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CMLL Line - 08/03/02 (#45)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: The Japan crew decides that Japanese were guapo and Mexicans were feo. That can only lead to a fued with Shocker.

1 Japan (Masada (c), Nosawa, Black Tiger) vs Mr. Niebla (c), Blue Demon, Atlantis
07/16/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:54 Nelbina on Tiger solid, but unspectacular
to form - no real down points
a couple high ones 
not particularly memorable
2 4:01
Tiger face first crucfix powerbomb Nelbina
Masada dropkick to the face Demon
3 4:07
Demon sharpshooter with armbar Nosawa
Atlantis abdominal stretch Masada
T 11:23 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Masada is not green. Masada and Demon start, battling with mat wrestling, Masada getting a leg grapevine but Demon escaping and trying a cross armbreaker, back to the grapevine, Demon reverses and now Tiger is in to help out. Cheap shot for the people on the apron. He leaves, Masada with a whip, Demon takes a right turn and bounces off a different rope - now he's going off each set of ropes, a crowd shot confuses it more, but somehow Demon ends up dropkicking Masada from behind. Whip, reversed, Masada goes for the hiptoss and gets armdragged out of the ring. Demon off the ropes, slides out, Masada has his head down, trying to avoid the baseball slide dropkick, so he doesn't see Demon land behind him - slap to the face. Nosawa and Atlantis. Open hand slap battle. Nosawa tries to get a shoulderblock, but is thrown down by the weird hair. Slid to the floor! Tag to Niebla - him vs Tiger, Niebla dances, Tiger dropkicks. Rights, chop, whip, Niebla holds the ropes, Tiger head down too soon so it's kicked. Niebla charge into a powerslam - Tiger didn't get it turned over all the way and from this angle, it almost looks like Niebla landed on his head - one two no. Tiger with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, right into the handspring elbow. Niebla tying him up while his partners ward of the junior Japanese - Nelbina does it. (2:54) Kick while he's prone anyway. Niebla kicks him a couple more times. Replay of that powerslam from the reverse angle - he just did get over. Break.

Demon and Tiger start - Tiger with a chop, open hand slap, headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under, right blocked and Demon hits a right of his own. Clothesline. Chop, corner whip, Black Tiger slides out, Blue Demon slides out, Tiger in, Demon in, Tiger clothesline. Tiger gets down an fours to Nosawa can hit the assisted clothesline. Bow. Double whip, double clothesline it too high and and Demon hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on each. Nosawa sells it great. Atlantis and Masada in - both do the pumped up leapfrog. Chop by Masada, whip, reverse, over, under, missing with a clothesline and getting arm dragged. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for him to. Masada out - check out his green tongue. Nosawa in against Niebla. No wait, Tiger's gonna come in - chops just make him dance, that's no good. Big face slap just makes Tiger go down. Headlock, off the ropes, over, waved by, handspring off the ropes into an armdrag. Masada in with a full nelson but Tiger accidentally dropkicks him. Tilt-a-whirl for Tiger. Nosawa in, missing a punching, Niebla messes with his hair and slaps him hard. Atlantis in now, and Nosawa kicks him in the leg. Open hand slap. Headbutt. Right. Corner whip, Nosawa charges in and hits a clothesline (I guess - Atlantis puts an arm up at the last second but it was sold as if it really hit), armbar so Masada can hit the second rope axhandle. Armbar so Tiger can kick it. Tag to Niebla, but Demon comes in to - Niebla takes a face first crucifix powerbomb, and then Tiger rolls him up - we miss exactly how, watching Masada and Nosawa work over Demon. (4:01) Whip, drop toe hold, Masada with a legdrop, Nosawa with the camel clutch, Masada with the dropkick to the face. One foot cover by Nosawa one two three. (4:19) Replay shows it was a small package that Tiger won by.

