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CMLL Redux Line - 07/21/02  (-3, Originally 08/14/01)

Yea, we skipped another whole month of TV. Argh.

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Giant Silva eats at the Super Astro Restaurant of Masks - oh, he's going to meet porky there. Silva orders the Giant special for him - and Astro puts out bigger food for Silva. The Porky special is bigger, so Silva makes a plate switch.

1 Cien Caras, Apolo Dantes, Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000 (c) vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Super Porky, Giant Silva
07/31/01, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 9:36 Universo DQ (faked mask pull)

Notes: In about 50 episodes of TV, this is my 8th installment of Silva vs Apolo. So so sad. Silva hits the big pescado on Apolo and I think Mascara, taking all three of them out. Porky gets a sit down on Cien but the referee left in the ring is fooling around, which means something's up angle wise. Sure enough, Universo goes for the low blow but Rayo blocks it, then throws off his own (previously untied) mask off into Universo's hands and hits the deck - the ref turns, assess the situation, Universo tries to pantomime what happened and get the crowd to help him but of course not. 

2 Guapos (Emilio (c), Bestia, Scorpio) vs Villanos (III (c), IV, V)
08/03/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios :51 Scorpio low blow knee lift III
2 3:09 IV off the top rope sunset flip Emilio
3 1:44 Scorpio DQ (pulled the mask)
T 5:44 Tecnicos, 2-1

Notes: The Guapos have opted for overalls with no shirts. Emilio goes out of the ring and meets a fan holding a "Charles 2200% Guapo" sign; yep, it's That Girl. It's the Guapos, who aren't good, It's the Villanos so I'd mess up the play by play anyway, let's skip it. First fall is a Guapo beatdown. Of course they beat up the other two and go for the submission on IV after they've got the win. Second fall is the comeback fall - everyone gets roll up pins to end it, but only one counts. Scorpio pulls a mask and gets caught and this is over.

In Other Action: There was that big Signo/Villano III match we've been building up to - hair vs hair. Looks like Apolo tripped up Villano to set up Signo winning the first fall via Camel Clutch. Villano might have won fall 2 vs countout, and then reversed a suplex into a small package for the tiebreaker. Wonder why they didn't show this all on TV? [I learned later that the whole show was a video release.]

Vignette: Averno and Satanico visit with Mephisto - looks like he hurt his arm. I think the story is the GdI ambushed him in the gym; probably why he only made a cameo last week. We get a doctor checking it out with x-Rays. Ah, looks more like a shoulder issue. Mephisto promises revenge. 

3 Satanico, Averno (challengers) vs Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero (champions)
CMLL World Parejas Championship
08/03/01, Arena Mexico
1 parejas 3:37
double straight jacket submission Averno
double Boston crab Satanico
nice open
a tad short
2 1:13
Satanico backslide Ultimo
Double CO (Averno, Rey)
a couple nice spots
clipping took impact
3 1:48
Satanico cheapshot by Magica
Averno small package Rey
Satanico DQ (low blow) 
great build to finish
not a great finish
T 10:09 Champions, 2-1 too many clips

Notes: Wow, title match. Champions get no introductions - if that means we get no clips during the match, That's okay. Satanico and Averno are seconded by Mephisto, and Mascara Magica is in the champions corner. Pre-match belt presentation - Magica is talking to some fans from the ring and unaware he's supposed to be turning around for the photo, but otherwise we get this off without a hitch. Ultimo and Satanico have words, then both sides huddle before the start. 

All four in the ring to get one last rules explanation. Both teams are using a Red/Black/Yellow color scheme, though Ultimo has a Gold mask Rey actually asks for a handshake, but Satanico brushes him off. Averno and Ultimo will start - they are the two who rebirthed this rivalry after all. Lockup, Ultimo with a waistlock, takedown, facelock but Averno reverses to an armbar, up, Ultimo with a single leg takedown, grabbing both legs, Averno headscissors him from the mat, stand off. Circle, Ultimo blocks a clothesline, I don't know what Ultimo was trying but I'll guess hiptoss, Averno flips out and lands on his feet,  off the ropes, Ultimo lifts him up, Averno hits a Tiger Mask flip off Ultimo's chest to land on his feet (!), drop toe hold, chinlock, Rey's in to break it up, Satanico is in to get a Rey but Rey backs up and out of the ring. They're both out of the ring now and Satanico pushes Rey in the back. Tecnico ref is out to break that up - Mascara Magica is there but not really doing much. He does try to get the attention back to the ring, but we watch the two sides argue and miss whatever might be going on. Mephisto is over to stand around and gawk. Satanico heads back to the ring to argue with Ultimo instead. Ultimo pushes him, and Satanico backs off out of the ring. Back to Ultimo and Averno in the ring. Lockup, double wristlock, Ultimo kicks one free and uses the other one for leverage as he pulls Averno forward and down with a drop toe hold. Now changing into a hammerlock on the mat, back to a wristlock, up and to an armbar but Averno reverses, back to the double wristlock, now it's Averno breaking one away with a kick, then he uses Ultimo's knee to jump up, and armdrag Ultimo's arm through his legs on the way down - it's really wacky and leads simply to a mat based armlock. Rey takes pity on me for having to describe this mat wrestling by breaking it up with a kick to the chest - then he quickly rolls out before Satanico can get him, which is smart. Rey gives Satanico the finger, which is not smart - Satanico is out after him, armbar on but nothing further before the refs break it up - and Rey lands punches over the ref's shoulder. Nice move. Mephisto and Magica have a standoff, with Mephisto probably just being happy to prevent Magica from helping out. Meanwhile, Rey posts Satanico's left shoulder, then starts aiming his punches at that joint until it's broken up. Ultimo pulls Satanico in and a brawl breaks out - Ultimo picks up where Rey left off, while Rey punches Averno out of the ring. Satanico gets a double whip, double boot to the shoulder. Now he's stomped out of the ring. Averno in and trying to take Rey, but the numbers get him - double whip, double reverse flapjack. Averno's arms are crossed when each man grabs an arm and rolls over him, and they yank while giving a boot to the face - Averno has no escape and must give up. (3:37) Satanico is in but doesn't make much of an impact - another double boot. Double Boston Crab, and they grab the ropes for just a bit added leverage. (3:54) Replays.

