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CMLL Redux Line - 08/11/02  (-2, Originally 08/21/01)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: The lucha commission holds a meeting to look into the rudo referee's behavior during the tag team title match - I think his point here (or it would be if I was his lawyer), was that he was blind in missing the Tarzan Mascara interference for Satanico's pinfall, but he was also blind in missing the Satanico low blow on Ultimo and would have given the Infernals the win if the tecnico referee had not stopped him. He may be incompetent, but he's equally incompetent. Moving on to issue #1, the commissioner takes a look at that week's poster - Mascara Magica is listed as second, not Tarzan Boy. Ultimo Guerrero shows up late to take Tarzan Boy's side, but it seems like they've already decided - Tarzan Boy is supended for two more weeks.

1 Infernals (Satanico (c), Averno) Emilio Charles Jr. vs Villano III, Villano V, La Fiera
08/07/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 4:08
Fiera legscissors sleeper Emilio
V3 Boston Crab w/armbar Averno
okay, but nothing great
2 3:48
Fiera camel clutch Averno
V3 abdominal stretch cradle Emilio
kinda boring
turn was pointless too
T 8:59 Tecnicos (2-0) below average, pointless

Notes: Mephisto's not here. Instead, we get Emilio, with flowers, probably looking to give it to his lady - and he does. Kiss on the cheek and hug. There's a different ring announcer for Coliseo this week. I have a weird fascination with La Fiera, but you may already know that. V and Satanico tease hitting each other, and Emilio teases leaving. Let's look at Emilio's Girl about five hundred times. Oh, is there a match gonna happen here? What do you know? The Villanos have a red/black thing going on which would look better if they weren't going against the Infernals. It's different shade of red, though. I'm feeling really lazy and not calling play by play. I think the story is Emilio doesn't want to look bad in front of his girl (it's too early in the relationship!) and the Villanos are really good, but I may just be making that up. Satanico and Villano III look like palate swapped partners. Satanico fakes a low blow on a DDT - how does that even work? Averno tries to see how much he can sell a swinging neckbreaker and may have broke a record in the process. There's the Fiera Enziguri, which means fall 1 is almost over.

Second fall is rudo beatdown. I can't decide if Satanico and Averno spend :25 slowly putting Fiera over the corner to the apron, or if they were trying to stretch him and he kept slipping away. It sure was weird. I think the point of this match is to show how good GdI is - Averno and Satanico aren't nearly as fun without them. Averno and Emilio have a miscommunication spot which leads to the team almost breaking down. Lots of shoving and then Fiera hits a jumping shining wizard kick (maybe.) While we get the normal double fall spot, Satanico and Villano V have a discussion that seems to go like "Okay, we're gonna lose - I see what's going on, my teammates are being beat right now - do you and I really have to fight here?" "[Thinks - and then slaps] Yes." V5 rolls him up for the fun of it. Satanico and Fiera show as much fire in a post match brawl as they do all match. Emilio decides to go talk to his girl. Now the Infernals are over and yelling at him for the loss. He gets pushed into the front row fans. They get in front of his girl and Emilio decides to fight back, so he gets kicked and punched. Emilio's Girl does not approve. Emilio gets run to the back and the Infernals complain about the decision some more. 

Vignette: Dr. Wagner stands next to a cannon in a park and probably compares his strength to the cannons. He's gonna blow Silva to pieces. It's a nice idea, anyway. 

2 Cien Caras (c), Dr. Wagner, Shocker, Apolo Dantes vs Giant Silva (c), Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla
08/07/01, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 10:54 Niebla CO?
Shocker low blow mule kick Lizmark
typical Silva comedy match

