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CMLL Line - 08/31/02 (49)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Villano 3, Rayo and Silva discuss their upcoming match.

1 Pierroth Jr., Black Tiger (c), Emilio Charles Jr., Blue Panther vs Giant Silva (c), Villano III, Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
08/13/02, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 6:23
V3 Senton Pierroth 
DQ (Pierroth cookie sheet shots)
It's a Rayo/Silva match with a DQ, what do you expect

Notes: Pierroth has Commando Girl and Pierrothito with him. He actually keeps it short on the microphone! So anyway, we've got the leader of the Boricuas, the leader of Team Japan, the leader of the Taliban all in one match. One can only wonder what happened to Universo. Hopefully not too much. Pierroth and Silva have a prematch stare off - well, kinda.  After plenty of stalling to establish how tall Silva is and Rayo's weird spins, Rayo slaps Pierroth to get this semi-started. No, Pierroth is gonna fall out of the ring first. Now Tiger and Villano three are exchange chops. Of course Silva walks right in front of the camera so we miss it. Panther in and he gets a bodyscissors armdrag. Tiger gets a spinning DDT (and sells it like an armdrag.) Bad double teaming leads to Tiger accidentally dropkicking Panther through the ropes - Villano III hits an apron dive senton on both of them. Stalling before we get to our next match up - Rayo and Emilio. Rayo mind control tricks. Pierroth comes and tries to make this a wrestling match with chops and slaps and corner clotheslines (okay, well maybe just a match), but you can sense the Rayo comeback coming. That dropkick nearly went horribly bad. Silva in, against Tiger. Tiger is smart enough to go for the legs, but then comes off the ropes into a big boot. Corner whip, corner clothesline is missed, Tiger with strikes (but he hurts his hand!) Corner whip is reversed, Silva hits the corner clothesline this time. Slam, elbow drop, Tiger rolls out. Panther in, he's open hands lapping ahead. Silva is on one nee knee and the same size as Panther - Panther gets all scared when Silva gets up and towers over him. Tag out to Villano III - now all the rudos are in and beating him down, because they know he's the only they can beat for an extended period of time. However, the beating takes them towards the tecnico corner, they get a couple shots on Silva, and now he's in to bat up Emilio. Everyone else saves Emilio and they quadruple team him - smart enough to team in him in the ropes. V3 and Rayo are being kept in their corner by the referees. They're just kicking and punching Silva while he's tied up for about a minute. Now he's got himself free - now V3 and Rayo are in and it's all breaking down. Silva goes after Pierroth - corner clothesline from him. All the other rudos are clear out of the ring - Pierroth gets a double boot and a V3 Senton and he's done. (6:23) Now everyone else is back in, with the tecnicos still dominated. Pierroth goes to the curtain, and gets a cookie pan. Back in - shot for Villano, shot for Rayo. (DQ 6:58) I guess that was Rico Suave who got a shot on Silva off camera - we see him fall like a long, but nothing else. Veneno is out too and yelling. Rudos beat down the tecnico some more because they can. Villano 3 and Silva are kicked out of the ring. This actually allows Silva a chance to recover -Tiger tries an apron dive cookie shot and it's no sold. Silva stalks after him, but we're watching Rayo and the fans and miss how Silva gets the cookie sheet. Pierroth does an interview while Silva chases Commando Girl with the cookie sheer - eventually she runs to the place where Tiger and the rest can hold him off. Pierroth rants and raves and I think the rudo announcer stirs up more trouble between Pierroth and Dr. Alfonso Morales.

