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CMLL Line - 09/21/02 (#52)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

Odometer flipping: This is my 52 (first-aired) show (hence the show number), which would mean a year of shows if Galavision/Televisa/CMLL were consistent about those things. Still, it's kinda surprising to me I got this far - for a long time I was sure I wasn't making it through the first recap. Which means everything else is bonus and not so bad. Hope I keep getting better.

Etc: Not only does my site include a Thursday-ish update preview of both CMLL weekend shows (with times as listed by but it has a link (much like this one) to Joe Gange's excellent EZBoard of lucha discussion and other stuff. Feel free to check it out someday.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Rayo and Atlantis talk strategy (about the match with Team Japan) - and happen upon Porky thinking strategy (about how much of this food in front of him he can eat.) He ends up eating none - I think they tell him the match is really soon, which may mess up his per-match preparations. 

1 Dr. Wagner (c), Japan (Takemura, Black Tiger) vs Atlantis (c), Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Super Porky
09/03/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:11
Takemura senton Rayo
Wagner tiger bomb Atlantis
The first fall was above expectations from this group, with some nice team work. Second and third falls were typical of the tecnico group. Points for the clean finish.
2 3:13 Porky double splash Takemura/Tiger
3 4:42 Rayo Tapita Wagner
Atlantis Torture Rack Tiger
T 9:41 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: No sign of Masada or Nosawa. Rudos attack during tecnico introductions, and the beatdown is on. Odd that Atlantis is the Capitan on a Rayo team. Tiger with a nice suplex on Atlantis, and Takemura follows up a snap mare with a dropkick to the head. You know Atlantis is being kept in the ring first because he's the only one they'll be able to do anything impressive with. Rayo in - he takes corner clotheslines and is out. Porky- double backdrop! Wow. Takemura hits a senton and they actually cover him for three - though they show a bad camera angle and we don't get to see the count. (2:11) Atlantis in and Tiger hits an high assisted dropkick. Wagner puts Atlantis on the top rope, Tiger goes to his knees and Takemura gets a running start - assisted high koppo kick! That's neat. Wagner finishes him off with a tiger bomb. (2:46) During the celebration, Rayo oddly pulls out Wagner and  goes after him. We get lots of replays of the kick and the finishes. Breaks

In Other Action: We come back with a look at look at plaques for - M. Robles and K. Lagarde. I'm not sure what this is about, but it seems like a referee and a ex-wrestler/office person being publicly thanked for long years of service.

We come back and Rayo getting a double armbar from Takemura and Tiger while Wagner is holding off Atlantis and Porky. Wagner gets in a rip off the top of the mask as well. They switch up and Takemura tries to hold off the others while Wagner and Tiger work on Rayo - Takemura doesn't do as good a job, but the refs help out by forcing Atlantis and Porky to the apron. Double whip, double clothesline is ducked and Rayo hits his own. Now the tecnicos are all in and the comeback is on - Atlantis with the tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Tiger. Rayo goes after Wagner's mask. Porky hits a splash on Tiger but doesn't hold for the cover. Butt splash on Takemura. Bronco Buster on Takemura. Rayo's untying Wagner's mask now. We get a long crowd shot and they start to go to a replay (making me think the fall is over and I missed the finish), then another crowd shot, and then Wagner is brawling with Rayo and losing his mask after one shot - he gets it on before we can see. Now to the Rayo spots. Rayo hits a big fat tope. The other four all in, and Porky's fatness overwhelms the rudos. Atlantis hits a plancha on both Tiger and Takemura, Porky splash on both and cover for three. (3:13) Replays.