Notes: Apolo bites his lasso up close to the camera to show how intense he is. Lizmark wears a gold full body robe that makes think he's Tineblas when we only get a brief look at him. Lizmark and Shocker starting fighting early, before introductions are over, until Shocker realizes he's not winning and doesn't want to do this anymore. This is a Silva match, so I'm only gonna mention when Lizmark does a WWE spot - well, Shocker just did the slip and crotch himself spot, so I'll mention that. Shocker thinks about leaving but just recovers on the ramp. It takes nearly 2:00 to get to the first lockup. Lizmark and Shocker have a long exchange. Lizmark puts Shocker in a grounded bodyscissors, so Wagner comes in, grabs an arm, and puts Lizmark in a cross arm breaker. So Niebla comes in, grabs one of Dr. Wagner's arms, and puts in a cross arm breaker. Apolo comes in and does the same to Niebla. Now Silva's in - Apolo and Shocker get up because they don't want any part of him, and also they can distract him so Cien can elbow him in the back. Too bad that doesn't affect him. Now everyone's up and bouncing off the ropes and missing each other - this is surreal. They're more avoiding each other as they run than anything else, but it's a weird visual. Niebla starts walking around to slap some sense into people, and we just go right back to a normal match. Yes, you get your Apolo/Silva sequence. Apolo wants no part in it but Dr. Wagner finds a reason not to take the tag. Silva works a leg grapevine. No really. He hits the splash on Apolo and Caras and Wagner are in for the save - Caras is taken care of in short order, but Wagner distracts long enough that Caras gets back up - they try double teaming (though it more resembles "setting the other guy up to take Silva's beating.) Why do people try to whip Silva? That forearm is so vicious, even Niebla didn't want to watch. Niebla ends up holding Shocker for a Lizmark dive, but Shocker moves and Lizmark topes his own partner. The rudos realize it's now 3 on 1 and try to take advatnage, as best as that works. Slam for Caras, Slam for Apolo, Silva gains speed and splashes Apolo (Caras moves), the ref goes one two and then stops and tries to get Silva off for some reason. Silva's not letting go because he wants to actually beat Apolo for once, but while that's going on Shocker's getting in a low blow on Lizmark one two three (10:54) I was pretty sure they announced Silva as the captian but I don't REALLY care. Let's look at Emilio's girlfriend for absolutely no reason. For fun, Shocker steals Lizmark's mask and does a Mexican Hat Dance on it. Maybe we counted Niebla out from the tope? H never came back to the ring, so that's a good possibility. Didn't see the count, though. Shocker tells Lizmark that he never liked him or his dad. Lizmark has his mask back on. I guess Apolo had his shoulder up and the count stopped but it really didn't look that way. Or maybe Apolo did get counted three and Silva just didn't ever let go because he didn't have a next spot. That was just weird. 

In Other Action: Emilio Charles gave flowers to this girl. Hey, we already saw this! This is not OTHER action. This is a montage of what we saw during that match. Now let's go back and see that 2200% Guapo sign from long ago. Okay, I've noticed there's something going on here, enough already.

3 Fuerza Guerrera, Blue Panther (c), Black Warrior vs Negro Casas (c), Black Tiger, Villano IV
08/10/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 6:24
Casas La Majistral Panther
IV Torture Rack Fuerza
More to set up that angle than anything greatly worthwhile here. It was the usual but shorter, though that DVD was very painful looking.
2 ?:??
??? Fuerza
Panther Fujiwara IV
Tiger DVD Warrior
T 8:48 Tecnicos 2-0

Notes: Negro slaps hands on his way to the ring and almost loses one when people grab one and don't let go.

Panther and IV to start. Lockup, IV with a waistlock, Panther turns into an armbar, IV battles into control of the armbar, Panther rolls to escape, single leg takedown but IV with an armdrag. Circle. IV goes for a single leg takedown but Panther tries to fight it back - IV gets it and holds him down for m his back - abdominal stretch cradle for one but Panther escapes and puts on a single leg grapevine. Now into a surfboard, Villano IV up and flipping to escape - he knocks Panther down but Panther kicks him away. Break. Casas and Fuerza tagged in - Fuerza is insistent on a handshake but Fuerza slaps it away. Fuerza corners Casas, helps leads the Casas chants, and raises his hands. Odd. Lockup, Fuerza with a waistlock, Casas with a hammerlock, Fuerza grabs a leg and takes him down into a leg grapevine. Casas goes to Fuerza's head to break, but Fuerza itch a wristlock to hold him down. Casas gets the leg grapevine and Fuerza breaks by going to the hair - Fuerza won't let go and casa gets to the ropes but he still won't let go. Knee to the midsection. And another. And Warrior gets in a boot from the outside. Slap by Fuerza, right, right, kick, right and Casas is out of the ring. Fuerza elects no to follow. Tiger is in for his time and he wants Warrior, so he gets him. Warrior makes a throat slash motion. Tiger and Warrior exchange open hands slaps and Tiger is thrown out - now they're outside and battling slaps. Now they both come in - Warrior with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, over, whipping Tiger but Tiger dive spin fakes out instead of coming back off the ropes, and an armdrag for Tiger. Tiger charges and gets a monkey flip. Warrior with a dropkick to the knee and now he's doing a little dance on the mat. Chop. Corner whip, Warrior slowly follows in and gets kicked anyway - Tiger with a spinning DDT to take Warrior down. What's with the boos? Warrior escapes to the outside, Tiger is out to follow up but Casas gets him to make the tag. IV and Panther in - Panther with a whip, backdrop but Villano no his feet - spinning headscissors, spinning headscissors again misses but IV hits an armdrag - hey, was that just a Diamond Cutter? I think so. Panther rolls out to the floor. Fuerza in and slapping IV - third one misses and he gets a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. IV snap mares him in the tecnico corner so Casas can hit a slingshot something (doesn't come close to hitting.) Fuerza and Casas exchange strikes till Casas hits a jumping back heel kick, then hooks on a half crab. Warrior is eventually in to breaking it up - and Tiger is tagged in - off the ropes, shoulderblock, cover for zero. Shoulderblock, cover for Zero. Off the ropes, clothesline turned into a Warrior DDT. Fans are booing loudly again. Warrior is slow up himself, but follows up - chop, corner whip, reversed, but Tiger gets drop toe hold into the corner anyway. Warrior charges and he's flapjacked on to the top turnbuckle. IV in with a top rope sunset flip on Panther, then whips Warrior into Panther. Panther falls in his corner, so IV whips Tiger into a Bronco Buster on Panther. Casas in - dropkick to the knee, La Majistral one two three. (6:24) Elsewhere, Tiger takes Warrior out of the ring with a crossbody, and IV gets Fuerza with a torture rack. (6:40)

