla out. Atlantis dropkick takes Nosawa down, but not out. Another dropkick misses, and Nosawa is happy with himself. Corner whip, Atlantis kips out and gets a waistlock - reverse roll up but Tiger is into kick it way. Niebla is in to dropkick Tiger, but Masada is on him - Nosawa accidentally clotheslines Masada! Tiger with a corner whip, but Atlantis helps him turn it around to a spinning headscissors that takes Tiger out - WARRIOR BULLET TOPE! Niebla handspring on Nosawa! Back outside, it looks like Warrior grabbed Tiger's mask - and inside, everyone's been finished off.

2 Universo 2K (c), Apolo Dantes, Mascara Y2K vs Giant Silva, Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
06/14/02, Arena Mexico
1 3 vs 2 8:57 DQ (Silva blatant low blow Dantes) argh

Notes: Introductions? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING INTRODUCTIONS. Wow, 3 on 2 - I wonder if someone no-showed? The good thing about Silva and Rayo teaming is up is that I only have to put up with them once! I'm not really gonna watch this. It's a never ending 3 on 1 heat segment on Rayo - even when Rayo grabs a hold of Silva, it's not considered a tag for some reason. He does stuff with Apolo, and, then another never ending segment. Then another Rayo segment.  Yea, it's over. No, Apolo stopped the three count. Well that was stupid by Silva - he could have won but but he was dumb instead

Vignette: These week's Boricua interview features Bulldog cutting another promo in English, the troops wearing leaves camouflage, the midgets apparently having fought in one of the bouncy kid play pens, and oh no it sounds like they're going after Shocker. Veneno has battle plans! I don't how they're gonna get tank in Arena Mexico, though. No Mastin or Killer this week. They're singing now. Veneno cut his hair short for the summer, or it just looks that way from the angle. They're the Commandos now! 

3 Boricuas (Bulldog, Veneno, Violencia (c)) vs Mr. Mexico, Poder Boricua, Gran Markus Jr. (c)
06/14/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:05 Poder powerslam Violencia Bulldog is not good
2 3:27 Boricuas DQ (Pierroth interfernce) lame ending too!
T 6:32 Markus (2-0) I'm tired of this

Notes: And Veneno's singing their army marching song to the ring! Same leaf camouflage outfits too - well, at least till it falls off. Oh no not this match again. Rudos beatdown to start. Bulldog hit his splash on Mexico and one point and started to cover, but then remembered that wasn't the finisher. Markus outsmarted Veneno and Violencia and splashed them when they went for a drop down, but then had to wait forever for Bulldog to come over and try (and of course miss) a splash on him. Silva is better than Bulldog. Anyway, that turns it around - Mexico got a hair pull Romero Special on Veneno, and Veneno yelled loudly. 

Tecnicos control to start again. Then it settles down to a normal match. Veneno perfects his over selling techniques. Bulldog perfects being fat. I'm kinda harsh on Bulldog, I guess. We get the big Markus/Bulldog encounter - Markus slams him but the count takes forever to happen. Hey, Violencia isn't wearing the shoulder strap this week. That's good. Veneno psyches himself up for a dive and gets dropkicked before he gets their. We get back to Bulldog and Markus again. Wow, that was a horrible slam. And now Markus is putting his feet on the ropes but Pierroth pushes them off. Then they argue and I guess that's mace Pierroth is shooting this week. DQ but like he cares. LIKE ANYONE CARES. Beatdown continues with everyone showing up to help the Boricuas. Veneno has binoculars. I'm not sure why, but there you go. Markus talks. He gives the binoculars to Nitro. I bet Markus wants Pierroth's hair. Also, VIVA Mexico. Hey, he only does one sentence and that's the end of it. Maybe he doesn't care anymore. Oh no the Boricuas are going to the announce table. Now they're going back. Guess no one would give him a microphone. 

Spectacular Moments - It's the Warrior guillotine legdrop! Now that looked a like an illegal piledriver - not really as much Driver action on the second rope Michinoku Driver. 

Vignette: Mascara Magica (wearing his Team Mexico jersey) meets Shocker at the parking lot. Shocker's not only 1000% guapo, but he's a 1000% intelligent. I think Magica brings up Tarzan Boy costing him his mask in here. I think Shocker quotes something again, but I couldn't tell.

4 GdI (Tarzan Boy (c), Rey Buccanero, Ultimo Guerrero) vs Negro Casas (c), Mascara Magica, Shocker
06/14/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:14
Ultimo roll up Magica
Rey/Ultimo double watgatme Shocker
A little off
2 3:56 Rings of Magica on Tarzan Boy good
3 6:22 Rey spinebuster (low blow?) Casas unconvincing end
T 14:00 Rudos 2-1 miscommunication hurt

Notes: Magica's died his hair blond this week. So has Shocker, I guess. Rudos jump on the stage and take control. Shocker gets out of the ring to take off his ring gear but gets triple teamed when he comes back in. Double back elbow for Magica. Announcers mention Nicho and I'm not sure why. Shocker gets a double beal in the ring from the apron. Casas gets a double boot, and the Gory special into double face slam. They try for something complex on Magica but don't get it together, so Ultimo just rolls him up. Shocker gets a double faceslam into the submission.