Third fall. Tiger is all over Atlantis, knocking him on tot eh apron a couple times. Tag to Wagner, whip, Tiger misses a clothesline but Wagner hits a kick to the back. Atlantis up swinging, it misses, Wagner with the waistlock, Tiger strikes, Atlantis ducks, Wagner gets hit. Atlantis soon trips up Wagner into a dropkick on Tiger, and then it's time for Wagner/Takemura bad team work leading to a tilt-a-whirl on Wagner. Rayo in for Rayo - suplex! Headbutt misses but Rayo does not knock himself out. Dropkick to the head by Wagner, cover one two Porky breaks it up. Takemura is over to help, but Porky it slapped. He's crying again. I saw this already. Takemura is on him with chops and such, off the ropes, shoulderblock but Porky won't go down. Off the ropes, shoulderblock and Takemura goes down after delivering the move. Porky off the ropes and he's big so down goes Takemura - he goes out. Tiger and Atlantis - Tiger hits a dropkick. Whip, Tiger charges, and misses a corner dropkick. Atlantis monkey flip. armbar so Takemura breaks it up. Exchange of slaps between Takemura and Atlantis, kick by Takemura, off the ropes and a clothesline by Takemura. Off the ropes, clothesline (not really thrown) misses, Atlantis hits a dropkick. Atlantis teases dive so Takemura moves out of the way - Atlantis stops in plenty of time. Atlantis teases another one, Takemura keeps moving, and we miss Porky diving on to Takemura. The other four are left in the ring with the tecnicos getting the best out of it. Wagner gets a slam on Atlantis and goes up, but Rayo meets him there - takes a  bit, but Rayo hits the middle, er, bottom rope armdrag. Rayo goes for La Tapita on Wagner, while Tiger misses the second rope moonsault on Atlantis - there's the Torture Rack. Double submission. (4:42) Rayo pulls off Wagenr's mask and then pulls him around by the hair - we get a better shot of the Porky dive in the replays.

Anniversary show hype - Casas vs Tarzan (cabellera/cabellera), Vampiro/Shocker vs Ultimo/Rey (tag team titles).

2 Taliban (Emilio (c), Bestia, Scorpio) vs Felino (c), Virus, Volador Jr.
09/06/02, Arena Mexico
3 trios 2:52 Emilio powerbomb Felino Perhaps this will mean something more in the future - Virus questioning his tecnico turn based on success or Emilio's powerbomb being lethal - but this week it was bunch of nothing
T ?:?? Rudos (2-1)

Notes: JIP. Virus and Scorpio start in the ring - Scorpio with a save, Virus kips up into a dropkick. Rights by Virus, corner whip, reverses, Scorpio charges in but Virus moves out of the way. Virus charges the corner, flipped to he apron, back elbow by Scorpio, he goes for the turnbuckle smash but Virus blocks it and hits a few of his own. Graphics shows that the rudos won fall one and tecnicos falls two. Virus going up - missile dropkick and Scorpio is knocked to the map. Emilio in and hits a clothesline - second is ducked and Virus hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Emilio goes out, Bestia with a slap, whip, and Virus catches the head down to early with a faceslam. Virus is on fire - no one left to face so he tags out to Volador. Scorpio back in and striking him to one knee. Scorpio yells at the crowd, whip, Volador with a handspring into the ropes and back flip for no reason (Scorpio having moved out of the way), Scorpio tries a clothesline, misses and Volador hits the reverse thrust kick. Emilio in with strikes, whip, reversed, Volador with a corner monkey flip. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker not been so great because we go to extended crowds shots. We come back as Bestia is flipping Volador to the apron - missile dropkick by Volador there too. No we start all over with Felino and Scorpio. Scorpio with a dropkick, Felino rolls under, whip, reversed, Felino with a back elbow, leg sweep, cover for zero. Clothesline, cover for zero. battle for holds leaves Felino in a full nelson for Bestia to strike, but Bestia (vision hampered by a bandage over his right eye) misses Felino leaving and this Emilio. Felino dropkicks Scorpio out and reverses a corner whip into a second rope missile dropkick. Emilio in, and Felino off the rope 'rana, no powerbomb! one two three.  Wow that was anti climatic. (2:52) I assume that's the captains but Emilio and Scorpio go for submissions anyway. Really odd - tecnicos dominating and one (really painful) powerbomb turns it all around. Felino sells the devastating affects of the powerbomb post match so maybe we'll have to keep an eye on that. You would think the Tailban would be anti-bomb but I guess not.  

Vignette: In the Boricuas secret underground HQ, Pierroth talks strategy. Veneno has a big gun and is hyper. "Es un a plasitca!" Hahaha. More weapon goofyness abounds. I notice for the fist time that Veneno's shirt says "Air Force" on it. Time to sing the Commando song. