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CMLL Line - 08/24/02 (47)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: The Tailbanes - oh, it doesn't really matter, you know enough there. Actually, they act like goofs and worship a wall (garage door? I have no idea) marked "La Mezquita", which almost makes sense.

1 Universo 2000 (c), Taibanes (Emilio, Scorpio, Bestia) vs Giant Silva (c), Rayo De Jalisco Jr., Tineblas Jr. 
08/06/02, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 7:47 Silva second rope splash Emilio/Bestia
DCO? (Scorpio/Universo)
boring, slow, pointless

Notes: Silva's got a new shirt! I guess that works under the same principle as when US guys destroy a set - that means a new one the next week. Wow, what a set here. In a perfect Rayo moment, Rayo waves his cape around looking for the ring person to give it to, swats the tecnicos referee in the eye with it, and never notices. Shouldn't Universo be Tarzan Boy? Maybe I was the only one who thought that was an angle. Wow, they stall to start. And they don't do much when they get in. Silva's new shirt is actually more of a basketball jersey. It's amazing how they go from one stall to a chinlock. Rayo urges the fans to care about him against Universo - they comply. Everyone but Universo comes in, so Rayo tags in Silva. Scorpio does not run fast enough. It's odd how one open hand slap to Silva's back can make him break a bear hug. Scorpio attempts a discourse at one point and ends up getting splashed. Here's the Silva is too strong spot. Oh, wait, Rayo's gonna come in and help out anyway. Silva's corner clothesline looks good. Rayo mind control spots. Why are the Taiban all wearing different tights? Emilio and Bestia kinda have a white/black thing going, but then there's Scorpio with pink. Tineblas hits a tope, which must mean this is close to being over. Rayo plancha takes a bit to set up but is okay. There's the Silva Spear, although it seemed more like Bestia did a lot of running and Silva just put his head down. Emilio and Bestia set up for the splash - and it hits. (7:47) I guess everyone else ruse is counted out - the tecnicos showed up to make sure those two didn't move at the last second. This match taught you the difference between a Silva/Rayo match with good everything else and a Silva/Rayo match with bad everything else. Replays. 

Vignette:  Brazo de Platino is coming to Arena Coliseo - on the 5th? He throws out challenges to Rey Buccanero and Ultimo Guerrero and mentions Brazo de Plata. This can only mean that the our heroes need to stop giving title shots to everyone. 

2 Zumbido, Virus, Juventued Guerrera (c) vs Negro Casas (c), Safari, Hombre Sin Nombre
08/09/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:59
Casas Special on Zumbido
HSN headstand backslide Virus
2 5:00 HSN faceslam Juvi Finish
T 9:11 Tecnicos (2-1) Finish

Notes: These are odd teams, to say the least. HSN has a new mask with a question mark on it, which probably means we have a while to go before that situation is resolved. Rudos take a bit to work out who's in, but it turns out to be Virus vs Safari. Circle, Virus pushes him down. Safari up after a bit, and he pushes Virus down. Safari celebrates and Virus is on him with open hand slaps, but Safari turns it around. Whip, reversed, into a Virus spinebuster, elbow drop. Virus off the ropes, Safari has designs on doing a leapfrog but realizes he's not gonna get up in time and kinda half waves Virus by as he runs around him, Virus stops short and turns (confused? I am), Safari goes for a monkey flip (may have been what he wanted all along) but Virus blocks it and holds Safari on the ground for one no. Safari armdrag. Now, here's the monkey flip. Virus off the ropes, off the ropes, Safari jumps up and hits the 'rana. Zumbido in and running into a hiptoss. Safari charges at him and hits a rebound armdrag to take Zumbido out. Running, Zumbido ducks his head, Safari dives anyway, suicide sunset flip! That's neat. Juvi and HSN in - let's take a replay of it as the doctors check on Zumbido. Back in the ring, Juvi with a kick, headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the ropes, over, under, spinning headscissors, kip up. That can't really be Juvi. Zumbido is up on the outside. Juvi off the ropes, spinning head scissors is caught and he gets a face first powerbomb. HSN dropkick him out and Juvi opts to stay down. Negro and Virus in. Negro talks to the fans as they chant for him. Circle, Lockup, Virus pushes him in a corner, open hand, open hand, open hand, calling him on. Casas takes the challenge- chop, chop, clothesline finally gets Virus down. Whip, reversed, Virus with a dropkick to the knee. Slap, Slap, slap is caught, and Casas turns it into a swinging neckbreaker. Zumbido is in kick, chop, right, right, let's look at a fan in a mash. Zumbido with a whip, reverse, dropkick was vaguely near the knee (more like thigh), La Majistral one two three. (3:59) HSN dropkicks Juvi off the apron, then takes down Virus in a Fujiwara before getting his handstand backslide (4:11) though by the three count he's not really holding him down, focusing all on keeping up the handstand. Did Safari nail Juvi on the outside with something? We lost track of him - but yep, there he is outside the ring. Tecnicos celebrate. Replays - we see Safari running, but never actually hitting his move. It was a corner dive, that's all I know. 

