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CMLL Line - 07/27/02 (#44)

Hi! These reports are now also archived I'm still not gonna use star ratings, ha.

Help ME Help YOU: So, I'm throwing together a lucha FAQ. The goal is that people will be able to learn enough to understand what's going on if they watch the CMLL TV show - since I don't really know that much more, I'm not sure that me explaining more than that is all that'd helpful.  Which things did you find really important in getting the hang of this show? While we're at it, which things about lucha do you still not get? Let me know.  

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: In a weekly Rey & Ultimo segment, they celebrate beating the Family de Tijuana and talk about their upcoming match against Warrior and Silva. 

1  GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Tarzan Boy (c), Rey Buccanero), Juventued Guerrera vs Black Warrior, Giant Silva (c), Tinieblas Jr.
07/09/02, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 8:20 Tarzan Boy DQ (low blow mule kick) not the best, for sure

Notes: Either they've got new music, or GdI is using Juvi's music or maybe Tarzan's music? It'd fit him. Juvi dates to stand near Silva and is forced to look short. I think Juvi wants a test of strength. Now we're having a group discussion. Who's gonna start? The awesomeness is balanced out by the Silvaness here. Okay, Ultimo and Warrior. This is the best possible combination so let's have everyone on the rudo side run into attack Warrior. Just in case you think Juvi is working here, I should point out that his role right now is to distract Silva from coming in. Triple teaming the mask. Juvi now preventing the referee from getting involved. Double whip, wow that was a bad double clothesline - Warrior just started to run through then went down. He's rolled up to his feet- Triple Boot looks as good as it ever does - Gory Special/Double Faceslam looks awesome as ever. Triple straight jacket slingshot. They're doing all the combos on Warrior because that's the only one's who's going to take them, I guess. Now Tinieblas brought in - double whip, drop toe hold, he gets up (huh) and that's gotta to be the weakest looking Total Elimination-alike I've even seen. Rey's leg sweep is average at best, and Ultimo's spin kick looks like it just glanced him on the arm. Rolled back up - held for a double boot from Tarzan and Juvi. Timing was off, because this match ain't gonna right at all. Tarzan gets to hit the elevated sit. Oh no, it's time for Silva. I'd say this match can only go downhill but they haven't exactly been hitting on all cylinders so who knows. There's smart enough to go four on one brawling, but that only leads to the "Silva is so strong he pushes them all away" spot. Ultimo begs off like he's a Horseman or something - forearm to the back and he's down. Whipped hard into the corner - Corner clothesline. Ultimo double choke lifted to the top turnbuckle. Press slam - but he holds Ultimo up their long enough that Rey and Tarzan hit in a (off timed) double dropkick to break it up. Triple - no, Quadruple cover on Silva, one two NO big kickout. Ultimo and Rey try - well, Ultimo tried for a dropkick and Rey tried for a clothesline, neither of them hit and I'm wondering what's going on.  Boot for Ultimo, right for Rey. Juvi is standing in his corner. Double dropkick looks good this time, but can't get Silva down. Another good one takes him out. Juvi with an axhandle off the apron as Silva recovers on the outside - Silva isn't really happy about that; no sell now a big right to the back, another, another, a yell. He's screaming at the man. Okay now he's going back to the ring - On the apron, rights don't have any effect. All three off the ropes, and there's a spear for Ultimo and Rey. Tarzan Boy observers and calmly steps out of the ring. Slam on Ultimo. Forearm to the back of the head on Rey. Silva calling for the splash - second rope, pose, yell, is he gonna do it? Splash hits...Ultimo, Rey crawling away for his life. One two NO Rey's back to break it up. Rey yells to Tarzan and Juvi - they're like the perfect tag team, personality wise - and Tarzan points out Silva is very very tall. Tarzan in, Warrior in, Tarzan not happy about that. Long crowd shot but I don't think we got a clip. After a couple avoidances, Tarzan hits a clothesline. Whip, Warrior goes over, hits a drop toe hold, dropkick to the face. Tarzan out, Ultimo in, Tinieblas in. Tinieblas appeals to the crowd. Test of strength but Tinieblas is too tall. Try again - when Tinieblas raises his hands up high, Ultimo socks him in the gut. Headlock - Tinieblas tries a back suplex but can't get it over, so he pushes Ultimo off the ropes, shoulderblock and Ultimo goes down. Rey in to hold Tinieblas, Ultimo with a right but Rey gets it. Double charge but Tinieblas leapfrogs, then he calls yells at Juvi in the corner. Juvi comes in, grabs Tinieblas, and he gets hit by a double back elbow when things go wrong. Double faceslam for Rey and Ultimo. Juvi over with chops, but gets taken out with a dropkick. Tarzan Boy hits a missile dropkick to finnaly stop Tinieblas, but Warrior steps in as he poses. Tarzan turns around right, right, SPIT RIGHT BLOCKED, Warrior with a slap, slap, headlock, no Tarzan Boy with a leg trip. TB off the ropes, into a dropkick to the knee. BW yells, charges, clothesline takes them both out. Silva in, Ultimo and Rey in. Double dropkick stops him. Double whip? No, reversed - Double clothesline is too high, Rye and Ultimo grabs the ropes but Silva yells and clotheslines them all out. That leaves Juvi and Tinieblas - Juvi with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, waved by, waved by, waved by, Tinieblas picks him up, holding him long - spinebuster. Tinieblas starts for a submission, but is perhaps distracted by Tarzan Boy trying to hit a corner splash on Back in the ring, Tarzan Boy tries a corner splash on Black Warrior but no one's home. Tarzan Boy waits for Warrior to charge, backdrops him into a kip up and there's a blatant low blow uppercut. Both referees were looking at it, and Tarzan Boy goes for a cover - the rudo referee starts to count but we all know the tecnico ref is gonna raise Warrior's hand - yep. (DQ 8:20) Replays.   

