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CMLL Line - 07/13/02 (42)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Nosawa and Masada are talking about their dislike of Shocker - Blue Panther wanders over to talk about disliking Porky. They all agree to beat up Shocker. Yay for them. 

1 Nosawa, Masada, Blue Panther (c) vs Shocker (c), Super Porky, Negro Casas 
06/25/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:18
Panther cross armbreaker (pin) Porky
Masada Dragon Sleeper Shocker
switching the formula
always nice
2 5:26 Panther reversed 'rana (ropes) Casas nice
T 7:46 Rudos, 2-0 solid

Notes:  Nosawa spits mist before the match because he can. Beatdown. Porky is late (waiting for his music? Why do they play Negro's music when Shocker's the captian anyway?) but the delay actually works to his teams benefit, as he sparks an early comeback. Masada gets squashed by Porky in a corner. Nosawa gets a couple big boots. Hmm, the tecnicos are doing the beatdown, that's odd. And Panther pulls Shocker in the way of a Porky corner splash - they're turning it all around on me today. Rudos take back over with that - Panther slams Porky! CODE RED gets a pinfall, I guess that works. Masada win barely takes place on camera and you probably would have missed it if you didn't tape and rewind. Lots of post fall beating - Panther is trying to rearrange Casas's face for the longest time, and the Japan duo beat up Porky on the outside. Replay does show the submission, though Shocker could've grabbed the ropes.

Despite the previous beatdown, we start with a lockup - then they come in. Shocker and Nosawa's work on Shocker's left arm, taking turns arm baring it and then the other guy hitting a top rope axhandle. Short clothesline form Nosawa's. I guess the beatdown is still going on on the outside - Casas is getting his head slammed into chairs. I guess that's safer the other way. While Masada watches that, Shocker manages to reverse to an armbar of his own, and then without any pretense of a crowd shot, Shocker and Nosawa are magically transported to the corner. That's crappy production work. Nosawa tries to make up with it by using headbutts, but I don't know if I buy it. Corner whip, corner spear by Shocker. Back drop, then a second rope missile dropkick. Shocker off the ropes, thinks about a dive but comes back in other to hit an armdrag on Panther. Shocker off the ropes, and this time actually does the dive fakeout. Tag to Porky. Porky does the Shocker pose, Shocker claps. Nosawa in for the opposition. Porky's got a bandage on his head already. Masada and Porky have a conversation, which some how leads to Porky going down to all fours. Masada is on him amateur style, front facelock, spinning around his back into a 3/4 nelson (I think), then letting go. I think he's daring Porky to try to do that. Porky tells him to get down. Masada complies - Porky tries the spin around on his back into a facelock, and ends up smushing Masada. Nosawa in with a full nelson, and holds Porky in the corner. Masada kicks, Porky butt checks Nosawa, Nosawa falls down a little bit. Repeat till Porky's butt checking Nosawa's face. Now they're both on him with open hand slaps, double drop down so Porky splashes them both. Atlas pose. They tag out to Panther, who's happy to be in. Porky tags out to Casas, and now Panther is less happy. Exchange of punches - Panther wins. Whip, head down too soon as it gets kicked. Casas waves the fans to get support. Corner whip, reversed, Casas moves out of the way, Panther turns and big boots him, open hand slap, whip, lift up, Casas counters with a 'rana one two no. Panther with suplex - no small package reversal, one two no. Panther with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, victory roll by Casas one two NO. Casas with a full nelson and he tells Porky to come in and splash him, but even the tecnico ref knows this is probably not a good idea.  Porky does it anyway, indeed connecting with Panther, but the impact knocks Casas clear out of the ring and to the floor. Masada in, sunset flip, maybe they do that just so the fat guy misses the sit down, that's gotta be it. Shocker in and dropkicking Masada out, now gauging speed but Masada's moved for out of the way - and right into the way for a Porky apron dive, but we only get the tail end of it. Nosawa and Shocker in. Nosawa's misses a right, a left, and gets dropkicked. Nosawa outside, and Shocker again teases a dive, then hits a pescado for real. Panther and Casas back in - drop toe hold by Negro, La Majistral but Panther pushes his way out before it can be put on. Panther right misses, Casas tries the 'rana but Panther rolls right through and grabs a far rope, away from the referee's view - one two three. Japanese decide to beat up Casas a little bit after the fall. We get a replay of Shocker's dive but never Porky's, which means they completely missed it. Had a couple angles for the finish, though. Casas talks a lot after - says something about wanting a singles match with Panther. Panther starts to say something but doesn't get the chance - I don't think he wants the match, though. 