2 Juventued Guerrera, Fuerza Guerrera, Virus vs Volador Jr., Hombre Sin Nombre, Safari
08/16/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 7:58 HSN inside cradle Fuerza
Safari inside cradle Juvi
decent action, but much more a place to set the table for upcoming matches than delivering on a good one here. Story was told very well.
2 3:56 DQ (Virus low blow Volador Jr.)
T 11:54 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: We skip introductions, though it seems like the rudos are having long discussion. Captains are never established. HSN has yet another new mask. If he's investing all this cash into a new outfits, I wouldn't expect him to be changing to a new one really soon. HSN is having a long discussion with Juvi (wearing a visor) and Virus now. Now Fuerza and Juvi are going o a corner to pose (and kiss). Volador asks Juvi if he'd like to wrestle today. Juvi playfully kicks Virus in the back of the leg. Okay, so it'll be Safari and Virus- they look up 1:15 after the opening whistle. Battling for a hold, Virus comes up with a front facelock, Safari armbars out of it, Virus tries to escape but gets a grounded waistlock and rolled back into to a cradle for one. Virus with an armbar, but Safari hitptosses out of it. Back to circling again. Reaching for each other - Virus with the wristlock. Safari pushed down to one need. I dislike Safari's white outfit, although it matches his teammates here well- - Volador is wearing white pants but no shirt, and you know HSN deal - the new mask has a little white in it to match his teammates. Rudos wearing the usual. Safari gets back up to his feet, so Virus gives him a back heel trip. Safari tries a headscissors, but Virus pushes him off. Armbar - well, I guess that was more of a toss, because Safari flops to the ground, then kips up and hiptosses Virus. Break, and Virus goes to tag in his teammates, but they don't seem interested in tagging him back. Juvi pulls his arm back, then goes off the apron. Virus tries tagging Fuerza and he walks away. Now Juvi's demanding the tag - ah, he pulled his arm back again. Virus has enough of those two clowns and goes back to wrestling - Volador's in fro the tecncios. Virus off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, let's look at the Guerreras. Virus off the ropes, over, under, into a monkey flip. Volador off the ropes, goes for a 'rana but Virus pushes him back behind him, Volador lands on the ropes behind Virus (short jump) and Asai Moonsaults in front of Virus. Virus knocks him to the mat with an open hand slap. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, Virus stops short and flips Volador to the apron, Volador with a shoulder the midsection and starts climbing but Virus with an open hand slap to stop him. Virus tries  for something, but he gets a forearm and is crotched on the ropes (backing up for room) - off the top rope 'rana! Virus goes out (ensuring they'll be a switch on his side - was he thinking that? Probably not) and Volador poses. Fuerza in now. Safari starts to come in, then realizes it's HSN's turn - then Fuerza tags in Juvi (still wearing the visor). Juvi off the ropes, over, under, spinning headscissors. Juvi poses and takes off his visor. Kick. Chop. Corner whip, corner splash but no one's home. HSN Waistlock, Juvi goes behind, HSN elbows out, run to the corner, Juvi behind him, HSN does the kip up headscissors. Rolling dropkick knocks Juvi to the floor - HSN slides to the floor and stands over Juvi, who's down for a while Fuerza yells at HSN from inside the ring, and then Safari comes in for his side. HSN has some words for Fuerza from the apron, but Fuerza's more interested in talking to Juvi. Fuerza off the ropes, shoulderblock for Safari, Safari flies at him with a cross body but Fuerza sidesteps. Exchange of chops, Fuerza's gets ducked but Safari misses a spin kick. Fuerza with a chop, corner whip, Safari with the flip to the apron, Fuerza stops talking to the crowd and is stunned. Fuerza walks over, his right is is blocked and Safari this his own - top rope plancha! Short of the crowd. Looks like Safari hits a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster. Safari asks the crowd if they want to see him pulls Fuerza's mask. Virus comes in to break that up, but Juvi's in too - Juvi throws Virus down! Juvi knocks down Safari himself and tells Virus to stay out of it. Virus leaves the ring as Safari gets a double whip, double back elbow. Double whip, clothesline misses and Safari hits a double dropkick. Now HSN is in - stereo tilt-a-whirl backbreakers.  Virus is in - is he gonna break it up? Naaaah. Virus, smart man. Fuerza and Juvi break loose from submissions holds and go ask Virus what's up - Virus says it's payback. Speaking off - double inside cradles (HSN/Fuerza, Safari/Juvi) one two three. (7:58) Virus is off the apron and walking towards the crowd and doesn't know Juvi is standing right behind him. They have a discussion - the crowd is cheering for Virus to do something to Juvi. Juvi seems to warn him. Tecncios take the win anyway they can get it - here's a replay.

