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CMLL Line - 08/10/02 (#46)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Rico Suave and Bulldog talk in the ring about tonight's match. He's from Puerto Rico, you know. Oh no, Tarzan Boy. Please don't tell me you've gotten involved in this mess. Awww, crap. He says Rico Suave cool, but it doesn't appear Rico likes him. I think Rico's wondering why they're teaming with a non-Boricua, seeing as there's like 9 other people to be partners with. I know am. Tarzan does rub them the right way, and leaves. Bulldog: "What was that all about?" I dunno, 'dog, I dunno. 

1 Bulldog, Rico Suave, Tarzan Boy (c) vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Gran Markus Jr., Poder Mexica
07/23/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios ?:?? Tecnicos win Not shown
2 2:45 Rayo tapatia Tarzan thankfully short
T ?:?? Tecnicos 2-0 not good while it lasted

Notes: Wasn't Markus friends with the GdI last time we were checking? I think I want to ignore this match for my own sanity. I guess Tarzan Boy is there because someone has to do the work for that team. Of course, then, Violencia (and mini Violencia and mini Pierroth) come out with their teammates - I know Violencia is busy with a match later on (this show, that week), so he can't fill in. Oh great, Rayo. I'm not doing play by play for this match. There are limits and we've got lots of action later anyway. Does this mean that Mexica and Markus (and Mexico) are officially tecnicos now? 

Even better, we go to a commercial break and come back with fall one over. I can't tell you who captains are because we never got told - maybe they'll make it clear. I'm guessing Rayo and Bulldog though. Rayo is too crafty for everyone else spots. You think Poder Mexica thought he looked really generic without the mask and wanted to do something, anything to distinguish himself, and that's why he has all those white tassels on his boot now? Then he does this tope, gets almost no distance on it, and Bulldog doesn't step up to catch him, so he lands hard on the ground. Markus does a a fat apron plancha. It comes down to Tarzan and Rayo, and Tarzan tries to sell the match with facial expressions, but once they start going, his body language seems to say he doesn't care all that much. Watch him stand still for five seconds, waiting to get hit by the reverse tope. Rayo with the Mexican Surfboard, but since we're talking about Mexico it doesn't seem to make sense to call it that, so I'm gonna try to start calling it La Tapatia, which is the lucha name for it. I guess this means Tarzan Boy was the Captian too. If this leads to a GdI/Boricua feud, I will cry.

Vignette: Hijo de Santo talks about Torneo Leyenda de Plata - the Legend of Silver Mask Tournament. This is it's fifth year. Last year, the semi-final came down to Black Tiger vs Black Warrior, with Warrior winning, then beating the reigning champion Negro Casas to become the new champion.

Before the next match, we get introductions of the plaque the winner will get, the 8 rudos (to Satanico's music) and the 8 tecncios (to Atlantis' music - he brings a large old photo of Santo) and El Hijo Del Santo himself, wearing an old mask and outfit his dad once did. El Hijo Del Santo talks about the tournament, the mask, and his father a little more.

Not shown, but right after this, they hold a battle royale to determine the sides for the cibernetico - the first eight people who are eliminated form one side, and the eight people who remain in the ring are the other side. As a result, they'll be some atypical mixing of rudos and tecnicos.  

Vignette: Tony Rivera tells us why he'll win tonight. Typically, there's a few of these - due to time restraints, they might have been cut out. 

2 A: Atlantis, Safari, Blue Panther, Virus, Satanico, Averno, Mephisto, Felino vs 
Tony Rivera, Olimpico, Violencia, Fuerza Guerrera, Volador Jr., Black Tiger, Negro Casas, Hombre Sin Nombre
Legend of the Silver Mask Tournament - Qualifying Cibernetico 
07/26/02, Arena Mexico
16 man Cibernetico 4:38
Safari Underhook Leg Trap Neck Submission Fuerza
Violencia sharpshooter+armbar Safari
Mephisto dropkick Tony Rivera
Olimpico small package Mephisto
Panther Fujiwara armbar Olimpico
Volador and Virus pin each other
Atlantis three tilt-a-whirl backbreakers Violencia
Casas La Majistral Panther
HSN headstand backslide Averno
Satanico rollup HSN
Tiger hammerlock forward roll cradle Atlantis
Casas La Majistral Satanico
Felino La Majistral Casas
Typical speed fast of spots, wrestlers, and action, did not disappoint, though lacked a breakout spot or wrestler. No real story told (except maybe Casas/Felino story) and the last two finishes were lacking in drama. Liked this just a little bit last than last years. 