Vignette: In the bowels of Arena Mexico, Veneno is stoked about his and Violencia's win over Team Mexico. Seems like Violencia is concerned about something - check out his large shoulder strap. They walk into the Boricua office - Pierroth is still mad at him. Anyway, it turns out that Killer and Bulldog will be Pierroth's partners in a match that will get absolutely no play by play. The female bodyguard is their this way. Pierroth namedrops their new member - Rico Suave. Is that the new guy in mask or is that Fuerza? Couldn't tell from that angle. The female bodyguard - I think I'm naming her Commando Girl - talks. Check out Nitro's dreads. They start playing Army music again - yes, this leads to Veneno singing and everyone marching in place. "YES SIR!" They're ready for combat. 

2 Boricuas (Killer, Bulldog, Pierroth (c)) vs Gran Markus (c), Apolo Dantes, Mascara Y2K
07/12/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:06 Boricuas DQ (excessive beatdown Markus) unfocused brawl
2 6:54 Pierroth DQ (brass knucks) heat building
T 10:00 Markus (2-1) not really much of a match

Notes: Pierroth is wearing his mask! Surely this will get him killed before the end of the night. Hey, Killer got a camouflage mask/outfit, good for him. I still don't like him. Bulldog is fat. I think you need constant reminders about this. Commando Girl has a nice outfit - less fabric than last week . I think we're never gonna see Mastin again, and that was Fuerza I saw before. Pierroth is actually Pierroth Jr. and Pierroth Jr. is actually Pierroth III - but since they're not gonna be around long, I'm not gonna bother to change. This match is going on and you'll get no play by play. Apolo goes for the mask! Good for him. Apolo's too good for this junk but he somehow always gets himself involved. It's a tough life. This is just a big brawl. Pierroth rips off his own mask and punches Markus with it. Markus is bleeding? Wow, already. He's getting most of the beating. Veneno and Violencia are acting sneaky and talking on walky-talkys on the stage - quite obviously looking for enemy positions. It just seems extraordinary odd to see Veneno laying stomach down on the stage and scanning the crowd with his binoculars, it really makes sense. Did they over turn the fall on too much beating there? Now they're beating Markus with part of the ramp. He's bleeding quite a bit here. Everyone else has a bit of it on them. Yep, they giving Markus the fall (3:06) - Tecnico referee goes outside and raises Mascara's arm because they aren't letting go of Markus' arms. Commando Girl has that J-Lo bandana look going. Oh, commercial break.

