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CMLL Redux Line - 06/30/02 (-9, Originally 07/10/01)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Rey Buccanero can't stop thinking of that mysterious and demonic masked man he saw with Satanico (I presume). The Coffee Girl is nice enough to get him coffee, at least. And answer the door - it's the guy! Wait, no, it's just Ultimo Guerrero - he just imagined it. They talk, and the Coffee Girl gets coffee for Ultimo. Another knock. It's Averno! Wait, no, it's just Magica. Now they're both imagine things. They all talk. We look at the stiring coffee, adn when we look back, the Coffee girl has turned into an evil valet with Satanico's laugh. What's going on? This was weird.

1 Rey Buccanero (w/Ultimo Guerrero) vs Averno (w/Satanico)
06/26/01, Arena Coliseo
1 mano
1:01 Rey face first crufix powerbomb Averno short
2 1:26 Averno small package Rey also short
3 7:21 Averno pins Rey fun
T 9:48 Averno beats Rey (2-1) maybe gimmicky but fun

Notes: Rey jumps Averno in the aisle, and launches forearms on him. Mask ripping. Stomp. Thrown in. Whip, backdrop. Rey's dominating, and has a chance to take off his ring jacket. Doesn't. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Up, and a right. Kick. Whip, clothesline. Rey off the ropes, big boot. Off the rope again, knee to the midsection. Face first crucifix powerbomb. Cover one two three. That was short. Let's have some replays. Break.

Rey kicks Averno out of the ring to start the fall. Kick, right, elbow drop on the floor. Kick to the back, right, Satanico and Ultimo have words. Everyone back in. Front facelock, holding it in, forearm to the back. Whip, spinebuster slam, Rey sets up as if he's going to do a sharpshooter, but doesn't turn the guy over, so it's more of a hold for a pin, one two no. Satanico. Chop. Ultimo. Whip, Ski High, one two now Rey's gonna pull him up for more punishment. Chop. Chop. Whip, backdrop, no reversed into a small package one two three! Averno's really tired (after 2:30 minutes?) and Rey's unhappy. Replays. The Rudo fan is happy - because this is a rudo vs rudo match! 

It looks like they're fighting up the aisle as the fall begins - Averno throws Rey left shoulder first into the post. Ultimo goes to check on it but Averno kicks it, thrown in. Snap mare, thrown in, Averno pins one arm down with his leg, while he removes the pad and the brace on Rey's left elbow - ah, the one he hurt (and was out for a while), that's what Averno was aiming for. Good to have a plan. Elbow to the injured elbow. Satanico urges him on. Another elbow. Bending the arm around the ropes actually works for me here! What do you know. You know what I love is that Averno (and Satanico) is with me on the "there are more than five body parts you could work" thing. Averno charges, but is one armed backdrop. Clothesline. Rey's left arm is done right now. Off the ropes, dropkick to the knee. Kick to the head to keep him on the mat a little longer, then Averno goes to the top - missile dropkick to the elbow! Rey out , so Averno gets speed - SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Rey went to catch him and his elbow hurt even more! Now we have the spot from every other lucha singles match, where both men are down on the ground an their corners are waving them with towels to get them back in the ring on time. And of course, that leads to an argument, but nothing seems to come from it. Rey has words from Satanico and takes his time in - so Averno off the apron with a somersault bodyblock! Again with the towel waving. Ultimo's warned about helping his man into the ring. Rey managed to barely make it on his own. Averno with a shouldeblock off the ropes, ammonal stretch, will Rey give? he's holding in there for a while, and manages to escape.  Averno with a kick to the elbow, off the ropes, kick ot the elbow. Off the ropes, hiptoss with the good arm takes Averno out. Off the ropes, TOPE! Replay shows the damage - you never want to land on your back on a tope, because that means you hit the guy and started turning, and nearly landed on your head. Well, I guess you rather land on your back than your head but still it must be very scary. Rey back in - will Averno make it? Yes. Though I don't think Rey expected him to - he's celebrating - Romero Special with hairpull - will Rey give? He's trying to break - and does. Both men slowed. Rey calling Averno on - both off the ropes, double clothesline. Averno gets a shoulder over - one two no. Both up. Chop by Averno, whip, reversed, Rey throws him upside down in the corner, so he can load him up for the Alabama (hmm) Slam, which connects. Cover with feet on the both rope - one two NO. Ultimo even gave a little extra leverage and Satanico is less than pleased. Rey's telling everyone's he's going up, but Ultimo is warning him that's not a good idea. Ha, Satanico cheers him on - even he knows Rey's gonna miss this, um, falling back elbow. Averno covers one two NO. These counts seem weird for a while. Maybe the ring is miced too loud and I'm picking up the referee to the mat as an extra hand slap without realizing it. We look at Satanico, and miss how Averno got the faceslam - half crab. Will Rey give this time? Hey, it's Mascara Magica with a large metal object of some sort. Satanico complains to the ref, who goes out to get him away, missing Ultimo coming in kicking and stomping Averno. CHOKESLAM! Rey goes for a standing surfboard but Averno won't let it end this way. Now the new guy - who I'll just randomly name Mephisto and hope it sticks - is out for revenge by clotheslining Magica in the back. They fight, and that draws the ref - so of course Satanico is in to break it up - low blow kick, Averno covers, one two three! Well that was a whole lot of cheating but pretty much what you'd expect. 