Notes: Ciberneticos are single fall eliminations matches. One person from each side is allowed in the ring at any time. The person who wants to be in next stands in their corner, and the others stand [actually more crouch to avoid blocking the front row's view] on the floor on their side. Ciberneticos feature super fast action, frequent tags and "incredible" matchups - it's common to get rudo/rudo and tecnico/tecnico battles here. Pinfalls and submissions eliminate people, though it typically works out that the teams trade falls to stay around equal at all times.

The Legend of the Silver Mask Cibernetico is slightly different than most - instead of eliminating people till there is one winner, the final two move on to a semifinal match in the tournament next week. 

This tournament, in it's fifth year, is held to honor the late El Santo. Black Warrior won last year, and will the defend against whoever wins the semifinal next week.

Isn't it odd how the Infernals all ended up on the same side for the second year in a row?

Both sides are assembling themselves as we come in. We'll start with the legend vs the youngest one in - Atlantis vs Volador Jr. Circle, Volador charges but gets a waistlock, takedown, Atlantis hold him there, crucifix one two no. Volador with an Oklahoma Roll, but Atlantis ends up on top, one two no. Both up, Atlantis with a single leg takedown, and a single leg standing grapevine. Volador's in pain, and gets to the ropes. Volador's wearing a (new?) red and blue outfit here and it looks pretty good. Lockup, Volador with a Fujiwara armbar. Cover zero. Atlantis escapes quick, single leg, then a snap mare into a chinlock. Cranking it in, Volador escapes with a takedown, rolls Atlantis to his feet, and they have a stare off. Tag out.

Tony Rivera and Averno in. Lockup, Averno with a waistlock, Tony Rivera tries to elbow out of it but he's thrown to the mat. Rivera with an armdrag form the mat, but walks into a clothesline right after. Whip, armdrag no it's blocked and Rivera hits his own. Rivera takes a moment to celebrate and gets kicked away trying follow up. Corner whip, Tony goes for the boots, but Averno pulls him off, jacknife cover one two no. Corner whip, reversed, Averno kips up, Rivera catches him and drops him in a face first powerbomb. Camel clutch? NO, Averno slips out through the legs and tries to put on his own, but Rivera escapes from that and we have another stand off. Tag out.

Virus and Olimpico in. Circle. Virus is distracted by the crowd. Lockup, break. Lockup, break. Lockup, Olimpico with an armdrag. Shoulderblock, off the ropes, over, clothesline is caught by Virus and he hits a kick. Open hand slap battle - Virus with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, under a leapfrog, but he stops in place so Olimpico comes down with a headscissors to take him out of the ring. ROPE TOPE! 

Olimpico gets a few more shots in before tagging Casas (despite being outside the ring) and Felino's tagged in for the other side. Felino can't believe they're doing this, but they're off and fast - Casas off the ropes, over, somersault to turn around quick, under, somersaulting over a monkey flip attempt, and then Felino does the same thing on a Casas attempt. Casas with the single leg takedown for zero, Felino with the single leg takedown for zero, both up, stare, double tag. 

Safari and Fuerza in. Fuerza off the ropes, over, dropkick by Safari but Fuerza has the ropes. Fureza tries to push Fuerza in the corner but Safari slaps back, sot hey have a fight. Safari gets pumped, tries a spin kick, and Fuerza moves out of the way. Chop, corner whip, charges in to a Safari double boot. Safari comes out of the corner, whip, clothesline, off the ropes splash one two NO. Safari with the body scissors rollup one two no. Fuerza misses a clothesline, Safari reverse rollup one two NO. Double underhook hold by Safari - Safari hooks Fuerza's legs with his own and falls backwards into a submission hold, and Fuerza gives it up. (4:38) It's called an Underhook Leg Trap Neck Submission, and A goes up 8-7.