2 Dr. Wagner, Mascara Y2K, Apolo Dantes, Juventued Guerrera vs Giant Silva, Villano III, Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
06/28/02, Arena Mexico
1 4 vs 3 7:28
III crucifix rollup Juvi
Rayo reverse tope Mascara
juvi was weird
rest was normal

Notes: Wagner has quite the outfit on tonight. Juvi comes out last and much later the rest of his teammates - I wonder what's with that. Still with the wacky dreadlock extensions, though. Silva of course wants a piece of Apolo but doesn't start the match early - maybe he's smart enough to realize the numbers disadvantage when he comes out first. They found a new, nosier way to do the graphic introductions this time. They all beat up Silva to start - there's the "we all try to hold down Silva but he's just too gosh darn strong" - Juvi's not really anywhere near Silva during this and slinks out of the ring. I think he wants no more part of this match then I do. He's still outside while Apolo and Mascara are taking the Rayo comedy spots. Villano 3 in, and Wagner and Juvi have a discussion on who takes him that leads to shoving - oh, Juvi's pumping Wagner up. Juvi's not actually going to wrestle, is he? Juvi actually comes in to take V3's headscissors/armdrag combo move. Double clothesline misses, double cross body caught and dropped. Wagner holds, Juvi swings, V3 accidentally ducks and Wagner gets hit, but no one really sells it, which really they should because it seemed incredibly weak. Juvi starts actually hitting V3. You know, the addition of Mr. Juvi makes this not your ordinary Silva handicap match. Okay, now they double team fails and Juvi accidentally dropkicks Wagner. Juvi takes a kick to the thigh out of the ring. I thought they were going to dive there, and from V3's expression he thought so too, but Juvi kinda walks away. Silva back in and Juvi's not so I'm gonna ignore it. Watching Bulldog makes you appreciate the ways Silva is not totally sucky. Oh wow, Apolo vs Silva. This is Wrestlemania all over again. Apolo: "Slap, Slap." Silva: "FOREARM" Apolo: "I'm dead now." Apolo wisely lets Silva screw himself up, and he does. I think I'm gonna go back and check, before next week, exactly how many times Apolo's outsmarted Silva for a win now. Well, that pescado wasn't smart - press slam on the floor? With Apolo's posing in the press, it looks more like a pairs figure skating move. And Silva presses him in the ring - why? There's the Spear, but it really was a standing double leg takedown. Splash but everyone's in to break it up, though Juvi breaks it up at a comfortable distance. Rayo has a cheering section! Good for him. Rayo starts to put on the Mexican Surfboard, waits, and now Juvi's in, off the ropes (to make it take longer) and hits the clothesline to break it up. Rayo doesn't really sell it, then clotheslines Juvi the next pass - Juvi immediately pops up, then remembers (or decides?) he's supposed to be selling it and goes to both knees. Man. Rayo with a kick, slam, Juvi getting up and not really selling it that much. Tag out to 3. Juvi with a whip, head down, and he gets DDTed. Mascara in to pick it up. Juvi is gonna take his time selling that, and roll out? Maybe? Ah, he stuck around long enough so he didn't have to come back in to break up a pinfall for 3. Reverse rollup and Juvi's slow in breaking it up and not really convincing. I think Mascara might have kicked out anyway. This is followed by a weird sequence where Villano gets whipped, Mascara puts his arms out for a hiptoss, V3 starts to come off the ropes, than stops short, than puts on an abdominal stretch - like he forget to hold the ropes or something. Anyway, Juvi breaks that up with a dropkick, and in comes Silva - Juvi collapses into a sitting position, and just stays as Apolo comes in. Wagner comes in to help out and Juvi is out. Silva is really strong spots. They all almost kill each other falling outside the ring - Silva bounced his head good. V3 and Juvi some. Corner whip, corner splash looks good but V3 moves out of the way, Juvi's more interested in some damage he did to his wristband than to selling the damage or being in position for whatever V3 is up to. We look at Silva, and then V3 hits a double underhook, than an awkward ground crucifix rollup for one two three. (7:28) Rayo hits the reverse tope on Mascara to put an end to whatever this was. (7:31) Silva leaves the other two laying outside the ring. 