It's time for the second fall but the rudos are all on the floor - Juvi and Fuerza are talking with the announcers, and Virus is over to ask them if they'd like to participate. Fuerza and Juvi follow him back to the ring - and then kick him and throws him in. Now all the tecnicos  are on him - chops by Volador, double whip, Volador with the spinebuster pickup and HSN slaps him down.  Virus crawls to his corner but Fuerza and Juvi are just cheering the tecnicos on. Forearm by Safari.- double whip, Safari with the spinebuster pick up and Volador and HSN with the faceslam finish. Virus again reaches for a tag and they won't have it. Tecnicos daring Juvi and Fuerza to tag in but they don't have it. Double clothesline for Virus and Safari with a dropkick. HSN and Volador with a standing moonsault /legdrop combo! This time they pull Virus over for a tag but the Guerreras still won't have it. Virus tries to take a swipe as his partners here but they back away. Juvi's laughing at this misfortune. Virus thrown hard into a corner buckle. HSN and Volador decide this is enough and want to go out and beat up the Guerreras, but are prevented by the refries. Safari brings Virus back over and finnaly Juvi and Fuerza decide to walk away. Now they're coming back - Virus gets thrown out of the ring. Volador and HSN are celebrating - Guerreras back in, low blow uppercut or HSN is totally misses - Juvi taking care of Volador before getting Safari. Safari and HSN whipped into each other - Fuerza with the low blow kneelift, while Safari just hits a spinebuster. The refs miss it of course. Stereo powerbombs one two double kickout. Fuerza with a Samoan drop on Safari, Juvi Driver on HSN, cover - but Virus and Volador are back in - low blow kick on Volador and there's no way the tecnico could miss that! (DQ 3:56) Virus can't believe he got DQed, and before we're sure he did that on purpose, Juvi is on him with kicks - Virus takes him down!  Fuerza stands over and doesn't get involved right away because Juvi turns it over. It's an equal battle now - Virus is up and taking it to Fuerza but Juvi sneaks in a shot to take Virus outside. Virus gets posted and beat around the ring. HSN wants to make the save but he's actually held back by the rudo referee. Thrown head first into the announcers desk! I think Safari wants to make a save here too but Volador is holding him back, hmm. Juvi tells the announcers that's what happens when you mess with the Guerreras. Virus gets back back in the ring - Juvi tells the tecnicos to keep their distance, because this isn't about them. Loud VIRUS chant but he's out. Replays of a low blow that wasn't caught, and one that was.

Vignette: Damien and Halloween eat at Super Astro's restaurant while preparing for their match. Nicho shows up - he doesn't trust the food there. Halloween sneaks in a bite as Nicho leaves. 

3 Satanico (c), FdT (Nicho, Damien 666, Halloween, Nicho) vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Felino, Black Warrior
08/16/02, Arena Mexico
1 atomicos 1:55
Satanico second rope legdrop Warrior
Halloween/Nicho triple legdrop Atlantis. 
A lot shorter than expected - due to Niebla's injury? Satanico meshed better than expected with the trio and Felino in particular looked great on the other team. Nice to keep the angle here till post-match, even if this is just another table setter.
2 3:58
Warrior guillotine legdrop Nicho
Nelbina on Satanico
3 :47
everyone pins Niebla post missed handspring elbow
Atlantis torture rack Satanico
T 7:35 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Damien and Halloween bring their XLAW and XPW Tag Team belts with them. We're supposed to note Felino and Warrior on the same team, after last week's match. I prefer to note that we've got the CMLL Trios Champions (Atlantis/Niebla/Warrior) in against the three guys who want their belts. Though, a belt challenge must not be coming soon, because the CMLL Trio didn't bring their belts. Felino's CMLL Welterweight Champions but I'm just bringing that up to show off my knowledge of rarely seen CMLL Title Belts.

