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CMLL Line - 09/14/02 (51)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

Thanks to: Mark Coale ( for supplying me with the great 3/00 CMLL PPV tape.

Thanks to: Joe Gange for bailing me out when my tape went bad.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Gran Markus is focused on Pierroth - here's a group discussion with Poder Mexica and Mascara Y2K. I think there's some worry if Markus and Mexica can trust the Capos, but I couldn't really care.

1 Pierroth (c), Violencia, Killer vs Gran Markus (c), Poder Mexica, Mascara Y2K
MM/DD/YY, Arena Coliseo
1 trios :18 DQ (Pierroth swings pipe) all their falls should be this fast
2 4:20 Markus Boston Crab Pierroth screwy because he's hurt?
T 5:38 Markus (2-0) very anticlimatic, semi-satisfying

Notes: Pierroth comes to ring what I initially think is a skill cap, but proves to be a really big bandage wrap on further inspection. They try to keep him from the ring but he insists on wrestling. He's wearing a Fidel (not Sierra) Cuba shirt. The referee is in th ering to stop this again after the introduction and trying to get Pierroth out of the match, but he vocally (duh) disagrees. They don't actually have another normal sized wrestler in their traveling party this week (Mini Pierroth, Mini Violencia, Commando Girl) - I guess Veneno (and Nitro and Rico Suave and...) got the week off. Pierroth gets ticked with their protesting, but leaves the ring and the falls starts (is he not in this match then? That can't be), pulls up the ring covers at a corner, grabs a big pipe from under the ring, and comes in the ring swinging. The tecnicos (and other Boricuas) see him coming and duck out of the ring to avoid being hit - and Pierroth's DQed for even thinking about it. (:18) That's quick.    

One Week Ago: Shaving cream - Pierroth losses by DQ in straight falls. So really, we're close to a repeat. I guess the tecnicos want to get a clean fall win but I don't exactly see that happening ever. EVER.

We're back and Pierroth still has the pole - he's at least got his men back in the ring. DQ HIM AGAIN. Man that would be sweet. For me. Probably not for people who want to see this match. Well now Pierroth's dropping the pole and leaving the ring to talk to the doctors and people in charge and such. Hilarious moment comes when Pierroth is talking and not paying attention the brawl that's broken out behind him in the ring - Poder Mexica comes over and pops Pierroth in the back, and the "bandages" go flying off. So it kinda was nothing more than a skull cap. He's got real bandages on his forehead but still that's pretty funny. Markus' side dominates the beatdown, and Markus gets pierroth in the ring - everyone beats on him, taking off the remaining bandages (and he starts bleeding again, so it really must've not healed well yet) - Commando Girl is on the apron not doing much. Everyone takes turn kicking him in the head, which seems fair but I keep expecting a DQ for excessive violence. Why not try beating him? Killer and Violencia are being kept from the save by the tecnicos. Yeech - Markus is biting him right on the blood. Everyone's just working over the wound. Pierroth escapes after a pair of corner clotheslines, so I guess we're getting beatdowns for everyone. Killer up first, than Violencia. They actually do more than brawl with Violencia, with Mascara giving him a big powerbomb and Poder finishing him with a second rope elbow drop. Pin? Nah, let's backdrop him to the floor. Mexica with a pescado - Violencia and Killer catch him, so Markus decides to do a apron dive (in name only) plancha. The front row fans stampede out of the way just not to be killed by the humanity of it all. Pierroth is in against Mascara, exchanging chops. I'm waiting for the weapon pass but Mascara seems to have this in control. Commando Girl is up on the apron, but she seem to often be there for no particular reason. Besides the "Hey! I'm on the apron!" reason. Now Markus in and we're back to everyone punching Pierroth in his forehead again. Markus gives him a spinebuster, and Markus takes a while deciding what to do next - Boston Crab with Mascara stomping the head does it. (4:20) Wow, it did happen. Shows what I know. It was about the height of anti-climatic - the anti-Boricuas had their way with the Boricuas for the whole fall and then pinned him. It makes logical sense, I'm just not used to that. Tecnicos take their time getting in a few extra stomps on their way out, and Markus and Mascara make challenges after the match. I think Pierroth accepts the match with Mascara, but no hair on the line.

Vignette: Virus shows up at CMLL HQ and runs into Tigre Blanco and I don't remember who the other guys is - It kinda looks like Safari but with an open mouth for the mask. They're wondering if he's a tecnico or rudo, and I don't know if he answers that. He runs into Olimpico and others (is that Ultimo Dragoncito?) in the weight room with the same basic idea. I think they also ask if he needs back up against Fuerza and Juvi, but he says he wants to do it himself, I believe. We're left wondering if this is just an issue with the Guerreras or if he's full on tecnico. 

