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CMLL Line - 09/07/02 (#50)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Killer, Pierriothito, Violencia and Violencito are scouting the (empty) ring and arena for the best plan of attack. Pierroth and Commando Girl show up to talk a bunch. 

1 Killer, Pierroth (c), Violencia vs Mascara Y2K, Gran Markus Jr. (c), Poder Mexica
MM/DD/YY, Arena Coliseo
1 trios :27 Pierroth DQ (low blow kick Markus) quick
2 6:17 Pierroth DQ (shaving cream on Mascara) not quick
T 6:44 Markus (2-0) so boring.

Notes: Rudos jump tecnicos after introductions. Markus avoids a charge quickly, and Pierroth quickly ends it. Beatdown goes on in spurts in between falls, and we take a break.

Beatdown continues for the second fall - Markus selling the low blow on the outside while the other two get beat. Pierroth gets in a questionably low kick, but replays make it look as though it just hit thigh - DQ is not called, at any rate. Poder in for the second time - I waist for him to sidestep a corner charge but it shockingly does not happen. Now it's Mascara's second time in - Markus turns the tide by pulling Killer out of a bounce off the ropes. This match goes on and on and on and on and the only solace I take is that if the second fall is this long, there probably won't be a third. Some teasing of Pierroth vs Mascara - is Pierroth bleeding? It's not flowing strong, but his forehead is red. There's the DQ, thanks. I bet Pierroth explains how this is part of his master plan, and then there's some guy in a suit he wants to talk, and then Markus and Mascara talk. I don't really care.

2 Juventued Guerrera, Fuerza Guerrera (c), Virus vs Mr. Niebla, Felino (c), Hombre Sin Nombre
MM/DD/YY, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:02
HsN headstand pin Juvi
Nelbina on Fuerza
More on the Virus turn - good storytelling, though not a particularly noteworthy match. Should set up good stuff for future.
2 7:20 everyone pins Juvi
T 12:33 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: We come in just post introductions. Presumably, the rudos have reached an understanding - well, actually, they still seem to be having words, so Felino poses to kill time. Virus doesn't really want any part of his teammates - Juvi makes a "cash" motion, so maybe that's how they resolved this? - and then Juvi and Fuerza think about walking. They don't go, but everyone's still arguing about who's starting. I guess the theory is that the guy who goes in probably won't be getting out easy. Niebla gets bored and slaps Juvi in the back of the head in order to get him annoyed to come in - he comes in, but Fuerza beats him to the punch and brawls with Niebla. Then Fuerza tries to take on all the tecnicos and it doesn't work out to well. He's striked out of the ring, and Felino messes with him while Juvi retreats. HsN and Niebla chase him down, Fuerza follows, and Felino and Virus are the only two even remotely near the ring. Fuerza and Juvi decide to leave again - but then change decide just to watch from the stage - Virus has decide to go it by himself, and he and Felino have started. Circling, a few tentative lockups, a zero count, and the typical off the ropes escapism. After one avoided move, Felino gives Virus a handshake and a hug. Fuerza and Juvi jump Felino from behind then, and Virus pantomimes that it wasn't his idea, so Juvi shoves him. Yea, I kinda think this just might be two falls. Virus is digging the crowd chant for him. Again with the discussion break. Hombre Sin Nombre, looking like a short Black Warrior this week, is waiting and eventually Juvi is ready to wrestle. HsN eventually takes control with three tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, and Juvi retreats out of the ring. Fuerza in - Felino comes back in for his team, and now Fuerza back off to have a word with Juvi (who's adjusting his pants.) Felino milks the crowd's attention and ducks a dropkick. Weird armdrag by Felino - Fuerza comes back with a slap to the face, but misses on a corner dropkick. Virus in, misses a clothesline, whip, reversed, over, and Felino quickly hits a dropkick to the face to take him out - double jump somersault senton! Juvi misses a corner charge on HsN, and HsN gives him a Fujiwara into the headstand pin for one two three. (5:02) Meanwhile, Niebla's hitting the handspring elbow and putting the Nelbina on Fuerza (5:13) - there goes the fall.