Vignette: Veneno leads the Boricas in chanting and marching place. Pierroth has enough with it eventually - they're not a comedy stable! Pierroth is also unhappy with Veneno and Violenica's performance last week, losing without him. They try to explain it away but it's not very good. Pierroth goes off on a rant - I believe it's that neither the lucha commission, nor Dr. Morales (our fearless play by play man) is going to stop him from coming to the ring this week, and soon, from coming back into the ring as a wrestler. Poder Boricua and Mr. Mexico will pay - they will lose their mask and hair. I have this urge to play the old Apple game Cannonball Run during this segment. Let's march our way out of this vignette. March in place, of course. 

3 Boricuas (Veneno, Violencia vs Mr. Mexico, Poder Mexica
06/28/02, Arena Mexico
1 parajes 1:35
Violenica sharpshooter/armbar Mexico
Boricuas DQ (kept hold on too long)
annoying finish
2 2:58
Violencia and Mr. Mexico DCO
Poder inside cradle Veneno
good revenge...
T 5:02 Mexico/a (2-0) ...but not a good match

Notes: It's long been my belief, that if we took out Markus, Pierroth's boring goons (be they Killer or Bulldog), and Pierroth's interference, there could actually be good matches to be had from the Boricuas - I like to think that Veneno, Violencia and even possibly Nitro are all serviceable guys. Here, we get 2 out of 3, so I guess we'll see. Actually, first we get a contract signing (contract signing = the main event of the upcoming PPV, I guess) for that mask/hair match everyone's talking about. And by everyone, I mean me, Joe Gagne, and perhaps Mark Coale and Robert Lamb. Wow, Poder got some new music - they still wait for him to get a new name. Pierroth goes through this long explanation to Gran Markus about how this match is between these four, and while the Boricuas are a unit and can stick together, Markus is not involved so he must not interferee or he'll get his buddies DQed. Markus is not pleased and I'm not sure I by it, but then, I think I just made it up so I guess I have too. Markus comes in for the signing anyway. I do believe Pierroth announced his own return here - he'll be back at the PPV, and it'll be a trio against Markus. They all take turn signing and saying stuff. Poder says they can have his mask right now, and takes off it - to reveal a new mask underneath. He's Poder Mexica now. Pierroth promises that he'll regret this day. Poder goes out and puts the old mask on a corner post. Mr. Mexico pours some liquid on it, and Markus throws a mask - BURN MASK BURN. This is a lot better than when Black Tiger did it. 