Violencia - jumping on the mat and Mephisto are in. Mephisto yells, Violencia charges with a dropkick but it's missed. Mephisto with a running senton but it misses. Slap battle, Mephisto ducks some and we look at Fuerza. Violencia with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, Violencia catches Mephisto and sets him on the ropes to open hand slap him to the floor, but Mephisto grabs him in a bodyscissors and they both tumble out. Tony Rivera briefly checks on Violencia before giving Mephisto a stomp, but Black Tiger is over to push him, Olimpico pushes Tiger but before that goes any further, we're back to the ring...

Where Volador is getting a knee lift from Satanico. Fans approve. Hammerlock by Satanico, which Volador reverses to the jumping snap mare. Volador charges, Satanico catches him but gets amrdragged. Volador tries that aging but gets dropped this time - Satanico looks to follow up but gets armdragged anyway, and dropkicked out

But Averno is in quick to take his place with a back elbow. Whip, spinebuster. Yelling to the crowd. Whip, Spinebuster? No, Volador spins it around into a headscissors and takes him out - Volador's weekly Asai Moonsault (though this one more spectacular, since it starts inside the the ring and is off the top rope) hits Mephisto when Averno moves out of the way - HOMBRE SIN NOMBRE TOPE! That came out of nowhere - you only saw HSN in the ring in the corner of the screen, and they nearly missed the dive.

In the ring, it's Blue Panther and Black Tiger - Panther with a leg takedown, off the ropes, somersault over the drop down, under the leapfrog, Tiger runs to the corner so Panther chases, Tiger moonsaults out of the corner landing on his feet, Panther charges at him again and gets armdragged. Tiger off the ropes, there's a rebound handspring armdrag. Running at Panther and slammed - tag to Virus for a slingshot elbow drop.

Open hand slap, open hand slap, yell, corner whip. Tiger reverses but Virus up to the top rather quick - missile dropkick obviously misses from out camera angle but Black Tiger sells it anyway. Virus charges at Tiger and gets pushed by - up and into the ring post on the top turnbuckle. That's kinda a low bow but one's calling it. Virus is feeling it, though. Tiger plucks him off for the face first crucifix powerbomb that's become all the rage lately. Stomping Virus into the mat, but he's rolling out to his safety.

Felino in, so Tiger decides he'll be out - Tony Rivera in and missing a dropkick. Whip, reveres, Marvin with a leapfrog (almost blown), Felino back elbow. Off the ropes, kick is avoided and Rivera with a back leg sweep. Fast exchange of chops, they both make a move to go the apron, spot each other and come back - double big boots. They're at a stand still so they go out.

And we have Atlantis vs Olimpico, Olimpico with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, Atlantis flapjacks him but Olimpico pulls out the armdrag anyway. Olimpico tries the bodyscissors rollup but gets a face first powerbomb. Camel clutch try but Olimpico squeezes out between the legs. Clothesline misses, Olimpico hiptoss try but Atlantis with an armdrag. Dropkick by Atlantis misses, dropkick by Olimpico hits and Atlantis is out of the ring. 

Safari in and Olimpico tags out to Violencia. Violencia is pumped and can you blame him? Safari misses a dropkick, Violencia with a chop, corner whip, Safari Flair Flops himself to the apron, Violencia misses the clothesline and Safari hits his - slingshot senton. One two NO. Slam. Going up. Violencia is up though - cross body one two NO. 'rana one two no. Safari off the ropes, into a spinebuster, Violencia puts on the Sharpshooter/Armbar and that's the end of Safari (9:38) 7-7

Blue Panther and Negro Casas in. Panther with an open hand slap, open hand slap, now Casas hits his own. Whip, Casas puts his head down so he gets it need. Clothesline. Whip, head down too soon it's kicked. Panther tries a slam but Casas falls behind - off the ropes, lifted up and hits a dropkick anyway. Out goes Panther.

Tiger and Satanico in. Circle, Tiger tries a reverse thrust kick but it's caught, right, right, whip, walking boot to the midsection. Step over double armbar but Tiger isn't giving - is he? No, but it looked like he was thinking about it for a second. Now he's got one arm free, now another and he's breaking it. Low blow headbutt! Both teams have arguments about what happened, but it's ruled not a low blow. Tiger with a dropkick, slam, he's going up. He's taking his time - top rope moonsault finds nothing! Camel clutch! El Caballo! Satanico doesn't have the best hold with and and Tiger breaks free - Satanico tumbles out of the ring the process. 

