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CMLL Redux Line - 07/14/02 (-7, Originally 07/23/02)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Satanico introduces Averno to their new partner - Mephisto.  

1 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero (c), Rey Buccanero, Mascara Magica) vs Infernals (Satanico (c), Averno,) Shocker
07/13/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:30
Shocker Circuit Breaker Rey
Averno double underhook faceslam Magica 
short, okay
2 :34
double press into a side slam on Averno
Boston crab with double armbar Shocker
3 1:36 Satanico low blow Ultimo clipped again
T 4:33 Satanico (2-1) way too short

Notes: Magica now has the GdI gear and mask, so he's officially part of the group and rudo. Shocker's wrestling instead of Mephisto because - I'll get back to you. Beatdown in the aisle. Mephisto does run down to try to make the save, with open hand slaps for Ultimo and then going after the mask. Averno and Magica have actually made it to the ring. So have Rey and Shocker - there's the Circuit Breaker and Rey's done (1:30) We totally miss how Magica gets beat but do see the pinfall (1:43) Looks like Satanico and Mephisto got Ultimo's mask off - now all three Infernals are stomping him in the aisle. Wow, it's totally off - the junior Infernals are beating Ultimo up the aisle, maybe so he can get a new mask? The referees stop them, allowing Ultimo to go up the aisle and get away. Will we get a replay? Looks like Mephisto is being ejected. Ah, here's the finish - AVerno hit a Slapjack on Magica.

Everyone settles down till the bell, and then a Pier Six breaks back out. Looks like Satanico's side has the best of it, with Rey getting beat up in the ring by all three guys. Then, to totally confuse me, we take a crowd shot, come back, and it's Ultimo's side in control. Double press slam into a double side slam leads to a double jacknife/pose pin on Averno. (:34) Shocker's in to take his beatdown - that's the best angle to take see th a triple boot, from behind. Alabama Slam by Rey, Top rope headbutt from Ultimo, top rope headbutt from Magica, Rey with the Boston crab and the other two put on armbars - I think that'll do it. (1:20) Replays of our finishes.

Triple Steiner Pose as we start this match. Beatdown continues - Satanico is quickly dispensed by open hand slaps, than Averno. Shocker takes his time outside, and then it's a dreaded crowd shot. When we look back, they've got at triple pose/submission on Satanico.  Averno in to break it up with a dropkick to Averno and we're already into a comeback - double jump corkscrew plancha by Shocker, neat. Magica hits a nice tope on Averno. Ultimo and Satanico have their chop exchange. Ultimo gets a clothesline and another. Off the ropes, Satanico sneaks in a low blow (you can tell because even though it doesn't look like much, Ultimo yells as if parts of him have been cut off) and one two three. (1:36) This might have been a good match but we really didn't get to see much of it.

2 Capos (Universo 2K (c), Mascara Y2K, Cien Caras) vs Atlantis (c), El Hijo De Rayo Jalisco Jr., Solar I
06/05/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:27
U2K/MY2K double side backbreaker EHDRJJ
CC elbow drop Atlantis
2 4:36
Solar II Mexican Surfboard MY2K
EHDRJJ reverse tope U2K
3 2:39 MY2K senton Solar II
U2K shoulder breaker (Triple Pin) EHDRJJ
T 9:17 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: Odd we get a Coliseo match after a Mexico match. Actually, this is the opener from -12. I remember it because they announce Lizmark Jr. but we actually get Solar II - Lizmark apparently has a habit of no-showing. Box is cut and pasted - go back to that episode if you want a full description, but it wasn't much to remember. Always hate it when they clip one match and the next is a rerun. 

As the next match starts, I notice we're getting another old vignette from the same show - and it turns out, the rest of this show is just a repeat of the 06/09/02 one. So go read that if you want to find out what happened.

We were adventured different matches going into the first break. so I don't know if there was a screw up this time, or if there was a screw up initally and they're just repeating it "as is" - no dice in finding any other TV report from the time to double check.

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