We come back with the match already in progress - Averno and Rey are exchanging open hand slaps. Rey with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, under a clothesline, misses a clothesline, both hit clothesline and are down. Satanico and Ultimo are into cover their opponents - one two NO. Rey and Averno escape the ring, and Ultimo downs Satanico with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, into a backdrop, Satanico with a 'rana! Dropkick is side stepped, but he suckers Ultimo into an armdrag. Ultimo with an armdrag. Satanico with an armdrag, stand off. Look at Mephisto (clip here?) and when we look back, Rey and Ultimo are double corner whipping Satanico. Rey charges in but no one's home - Rey throws himself to the outside. RUNNING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY AVERNO! In the ring, Satanico manages a backslide - one two three. (1:13) Both Rey and Averno get counted out (1:23) so the second fall goes to the challengers. Averno crawls back in to celebrate with his teammate. Rey's still down on the outside, rubbing his back. Replays of the finish.

Ultimo and Magica check on Rey's back on the floor, trying to help him get loosened enough for this fall, but he's not looking good. Rey's having trouble getting up by himself, and it doesn't help that Averno hits a swinging dropkick through the ropes. Averno hits one on Ultimo for good measure, and the champions are up and mad. They rush in and get taken down. Averno works over Rey with kicks in one corner while Satanico beats Ultimo in the opposite corner. They signal for stereo bulldogs - but they're both shoved off, into each other. Champions off the ropes, stereo clotheslines, but the challengers refuse to go down. Again with the clotheslines, and they still won't go down. Again - no, they'll get dropkicked before they can hit it this time. Rey and Ultimo are slow up, and Satanico and Averno charge them for 'ranas - stereo powerbombs! Feet on the rope! One two NO! Rey knocks Satanico out of the ring and rolls out himself. One crowd shot later, we've got Ultimo and Satanico in the ring - Ultimo runs right into a spinebuster. Satanico grabs the legs for a standing figure four, but Rey is out of his corner with a sunset flip to break it up - and Satanico's leg clips the rudo referee in the process. Ultimo has words with the tecnico referee for some reason (probably a distraction), while Satanico does a double leg takedown on Rey - standing figure four but Magica is in to break it up this time! Clothesline breaks it up, Magica gets out and Ultimo and Rey cover one two three. (1:48) It wasn't THAT impressive of a clothesline. On the outside, Magica is getting a talking to from the CMLL Commissioner, but it's down to Averno vs the champions. Double whip, Ultimo back elbow, double facebuster - Ultimo goes to celebrate too early and misses Averno reversing Rey into a small package one two three! (2:12) Ultimo thinks that three count is for his side till Rey informs him otherwise. Ultimo is beside himself that they're this close. Satanico gives Averno one last pep speech and Averno sis pumped. Circle, no Ultimo on Averno with an open hand slap, open hand slap, open hand slap, now Averno turns it around in the corner, open hand slap, open hand slap, open slap, kick, kick, kick is caught Ultimo with a clothesline one two NO. Both men are tried from the match - the tecnico referee checks that they're okay. Both slow up. Averno with a hard kick to Ultimo's left shoulder, another, another but this one is caught, but Averno reverses to a 'rana, Ultimo rolls through One two NO! We get a totally undisguised clip - Ultimo with a hanging suplex. He's going up - the fans are telling him to because they want to see him miss. Moonsault...misses! Rey and Magica provide great reaction shots to this on the outside. Averno crawls over, raises Ultimo's arm and watches it drop - looks like he's out. Averno does it again just to make sure, but doesn't cover - he's going up. Looks like Rey and Magica have started a fight on the outside - both referees are distracted trying to break it up. Averno going up - and Magica sneaks over to hit a big low blow uppercut on him! Ultimo up and picking up Averno upside down on his shoulder. Kinda like an upside down neckbreaker - that neckbreaker Damien uses if Ultimo would go to his knees. Instead, he walks around, looking for a submission. Satanico - who probably saw what Magica did - is in and kicking Ultimo low. The tecnico referee yells at him as he leaves the ring, but the rudo referee, having not seen then interference, makes a count - one two three! (4:52) Infernals celebrate as if they've won, but the Tecnico referee is already trying to stop the hand raise - he saw the low blow and he's calling the DQ. Rey's ecstatic, Magica says thanks to the guy upstairs, and Ultimo is still rolling around in the ring in pain. 

We clip ahead to Rey talking about still being champions. Magica talks - his voice sounds different, and come to think of it, he's looked a little odd this week - Rey unties the mask for him, because it's really Tarzan Boy. Ha - this is his first appearance after a neck injury. The commissioner is not happy about that - he's not supposed to be here. Tarzan Boy says he's an Infernal so he has right to be here. Satanico is out to argue the decision - Mascara Magica is supposed to be corner person and that's not Mascara Magica, so the champions should be DQed and the belts should go to Satanico and Averno. I don't think anyone's buying that, though. Replay of the important parts

I really really wanted to like this match, and from a generating crowd heat perspective, this was great, but so much screwyness.

Next week: Santo, Atlantis, Rayo III, Ultimo, Magica, Rey Buccanero, and much more.

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