Beatdown to start fall three - Atlantis gets it first, with Tiger untying his mask while the other two are held off. Now Tiger's pulling it off but Atlantis is blocking it. While the referees are watching that, it looks like Masada gets in a low blow knee lift on Demon. Niebla demonstrates for the referee as Nosawa sneaks in a low blow knee drop on Niebla too. Demon in - double clothesline for him. And now the Japanese are hanging back - I guess they're gonna go Demon one on one with Masada. Masada missed a chop and Demon turns it on with a snap mare and a double knee drop to the face. The rudos decide one on one isn't going to work. He's taken out quickly, and now Atlantis is back in, but only Nosawa is around to face him - snap mare, hard knee to the head, booted out of the ring. Masada in. Open hand slap exchange. Again an exchange. Masada right misses, Atlantis right misses, Masada with kicks to the leg to take Atlantis down, then stomps to the back to keep him there. Rights to the head. Stomps to the back. Clothesline. Off the ropes, clothesline, Atlantis isn't going down. Off the ropes, Atlantis with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Some sort of weird bodyscissors attempt for a submission, so Tiger is in to break it up with a dropkick. Niebla in and he gets back elbowed. Nosawa with lots of weak looking open hands slaps, yell, Niebla tries to sneak n a kick - Nosawa with a corner whip, corner clothesline. Charge in again, but this time he gets double boot. Tiger in to help, but he just gets a second rope plancha - Nosawa holds, Tiger slaps and Nosawa gets it. Now Demon in, Nosawa and Tiger try to whip them into each other, but the whips are reversed, but Tiger leapfrogs Nosawa - Demon backdrops him to the floor anyway. Niebla slaps Nosawa in the corner, then rushes across the ring to tope Tiger on the floor. Nosawa runs out into a Demon backdrop - there's the Sharpshooter with armbar on him, for the tap. (4:07) Meanwhile, Atlantis ducks a Masada clothesline and puts on an abdominal stretch with leg pick for the win. (4:10)    

2 Infernals (Satanico (c), Averno, Mephisto) vs Villanos (III, IV, V)
07/19/02, Arena Mexico
3 trios 1:30 III victory roll (and ropes) Satanico Again, just a set up
Better dive spot
Still with the ugly tights
T ?:?? Villanos (2-1)

Notes: This is billed as a revenge match for last week, and like last week, we only get the last fall. Averno and Mephisto hit nice stereo somersault planchas on the other Villanos, leading to the captains battling Very even - Satanico goes for a powerbomb and puts his feet on the ropes, but gets only one two, and they do notice the feet on the ropes. Villano 3 gets a victory roll and grabs the ropes himself - one two three. (1:30) So again, the Villanos have beat the champions and they want the belts. I think V3 says as much in his post match microphone segment. Wow, where did all that blood on V3 come from? I didn't notice that before, don't know how. The champions do not agree right then and there.

Vignette: Pierroth grills out the troops again. I guess it's an inception. The Commando Girl is in charge of checking uniform - she finds many things wrong with Veneno, to no one's surprise. His hair, his boots, his glasses aren't in the right place. I think Pierroth's looking for people to perform a mission - go find their new member? - and Violencia and Veneno actually volunteer, and are shot down. Mini Pierroth, Bulldog, Nitro and Commando Girl are chosen instead.

3 Boricuas (Killer, Bulldog, Pierroth, Rico Suave) vs Gran Markus, Unvierso 2000, Cien Caras, Poder Mexica
07/19/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios :21 Capos double elbow drop Pierroth Yet another match in these feud that seems to gain heat, but doesn't deliver good action or a non-screwjob finish. This one felt like forever.
2 8:57 DQ (Pierroth's Brass Knuckles)
T 9:18 Markus (2-1)

Notes: I like who Commando Girl is serious during the vignettes and then can't stop smiling on the way to the ring. Nice way to break character. Rico Suave is an actual Puerto Rician - but nothing interesting otherwise. He's got Savio Vega's jacket and a belt of some kind - I believe Pierroth says he's Caribbean champion. Veneno sings the anthem. Someone taught Commando Girl the words. Pierroth sings the second half. Anti-Pierroth forces sneak in through the crowd, which probable means Veneno will be in even more trouble. Also, that means we get no introduction to the unmasked Poder, and it takes me a little bit to figure out who he is. Spinebuster, double elbow drop, everyone cover, that's quick. (:21) Boricuas argue on the floor- Pierroth shoves Violencia and slaps Veneno - it's not good to be then. They opt to back off - actually, Veneno looks like he might want do something, but Violencia pulls him back and they're sent to to the back. 

Now Pierroth's yelling at the announce crew. Second fall, and the Mexico beats The Boricuas as they try to get in the ring. Suave is fat, but not as fat as Bulldog. Pierroth takes a bunch of punishment. The Boricuas get very little in. We get multiple Mexica/Pierroth sequences. This action is nearly compelling in fast forward. Bulldog hits a questionably low blow knee lift on Universo, and that turns the tide that way. The second fall goes on forever and a day. Universo gets a near fall, and then everything breaks down into a melee, with the Capos controlling the ring. Capos have a double abdominal stretch on Bulldog, which must mean it's angle time. Commando Girl doesn't do much to hide passing the knucks, but they're huge looking and and shiny this time, so I don't think they could be well hidden. Markus avoids the punch, grabs the arm, gets the knucks for himself, but gets leveled by Rico before he can use them. However, the knuckles fly way into the view of the referee (maybe banging off a post in the process), and there's a big drama about who's knuckles it was. After considering past history, the referee DQ Pierroth (8:57) and we have a straight fall victory. Replays makes it look like Markus threw the knuckles on impact to make it look like Pierroth used them, or at least was the one who had them. Post match, Pierroth rants about Dr. Alfonso Morales for reasons I do not understand.