Rivera is quick in to take Tiger's place, and Mephisto is in for his his partner. Open hand slap battle ends when Rivera hits a thrust kick to know Mephisto to his knees. Kick to the head, kick to the head, off the ropes, kick to the head but this one is is caught - Mephisto stands up holding it, so Rivera gets the other one up to hook on a 'rana, fight for it but it goes through one two no. Rivera with a kick, open hand slap, corner whip, reversed, Margin kips to the outside, Mephisto runs into sitting position on the top rope to attack but gets stunned with a chop - springboard 'rana! Double leg hook - but Mephisto's left shoulder isn't really down (somewhat of a product of Tony's body position) and the referee halts the count. Tony argues that, and then gets to following up. Slam, going up to the second, now to the third but unsteady - cross body gets dropkicked one two three. (13:01) That was odd.

Olimpico right in with a dropkick on Mephisto. Whip, reversed, spinebuster by Mephisto. He recovers for a second, then covers - one two no. Mephisto goes to the top, missile dropkick one two NO shoulder up. Mephisto can't believe and he's yelling angrily. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Yelling. Whip, clothesline misses, Olimpico with a bodyscissors armdrag into a small package one two three. (14:06) Mephisto is sure that had to be two but it wasn't.

Crowd shot, while Panther and Olimpico are fighting. Olimpico side steps a move, charges, backdrop to the apron, shoulder to Panther's gut - springboard dropkick. One tw-NO. Olimpico with the bodyscissors armdrag into a small package one two NO. Armbar takedown, FUJIWARA, Olimpico's done like THAT. (14:48

Felino and Hombre Sin Nombre in - Felino with a back elbow, cover for zero, HSN kips up, armdrag, clothesline misses, Felino off the ropes and a spinning armdrag, HSN kicks him away before he can even think of following, stareoff. Tag out.

Volador and Virus - Virus misses a dropkick, Volador does not. Another dropkick, splash one two NO. Chop, chop, whip, clothesline is blocked (how does he do that?), Virus with an armbar into reverse underhook, now turning him around and loading him up into a reverse Gory Special. The arms aren't well hooked and Volador pulls himself up - spinning into a 'rana one two NO. VOlador with ac ho, chop, whip, reversed, Virus charges and he's put on the top - almost falls off - Volador with a chop, top rope 'rana? No, Virus with a shot, then grabs him - SECOND ROPE TOMBSTONE? Virus tries for it but he throws Volador off a little bit, giving him room for a top rope spinning headscissors. Volador slowly going up - actually celebrating on the bottom rope. Virus charges - reverse body scissors into a jacknife cradle, Volador hits Virus' side so both of his shoulders end up on the mat as well - one two three. (Double Elimination, 16:24) Virus realizes what happened with some help from his side, but Volador needs some convincing. Felino argues upon behalf of his teammate but it's over for them. 

Casas and Averno. Lockup, Averno with a hiplock takeover, open hand slap, open hand slap, kick to the chest, kick to the chest. Off the rope, kick to the midsection, right is blocked and Negro turns it into  reverse DDT. 

Casas grabs him by his head (while grabbing his own) and tags in Violencia, who hits an elbow to the head. Right right right right. Averno is down and Violencia is celebrating. Whip, spinebuster one two NO. 

Tag to Atlantis, and Violencia isn't happy but he's still pumped. Circle. Lockup - ho, Violencia with a dropkick. Chop, Chop. Whip, Powerslam. One two NO. Violencia isn't really gonna pin Atlantis, I think. Whip, double choke and a drop - the announcers bring up George Clooney for reasons I can't hope to understand, which is enough to convince me that every announcer is insane. One two no. Open hand slap, whip, reversed, Atlantis tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Violencia is up again and charging, another. Another! One two three! (18:39)