Rudos are nice enough to wait till the end of the introductions to start the beatdown. Brawling to start it off, and the ring is quickly cleared - the rudos have to go out to bring Niebla back in so they can beat someone up. Double whip, double pull out of the ring (so why did they pull him in?), Damien slams Niebla on the floor and Satanico slides Halloween out of the ring on top of him. Innovate, but not very painful looking - Nicho's follow up apron dive legdrop is painful looking, though. Felino in the ring and he gets beat. Double whip, double back elbow, roll up into a Damien bodyscissors faceslam and a Satanico dropkick to the head the head. Warrior in  - he gets a spinebuster - Giant Swing/Dropkick to the face! Satanico off the second rope legdrop one two three. (1:55) Atlantis in - he gets a  whip, Halloween spinebuster, Halloween hits the double legdrop to the midsection while Nicho hits a lighting legdrop. Everyone covers one two three. (2:11) Rudos celebrate. 

Niebla and Satanico start fall two - Satanico with a push, Niebla with a slap. Niebla with a single leg, out of the corner, flips for no reasons, slaps for Halloween and Damien and then one for Satanico. Niebla watches Satanico fall out of the ring and Nicho knocks him down with a wheel kick. We miss any follow up watching the replay - the foot catching Niebla right in the face. Damien in - and so is Atlantis.  No, he' wants Satanico, he gets Satanico. Open hand slap battle, Satanico with a whip, back elbow, yell. Whip, clothesline misses, Atlantis with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Nicho in with (weak looking) chops, off the ropes, and he gets hiptossed to the floor. Halloween in - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Damien in - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Damien and Halloween are scared and hug. Atlantis tags to Warrior - Damien in on him. Kick, right, well now to the floor where Niebla is still down. That kick caught him good, apparently. Back in the ring, Warrior is dropkicking Damien out - tope? No. Felino and Nicho in - Nicho off the ropes, under a leapfrog, avoiding a monkey flip and hitting a legdrop. Felino rolls out to the apron, so Nicho joins him there, then puts Felino up in the corner, but Felino moves out of the way of a running corner axhandle - off the top rope 'rana to the floor! Felino celebrates, but get out of the way - Atlantis and Damien in and exchanging slaps. Damien off the ropes, armdrag. Damien misses a clothesline, and gets hamstring kicked into the ropes, then dropkicked out. Pescado almost misses (he's a little off to start, but Damien adjusts.) Felino and Halloween - Felino takes Halloween down and dropkicks him in the face  - off the top roe somersault senton! Felino looks a heck of a lot better this week than he did last week, though having him be random high midcard tecnico in this match doesn't really follow up on that win much. Niebla is back up and in and taking on Nicho - Nicho with chops, one is ducked, Nicho covers up for the big slap so Niebla kicks him in the butt and hits the big slap. Whip, reversed, Niebla flips himself to the apron, Nicho charges with a dropkick, Niebla side steps, Nicho hangs himself in the ropes and Warrior sneaks in to hit his guillotine legdrop! It took a couple beats, but the first time watching it you wouldn't notice because they didn't show Warrior coming till the last second. This match really seems to be going at a frantic pace - Warrior covers Nicho for one two three. (3:58) Niebla with the handspring back elbow on Satanico, and now the Nelbina - that'll do it. (4:04)  Replays. Well thanks for the break.

Looks like the rudos started to talk a walk but Atlantis is bringing them back, one at a time- Damien gets backdropped in the ring, and Satanico says he'll come back if they back off. Satanico talks strategy with this side, then goes against Niebla. Slap battle - Niebla cranks up and hits a big one that stuns Satanico, Satanico pops back up with a shoulderblock. Satanico off the ropes, but Niebla coming with the handspring back elbow - Satanico sidesteps, and everyone else covers! One two three (:47) Hmm, he must be really hurt. Meanwhile, the tecnicos are beating on Satanico and throwing him out - now they clothesline Damien and Nicho out. Halloween gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker - and then an assisted high dropkick to take him out. Warrior with the TOPE but Nicho screens us from seeing it. I think it went wrong too - everyone got up too fast. Back in the ring, Satanico gets a dropkick to the knee from Felino, and Atlantis puts him in the Torture Rack - that's it. (1:20) That was oddly fast - maybe Niebla's injury changed plans.