And now, this announcement: Shocker and Mascara Magica want YOU to be the newest member of the Guapos. Do you have what it takes? Go to for more info! This was funny. Probably more so if I knew what they were saying

And now back to your crappy match, already in progress. And it goes on. And on. Markus takes off his belt - is he gonna use it? Yep. Rudo referee doesn't seem to care, and Apolo kicks it away before he can do it bin front of the Tecnico ref - now I know he saw that one. Apolo desperate gabs at Pierroth but is stopped. Let's look at the crowd. Strap to the back. No DQ? The referees are right there. This is a bloody brawl but there's not much sense in. Markus' face is totally covered - he probably should've have not worn black if he wanted it to show up better, though. Here's the comeback - one head down too soon and it's all turned over. Apolo with the belt. Mascara with the belt. No the Boricuas want the DQ but it's not happening. Markus with the belt - belt to Pierroth's face! Is Pierroth bleeding or is that just Markus' on him? If you're into bleeding, this is so your match. I'm not really. Now I'm pretty sure some of that is his own blood - he's been opened up. Apolo has a confrontation with Commando Girl - double dropkick to Pierroth's head. And now you're kick him out of the ring? It's totally switched to a beatdown the other way. - Apolo and Mascara trying to bring the wrestling back to this brawl. Killer takes a couple moves and is dropkicked out. The Capos work over Bulldog now. Markus and Pierroth are at their corners - double suplex! Double elbow! Senton! Senton! Cover him! They throw him out, argh. Now Pierroth's in - he's trying to battle but his face is pretty much covered with blood. Held for Markus. Markus gets the crowd punked - slaps to the face but Pierroth isn't letting them have the satisfaction of seeming in pain (I guess - or he's just not really selling them.) Mascara gets a turn. Apolo's turn. Pierroth finnaly goes down- I don't think he can see with all that blood. Commando Girl is calling someone as Killer is in and fighting Mascara - Apolo helps out. Capos taking to the underlings. Double submission holds on which only means mean something's about to happen. Actually, Pierroth just goes to help break them out - everyone who's not about to be in an hair/hair match is out of the ring. The crowd wants to see this - Markus and Pierroth exchange chops. Exchange slaps. No one's going anywhere. Markus is ducking Pierroth's rights. Now a whip, corner clothesline. Right, face bite! Ew. Right. Corner whip, Markus charge in but no one's home. Pierroth goes to his pocket - POWER OF THE PUNCH. The refs saw the knuckles and we get two DQ falls, wow. (6:54) Veneno cheers the moral victory from the stage, for Markus is OUT. Doctor in to check on him. Pierroth in to taunt him. Nitro, Violencia and Veneno celebrate from the stage - I dunno why they don't come down now? Maybe they're there to prevent a save by Team Mexico. And since it doesn't look like they have the walky-talkys or phones now, I wonder who Commando Girl is talking to? (Sister Sherri? Nah.) Pierroth informs us that Puerto Rico rules. Markus is getting put on a stretcher - I'd hate to be the person who had to carry him. Bulldog is talking in a language I could possibly understand, but we don't stick on him long enough to decipher. Apolo retorts in Markus' place - don't tell me he's going to lose his hair again? Well it really hasn't grown back so I don't know if that could work - slap to Pierroth's face probably wasn't a good idea - Pierroth with a low blow and now everyone is on him. Mascara stands on the ramp for a long time without really helping, then goes to grab Commando Girl. Commando Girl is calling someone on her phone AGAIN. Mascara would like to make a hostage exchange but first the Boricuas don't notice him, then they do notice him and realize that, and that Mascara is outnumbers 6 to 1. Mascara lets go of the girl, gets surrounded by the guys on the stage and the guys in the ring, and manages to run away and escape. He buys enough time for Apolo to escape himself, I guess. Boricuas back in the ring - they gotta be singing the Puerto Rician national anthem, ';cause they have their hand on their chest. Commando Girl isn't singing - I guess you can only technically count the rest as singing.