Of course, while Markus is standing on the outside and admiring the fire, the 8 in the ring and are beating up his two friends, but what are you going to do? Apparently nothing. Veneno tries to put Poder's hand in the fire but it ain't happening. Everyone not in this match ends up wandering out of the ring at some point. Pierroth and Markus staying to back up their sides. Beatdown continues - the fire is eventually put out. Beatdown is solid but not very spectacular - I say that, and there's a nice snap suplex by Veneno leading Violencia to put Mr. Mexico's own Sharpshooter-alike on him, and he gives. (1:35) They take their sweet time before letting go, long enough that you start to wonder if they're going to just gonna DQ the Boricuas - and they do. (2:03) Well why let go now? While Markus and Poder argue on the outside (ever think about going back in and helping out, Poder), Violencia keeps in for another half minute. Poder tries to make a save and goes pushed down, but that distraction breaks it up for a second. Veneno goes for a chinlock and Violencia stops POder from making another save. 

Second Fall is gonna start with them still all over Mr. Mexico and Poder unable to get in the ring - Veneno runs him into the corner post on the apron. Spinebuster for Mexico, and the sharpshooter is back on. Poder can't get in, and Mr. Mexico can't last much longer. Well, maybe I'm wrong, he's lasting pretty long. Veneno again stops Poder from stopping it. Mr. Mexico won't give so Veneno stomps on his head a few times. Poder is stopped on the apron again - no, don't suplex him in, aw. Did he ever give? I think Violencia just decides that perhaps he should try something else - like kicking him out of the ring. Poder taken down - one senton, two senton, three senton, four on him, as they take turns. Double corner whip, but Poder moves and starting and firing back with the chops. Mr. Mexico is and beating on Veneno - the Boricuas get whipped into each other twice. Whip for Veneno, hiptoss by Mexico, elbow drop by Mexica, dropkicked out of the ring. Suicide plancha by Mr. Mexico! Poder and Veneno back in - Poder gets tripped up by Pierroth but it only gets two. Violencia gets himself pumped up, shouderblock, off the ropes and he's tripped by Markus - SHAVING CREAM! Well that'd be revenge - inside cradle one two three. (2:59) I guess we're counting the other two out? The match is over. Pierroth is upset that refs would dare allow something like that to happen - to the Boricuas! Markus talks but it's nothing new.

Spectacular Moments - hey, Porkky did the same spot with Apolo last week that he did with Masada this week. Nosawa blatantly kicked him low in revenge, though. Oh wow, it was all the Brazos match, I'm glad we missed that. Silva top rope splash. Nice Rider kick on Ultimo Dragoncito. Ultimo and go I don't know get their revenge later. 

Vignette: Rey Buccanero and Ultimo Guerrero talk in the park, talking about champions. But what's the fun about being champions when you have no one to beat? Moving on to a totally unrelated subject, it should be interesting to team up with Family De Tijuana today. And later, they'll go watch the World Cup final between Brazil and Germany. I didn't make the part up - World Cup Fever is still alive in CMLL. 

4 GdI (Ultimo (c), Rey) and FdT (Halloween, Damien) vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr. 
06/28/02, Arena Mexico
1 cuatros 4:34
Atlantis Torture Rack Rey
Lizmark shoulder backbreaker side slam Ultimo
not a lot here
2 6:18 Quadruple CO disappointing finish
T 10:55 Tecnicos (2-0) not as good as hoped

Notes: Halloween gives us a crotch chop. Thanks for that. This has the possibility of being good, yes it does.