Time for fall two - Virus with an open hand slap, whip, reversed by HSN, drop toe hold, flipping to his feet, spinning headscissors. Virus with a shoulderblock, but HSN rolls up into a dropkick. Virus out, HSN with a nice dive tease and then a fake punch of Juvi. Zumbido in for his side - Casas in for the other. Now Juvi is in to conduct one of his strategy sessions - Zumbido and he discussion how to beat Casas. Do either one of them actually know? Juvi goes out, and Casas mocks Juvi. Juvi wants a piece of Casas, but really just distracts Casas long enough that Zumbido can land some slaps. Whip, Zumbido charge into Casas' boot. Casas out with a clothesline. Casas goes to pick Zumbido up but Zumbido with slap. Charge, he's backdrop, Zumbido lands on the apron, Zumbido walks the top rope (!) and Casas kicks the ropes to crotch him. Zumbido falls in the ring and argues for a DQ - and they get it! No no the referees discuss and figure it was accidental and doesn't count. Everyone comes in to argue that, though. That would have been very cool. As the ring clears back out, Juvi kicks Safari to get this started again after a very short break. Whip, dropkick. Safari is through the ropes, HSN in and he gets kicked. Whip, Over, into a Juvi back elbow. Tag to Zumbido, Juvi stays in - then he hands off to Virus. Virus with a whip, fireman's carry slam, dropkick to the head and HSN stomps him out of the ring. Virus in and Zumbido and him have a slap battle - Virus helps his side win that. Juvi tries for a reverse neckbreaker from the outside but Safari doesn't know it's coming and does sell it much, then he rolls outside like he's dead so who knows. Casas is the only one in his corner so he's called in - he takes his time but eventually he's in. Juvi suplexes him (takes some effort - Casas blocks it at first?) then lighting legdrop. Virus with an eye rake and a head to the midsection. Safari in to take on Zumbido, as his partners leave the ring. Shoulderblock, Zumbido rolls under a leapfrog and hits a springboard dropkick to knocks Safari all the way out, baseball slide dropkick to keep Safari out and a slingshot senton to kill him out the outside! That was a nice series. Unfortunately, then he gets nailed by the Casas Thesz Press Apron Dive, but it was good while it lasted. Juvi in for his side, HSN runs right into a slam. Legdrop. Suplex. Virus with a slingshot elbow drop. Double corner whip, Virus with a clothesline, Juvi with an assisted high side kick.  Juvi and Virus try another double team corner charge move, but HSN moves just as they're trying to hit it, and Virus ends up crotched on the top turnbuckle again. HSN with a kick to Juvi, powerbomb into a faceslam. The problem is you can't really tell who was doing the faceslam - it's the typical reversal one but HSN is the one who acts like he's on offense there, so I guess he did it. One two three (5:00) Hey, straight falls. Tecnicos celebrate, as the rudos try to figure out who's fault this is. They don't come to a conclusion, but then again, they don't fight.

Vignette: It's Mascara Magica's turn to be in charge of casting Shocker and his new partner. The first guy looks like a cross between Tony Rivera and Rey Buccanero. The next guy is Lex Luthor, who is a white shirt away from Kidman's old look. Right down to the muscle tone. Nope. Next is... a valet. Magica gets up to shake her hand. She does seem to meet the requirements. She says she's not a lucahdora, but if they're looking for a valet, she'd love to help out. Magica will keep her in mind. Fourth, a guy in drag. Magica tries to gently let him/her down. That's it for today. It's gonna still be a difficult selection.