Spectacular Moments - Firebird splash! Watch Virus fly. There was a brief pause in there that made the move a little too unrealistic to me. Watch Marivn fly - that was kind neat because we didn't have to stare at Nitro waiting around - and also Marvin almost hit a lady in the front row. Fear Dr. X super splash on Starman. Zumbido moonsault on Starman is also nice. Fear the Dr. X/Zumbido team. 

And now, for an announcement. It's less cool when you repeat the vignette twice a show.

3 Villanos (III (c), IV, V) vs Infernals (Satancio, Averno, Mephisto)
07/12/02, Arena Mexico
3 trios 2:30 IV bodyscissors rollup Satanico brief
T ?:?? Tecnico (2-1) just a set up

Notes:  Joined in progress - Infernals discus on the outside, then triple team on Villano III on the inside. He's thrown into another Villano and now I remember why I don't play by play Villano matches. Hey, I can see the letter this week! Okay, IV got taken out on the apron, and it's V in the ring now who's getting his mask ripped by the juniors. III tries to come in for the save- double hand bite! That's an odd double team. V thrown out, III held in for beating - double corner whip, Mephisto with a corner, Satanico with a back elbow, Averno with a charging clothesline. V back in, and choked on the ropes buy all three. Wow, they ripped the top of his mask off, almost pulling it down. Whip, best triple boot of the show. IV in and Averno is quickly over to stop him. Working him over in the corner, whipping him into a clothesline by Mephisto, but it misses - bodyscissors cradle on Satanico - V in to prevent a save - one two three! (2:30) I guess we just got this to show the Villanos beating the Mexican National Champions two weeks around - a title shot's got to be around the corner. They make the "I want the belt" motions, so I think it's a safe bet.

Vignette: Hey, Nicho - he's meeting Damien, Halloween and Victoria and his house in Mexico City. Miss Victoria talks so softly (no mic?) that she gets subtitled - anyway, Vampiro's returning soon. I'm too distracted by Halloween's Spiderman shirt. Nicho says it's no problem - they're the Family de Tijuana.

4 FdT (Halloween, Damien 666, Nicho el Millionario (c)) vs Mr. Niebla, Lizmark Jr., Vampiro Candianese (c)
07/12/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:25 Nicho Tijuana Jam Vampiro painful finish
2 5:30
Lizmark powerbomb Halloween
Vampiro camel clutch Damien
3 6:41 Vampiro powerbomb Nicho a little off at points
T 13:47 Tecnico 2-1 good, but not epic

Notes: Lady Victoria is with them again. Damien and Halloween have belts with them - XLAW Tag Team Title belts? I think. Mr. Niebla is not using the James Bond theme! What a shame. Everyone on the tecnico team is getting separate entrance. Lizmark still has the wacky dreads and mist. Vampiro gets last entrance. Vampiro looks like Undertaker if you're really not paying attention enough  and you don't wonder where the bike went. Halloween grabs the microphone before we get to hair who are captian. He yells at the ring announcer - and does the introductions for his team. Ring announcer does the ones for the other team - video clip of Vampiro still has the long hair, while this one has no hair. Beatdown immediately follows introduction. Niebla gets a Stunner over the ropes by Damien. Nicho slams Vampiro, off the ropes, off the ropes, legdrop. Double whip on Vampiro, double boot takes him out. Lizmark brought in by his silly hair - look as Vampiro is thrown into the steps outside. Lizmark gets the chest first run into the corner - and again - and Nicho finishes him with a clothesline. Niebla in - dropkick by Nicho. Chop by Halloween. Chop. Whip, spinebuster slam, Halloween/Damien triple legdrop. Vampiro gets kicked as he comes in, and he's held for open hand slaps. Vampiro's looked so expressionless since he got here, it's weird. Spinebuster for him, and Nicho goes up - Tijuana Jam hits very awkwardly one two three. (2:25) What happened there? Looking back a second, Nicho's leg landed right on Vampiro's face. That must've felt wonderful. Niebla and Lizmark recover on the outside. - a front row fan gives Lizmark a tissue to get something out of his eye (I think), in a weird moment. Lizmark is still having trouble with it, wonder what happened there. Here's a replay from the reverse angle - watch Vampiro grab his face on impact. Youch.