Shocker and Mascara Magica want YOU - if you're Guapo enough.

Spectacular Moments - armbar takedown into a Fujiwara! Always nice. Tony Rivera hits a nice tope. He still has the Harvard sweater. Olimpico with an okay slingshot plancha, Scorpio taking it and landing just right. Nice running up the corner kick by Sombre de Plata (I think.) Volador Jr. Asai Moonsault of the week.

Vignette: GdI talk in, I dunno. Shed? Stairway? Tough to tell. Lots of echos. I think they're happy that Tarzan Boy is actually teaming up with them for the first time in a while. And then they decide to go raid the buffet.

4 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Tarzan Boy (c)) vs Shocker (c), Vampiro, Negro Casas
07/19/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:40 triple submission Shocker typical GdI
2 3:28
Casas cross armbreaker Rey
Vampiro powerbomb Tarzan 
some painful looking stuff
3 6:03 Ultimo low blow mule kick Shocker new finish on old theme
T 12:14 Tecnicos 2-1 pretty good, high end

Notes: Oh wow, Shocker's got "Without Me" by Eminem - someone should cue it up so it starts with "Guess who's back?", though. In tribute, Shocker's wearing a b-boy outfit only he could possibly pull off. (And also the dyed blond hair, right.) The valet gives his dancing a great look. Vampiro ("Welcome to the Jungle") does look like a pirate - right down to the puffy shirt. This can only lead to a feud with Buccanero. Negro Casas (the music he always uses) isn't interesting, so they try to punk him out. Brawl to start.

GdI get the upper hand - Rey beats Casas down on the ramp, Ultimo takes care of Shocker in the ring, and Tarzan attacks Vampiro on the outside. Attacks is the key words, because it's more 65-35 there, compared to 100-0 elsewhere. Shocker gets a double whip, double kick to the midsection, and he's out of the ring. Tarzan takes Vampiro in the ring so Ultimo can help him out. Rey's - who was in for the double whip - is back to beating up Casas on the apron. Now he's back in to - double whip for Vampiro, weird push into the ropes, drop toe hold, Vampiro gets back up so Rey hits him with a jumping side kick. Double whip, wait no just into a Tarzan boot. Double lift, and Vampiro's dropped onto Tarzan's feet. Didn't look as good as it might have sound. There's the running assisted sit, and Vampiro is then kick out of the ring. Replay of the sit. Casas is pulled in by his hair. Chops in the corner. Double whip, Tarzan with a corner clothesline, Rey with a corner clothesline. Ultimo with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Rey puts on a figure four sleeper, and Tarzan Boy puts on a figure four (leglock) - they grab hands to make it stronger but I'm sure how that actually works. Somehow, Rey goes to a pose and Ultimo's got a surfboard. They let it go as Shocker comes in the ring, to stop him. Normal slaps in the corner - a hard one by Rey knocks him down. Double whip, double hiptoss into a double faceslam. Ultimo and Rey put on Fujiwara armbars while Tarzan stands on Shocker's back in a look out pose - that'll do. (3:40) Reply of the wacky submission hold on Casas, and the faceslam into the finish.

As we start fall two, the fight is ongoing - Shocker is thrown in by Ultimo, only to be clotheslined out a little later. Rey gets a figure four sleeper on Casas again, but ends up letting go and opting for hard kicks to the chest. Triple dropkick to Casas' head! Vampiro in and catching an Ultimo kick but Rey's over to attack him before he can do anything about it. Rey with some strong slaps, taking Vampiro out of the ring and up the ramp. Tarzan and Ultimo bring in other two in the meantime - ah, Tarzan Boy holds them, so Rey can do the Black Warrior "run down the ramp, get tossed in the air and hit a super clothesline on two people in the ring" spot. Unfortunately for Tarzan Boy, he doesn't hold them to well and it's he who gets hit. Vampiro with a hard clothesline on Ultimo as the babyfaces turn it around. We watch them battle on the ramp, as Shocker yanks Tarzan Boy by his hair, then takes him to the booth. Posted! In the ring, Casas tries to convince Vampiro to step out of the ring so he can battle Rey alone. Okay, I guess. Casas with open hand slaps, Rey's is blocked, Casas grabs Rey by the head oddly and goes to the ropes (and isn't able to step up onto the first rope - not near the turnbuckles - the first try) - Wow, second rope reverse Tornado DDT - there's a cross arm breaker, and Rey's done. (3:28) Vampiro in - spinning thrust kick for Tarzan Boy. Powerbomb for him one two three. (3:31) Shocker takes Ultimo out of the ring with a big boot, and he's got punches for him on the floor, culminating with a nice knockout right. Casas hits Rey with a bell from a ringside fan. Vampiro with a low blow knee drop on Tarzan! As Shocker and Casas head back in the ring, Vampiro gives Tarzan a thrust kick on the floor for good measure. Now Vampiro's back on the floor and attacking Rey - slam on the floor. Rey gives him a look like "You Canadian Freak! Stop beating me up! The fall hasn't started yet" and doesn't it really sell it. I don't know if Vampiro notices it, because he's so focused on beating Rey up anyway. Rey tries to squirm free, and Ultimo rushes over to help, seeing as his partner is in trouble. Vampiro and Ultimo brawl just enough to get Vampiro away, but then that cues everyone to fight on the floor again. Rey and Vampiro have a slap exchange that leads to Vampiro kicking Rey down. Look at the fans. Replay of the spin kick on Tarzan, then the powerbomb. We see that punch run by Shocker again - he nearly punches a ref when he tries to break it up. 