3 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Takemura, Black Tiger vs Vampiro (c), Shocker, Mascara Magica
08/09/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:39 Wagner powerbomb Vampiro Finish
2 4:37 Shocker top rope elbow drop Dr. Wagner Finish
3 6:26
Shocker fireman's carry powerbomb Tiger
Vampiro Jackhammer Takemura
T 12:56 Vampiro (2-1) Finish

Notes: I say "Remember when Dr. Wagner was fighting the Japanesse?" and you say "Remember when Dr. Wagner was teaming with Black Tiger - like in Japan?" and we agree to a stalemate. Masada and Takemura are out with their partner, wearing ICP BMX jerseys. Do they have the complete collection or something? Vampiro got a new dress shirt. It's a little too long, and you've got to button the cuffs! I guess it's easier to take off that way. Shocker and Magica dance on their way to the ring, both with caps askew to their right. Rudos get the jump of the tecnicos while we're watching the introductions (Vampiro needs to get a new one with his new hair cut.) Hey, what's the bigger feud here - Vampiro vs ICP or ICP vs Eminem (Shocker's music)? I know of no fued between ICP and Spiderman, but Magica's wearing those tights again. Anyway, it's a frantic beatdown broken up only with Tiger posing for the camera. Magica takes a post shot. Actually, there are six guys brawling on the outside, and Takemura has Vampiro in a surfboard inside the ring. Wagner comes in and stylish poses in front of the hold. Wagner beats up Shocker on the ramp. Snap mare on Vampiro, Wagner with a dropkick to the head. Shocker's booted towards the ring. Magica back in the ring and getting a clothesline on Takemura but Wagner knocks him down from behind. Tiger clotheslines Shocker in the ring. Wagner with a powerbomb on Vampiro one two three. (1:39) Replay of that powerbomb. I should note that they listing this as a rudo/rudo match - I'm not. 

Shocker is getting boot choked in the corner as we come back. Corner whip, Tiger with a corner whip, then whips Wagner into a corner clothesline. Tiger runs, Wagner boots, and Tiger hits a high dropkick. Shocker's put on the top rope. Nosawa and Masada are still stomping down Magica on the outside, and we watch them, nearly missing Takemura hitting a flipping kick on Shocker. Wagner pulls Shocker off in a - well, we'll never know, back to Magica's beatdown. Masada and Nosawa are being forced to leave now. Security is out for them. Magica gets a snap mare - dropkick to the back of the head by Wagner. Takemura with a waistlock, Black Tiger hits a thrust kick into a Takemura German Suplex on Magica. Cover one two Pulled Up. Wagner biting the head now - I think Takemura is too. Vampiro finnaly back up, but can't get in the ring. He tries another angle and kicks Tiger from the apron. On the outside, Dr. Wagner is beating up Shocker. Tiger is out to help him - Shocker is crotched on the ringpost! Vampiro is over here now, and he gets double team chops. Tiger with some more chops and Wagner with kicks. - Tiger clears out a section by throwing Vampiro headfirst into a seat. Shocker thrown in as rudos figure out their plan. Wagner pose. Are they calling spots there? Double whip, Vampiro gets a hold of Shocker, then Shocker runs back with big boots for everyone. Vampiro with a big boot for Takemura. Magica is back and in working over Wagner while Shocker takes Takemura outside the ring - bulldog! Magica and Wagner battle over to the desk. We watch that for a while, and Magica shouts into a microphone that he's showing who's Guapo (I guess.) Vampiro's done something to Takemura in the mean time but we totally miss it. Wagner now in and having to deal with all three tecnicos - Tiger gets on the apron but Shocker clotheslines him to the floor. Double corner whip on Wagner, Magica clothesline, Shocker with the assisted high corner clothesline. Magica with a dropkick, Vampiro suplexes Wagner and holds him for the Shocker elbows drop one two three. (4:37) Wagner was the captian, so it's evened up. Replay of the finish. Long commercial break here.