Beatdown keeps on keeping on - F5 on Niebla. Cover, well, the ref is a bit slow here, now here we go one two PULLED HIM UP. Nicho didn't get his money by being smart, I see. Niebla thrown out. Double crotching into the post. That's gonna leave a mask. Lizmark in now, and somehow we slow down into a normal match, with everyone else who didn't got crotch first into a post going into their corner. Nicho with a whip, dropkick and out goes Lizmark. Vampiro in, he wants Nicho - Ah, Damien attacks form the side and the triple team is back on. Double whip, Nicho charges, Vampiro side steps, Nicho posts himself, and Vampiro clothesline the other two. In a nice looking spot, Niebla and Lizmark slide through the rope to the floor at the same time to take care of Damien and Halloween. Halloween does a lot of begging off. Looks like Niebla made it back in the ring - dropkick on Nicho. Vampiro pulls Damien out from the crowd (wonder how they got there) and punches him. Back in the ring where Niebla's beating up Nicho. Wishbone on  Damien on the floor. Lizmark slingshots him on the floor. Niebla's signaling for something on Nicho, but Nicho rolls out before he can get it. Halloween is up the aisle on the floor to escape, so Niebla comes out after him. They end up battling to the ring, and now we've got out match. Or not, because Halloween goes out, Damien in, Lizmark in. Lizmark out. Okay. Exchange of chops and Damien goes down. Nicho in - he doesn't see Vampiro coming in. Nicho consults his team, charges - running dropkick hits the corner, and he lands on the back of his neck. Vampiro with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Rights to the two men in the corner, off the ropes, Nicho with a dropkick to the knee. Replay of Nicho landing on his head - it's almost like he powerbombed himself. Nicho chopping Vampiro in live time. Off the ropes, bodyscissors - no wheelbarrow suplex! And replay shows he landed right on his head again. Back to live, Halloween with a chop, corner whip, charge in, Vampiro monkey flipped out but he lands on his feet - spinning martial arts kick to the midsection. Lizmark in and Halloween wants out - he can't find any one to take his place. Halloween tells Lizmark tot stay there - clothesline but Lizmark ain't going. Halloween tells Lizmark to try that - off the ropes, clothesline, no one going down. They slap each other. Both off the ropes, Lizmark with a clothesline, Halloween ducks and grabs the arm - short clothesline. Halloween with a chop, chop, corner whip, charge in Halloween hits boot. Charge in again, Lizmark side steps out, kick, grab, spin and sitting powerbomb - Vampiro off the top with a plancha to stop Damien from breaking it up - one two three. (5:30) Enziguri on Damien - there's the camel clutch. And Damien done. (5:40) Niebla squeezes in the handspring elbow and the Nelbina on Nicho for fun. And now he's kicking Nicho in the butt because he can. Replays.