Casas and Ultimo start fall three with a chop exchange. Ultimo gets more in, than a hip toss. Casas is back up, throwing Ultimo in the corner, right to the stomach, right to the head. Casas is proud of his punching skills - Shocker is in to help him practice. Rey goes back Ultimo, Ultimo's right misses, Casas's hit, Ultimo goes down, Casas goes for an armbar, but Rey is into break it up. Vampiro in for the other side. They have a slap exchange - actually, Vampiro's cheating and using forearms, but Rey hits a kick to the face. Long crowd shot Off the ropes, and Vampiro hits a spinning back kick. Crowd shot. Ultimo in and spinning Vampiro with a clothesline. Ultimo celebrates on the second rope. Crowd. Ultimo with chops, corner whip, Ultimo charge sin, Monkey flip but Vampiro no his feet - spinning gut kick. Tarzan charges in, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, Vampiro with a dropkick to the knee and a clothesline that kinda gets Tarzan out - he's stuck in the nearly out position for a moment, and Vampiro helps him go out the rest of the way. Shocker brings him back in, then they have words. Tarzan off the ropes, over the drop down Shocker, stopping suddenly and going to chop Shocker as he gets up, but Shocker ducks and hits his own. Chop, chop, whip, clothesline misses, armdrag works on the next pass. Tarzan Boy is limping but up - Shocker's slap is blocked, Shocker's other hand is blocked, Tarzan taunts so Shocker shoves him down. Slingshot over the ropes. Rey in with a shoulder to the midsection - right for Casas on the apron in between stomps. Powerbomb? No, Shocker escapes with an armdrag. Shocker's right is ducked, Rey hits a open hand slap. Repeat. Repeat. Shocker asks him to stop doing that - ah, the slap works this time. Ultimo in - whip, Shocker slides under, there's the standing bodyscissors to lead to the Shocker/Ultimo spot - double chop takes Ultimo down after he breaks free. Flip - and pose. Vampiro and Tarzan in now - Tarzan takes a drop toe hold into the bottom rope, and beat in the corner by the tecnico. Out of the corner, into a powerslam one two NO. Vampiro hits the RVD step over heel kick. Vampiro going up - flying spinning heel kick! Step over armbar on, but Rey is in to break it up. Open hand slap, open hand slap, double whip, double drop toe hold, double elbow drop. Double whip, double dropkick out of the ring. Rey and Ultimo celebrate. Casas is in with a big boot for Ultimo and now he and Rey are exchange chops. Kick, DDT try but Rey lifts him and drops him over the ropes, Casas landing on the apron. Rey with open hand slaps and a kick. Off the ropes, charging right into a dropkick to the knee from the apron, taking Rey out of the ring. RUNNING APRON DRIVE THESZ PRESS! Ultimo and Shocker left in. Ultimo with a chop, leapfrog, Shocker charges, Ultimo tosses him up and behind him, and low blow mule kicks Shocker on the way down! No one saw it, but they're seeing it this pinfall one two three. (6:03) Ultimo is the INNOVATOR of ways to hit low blow kicks.

Next Week: Shocker, Dr. Wagner, Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Negro Casas, Black Tiger, Rey Buccanero, Hombre Sin Nombre, Satanico, and much more. I believe next week's show is the first round in the Legend of the Silver Mask tournament.

Shocker's STILL down from that low blow. That's some kick. 

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (34:25) about 32.8% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 73
Overall Match Rating: approximately 82
4 Trios
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: 

Closing Notes: 

1. That was some low blow
2. I hope we get to see the whole Infernals/Villanos match some day
3. I hope we only have to see the last fall of a Boricuas match some day.
4. I really can't think of anything to say.
5. Hope the Cibernetico is good next week.

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