Beatdown continues to start fall 2. Magica gets a double drop toe hold, then picked (once Ultimo gets the message) up for a missile dropkick. Shocker in, and he gets three corner charges. Casas in, and he's held for Rey to beat. Shocker grabs him on a whip and it turns everything around. And then we turn into a normal match. Ultimo and Casas first, nothing really great there - well, until Casas DDTs Ultimo on the apron. Rey and Magica. Magica looks more grey then blond. Tarzan Boy gets in  a cheap shot to stop him, then they both team up with a double whip - double clothesline misses, double head down so Magica goes for a double DDT but can't get them down, so Shocker gets a lot of speed and sunset flip Magica down to give him more power for the double DDT. Contrived but interesting. Double whip for Rey, Tarzan's whipped into him, dropkick from Magica and assisted clothesline from Shocker. We go into submission holds, as Negro comes back into reverse DDT Ultimo. I think Tarzan Boy gave first so that's how I'm marking it down, though visually, everyone lost.

GdI get themselves pumped up on the outside to start. Tarzan Boy and Magica start by missing moves -finnaly Magica hits a clothesline. There's the sit down on the leg. Rey runs into clothesline Magica while Tarzan Boy tout. Magica has his way twit Rey too, sliding him to the floor. Ultimo in, and there's an exchange of slaps. Ultimo gets the better of it, due to a discus windup. Ultimo misses a corner charge, Magica goes up and hits a flying elbow smash. Off the ropes, knee takes Ultimo out, and there's - no, he's not going to. Tarzan Boy and Shocker. Shocker off the ropes, over, under, clothesline blocked and Shocker hits his own. Holding on the arm, now a headlock, into the bulldog. Rey takes him down while we're watching Tarzan Boy go out. Rey with a corner whip, Shocker reverses, d charges in. Rey charges out, right into a we'll call a delayed backdrop. Missile dropkick and out he goes. Ultimo in quick with a clothesline. Slaps again, and now off the rope, clothesline misses and Shocker hits his own. Chop. Chop, Chop, corner whip, reversed, Ultimo charges in but he's kinda flapjacked in place. Slingshot elbow drop and Shocker poses. Tag to Casas - Casas and Rey. Rey manages a big boot, but a charge puts him on the apron and Casa boots him off - running Thesz press to the floor! Magica in and he's clothesline but Tarzan Boy from behind. Ultimo is put on top by Tarzan Boy, who then suplexes Magica up to him for a top rope powerbomb - Magica reverses to a top rope 'rana! Tarzan Boy didn't notice in time to help, but does now - clothesline is ducked, Magica wit a kick, now a sitdown on Ultimo's leg -there's the figure for but Tarzan Boy kicks him in the back to break it up. Tarzan Boy backs off to save himself (and trick Magica to put it back on so he can break it back up), but as Magica reapplies the figure four, Shocker is in - CROSSFACE! CROSSFACE FOR REY! Ultimo grabs the ropes o that save s it for him - Magica takes his time letting o and the break has to be forced. I think everyone go to the ropes. We start getting people out of the ring till we're down to Tarzan Boy, Ultimo, Shocker and Magica. Ultimo holds Shocker for Tarzan Boy, but Shocker backdrops him out. Ultimo gets big booted out. Magica with a dive onto Tarzan and Ultimo but they catch him - Shocker starts running for the big tope to knock them all down, but because this is match filled with miscommunication, Ultimo and Tarzan are too busy posting Magica in the back at the time - so Shocker stops, and then hits the slingshot plancha to achieve the same affect. Back in the ring, it's Rey and Casas and before I type that, it's the Casas Special but some foul happened - we look at the crowd at the critical part - and Rey's managed a spinebuster when we look back for the win. (6:22) Replay makes it look like Negro messed up (or Rey did so but not on purpose) and that Rey got Casas's body up extra high on the spinebuster to hit a headbutt to the groin on impact. I guess.

Next Week: Atlantis, Niebla, Casas, Warrior, Felino, Lizmark, Juvie, GdI, Family de Tijuna, and more!

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (40:24), about 40.4% of showtime (1:40:00); 

Average Match Rating 73.5
Overall Match Rating: approximately 76
3 Trios, 1 3 v 2
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Rudo over Rudo win
Show Assessment: Two good matches, but one could've been better

Closing Notes: 

1. Hey look at all those people next week.
2. They were about three botched spots and a more convincing ended for a good match
3. The other good trios match just wasn't as compelling
4. Though Tiger and Warrior are really good with each other
5. We oddly did not get a shot of Tiger with his mask off - wonder why?

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