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CMLL Line - 08/04/02 (-5, Originally 08/07/01)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

In the normal hype spot, the announcers are wearing masks - rudo announcer has Universo's, tecnico announcers wearing Felinos, and some guy who's not Dr. Alfonso Morales (secret agent FBI) wears...Black Warrior? Hmm.

Spectacular Moments - This is oddly early. Universo tope makes the tope of the week - it's okay. It's about the high point of Universo. Rayo's plancha is the plancha of the week. It's impressive because he's so fat. Zumbido hits a better tope in his bit. And you can't leave out the top rope reverse superplex. Shocker puts on the Circuit Breaker on Mascara Magica - it's kinda weird to see them fighting. And here's the mysterious man in black.  

1 Mr. Mexico (c), Virus, Valentin Mayo vs Ricky Marvin, Mascara Magica, Solar I (c)
05/01/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:28
Marvin Quebrada Mayo
Magica full nelson Virus
2 3:15 Virus powerbomb Marvin
Mexico second rope elbow drop Magica 
not really notable
3 4:16 Solar inverted standing figure four w/facelock Mexico dives are cool
T 9:01 Tecnicos, 2-1 fine, but seen better

Notes: Magica is wearing his a purple outfit and wrestling with the tecnicos, so this might be an old match. Looking at the Mexico TV report for that week, the show was apparently cut down to 50 minutes there, so this match was probably added to pad out the time. Doing some research, I did track down the date, so yay for me. Marvin has a title I don't catch here. I don't think that's the same Virus, or he get his hair cut before this match and then never again. Hey, now they're doing long introductions and they say he's Virus. He just looks different for some reason - maybe it's the half mask he wore to ringside, making the hair look short.  Mexico takes the imitative and punks out Solar I, before backing off. Once we get going, he looks himself. And we have a big clip to start off. Magica hits a top rope 'rana on Virus, Marvin hits a slingshot splash on two people, Solar splashes everyone, but a triple pose does not work, shockingly. So instead, we get three finishes at the same time, starting with Ricky Marvin's quebrada on Mayo (1:28), and Magica with a full nelson for Virus (1:30) while Solar gives Mexico a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for fun.

Second fall, and I'm waiting for the crowd clip - almost got it there. Instead, Mayo/Solar mat wrestling! That's a nice difference. Not bad stuff, leading to rope stuff. Marvin and Virus fight now. Marvin is fast. The best part is when it looks like he's going trying a side kick, but swings around his other leg and pulls of an impossible headscissors. Fake dive pose. That deserves a replay and gets one. We miss Magica/Mayo fun - looks like Magica is gonna be the first one beatdown, and now it's on. Solar getting taken care of in the ring by Mexico as Virus throws Marvin hard won the ramp. Now Mexico is untying Solar's mask. Whip, spinebuster, Solar has to hold his mask on. Mayo taking care of Magica on the outside. Mexico using the looseness of the mask against Solar, now working him over in the corner. Marvin tries to make a save and ends up just running into a corner very hard - VIRUS POWERBOMB. One two three. (3:15) Magica's set up as Mexico holds Solar back - second rope elbow drop one two three. (3:30) Mexico puts Solar in one of those posing Submissions just for fun, as Mayo beats Marvin up on the floor a little more.

Beatdown continues. Mexico holds Solar in a sleeper choke while Mayo beats him up, them Mayo goes to floor to hold Magica in a sleeper choke while Virus beats on him. Marvin is down and being checked by the doctor - I think we missed why that happened. Oh no, Mexico tries a corner whip - yep, it all goes bad. Faces back in. Marvin is violent with Virus' head and the corner buckles. All three fights spill to the floor. Magica slams Mayo on the ramp. Virus goes for a bulldog on the floor but gets posted. Solar's and Mexico back in the ring - Solar with a dropkick, chop, corner whip, reversed, Mexico charges in and hits a clothesline. Mexico points to the crowd, back to Solar, chop, whip, reversed, Mexico rebounds out into a spinebuster - big slingshot. Solar with a tilt-a-whirl into a side backbreaker. Replay of the slingshot because Mexico flew a long way. IN the meantime, it looks like Marvin is getting attacked by both the back ups - Marvin ducks a double clothesline, Magica hits one, and they team up for a double dropkick - DOUBLE TOPE. Mayo goes hard into the chairs. Solar and Mexico about to start it up again, but we miss whatever Mexico did watching replays. Whip, Solar with a sunset flip one two NO. Mexico with a kick, Kick is caught, Solar with a leg spin, standing figure four with facelock, now turning it over and that's weird but it is it. (4:16) Replays of all the fun bits from that last fall.

Vignette: Santo and Niebla go to the movies. Casas is supposed to be with them, but he's no there yet. Must be late. They get tickets. ARe they going to see Shrek? Niebla wonders if Casas is ditching them because he doesn't like movies, but Santo says Casas is a big movie fan. With time to kill (and drinks), they turn to discuss the match - but wait, the movie's abotu to start. They need to go in! I think they're seeing Planet of the Apes.