We come back and it feels like fall two might have already started - Black Warrior is coming off the top rope with a missile dropkick for V4. Panther walks over to follow up but 4 rolls him up - one two no. Armbar takedown into the Fujiwara and he's gone. (:25) Tiger in but he runs right into a back elbow. Panther tries a powerbomb but Tiger hits the Kidman faceslam (which looks bad) and fans boo some more. Slam, second rope moonsault, second rope moonsault, second rope moonsault onto knees. Panther slams him, going up himself - moonsault misses. Casas is in to dropkick him out - Tiger with the running corner springboard plancha. I think Fuerza has been beat already - he's standing outside of the ring and not participating right now. Anyway, Casas and Warrior in, with Warrior hitting a dropkick but missing another. Casas hits a dropkick, shoulderblock but no one goes down, double clothesline but no one goes down, double boot but they're both down. Negro offers a handshake of respect, which inadvertently sets up Warrior for a clothesline from behind on Tiger. Casas wants him to take it easy but Tiger pushes him away - Death Valley Driver, and Warrior landed right on his head! That looked incredibly painful - one two three. (2:08) Everyone not named Tiger checks on Warrior - Tiger's happy he won. Casas makes a piledriver motion - Warrior landed right on his head. Black Tiger says he's hot, and the other tecnicos are acting like women. Tiger and V4 have words, while they stretcher Warrior out. Now Tiger's going after the stretcher! Casas and v4 stop it before it gets any worse.  

Spectacular Moments - nice Sombre De Plata dropkick. Panther with a somersault plancha that hurts Arkangel's shoulder. Silva with a apron dive plancha that we miss on the first try - here's a replay. Midget diving - the fans in the first row are pumped to see Tzuki. Antifaz steamrolls over Zumbido in a corner dive somersault plancha.

4 GdI (Mascara Magica, Rey Buccanero, Ultimo Guerrero (c)) vs El Hijo Del Santo (c), Atlantis, Rayo III
08/10/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:09
Atlantis torture rack Rey
Santo caballo Magica
good face paced opener
2 2:27
triple pose/submission Atlantis
Magica missile dropkick Rayo
nice double teaming
not much, though
3 2:44 Ultimo pulls Santo's mask sudden change of mo
T 10:59 Rudos (2-1) typical, fine but not great