Look at the fans, as Panther and Tiger are back at it again. Panther hits a back elbow and gets the fans behind him, which is odd but nice to know who's the face here. Are those fans chanting "Wagner?" Panther with a kneelift, off the ropes into a powerslam one two NO. Tiger grabs the front facelock, to the second rope - tornado DDT one two NO! Tiger can't believe that didn't work. He's one of those silently aghast people as opposed to the yelling aghast people from earlier. Meanwhile, Panther is doing an absolute wonderful job of being staggered from that move - starting to stand up and collapsing, for one. Tiger goes for another, but Panther gets his senses around him enough to reverse it into a spinebuster. Grabbing head cover one two NO. Panther with a whip, Tiger collides into Casas on the apron, which Negro thinks is good enough for a tag.

Negro with a dropkick to Blue Panther's knee, Tiger with a flying wheel kick on Panther, Casas oddly isn't surprised by that blatant rulebreaking and hooks on the La Majistral for one two three (20:04) The A-Team can't believe the referees are letting that get away, but I think the B-Sides' story is that Tiger didn't (or pretended not to) know about the Casas tag. Still, it's the third questionably legal thing Tiger's done here. 

No time to talk much, because Averno and HSN are quickly in to take their teammates places - Averno with a shoulderblock, but HSN trips him up from the ground. Averno is up first though and hits a clothesline. Whip, but Averno with a handspring back flip reverse tope one two NO. HSN with a bodyscissors rollup try but Averno with the face first powerbomb one two NO. Averno loads up HSN fireman's carry style - I think that was a Diamond Cutter out of it, but HSN's right leg hits first and makes the impact look odd. Averno covers one two NO. What wil it take - Clothesline is blocked, as it misses, pumphandle to over the shoulder, walking split legged powerslam by HSN. He's going up? Moonsault misses but HSN lands on his feet, Averno charges, HSN with an armbar takedown into a Fujiwara armbar (he saw Panther do it and it seemed neat) into a backslide - HSN stands on his head for extra leverage (and to look cool) one two three. (21:24) We're down to 3-3, Satanico/Atlantis/Felino vs Tiger/Casas/HSN

Satanico in and he gets takedown down by a running jumping headbutt. Another. HSN tries a 'rana but he's shoved off. Satanico tries an elbow drop but no one's there. HSN with a running reverse tope, but Satanico rebound off the ropes to stay on his feet. Another takes him down HSN goes for the Rayo kneeling rapid headbutts, but Satanico moves out of the way on the third one and HSN hits mat - Satanico rolls him up, one two three (21:54) Well that was a lame way to lose but hopefully it'll teach him not to act like Rayo anymore. 

Tiger and Atlantis in now. Atlantis jumps because he's pumped. Battle of rights hands - Atlantis gets the advantage. As they're both on the ramp recovering and getting up to leave, Averno gets in a kick on HSN and takes off before anything can be done in revenge. Tiger backs up, charges with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, waved by and into an armdrag. Corner whip, reversed, Tiger charges in but finds nothing. Atlantis charges in - monkey flip to take Tiger out. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tiger would like a tag but he's not going anywhere right now. Atlantis off the ropes, dropkick to the knee by Tiger. Both men are really tired, but Tiger has enough to go up - second rope moonsault comes up empty. Atlantis 'rana one two NO! Atlantis pounds the mat in frustration. Clothesline is blocked and Tiger reverses into a hammerlock forward roll cradle one two three. (23:18) That was a tough cradle to escape, and weird looking.

Satanico and Casas in - clothesline but no one's going down. Satanico off the ropes, dropkick to the knee by Casas but he's pushed off on the Majistral time. Kick, corner whip, reversed, Satanico gets his legs up but Casas pulls him off in a powerbomb - one two no. Satanico with a slap, whip, spinebuster, camel clutch no Casas escapes - La Majistral one two three (24:07) Felino strokes his (non-existent) beard - he doesn't want to get in there with Casas for the final elimination.

On the other side of the ring, though, Black Tiger doesn't quite feel like tagging in - when he walks away from the tag, Casas gives him "very cute - I'm gonna KILL YOU next chance I get" look. Felino is in and the two exchange shoves. Felino with a clothesline and Casas stays up, waving his finger. Felino off the ropes, clothesline misses, dropkick to the knee, La Majistral but it's pushed off and Felino shakes his finger at Casas. Casas makes a lunge, Felino sidesteps, La Majistral one two three (24:44) Tiger and Felino are left, and they'll meet next week. They can peacefully do nothing today...