While the tecnicos check how hurt Niebla is, Nicho and Damien are in to ask how he could have lost that quick, which seems to be a fair enough question. Somewhat weirdly, the tecnicos are untying Niebla's mask - I guess to check for facial injuries. Meanwhile, Damien and Nicho are taking it to Satanico! Kicks in the corner and such - Halloween ran to the back after the fall so he's not out here right now. Double corner whip (Atlantis and Felino helping Niebla to the back now, Warrior going with them), Nicho whipped in but Satanico moves an Nicho gets posted. Damien gets a mudhole stomped in him - ah, here's Halloween, back with a chair. Chairshot to the head! Satanico is out, which makes Nicho yelling at him odd but I guess he's not thinking that way. Satanico's held for another chair shot, but Two Masked People run in - I'd assume that'd be Averno and Mephisto (and it looks like the right sizes) but the masks aren't the same. There was some note on the website where Ultimo and Rey protested Averno's mask (too much of a ripoff of their own) and demanded he get a new one, so this could be it, but Mephisto doesn't look right either. Anyway, three people and a chair beats two, and Family De Tijauna celebrate. FdT have words with the CMLL Commissioner, who isn't really happy about their antics. The commissioner talks to the ring announcer, and he steps back into the ring to make an announcement - they're not happy about it, whatever it means. And they're also making the "I want the [Mexican National Trios Championship Belts that the Infernals have]" motions, I believe. The ring announcers says they're not getting a shot, they're getting suspended for using the chair! FdT takes the argument to the commissioner but I don't think a change is going to be made.  Replays - including the tope from a better angle - Halloween kinda ducked and Warrior kinda went over - Warrior look a little angry coming up and maybe that's why. Nice that they had a replay from a better angle for once.

Spectacular Moments - Pierrothito takes a big armdrag, but hits a nice clothesline after. Nice missile dropkick. Tineblas tope isn't that impressive, and neither is Rayo. Or Silva. Hey, Valentin Mayo. There's that dropkick to the knee that was more to the pelvis - apparently, it makes it better. 

Vignette: Shocker and Mascara Magica are clearing out some of the dead wood from the applicants, thanks to a trash can on fire. No picture, no chance. "El Hijo De Santo?!?" Well, the thought is appreciated, but no people ho wear masks. And NO UGLY PEOPLE. "Que Horrible!" So with arch-rival Virus apparently turning tecnico, wouldn't it be really easy for Ricky Marvin to be the third guy? Maybe I need to let that go. 

Before our next match - it's Ultimo Dragon! What's he doing here? I guess he starts off by apologizes for his Spanish, since he hasn't spoken Spanish is a while. He's hear to see his friend Vampiro and also he's coming back soon. Thanks! Before that gets a chance to sink in, GdI is out- beatdown is on! Triple teamed and stomped to the mat. I guess Ultimo wants to be the only Ultimo. They're going for his mask! Tarzan Boy is thrilled with this - but here comes Shocker (w/Jamaican hat and braids) to make the save - Vampiro and Negro Casas aren't far behind and I think we've got our match.

4 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero (c), Rey Buccanero, Tarzan Boy) vs Shocker, Vampiro (c), Negro Casas 
08/16/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:22
Casas surfboard Rey
Shocker Circuit Breaker Tarzan 
Tecnico dominated and not an interesting way, shorter than usual and serving more to heighten the tensions between these two sides. Rudos never get to display their offensive abilities.
2 6:27 Ultimo DQ (low blow kick Vampiro)
T 7:53 Tecnicos, 2-0 

Notes: Everyone but Vampiro and Ultimo are cleared of the ring, and Guerrero runs into a boot before getting clotheslined. Dragon rolls to the floor and safety. Corner whip by Vampiro, reversed, Ultimo charges in with a high knee and ends up on the floor - pescado. Tarzan Boy is getting beat by Shocker and Casas. Rey is back in the ring - Casas meets him there and they exchange strikes. Corner whip, reversed into a drop toe hold. La Majistral no he's pushed off. Casas with a kick anyway - swinging neckbreaker. Both men up - Casas with a DDT. Snap mare, Surfboard holds as Shocker comes in to take care of Tarzan Boy - there's the Circuit Breaker! Casas gets  the submission win (1:22) and Shocker does the same quickly after (1:26) Vampiro chases Ultimo Guerrero up the ramp, but Ultimo begs off. The tecnico referee is over to get in Vampiro's way before anything can happen. Replays.