I give this fall 2 minutes before the DQ. Virus does not stand with his partners, option for the floor instead, and laughing at them when they get mad about him doing that. Fuerza and Niebla to start off - Fuerza with a distraction ploy and a hard open hands lap. Another slap. Laughing to the crowd - and Niebla's up with the slap to the back of the head. Headlock, off the ropes, monkey flip. Fuerza up with a kick, off the ropes, dropkick misses and out he goes. Juvi dropped Niebla for him before he could do anything, but we didn't see how. Juvi tries a suplex, it's blocked so he goes for a waistlock, Niebla with back elbows, his own waistlock, Juvi with a hard elbow to break free. Chop, and he's going up but Niebla is more than ready for him, and a big face slap knocks him to the floor. Virus in - unfortunately, his slaps are just making Niebla dance. Off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl but Virus lands on his feet - handshake! See, he's a good guy now. Unfortunately, he walks out of the ring and Fuerza and Juvi don't feel like going back in, so he's got to go back. HSN in - off the ropes, headscissors takedown. Virus up - big back elbow. Whip, clothesline misses, Hombre sin Nombre with a running somersault senton bodyblock. Now up - HsN with a rolling back elbow. Virus is knocked out of the ring and HsN _ want a handshake too. Well why not, let's all do it! Virus grabs his jaw on the outside and Juvi's in for them - chop, suplex takes two tries but works. Fuerza is in to help, and Juvi clears off the tecnico apron with elbows to stop them from coming in. Fuerza holds HsN's neck over the rope for Virus to hit a running apron kick, but he's having second thoughts about this (rudo-ish) move, and the fans are telling him no. So is Niebla, for that matter - Juvi is over to hit the jawbreaker over the ropes. Fuerza puts HsN's neck over the ropes again, and Virus starts to do it, but pulls up short - he just can't resort to such things (like cheap double teaming) again a guy who respects him, I guess. Fuerza and Juvi bring HsN in the ring and hold him, but Virus wants it one on one - then puts HsN in the tecnico corner so he can tag out! Juvi has had enough of this garbage and takes a swing, but Virus ducks and calmly gets out of the ring. Juvi has words with Virus - proclaiming himself RVD (I guess) with the thumb point. Anyway, back to action, where Juvi's dropkick to the shin on Felino. Fuerza in to help with a chop. Fuerza with a corner whip, corner clothesline. Juvi's left the ring. Open hands lap. whip, reversed and Felino gets the corner clothesline - who about another corner clothesline? Felino holds Fuerza for Niebla to hit, but the tecnicos have rudo mistiming! That's odd. Felino's slapped out of the way, and Fuerza gives Niebla and kick and dropkick. Fuerza poses and Juvi poses and Niebla attacks from behind. Niebla with a shoulderblock, off the ropes but Niebla gets him with the handspring dropkick. Niebla setting up - Juvi dropkick to the shin. Juvi gets a running start for a clothesline that would normally seem to take Niebla out of the ring, but Niebla oddly decided to fall down and out through the ropes a lot safer. I mean, it's cool being safe but that bump had little to do with that move. Hsn in - Juvi misses a clothesline but hits a spinning headscissors. Juvi poses - kick, chop, whip, HsN thrown into the ropes but he comes back with a handspring flip back elbow. HsN gets a running start at Juvi, but Juvi monkey flips him out, then hits a n odd bottom rope slingshot dropkick. Fuerza holds HsN for Juvi, and Juvi gets speed but Niebla pulls him out and they brawl, so Virus tries the dive - and hits a thru the ropes dropkick on Fuerza! I think that was accidental. Virus back in, looking at Fuerza and Juvi's into - kick, spinebuster! I don't think he thought it was accidental. Signaling for it - dropping powerbomb. Juvi: "I'm the [manure - I think]!" Juvi back to Virus with kicks and chops. Everyone else is outside watching - whip, reversed, and Virus grabs Juvi in Tombstone position! Virus changes his mind - face first powerbomb! Virus calls in the tecnicos for a group cover one two three (7:20) Tecnicos celebrate with Virus. I guess Fuerza got counted out or maybe Virus just gave up. Felino gets the crowd to cheer for Virus. I think there's a "tecnico Virus!" chant here. Virus seems kinda amazed about the situation and point to the crowd. Fuerza and Juvi opt to talk strategy a little more, and the announcers get a word with Virus - it's Dr. Morales, so you know he's a tecnico. Virus throws out a mano y mano challenge against Juvi. Juvi says Virus' not worth his time or his father's time. I think Virus comes back with a challenge to both of them - or maybe just Fuerza. Fuerza agrees to go mano y mano at any rate, so we get that next week.  And then he goes after Virus - there's kick, slap, slap. Juvi stands behind cheering him on, and it looks like the tecnicos are out to help but we get replays. 

Vignette: The title here sounds like "Dr. Wagner explains why he's teaming with the Japanese" and I'm glad I at least got an explanation. Anyway, Dr. Wagner meets with Team Japan at a restraint. Dr. Wagner brings chopsticks as a token of team unity, or something. Nosawa is back to the hockey jersey. Actually, the way he's acting, it looks like he isn't too pleased to be teaming with them, and he walks out early. Maybe it's all just to get Silva. Anyway, Black Tiger assures me that Team Japan is good looking and intelligent.  