Looks like Shocker and Wagner will start the third fall - after Wagner is done posing. Open hand slap by Wager to catch him by surprise, slap, whip, reversed, over, under, shoulderblock by Wagner turns Shocker inside out. Wagner with the kneeling pose. Replay - we miss how Shocker turns it around, but he follows a takedown of some kind with an elbow drop. Off the ropes, body scissors into an armdrag. Wagner goes out, Tiger in and missing a dropkick. Open hand slap, whip, reversed, Tiger with a leapfrog, Shocker ducks a clothesline, Tiger runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Takemura in - strikes blocked and Shocker hits a clothesline on him. Pose, and swipe at Tiger on the apron. Vampiro in. Tiger in for his side. Circle. Tiger with slap, chop, right, headlock, off the ropes, under the leapfrog, Tiger shoulderblock cover zero, Vampiro up, Tiger shoulderblock cover zero. Tiger misses a clothesline, Vampiro hits his spinning kick to the midsection. Vampiro holds Tiger by the leg and tags to Magica - Magica grabs the leg and does his running sit to the knee. . Tiger gets up, but Magica gives him a double leg takedown - running sit to the knee. Tiger barely makes it out, and Takemura is in - cheap shot to Shocker and Vampiro on the apron. Takemura with a chop, Magica with a chop, Takemura, Magica, Takemura with a kick, chop, whip, clothesline misses, kick is caught, Magica sweeps the leg - running sit on the knee! Magica with a slam, tag to Shocker - slingshot elbow drop, pose! Tag to Vampiro. Vampiro with a forearm, forearm, headlock - Takemura with a big back suplex. Vampiro a little staggered - he's up, but gets dropkicked. Takemura off the ropes, clothesline misses, Vampiro's clothesline caught, Takemura tries to take him down (Vampiro's arm slips free for a moment - a good camera angle almost completely hides it and makes it look like Takemura's just fighting for it) and does - Fujiwara! Vampiro's close to his corner and the ropes - he's got the ropes. Takemura with slap, chop, chop, corner whip, reversed, Vampiro charges in to a boot, Takemura charges out into a powerslam one two broken up by Wagner. Vampiro goes out, Shocker in - to take Wagner. Wagner with a slap, Shocker with a slap, Wagner, Shocker, Wagner, Shocker, Wagner with a vicious forearm, Shocker with a vicious forearm, Wagner, Shocker off the ropes with a big boot to the head! Shocker tries another - dragon screw leg whip! Wagner with a slap, chop, distracted by the fans yelling for Shocker. Corner whip, reversed, Shocker with a running shoulder to the midsection, then picks up Wagner on his shoulder - backdrop. Shocker goes up but Wagner catches him there - but Shocker forearms him down. Wagner is up quick again though and fights back up the corner - another big forearm takes him down. Missile Dropkick! Wagner out, Tiger in - Shocker off the ropes, flapjacked up but it's Tiger who hits the dropkick! elbow drop. Chop, chop, chop, whip on Shocker, Shocker's leg is grabbed by Wagner, Shocker kicks Wagner to get free, Tiger tries a dropkick but Shocker moves at the last instant and Wagner gets it. Magica in and chagrin at tiger - he gets backdropped to the floor, but takes Wagner down on the way. Back in the ring, Tiger misses a clothesline on Shocker, Shocker scoops him up - fireman's carry powerbomb! One two three (6:26) Vampiro took down Takemura with a dropkick to the knee just as the third count happened - suplex (actually, the first one he did looked odd and I couldn't figure out why, but this time I've noticed that it's actually a Jackhammer) one two three. (6:40) Wow, this was very good.     

Shocker and Magica want YOU - I guess Vampiro isn't around enough to be an option.

Spectacular Moments - One of those indescribable submissions holds. Asai Moonsault from the ring post! That's different. Porky splash from last week. Here's your Volador Jr. Asai Moonsault of the Week. And there awesome out of nowhere double dive by the Inferanls last week - and the finish. And here's something we missed from last week - Mephisto getting toss off the top rope and taking a dive right into a camera man! That couldn't have felt good. 

Vignette: Black Warrior is practicing in the CMLL gym for the Silver Mask match. Olimpico is there for a chat - I guess on behalf of Felino? I don't know much, except thaw Warrior is practicing his rolls. 

4 Felino (challenger) vs Black Warrior (champion)
Legend of the Silver Mask Tournament V Final
08/09/02, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 9:48 Felino off the second rope sunset flip disappointing match. The last minutes was a set of blown spots, and the match never had much flow to it, never mind a story.

Notes: Felino has a tuexdo coat with tail (orange and black to match his outfit) for the occasion. Warrior has no shirt, but maybe that's a new kilt. 