Fall 2 starts with GdI regrouping on the floor. I've totally lost track of Ultimo Dragon, but I presume he got to the back at some point. The ring girl is out way late. Ultimo and Vampiro start, with Ultimo off the ropes but right into a forearm. Chop, chop, whip, reversed, clothesline by Ultimo. Ultimo goes up - my pictures gone really bad suddenly so I can't tell you what exactly happened, only that Vampiro gets the best of it. Rey in, and they go through a sequence leading to Vampiro's step over heel kick. Tarzan Boy in and powerslamed - he falls out of the ring cowering. Tag to Shocker - Rey starts to walk away rather than get in, but the fans urge him to get in. Rey off the ropes, over, Shocker tries a leapfrog and gets an open hand slap. Shocker kips up and it's a open hand slap battle - now Rey is giving and Shocker is just trying to take it - SPEAR! Punches to the head and Ultimo is into break that up. Chops in the corner, ear cup for the crowd. Chop, corner whip, Shocker changes and pulls of a spinning rebound armdrag. Tarzan Boy in and taking him down with a  kick - Running turnbuckle smash! And another! And another - no it's blocked and Tarzan goes in three times himself. Tarzan up - clothesline misses and Shocker with an armdrag. Shocker with a slingshot to take Tarzan all the way to the floor. Shocker teases a dive and poses instead. Casas and Ultimo in now. Slap fight again - Casas breaks it up with a kick, then starts blocking rights - To the second rope - spinning reverse DDT! Ultimo grabs the back of his head and rolls out - Tarzan in now, rights, corner whip, corner splash. Corner whip, corner jumping forearm. Tarzan poses - turns around and gets decked with a forearm. Rey in with a dropkick - slam. Rey mocks the Casas chant, kick to the chest, kick to the chest, kick the to the chest, yell, charge, and he runs into a dropkick to the knee. Apron dive Thesz press! Tarzan and Shocker back in - Tarzan off the ropes, over, double clothesline stuns them both. Shocker shouts - Tarzan off the ropes, misses with a clothesline, spin kick is caught and Tarzan Boy is dropped with back suplex. Dropkick takes Tarzan Boy out - somersault plancha! Ultimo and Vampiro in - Ultimo misses a clothesline, Vampiro misses a wheel kick. Ultimo misses a senton. Both back up, Ultimo blocks a kick, hits a questionably low kick, clothesline one two - now, the tecnico referee stops the count, that's a DQ (6:27) I dunno, I think Ultimo got screwed there but I'd have to see a replay to be sure. 

Rey's having problems with his boot - doesn't matter now, I guess, but he's fixing it anyway. Ah, I think he hurt his ankle and is readjusting the boot to accommodate. Hope that's not serious. Ultimo complains about the decision outside - Los Guerreros are great. Shocker says Arena Mexico is his house. Ultimo says Arena Mexico is the home of the rudos. Replays - yea, that was a low blow, looks better from the reverse angle.

Next Week:  Vampiro, Shocker, Rey Buccanero, Rayo, Negro Casas, Silva, Dr. Wagner, Tarzan Boy, Takemura, Ultimo Guerrero, and more! Like Masada, Nosawa and Fuerza Guerrera. And more. That was odd.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (34:20) about 32.3% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 66.3
Overall Match Rating: approximately 62
3 Trios, 1 4 vs 3
4 Tecnico over Rudo wins
2 Straight fall wins (2, 4)
Turns: Virus (tecnico)
Show Assessment: Angle driven and match driven - is their a PPV soon?

Closing Notes: 

1. This was all about setting up the anniversary show
2. Which is odd, because it's not the last minute.
3. I sure hope this is it for the Virus turn and we don't have a few more shows with it being teased
4. There's nothing here that I'd like to see again - except maybe clipped to get the point of the angle.
5. On the other hand, I like most everything that's being set up here.

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