Notes: Rey and Rayo to start - nah, Rey will deck Atlantis on the apron for the heck of it. Some more posturing and now Atlantis wants in. Atlantis windups and Rey backs s away - Atlantis is on him with an armdrag armdrag armdrag into an armbar. Rey reverses it, locking Atlantis' arm in his shoulder (a elbow lock?) and then hits a short bulldog clothesline. Back to the - we'll call it a shoulderblock, but Atlantis hits a hipblock takeover. Rey kicks him way, but Atlantis trips him up, cover for zero, Atlantis flip to his feet, Rey tries to flip this feet but fails. Rey charges Atlantis and gets armdragged out - Atlantis teases a dive but does not. Tag out - Rayo and Magica in. Circle. Rayo appeals to the crowd. Lockup, Magica with a waistlock takedown, Rayo reverses to an armbar, Magica with the single leg takedown into a half crab with armbar. Now just to the armbar while standing up, but Rayo flips out and hiptoss him. Stareoff.  Magica with a leg trip and now a crossface hold - Ray escapes with an armbar, armdrag, jumping snap mare, jumping snap mare. Armdrag by Rayo, he kips to his feet and we have another stand off. Tag to Santo, so Magica tags in Ultimo. Circle. Ultimo of the ropes, over, under, into the monkey flip. Santo's open hand slap is blocked, Ultimo catches both arms and uses them to pull Santo on top of his shoulders, but Santo reverses to a 'rana. Santo off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl is reversed into an armdrag. No Rey in, but he just gets a spinning headscissors. Magica in and he gets nailed by a knee lift. Santo celebrates and tags in Atlantis. Atlantis in on Rey - armdrag takes Rey out again. Rey's upset, but back in - under a leapfrog, into a monkey flip. Monkey flip again. Atlantis is kicked away when he tries to follow up - Rey charges, and Atlantis monkey flips him to the floor! Magica in and clotheslines Atlantis out of the ring - dropkick for Rayo as he comes in. Open hand slap for Magica. Corner whip, charge in with a clothesline and it connects. Magica is on a roll - Santo is in, Magica ducks the clothesline and Ultimo hits one. Santo's whipped into Rayo in the corner, and Magica gets a boost from Ultimo for a super high corner ax handle but Rayo and Santo move and Magica just gets turnbuckle. Rayo with slaps for both of them, Reverse tope on Ultimo while Santo hits a straight on tope on Magica! Rayo with the rapid kneeling headbutts, but Atlantis and Santo beat him to the fall with finishes (5:10) - Fall one to the tecnicos

Fall 2 - Magica in with a shoulderblock On Rayo to take him down. Off the ropes and wee miss how Rayo gets Magica down, but I'm betting it's a tope. Armdrag takes out Magica, Rey gets dropkicked on the apron, and Ultimo gets a spinning headscissors. Armdrag on the ramp for Rey, who sells it like stabbing death. Back in the ring Ultimo with ah shoulderblock on Atlantis, corner whip, Atlantis goes to the apron, armbar on Ultimo and a springboard armdrag on Ultimo managing to hit a dropkick on Rey in the process. Ultimo off the ropes but runs right into another dropkick. Ultimo and Rey have comic bad double teaming and Atlantis takes care of them both. Magica ends up begging off, and getting Santo instead - back elbow for him. Big open hand slaps for everyone - there's some elbows too. Whip, Double drop toe hold by the other two, double big boot on the outside, triple slide to the floor! Atlantis in and Magica beating on him and kicking Rayo off the apron. Double whip, double drop toe hold, double elbow drop, Triple submission and pose - that's it (2:27) Rayo brought in to be beat. Double whip, double flapjack. Double hold so Magica can hit the missile dropkick - double jacknkife cover one two three three. (3:05) That turned around real quick.

Beatdown continues between falls. Santo takes a seat in the front row and Ultimo boot chokes him. Atlantis gets double teamed in the ring in the meanwhile. Oh, wow, Santo's mask got untied and Ultimo it threading to take it off - he gets stopped in time, but the mask is still very loose - Santo gets brought in for a triple boot, and GdI do the Triple Steiner pose - but the tecnicos use the opportunity to come in and turn the tide! That didn't work out well for GdI. Magica gets a double running flying headbutt and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ultimo in - he gets a spinebuster/faceslam combination. Rey gets a slam, and Santo flapjacked on top of him. No cover, though, as Ultimo is back in and it settles down to a Santo Ultimo match for a second - Ultimo takes himself out and then Santo destroys the first row of seats with a crushing tope - they all broke off the moorings and fell back! Back in the ring, it's Rey and Rayo - Rye with a chop, but gets armdragged out of the ring. SUICIDE REVERSE TOPE. Magica gets speed to try a dive, but has to side step a top rope plancha from Atlantis instead. Santo misses. Magica charge Atlantis and gets put in the Torture Rack but Ultimo is back in to break it up. Magica quickly finds his way into an abdominal stretch anyway, but Atlantis uses the ropes for leverage and is told to break. In the meantime, Santo comes off the top with a plancha for Ultimo, but Ultimo pushes him off, pulling the mask in the process. Santo covers his face and Ultimo covers - rudo referee sees and covers one two three. (2:44) Atlantis tries to break it up but was grabbed by Magica. Santo gets his mask back as GdI celebrate. Santo is ticked at Ultimo after and challenges them to a tag team title match. It sounds like they're setting up Rayo and Santo as the team here, which is odd because it ends up different. Ultimo basically says "shut up kid" and the fight breaks back out.

Next week: Atlantis, Rayo II, Blue panther, Ultimo Guerrero, Fuerza Guerrera, Negro Casas, Rayo III, Antifaz, Emilio, Rey Buccanero, and much more.

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