We'll star with the captains. Well, we would if Atlantis would stop trying to grab Halloween - it costs him because Ultimo gets an opening to jump him from behind. Atlantis is back up and they face off. Circle Lockup, armbar by Ultimo, battling it into to a hammerlock, Atlantis looks for an escape and doesn't really find it - Ultimo takes him down, rolls him over, ties the legs and pulls. Float over to a facelock is not face enough, and Atlantis gets in an armbar. Ultimo somersaults forward to get out of it, then turns, and takes Atlantis down by one leg. There's the rolling pickup, but Atlantis reverses it into a rolling monkey flip, sending Ultimo up and over the top rope. Now everyone's over to both of them having words- and the fights breaks out on the floor. Lots of chops and such. They settle down on their own, though. All the rudos do the GdI circle dance. Damien in, and sidestepping a Lizmark dropkick. Chop, corner whip, reversed, Lizmark jumps in, Damien puts him up top, slap to the face and turn around celebrate, but Lizmark pulls him down by his hair. Lizmark somersaults off the second rope for no reason, Damien charges him, and there's a tilt-a-whirl backer. Halloween into take his place - chop, chop, whip, reversed quick into a knee, chop, chop, chop, whip, clothesline is too high but he hits the dropkick to the knee on the second pass. Lizmark  off the ropes, and uses the momentum to throw Halloween out. Teasing a dive but Halloween isn't in position so never mind. Tag out to Niebla. Niebla in. Niebla dancing. Niebla up to the second rope to celebrate being in. Ultimo tries the same thing and doesn't quite get the same reaction. Now to the other corner and the same thing. I think I saw Steve McMichael and some one in the nWo (Buff?) do this at Nitro one time, at all four corners. Ultimo cuts it short but knocking down Niebla with a back elbow. Chop, chop, corner whip, charge into a double boot. Niebla charges out into a monkey flip, but he lands on his feet. Ultimo off the ropes, armdrag, Niebla off the ropes, charging, backdropped to the floor? No, he rebounds off the top rope and gets in the armdrag. Ultimo out, Rey in. Rey imitates the dance. Off the ropes, under the leapfrog, into the monkey flip and to the floor. Now Halloween and Damien will try at the same time. Double whip, double clothesline is too high, double head down leads to a double face slam. Warrior in as well, NIebla lifts him for a high double dropkick. DOUBLE TOPE! Back in the ring, Ultimo and Rey run right into Lizmark's over the shoulder back breaker and Atlantis' Torture Rack respectively - Atlantis gets the submission (4:34) while Lizmark sidewalk slams Ultimo down for the pinfall (4:37). Atlantis helps his partners in - the other two would've got counted out anyway, but Ultimo's pin marks the end of this fall. Replays.

Rey's grabbing his forehead - he's been doing that since he got monkey flipped to the floor, so you wonder if he's alright. Ultimo and Warrior start off. Ultimo off the ropes, quick turn, both go for the double wristlock, Ultimo with a back heel trip while still in it, but Black Warrior pulls him back for that Monkey Flip Hold, then rocks up to a standing position, jumps around a bit, and lets go, only to get chopped. It was a lot of effort for nothing, or at least it seemed that way. Rey's in to help now, and they double corner whip him, but Warrior sidesteps the plash. Rey is patient enough to wait back and kick Warrior as he comes out of the corner, then he whips him towards Ultimo, but Warrior reverses. Ultimo catches his partner and puts him on the second rope. Warrior charges at both of them, which can only mean Ultimo flips him up in the air but Warrior manages to top rope 'rana Rey anyway. Off the ropes, elevated dropkick on Ultimo. Off the ropes - no, he'll just pelvic thrust the rudos. Damien and Atlantis in. Both getting pumped. Damien off the ropes, over, into an armdrag. Damien up with a back elbow, chop, corner whip, reversed, Atlantis charges in and hits a clothesline. Halloween tries to splash Atlantis, but only gets his partner. Halloween comes out with a clothesline, Atlantis ducks, then drop toe holds Halloween into his partner's crotch. Ref's discuss if that's a DQ and for who - but they're just not gonna call anything. Armbar for Halloween, then a tag to Niebla. Well, here's a replay, and when we come back, it's all kinda broken down, with the rudos trying to beatdown but not being successful at first. They get their act together though. Double whip for Warrior, and, well, Damien and Halloween have this spot in mind they want to do but whatever it is, either it was very lame or they couldn't get to work right, because it looked messy, awful and not impressive. Otherwise, it's fine. GdI redeem the team by sliding Warrior to the outside. Double corner whip for Atlantis, double back clothesline by GdI, and FdT crotch him on the post - no DQ there, though there's another discussion and replay. Lizmark gets Halloween's SUPERKICK, then Damien lifts him up for the running elevated sit, which works this week. Niebla in - Ultimo and Damien team up for a Hart Attack, then Ultimo slingshots Niebla into a weak pushdown by Damien, leaving Ultimo still holding the legs but Niebla over his knees, and Rey comes off the rope rope with a senton. GDI do their celebration. FdT do theirs. Then everyone does the circle dance. Team unity is awesome! Replay of the senton - what I didn't notice the first time is that Halloween snuck in a dropkick to the head on Niebla after Rey landed - maybe that was supposed to be at the same time? Pretty painful looking. Lizmark brought back in, and he gets a double whip. Rey goes to his knees so Damien can hit Poetry in Motion, but Lizmark catches Damien like a sack of potato, and then throws him out of the ring like a sack of potatoes he's not too fond of anymore. Tecnicos take back control there, and it's tough to follow with the four fights at once. Ultimo and Atlantis end up at the announce deck. Halloween and Damien get whipped into each other. It slows down again and Lizmark and Damien are in. Damien with a kick, whip, reversed, Lizmark with a over the shoulder pick up, Damien falls behind and pushes Lizmark into a Halloween forearm shot.  Lizmark staggers around, and Halloween comes in. Double corner whip, double clothesline as he rebounds out. They celebrate, as Lizmark does a Spinaroonie - ducking the double clothesline this time, and Warrior hits a missile dropkick. Lizmark and Warrior start to load up for the dives, but Ultimo and Rey tackle them, taking them out of the ring. Atlantis and Niebla are in for those two, but GdI sidestep the dropkicks. All four men brawl, GdI pump up, Atlantis and Niebla hit shoulderblocks, off the ropes, and pulled out by FdT! They hold Niebla and Atlantis in full nelsons for Ultimo and Rey to dive - yea, that doesn't work out well. Nice dives, but the targets are long gone. The rudos are getting counted out, and Rey and Ultimo realize in time to try to make it, but Halloween and Damien pull them back! That's it. (6:18) 