So of course, Tiger runs in and spears Felino! Rights a plenty, and he's going after the mask. Casas is either out of it or not caring (and quickly disappears), and Felino almost gets his mask yanked off. Tiger settles for the enlarging the eye hole treatment. Tiger is backed off, only to allow Felino to run out and clothesline him - yanking his mask! Felino is angry and wants to do this now, but the referees managed to block him off. You will watch these two next week, for the right to face Black Warrior. But it looks like the officials are going to stop them for this week. Tiger ends up out of the ring and threatens him from outside the ring - it's funny when Tiger reaches for random Japanese words he can throw into the interview to make it sound authentic. Also when he says "Hey hey hey." Let's look at replays of the last finish.

Spectacular Moments - HSN does a good tope. Someone takes a very rude eclectic chair suplex bump on the back of the head from Hombre Sin Nobre. Chris Stone catches Fujiwara fever - hey, what are the Stones doing in Arena Mexico? That doesn't seem normal! Virus pulls of odd ways to hit 'ranas - helps that Starman stays in one place way too long.

Vignette: Today is casting day for the new 1000% Guapo. Shocker and Magica reminds us why they're here. Magica and him look in the applications, and then call in the first guy. It's some a little tall guy who at least is trying to dress the part - his name is "Sexy Machine" and he's worked in Puerto Rico and Panama. Shocker and Magica are favorable. The next one - the next ones, it's the Stones! Stereo posing. They say the Stones are Guapos - Magica and Shocker laugh. Chris Stone says something mean back and Magica and Shocker are offended. The Stones decide they don't want to be partners with them anyway. Shocker confirms that they're not guapos. Who's next - some fat guy named Tony Jackson, I think. At least he's wearing a shirt. Shocker and Magica try to be nice while he's here but practice eye rolls after. Some short guy talks fast and tries to convince them that the ladies like him, but Magica and Shocker don't see it. Another weirdo. #4 - well, call me crazy, but that's sure seems like Veneno! He's wearing a funny mask conceal his identify, but still wears the Veneno wrap around glasses. He's not only sweet, but he's hot. He's totally guapo. Shocker gives him such a look. Magica too. I think Shocker questions the glasses. Veneno tries to convince them that he'll fit right in. They'd be crazy to not pick him. Shocker makes fun of his hair during hairs. After he leaves, Magica seems to ask Shocker if that man seems familiar - nah. Magica and Shocker seem done for today, but in comes Shockercito, who wants to be picked. Shocker says you can't be in if you wear a mask, and he ought to be going to try to win the CMLL Midget title. Shockercito ask what Shocker is drinking. "Shockermilk!"

Right here, we would've gotten a Shocker/Magica/Santo vs Ultimo/Rey/Wagner match but time constraints cut it. Didn't stop them from hyping it all night long, though.

Magica and Shocker still want YOU! These vignettes will be going on for a while longer, I guess.

Next Week: Felino vs Tiger, Villanos, Infernals, Emilio, Shocker, Magica, Bestia, Apolo, Scorpio, and more.

We see the aftermath of that trios match - which is Shocker playing cameraman for fun. He's got Silver hair this week - to match Santo's mask? Who can say. We get ShockerCam too. Shocker gives back the camera and the rudos storm back in the ring- the fight breaks out again as the show ends.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


2 Matches (25:29) about 34.0% of showtime (75:00); 

Average Match Rating 69
Overall Match Rating: approximately 81
1 Trios, 1 Cibernetico
1 Tecnico over Rudo win
Show Assessment: One match show, but a good one match

Closing Notes: 

1. Even with the less total time, we got the same percentage as normal
2. The real problem is all the ads that Galavision sticks into that time, but I don't suppose it's going to change.
3. The main event we didn't see sounded like a Typical CMLL Main event (three falls, screwy finish), so it's probably not that big of a loss
4. Just glad they didn't clip the Cibernetico to show us all of the first match
5. Did FdT leave already or did they just not have time to use them on this show?

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