3 Dr. Wagner (c), Black Tiger, Takemura, Apolo Dantes vs Gigante Silva, Atlantis, Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
MM/DD/YY, Arena Mexico
1 4 vs 3 9:56 Rayo/Atlantis pin Takemura
Rayo/Atlantis Boston Crab Wagner
credit given for near-clean finish
but you have seen this

Notes: Apolo is here because it is a Silva match after all. Rayo has a black valet (with really long dreadlocks) - the first one I've noticed on this show. Rayo makes a mini deal out of it. This is the perfect week to blow off; I think we've seen a billion of inconclusive matches with some of these same rivals and team mates, and I don't suppose it'll all the sudden produce a decent finish. Rayo gets the top left quarter of his mask torn open, but slams Wagner hard into the post as revenge, and tears quite a bit of his mask too. I really can't get into this match. Rayo hits a legdrop and it all breaks down - six man brawl in the ring and the rudo referee will absolutely not let Silva in. Rayo and Atlantis get the worse of it, of course. Tiger and Apolo keep teasing Silva to make sure the rudo referee keeps stopping him. Of course, it turns out that they don't even need Silva to turn it around - just Rudo Mistiming. Silva finnaly gets in and Apolo and Tiger take it to him, even hitting a double dropkick twice (Silva selling it by leaning back on the ropes, not actually falling down at any point.) Of course, won't work a third time. Silva misses a double corner smash, but his teammates help him out. They hold the rudos for Silva - Silva toss off his short and hits a double clothesline to take both out. We have a big meeting with Rayo and Wagner, and get in the Rayo comedy routine. Wagner unbelievably ends up landing on Takemura to take him out for one two three (9:56) and then get a Boston crab himself (9:57) Takemura attacks during the celebration - ah, Rayo stole Wagner's mask, and Takemura was trying to help. He gets tossed anyway. I'm shocked about the clean win - well, the landing was supposedly a low blow on Takemura, so there you go. It was less than effective.

Spectacular Moments - that's a high missile dropkick - right below the neck, really.  Some Dr. X looking guy hits a senton that looks like it lands right on the guys' head - the replay makes it look a little safer but still. There's an okay plancha - wow, they got some elaborate outfits on the Coliseo undercard. Hey Pantera. Here's Niebla getting hurt last week - apparently, he got KO-ed but that wheel kick. 

Vignette: Rey Buccanero is hiding out in an unusually dark and cold hallway - he's freaked out when Ultimo shows up and pats him on the shoulder. I think Rey thinks there's ghosts or something, which makes perfect sense. Ultimo explains to Rey why it's so dark - his sunglasses are still on. I think Rey's sure there's a supernatural force because they couldn't be losing for any other reason. Or maybe it's related to Vampiro being a freak. They talk about their opponents - Magica isn't quite Guapo. Suddenly, a door creaks - Rey freaks out, and Ultimo sneaks away. Rey talks to himself for a while before realizing he's been ditched, then takes off for safer ground. 

4 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccnaero, Tarzan Boy (c)) vs Vampiro (c), Negro Casas, Mascara Magica 
MM/DD/YY, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:29 Ultimo Stretch Muffler Vampiro quick turnaround
2 7:36 Vampiro DQ (ref bump) nice future build
T 9:04 Rudos (2-0) another tablesetter

Notes: Ultimo tries to distract Vampiro on the ramp while the other two sneak through the crowd to clothesline him from behind, but Vampiro has supernatural vision (I'm assuming) and ducks it - the other two run to the ring to start the match with a tecnico beatdown.

But first, let's go back to last week, were Ultimo hit a low block kick on Vampiro and got caught.

Back to live action, where the beatdown goes on - Tarzan Boy in and getting two corner clotheslines by Casas, then a missile dropkick by Magica. Tarzan Boy rolls out over the bottom rope and does it that it looks natural. Ultimo in - triple whip, double flapjack by Magica and Casas (though they don't keep his head up as much as they should and it becomes a bit of a brainbuster). Negro and Magica try to go off the ropes, but they're both pulled out, run into teach other, than run into the posts. Meanwhile, Ultimo has taken control in the ring - and there's a Stretch Muffler (that leg crank around the neck - thanks darkdragoon!) to finish off Vampiro. (1:29) Wow, the rudo fans are out in force tonight. Replay shows that it took a 'rana reversed into a powerbomb and a clothesline to set up for that finish. 