Well, as far as the match - FdT is taking it to the home town rudos, posting both of them. Ultimo gets a crotch shot in to the post, and they're both beat on the floor. Halloween get to mask pulling as Damien tries to stomp Rey into the chairs. That's a brutal posting by Damien. Water bottle to the head! Tecnicos are taking off as Admen gets a part of the ramp to use on Rey. I guess Tarzan Boy had the day off. Double low blow leg drop by Halloween on Ultimo. Rey's being stomped at ringside. I don't think these two sides are teaming up soon. Damien talks, likely blaming his teammates from costing them the win- they want a shot at the title belts. Halloween echoes the statement. Back to the beatdown - Rey takes another hard shot into the post. Ultimo gets a clothesline in the ring. Replay of the finish.

Next Week: Silva, Mr. Niebla, Reyo, Lizmark, Warrior, Black Tiger, Villanos, Shocker, Mascara Magica, Apolo Dantes, Guapos, Satanico's Infernals, Markus, Poder Mexica, Mr. Mexico and much more. I think this is the Trios tournament. 

Back in the ring, GdI are finnaly recovering, while Halloween and Damien celebrate. Ultimo makes the "I want the belt motion" - I guess he wants them right now, for the titles. It's not gonna happen though - well, if not, he'll go fight them on the ramp - ooh, piece of the stage to the head. Rey goes after them but that's the end of us for this week.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (31:14), about 29.7% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 75.3
Overall Match Rating: approximately 72
1 Cuatros, 1 4 vs 3, 2 Trios
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: Disappointing

Closing Notes: 

1. I really wanted a lot cooler things from that main event.
2. I believe the main event we got last week was better, even with the more obvious missed stuff.
3. This is the the 6th straight week we've got some combination of the Boricuas vs Poder/Mexico/Markkus
4. I think we might not get a 7th.
5. Tournaments means lots of matches, but a lot of clips from early rounds. We'll see if anything looks cool.

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