Satanico talks about the big win, and how his trio is better than that trio. Everyone gets a chance to take. The new guy doesn't seem to get a name yet. Here's a replay of all the fun. We missed Magica clubbing Satanico with the metal object - that's what actually led to Mephisto coming down. You could say this was too screwy but I thought it was really fun. 

Spectacular Moments - Volador Jr. does a moonsault - this is the double dive from last week. Here's a hard dropkick to the leg of Ultimo Guerrero - I think the above singles match was supposed to be Ultimo/Averno and got changed because of that kick (and an injury it caused.) It's a guess. Top rope TKO. Wow, that's the very definition of a wacky hold. Warrior guillotine from last week. 

Vignette: Black Tiger meditates. And meets Rayo Jr. Jr. Tiger demonstrates his moves for Rayo Jr. Jr. Lots of kicks. Now he's working working on a punching bag with Dr. Wagner's face on it. He's not a big fan of that Dr. Wagner.

2 Dr. Wagner (c), Emilio Charles Jr., Fuerza Guerrera vs Rayo Jr. Jr., Black Tiger (c), Lizmark Jr.
06/29/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:26
Emilio Boston Crab Rayo
Wagner powerbomb Tiger
to form
2 2:02
Fuerza powerslam Lizmark
DCO (Wagner, Emilio)
clipped to heck
nice dives
3 4:12 Tiger Triple Moonsault Tiger best of all
T 9:02 Tecnicos (2-1) got better near the end

Notes: Wagner goes right after Tiger after he comes in the ring - Rayo and Lizmark are content to pose for pictures before helping. Beatdown in progress. Rayo gets posted. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens. Emilio gets a spinebuster to set up that finish. Fuerza gets in his low blow knee lift for good measure. Replays. 

Black Tiger's mask get ripped at to start fall 2. Lizmark tries to make the save but is stopped - they through Tiger out instead and beat him up. Fuerza low blows Tiger on the outside, but it's not caught. The whistle blows about :30 late. Beatdown continues. We get a long crowd shot, and when we come back, it's a back and forth match. Dueling monkey flips and double dropkicks on Fuerza and Emilio send them out for a double Tiger mask fake out, then a super assisted. plancha on both. Springboard somersault body attack. Wagner somersault body block. Lizmark gets turnbuckles smash by Fuerza to stop that, but a cross body is caught by Lizmark - press slam, one two three. Looked like Emilio could've come in if he wanted to. Replay of the fake out and dives.

Third match starts like a normal one - Fuerza and Lizmark. Fuerza wants a handshake, doesn't get it, so he dropkicks. Long look at Wagner means we missed something. Corner whip, back elbow. Look long ant Emilio means something might have been clipped. I think I'm just sticking to the highspots now. Lizmark with a pescado. Nice team work by Rayo and Tiger. Now really bad teamwork by Rayo and Tiger. TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX - Wagner on Tiger. Fuerza follows with a splash, and Wagner helps cover, but Rayo breaks it up. Tiger was dead for sure. Rayo outsmarts Fuerza, and Tiger gets another chance against Wagner. Top rope 'rana? No, Emilio powerbombs him! Jacknife cover but Tiger kicks out. Rayo with an overdone but effective dropkick for Wagner then one for Emilio, than a tope that doesn't look as good. Lizmark hits the Spinaroonie - then a thrust kick on Wagner. Another pescado but there's no one to land on so he just lands on his feet. Back to Tiger and Wagner - La Majistral one two NO. once again they're at it, Wagner blocks a clothesline - a hammerlock/headscissors circle for one two NO. Now battling over waistlocks - did Tiger just spit mist in Wagner's face? Fans boo - that's rudo like action, but Tiger is gonna slam him and here's a second rope moonsault, and another moonsault and another moonsault one two three! Tiger did what it'd take to get the one, though you can question the legality of it. Replays.

Vignette: Perro Aguayo (w/neck brace) says he'll be at Arena Coliseo on June 15th. Doesn't look like to wrestle. 

Vignette: Signo talks to the lucha commission - he was in trouble for his push of the referee a few weeks back, then his disregard for the fans by using seats. The only other guy I can tell from those who are there is Guerrreo De Futuro. I guess he's suspended?

3 Capos (Universo 2K (c), Apolo Dantes, Mascara Y2K, Cien Caras) vs Giant Silva (c), Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Villano III
06/29/02, Arena Mexico
1 4 vs 3 8:16 Apolo pins Silva it's this same match

Notes: So I think I'll pass. Hey, what do you know, everyone tecnico is nearly about winning when Silva goes after Apolo. This time, Universo accidentally crotches Silva by bouncing off the ropes when he's going over the top to get at Apolo on the floor. Probably didn't mind all that much, since the refs don't notice and Apolo covers - one two no. When they do this match on PPV ever, they should do like 3 different "oh no he's crotched!" near falls just to screw with people. 

Next Week: Atlantis, Black Tiger, Niebla, Porky, Rayo Jr., Rayo Jr. Jr., Shocker, Scorpio, Bestia, Satanico, Black Warrior, and more.

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