2 Virus vs Fuerza Guerrera
MM/DD/YY, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 7:46 Fuerza low blow knee lift great story
this week, also great match

Notes: First time I've ever seen them note we're joining in progress when such thing happens. Virus is a tecnico as far as I'm concerned. They clip it, but come in just in time to see Virus blow a Tiger Spin through the ropes, nice work.  Virus gets Fuerza up in the Gory Special, but Fuerza reverses it.  Virus reverses it to a victory roll for one two no. I get impression this is the third fall (or the only fall) - they're selling it like they've been at this for a while. We never see a fall graphic. Fuerza with a hanging suplex for one two NO. Baby Richard is your referee and making deliberate counts either way. Another suplex is reverse into a Virus snap suplex. Virus with a kick, corner whip, reversed Virus quick turns around, Fuerza charges, Virus puts him on the top rope and slaps him, Fuerza kicks him away, Virus back on him but he's kicked and held by the hair. Fuerza climbs to the rope and pulls Virus up and down by his hair. On the third yank, Virus manages to land on the second rope and starts punching away - off the top rope armdrag! Virus is too tired to cover right away - now he gets an arm over one two NO. Here's a replay of the armdrag. Virus with a running springboard kick to the back of Fuerza's head (was that supposed to be a dropkick?) Virus climbing for a moonsault but Fuerza's up and behind him - he's crotched. Fuerza picks him up - over the shoulder chinlock into a face first powerbomb! Fuerza takes a moment, then rolls him over -  one two NO. We start to see a replay of the move but come back to live action - Fuerza misses a corner charge elbow, Virus puts him on the second rope, three open hand slaps to the chest and Virus unwisely takes a moment to pose. Now he's running towards Fuerza's corner - jumping on to the second rope, springboard dropkick...misses. Just whiffed - didn't look like Fuerza was trying to block it or nothing. Virus is down for a second, then up with more open hand slaps. Now he's to the apron, and climbing up the corner behind Fuerza -ripping at the mask, and pulling it apart. Wow you can see the top left side of his face pretty clearly. Fuerza finnaly battles back with a back elbow, then picks Virus over his shoulder - off the second rope powerslam! One two NO! Open hand slap battle - Virus opts to come off the rope with a boot. Charging again - but hiptossed to the floor. Fuerza gets peed - dropkick through the ropes hits! Now to the apron - waiting for Virus to get up - running somersault bodyblock MISSES! Fuerza's back hits the floor and Virus is unscathed. Virus pulls himself in the ring - the count is to 13, 14, 15, 16, and Fuerza pulls himself in. Virus tries a dropkick in the corner, but Fuerza side steps hit. Fuerza with a double underhook drop slam one two no. Hairpull Romero Special - Virus isn't giving and the ref doesn't seem like he'll count it anyway - Virus gets the rope to stop it for sure. Virus tells us this is it - whip, reversed, fireman's carry slam by Virus, Tequila Sunrise! It's a Half Crab with Armlock but that's the last time I saw this move - Baby Richard breaks it up for reasons I can't understand (Konnan is prohibited in CMLL in any and all forms?) which leads to a shoving match. Virus isn't shoving too hard, but Fuerza's up and sneaks in a knee to cause Virus to knock down Baby Richard - there's the Fuerza knee lift low blow, and Richard missed it. Fuerza covers one two three. (7:46) Fuerza's a smart man. This was a smart match - great rating given the time and major clip.

Vignette: The scary hallway of last week has been lit all red - by Rey to keep out all the ghosts? I'm not sure - GdI talk, and I notice that theyr'e all well dressed (nice suit Ultimo) for whatever reason. Anyway, they all have separate missions going on - Tarzan is prepping for the hair/hair match vs Casas, Ultimo's got a singles match against Vampiro tonight, and Rey has this showdown with the ghost (not scheduled as of yet). We hear a loud noise from the hallway. Rey says he's gonna go down and see what that's all about, and Tarzan and Ultimo are all backing him up (then sneaking away while Rey is looking) - Rey nearly trips and gets bleeped, looks like he tripped over a really large toy truck or a tire jack. I don't know. Rey realizes he's been ditched again and decides not to confront the ghost...this time. The captian at the end suggest the ghost may be a cat, so now I'm really confused. All the better!

3 Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Buccanero, Tarzan Boy (c) vs Atlantis, Negro Casas (c), Mr. Niebla
MM/DD/YY, Arena Mexico
1 trios ?:?? Atlantis torture rack Wagner
Nelbina on Rey
2 ?:?? Casas Special on Tarzan Boy
T ?:?? Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: Different ring announcer this week for Arena Mexico. Rudos get separate entrances. Dr. Wagner kicks Atlantis on his way in, but Negro has to have his separate entrance before he can make the save. Even then, he's not in a real hurry till he gets close to the ring - then ambushes a not paying attention Tarzan Boy. Mr. Niebla rushes the ring the ring (after his music is played) to help out as well.

From this point on, my tape is dead, so I'm relying on Joe Gange's excellent CMLL Workrate report to give you enough for the finishes - this was on the good side and Rey tried to kill himself many times.

Spectacular Moments featured Ultimo Dragonicto in one highlight and I'm ticked about missing that.

Vignette: Contract signings for the PPV - hair/hair, tag titles, Pierroth vs MY2K

4 Ultimo Guerrero vs Vampiro
MM/DD/YY, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano ?:?? Ultimo superbomb Vampiro

Notes: Shocker was in Vampiro's corner, Rey in Ultimo's, as this was hype for the big tag team title match. GdI cheated to win - Shocker got low blowed en route to the victory. Joe thought this was slow and the ending came out of nowhere. 

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches

3 Trios, 1 Mano Y Mano
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 2 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Show Assessment: Well, Fuerza vs Virus was good

Closing Notes: 

1. I guess it's unfair to expect a total dramatic turn in a week or two from Virus - he still has the options of being a rudo but just not getting along with Fuerza. Maybe that's what he was thinking this week? 
2. I want to say "hey, Pierroth vs MY2K is great if it gets us to our endgame" but I don't believe we're actually getting there. 
2.5. Abbreviated report means abbreviated notes.

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