2 Black Warrior (c), Shocker, Blue Panther vs El Hijo del Santo (c), Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla
07/27/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 4:12
Casas Special on Shocker
Santo Up and Over Sunset Flip on Panther
Okay beginning
2 3:33 Shocker top rope splash Santo Shocker is cool
3 5:36 Casas Special on Warrior boy I hate that finish
T 13:27 Tecnicos 2-1 good, but clipped

Notes: Shocker and Niebla have a confrontation up the aisle that surprises the ring announcer and valet. And right when we seem ready to get started, we have an abrupt clip that's not even close to being hidden. Warrior and Casas exchange chops when we pick up, and Casas hits a reverse neckbreaker. Suplex is blocked twice and Warrior his his own. Warrior off the ropes, boot to the head, appeal to the crowd. Off the ropes, boot is caught and Warrior is flipped. Casas with a kick, then a jumping back kick. Warrior crawls to his corner for a tag to Panther, Santo in for the opposition. I think we skipped the Niebla/Shocker part. Circle, look at the crowd. Circle. Lockup, Panther with a waistlock, takedown, headlock, Santo with an armbar and up, Panther reverses to a waistlock, double armbar but Santo flips free, there's a weird armdrag, now they're mat wrestling faster than I can type, but Santo gets the best of it. Santo misses a corner charge charge but ends up hitting a headscissors anyway. Niebla and Shocker in now, Shocker not really happy about Niebla being in. Headlock, off the ropes, Shoulderblock and out goes Niebla. Shocker is happy about it now, doing a stripper dance. Niebla back in and dancing - Shocker charges, tilt-a-whirl but he lands on his feet and a big open hand slap. Kick, right, yell, right, corner whip, charge in, but no one's home. Niebla with the slap to the back of the head and the hair toss. Shocker with a right, off the ropes, but he's gonna be backdropped to the apron - celebrates landing on the apron and gets the slap to the back of the head. Warriors is in but firs a replay of that slap. Warrior off the ropes, clothesline misses, Niebla hits a shoulderblock to take him out then a rope assisted plancha. Shocker in with a big boots on Casas, but Casas Special one two three. (4:12) Santo with the Up And Over Sunset Flip on Panther one two three (4:18) and that fall is over like that.

Everyone but the rudos are ready to start fall two - Shocker goes has words with the loud fans, and Niebla is out to slap him. Shocker backs off (announcers mention Chicago, IL for some reason) and they break it up. Back in the ring, Santo hits a knee lift on Panther but misses on a dropkick. Whip action leads to Santo hitting a spinning armdrag and Panther goes out. Shocker's ready to charge Casas as he comes in, so Casas doesn't come in till he backs off. Shocker with a big boot. Stomp. Crowd. Shocker throws Casas by the hair. Again. Casas with a boot, Shocker with a clothesline. Shocker with a mocking strut. Niebla in now, as Casas is holding his face on the floor. All the rudos jump Niebla - Warrior gets to hit an assisted high clothesline, and Niebla gets whipped into a Shocker big boot. Shocker chokes out Santo as Panther loads Niebla on his shoulders - super bulldog! Niebla is pulled out - BULLET TOPE! Fireman's carry powerbomb on Santo one two - I guess he's not done yet. Top rope splash one two three. (3:33) Replays of the tope, powerbomb, and splash.

Wow, who'd know that orange could be see-through. Oh yes, fall three. Rudos are now ready to go but the tecnicos are dead. Casas in first to get beatdown, Panther getting in an eye poke first. Double whip, drop toe hold, dropkick to the face. Replay shows the dropkick form a friendly angle. Double team gut buster. Santo in - fireman's' carry slam by Shocker. Panther picks up Santo and tries to put him on the rope - no, he's holding him over the second rope so Warrior can hit that guillotine legdrop. Niebla in - he reverses a whip and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Shocker, tilt-a-whirl back breaker. But Panther is in with a kick to stop him from getting anymore. Put up on the turnbuckle stomach first, and Warriors hits an assisted flying elbow to his back. Casas back in again - Panther goes after him, gets pushed in the corner, Warrior gets kicked away and Shocker gets dropkicked. Now it's turned all around, with the tecnicos dominating . Lots of kicks. Shocker, Panther, Santo all out of the ring. Santo's just kicking the heck out of Panther. Panther escapes to the ring, only to get beat up by Niebla, Warrior having been thrown out. Niebla slam, Santo top rope elbow drop. Surfboard - now that's a weird stretch, but Warrior breaks it up before I have to give it a name. Tag to Casas, Warrior with a clothesline but Casas not going down. Corner charge but Casas side steps and Warrior goes to the floor. Shocker is into pick up the slack and boot Casas out of the ring. Niebla in, they stare, Niebla off the ropes and hits a big shoulderblock. Slam. Going up , but Shocker is up too and dropkicking him out of the ring. A Panther Tope! He folded himself up. Now it's down to Santo and Shocker. Shocker charges, misses a clothesline, Santo hits a dropkick. Santo quickly to the top - big plancha! Back in the ring, Niebla hits a knee lift, clothesline, one two Warrior kicks out. Clothesline spins Warrior out, cover one two NO. Majistral-no, Warrior breaks free, clotheslines caught and Warriors hit a DDT one NO. Way to no sell that, Casas. Warriors of the ropes, boot to the head. One two NO.  Whip, reverse, Casas hits the dropkick to the knee, Majistral one two Shocker tries to break it up but Santo cuts him off one two three. (5:36) That's your captian, that's your match.

In Other Action, Emilio signs an autograph - actually, we saw this last week, that's the Stalker. This is just to point out she keeps showing up in case you've missed an episode, I guess.

Next Week: Shocker, Atlantis, Negro Casas, Porky, Satanico, Niebla, Ultimo Guerrero, Averno, Lizmark, Rey Buccanero, Dr. Wagner and more. Hey, replacement guy, could you not say the names at the speed of light?

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