Handshake? No, they can't do it. Both go to opposite corners, charge, and push. Warrior of the ropes, over the leapfrog, under the flying wheel kick. Felino off the ropes, now he whips Warrior, hamstring kick but Warrior bounces off the ropes and lands on his feet, Felino off the ropes, Warrior tries a drop toe hold but goes for it too late, Felino picks him up, off the ropes again, clothesline is supposed to take Warrior out but it just kinda pushes him harder in the ropes. Felino settles with Warrior leaning up against the ropes, then off the far ropes and clotheslines him out for real. Through the ropes dropkick to keep him out, slingshot senton to the floor! Let's get three replays of it - Felino comes back in the meantime, and Warrior is just to the apron as they come back in. Felino tries to dropkick him back to floor, Warrior sidesteps, Felino gets tied in the ropes and Warrior can hit his slingshot guillotine legdrop. Warrior is slow up himself - Felino's clothesline is ducked, dropkick to the knee. Warrior with a quebrada! Cover? No, Felino kinda gets a shoulder up before the count is even started. Both go to opposite corners again - Warrior charges Felino with a kneelift but he's moved out of the way and Warrior takes the fall to the floor. Felino the apron - running victory roll style 'rana. Warrior ends up in the crowd, and they're both slow to the ring - Warrior dropkicks Felino in the knee on the apron, then slingshots himself inside so he can slingshot himself out and hits a pescado on Felino. Now they're both going in again - Felino with a corner charge but Warrior is casually moving out of the way - climbing the ropes themselves - second rope legdrop one two pulled him up. That was a very deliberate count. Warrior slow to follow up - now off the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the head. On his way up   - second rope legdrop but Felino moves. Felino going up - trying to get the dead crowd into it - moonsault one pulled up. Felino makes a "I can do that too" motion. Crucifix powerbomb one two NO. Felino with another crucifix lift - slow - Warrior does the expected 'rana reversal one two NO. Both men are slow up - Warrior charges Felino and gets flapjacked on the top turnbuckle, Felino goes the opposite corner for a running start but just gets drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle. Felino rolls out and everyone gets out of the way - Warrior Tope kills the front row. It was one of his better ones (three seats are toasted) but this match has been so slow (move, pause, move - no correlation between who did the last move and who does the next move) there's no drama in it. Now they're both getting back resting on the apron before coming in - both kick. Warrior puts Felino on the top turnbuckle but an running fist attack doesn't work - Felino with a top rope 'rana to take Warrior to the floor. Felino moonsaults into the ring as Warrior recovers on the floor. Will he get counted out? It would make since, sine have these moves are in the dive category. Warrior the apron, he tries to slingshot in but Felino gets the ropes and slips him up - Warrior is tuck hanging on the rope rope and Felino dropkicks him in the head. La Majistral one two Warrior foot on the ropes. Felino milks the crowd while Warrior recovers - now he charges and Warrior puts him on the apron - top rope 'rana is blocked - top rope powerbomb one two foot on the ropes again. You kinda knew he was going for that move the second Warrior started for the 'rana. Both up - Warrior with a forward roll cradle into some leg hold, with Felino's shoulders down one two no. The referee is taking time to make sure the shoulders are down before each pin. Referee checks to see if both guys are three. Felino backs off again into a corner and Warrior nails him with a clothesline. Warrior setting Felino up on the top turnbuckle again. Backing up, now running - well, what he probably wanted to do was to use the top set of ropes to get in a headstand and 'rana Felino off the top rope. Unfortunately, his legs never get over (not going fast enough?) and he ends falling back into a standing position on the mat. Boos. Felino's with a shot to Warrior's head, trying to lift him up for a powerbomb but he can't get him up. Felino readjusts - sunset flip one two no. That was a pretty horrible turn of events. Felino sets Warrior awkwardly on the top turnbuckle facing out - it looks messed up too, and Felino hits the sunset flip off the second rope (that he was going for last time?) for one two three. (9:48) Felino flips and celebrates like it's a big win, but it's a disappointment of a match. Warrior congratulates Felino and he's awarded the plaque. Warrior and Felino talk mutual respect after the match, one can only assume. 

Next Week: Vampiro, Tarzan Boy, Shocker, Rey Buccanero, Atlantis, Negro Casas, Damien 666, Halloween, Nicho, Satanico, Hombre Sin Nombre and much much more.  

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (39:42) about 37.1% of showtime (1:47:00); 

Average Match Rating 72.5
Overall Match Rating: approximately 75
2 Trios, 1 Singles, 1 4 vs 3
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Tecnico over Tecnico
Show Assessment: The hyped tournament final was a big disappointment, but they made up for it before hand.

Closing Notes: 

1. Wow, that match sucked.
2. Going in, I had a feeling that there might be a problem - Warrior's always struck me as a guy who could hit spots and that works well in trios, but I'm not sure he can be counted on to hold a singles match together. 
3. Maybe it was just some bad luck, but it doesn't look like Felino could either.
4. Do understand that that match was off even before the end - it was just a move exhibition with nothing bringing it together.
5. Hey, that semi-main was pretty good.

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