Rudos beatdown on tecnicos continues during the break - Magica get the leg put in a chair treatment from Buccanero. Ultimo beats Vampiro on the outside while Tarzan Beat up Negro on the inside. Ultimo's back in to help - Tarzan with hair pulling and shots to the head. Rey and Ultimo are kinda standing and watching - now they help, and hold so Tarzan Boy can hit a dropkick to the head. More punches to the forehead. Is he bleeding yet? Don't think so. The other two are held at bay while Tarzan does a sleeper around the ropes. Double whip, triple boot to the head. Tarzan is out to beat him more, and Rey takes care of Magica when he tries to help. Vampiro is over so Rey gives him a slap too. Tarzan brings Casas back in so he can beat on him more - top rope elbow smash to the forehead! I think he is bleeding now but we're not looking close enough. Chinlock - now Tarzan Boy up with a ship, spinebuster slam! Off the ropes, legdrop to the head. Yep, I see blood. Ultimo and Rey still keeping the other two at bay, though just barely - Magica gets run into the corner buckle. Tarzan cranking in a straight jacket chinlock. Turnbuckle smash. We're not getting shots of Negro up close and it doesn't look impressive from far away - maybe it doesn't look good up close either. Now I'm not sure if he's bleeding. More work on the forehead - punches and the sort. It's just not showing up well on his skin, I guess - it just gives him a darker tan. Ultimo kicks and stomping Ultimo on the outside while Rey stops Magica on the apron yet again. Tarzan with a suplex on Negro, as we watch Ultimo chop into Vampiro some more. Dropkick to the head. Ultimo back into help as Rey stomps a mud hole on Magica - drink cup to the head! That's awful! They finnaly get rid of Casas sometime in here and Magica is brought in to get beat - double whip, triple boot, picked up into the Gory Special and there's the double bulldog! Here's the triple straight jacket slingshot and Magica has just enough left in him to roll out. Vampiro in and kicked. Here's a replay of the slingshot (which makes it look less good.) Ultimo waves off his teammates; he wants to chop Vampiro by himself. Corner whip, he gets helped with the corner slaps but it misses - double clothesline for Rey and Tarzan! Now Vampiro and Ultimo are left and Vampiro wants Ultimo - big boot. Vampiro off the ropes, but into a big boot. Ultimo of the ropes and hits a hard clothesline, Vampiro up but grabbing his ear. Again - another clothesline. A third misses and Vampiro hits one of his jumping kicks and Ultimo rolls out. Rey in and dropkicking Vampiro in the back - Magica in but Rey sidesteps his dropkick. Battle of chops, both off the ropes, both with clothesline, neither will go. Again, but Magica ducks Rey's, and Rey turns and kicks - suplex, no blocked halfway up, Magica comes back down. Try again, and Magica goes over the top rope but hangs out to Rey and pulls him out with - looked painful. Tarzan and Casas back in - Casas has gotten a white bandage around his forehead (which makes the blood show up a whole lot better) - Tarzan with a kick, it's caught, so he posed the wound. Off the ropes, clothesline but Casas won't go. Again, but it's ducked, and Casas hits a dropkick to the knee, La Majistral - no the armbar is blocked, low blow uppercut! Rudo ref saw it but isn't calling it - and Vampiro in to break up the pin before it can be counted. Big boots for everyone, and the rudo ref holds him back - back elbow for the ref! More kicks for everyone but I got a feeling these aren't going to help him win - yep, rudo ref raises Tarzan Boy's hand - it's a DQ on Vampiro. (7:36) The rudo ref - Baby Richard - is immediatly walking out, and I believe the tecnico referee was checking on Magica and Rey and missed everything but the hand raise. 

Replay - I guess you could say that Richard was making sure that Ultimo would be let out of the corner, but I guess you could say they don't have long second falls unless someone's winning in straight falls. Words from everyone - Casas wants a hair/hair match against Tarzan Boy. You can guess how Tarzan feels about that idea. Uh oh, here comes the CMLL Guy We Only See When Matches Are Going To Be Signed (he gets chyron but I miss) - and at the same time, Vampiro is challenging Ultimo. Ultimo doesn't like that idea, but it sounds like it's on for next week, with Tarzan/Casas hair/hair for the anniversary show. 

Next week: Vampiro, Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Dr. Wagner Jr, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Juvi, Virus, and more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (38:17) about 36.5% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 63.8
Overall Match Rating: approximately 65
3 Trios, 1 4 vs 3
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
3 Straight Fall Match
Turns: Virus (tecnico - probably)
Show Assessment: Set up good future, eh present

Closing Notes: 

1. I didn't exactly have the happiest mindset doing this, so it probably played into the ratings a bit. Can't be helped.
2. Should the over riding angle play into the match ratings? You'd get different numbers if you looked at match 2 as "the next step in the Virus turn" than "a two fall match with a lot more talking than interesting ring action"
3. Maybe I was happy and Boricus vs Anti-Boricuas killed me. Nah. 
4. If my description for the finish of 3 didn't seem to make sense, you got it.
5. 2 Fall Or Less Shows = Not Too Good

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