Referee is checking Vampiro's nose - looks like that legdrop did some damage. Family de Tijuana is leaving? Wait, they're coming back. Now they're discussing on the ramp. Where did Lady Victoria go? She was a lot more noticeable last week. Nicho is walking around holding his butt. Now they're coming back.  Damien is in the ring. Lizmark in for his team double leg takedown, now a cartwheel and a back flip for no reason - Damien's upset by the flips (maybe) and charges, but Lizmark leapfrogs him, and Damien turns around into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but manages to land on his feet. Lizmark's chop is high and Damien grabs him for Nicho to hit - SUPERKICK nails Damien! Now Nicho's in - ROCK BOTTOM. Halloween is in, mockingly clapping Lizmark for keeping up with his WWE tapes - SUPERKICK! That one nailed Halloween in the face. Don't be making fun of Lizmark to his face. Halloween want to go out but realizes there's no one left in his cover. Niebla in - now Nicho's back up, will he come in? Maybe we can stand around for another 15 seconds. Nicho in. Nicho and Niebla having a conversation - well that didn't turn out well. Nicho slaps Niebla (because he's no longer using the James Bond music?) and another. Niebla slap back. Double leg, cartwheel, backflip - hey, this is a perfect tag team. Slaps for the guys on the apron because Niebla can be Lizmark and Vampiro in one. Niebla ducks a clothesline, runs to the corner, kip out and escapes, ducks a double clothesline from Halloween and Damien (Nicho take it) but gets a slap from Halloween to slow him. Double corner whip but Niebla slides out - Damien slides out after him, Halloween slide out - but ends sliding right into Damien. Niebla back in - right to Halloween and he's slid chest first to the floor - Niebla hugs a front row for protection. Back in the ring, well, Nicho was in the ring but he just posted himself again. Nicho lies on the floor, contemplating his life. Trying to figure out how he still ha a neck. I don't know. Vampiro's in but he has no one to face. How did these guys win a fall? It hasn't been going so well for them for the last few minutes. Nicho back in - he wants a handshake - Vampiro look at the fans and gets a wheel kick. Nicho with a right, right, Falcon Arrow! Replay of Nicho posting himself. We come back for a cover - one two NO. Nicho argues the count - Vampiro with a kick, running powerbomb throw. Did Nicho land on his head again? I think he banged his head after impact. Nicho drop toe hold Vampiro as he charges onto the ropes. Nicho going up - guillotine legdrop, going to the floor! Hit him on the back of the head this time. Now Niebla and Halloween having a discussion, and a slap face. Halloween takes off his shirts. Halloween misses, Niebla does not. Halloween off the ropes - right into the handspring. Damien in to take Niebla out with aback elbow, but he turn around to find Lizmark. Lizmark tries a tilt-a-whirl something, but it quite nearly turns into a Tombstone -  Damien headscissors, then they get reset as Vampiro battles for position - Halloween with a low blow mule kick! Referees saw it but rudo says it was thigh. Halloween pulls out Lizmark and holds him for a Damien tope, but Niebla pulls the ropes low as he goes off it it. Vampiro and Nicho again. Face off - Vampiro with a flying wheel kick. Right, right, right, now Halloween and Damien are in and attacking him from behind. Double corner whip, Halloween with a clothesline, Nicho with a clothesline, Halloween and Damien charge, Vampiro goes to the mat, Damien and Halloween just slide out of the ring and go for a double crotch on the post, but I guess Vampiro "blocks it" (read: they just sit there while the spot gets set up). Maybe they're just holding him there for Nicho to do something (dropkick him the rest of the way?) but Nicho is pushing him flat - and now Lizmark is over, right to the face. Lizmark and Niebla hit the spot we were waiting for - double suicide tope on Halloween and Damien! Back in the ring, Vampiro with a back kick to the stomach. Implant DDT? No, it's put back down - big sitdown powerbomb one two three. (6:41) Celebration and replays. We get the "you are there" angle of the ropes.  

Next Week: Shocker, Negro Casas, Vampiro, Pierrorth, Killer, Bulldog, Gran Markus, Universo 2000, Cien Caras, Villano III, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero, and much more. 

Here's a replay of Damien and Halloween exchanging a kiss. And that's it.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (34:37) about 33.0% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 72.3
Overall Match Rating: approximately 77
3 Trios, 1 4 vs 3
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: Nice reintroduction to Vampiro, building for Pierroth/Markus

Closing Notes: 

1. The things I wish GdI was doing instead of fighting Silva
2. But they should've had still done better.
3. I might not like the match quality in the Boricuas feud but the fans were digging it.
4. I think I would have bumped the main event over 90 if I felt like it meant anything
5. It was a nice reintroduction to Vampiro at any rate.

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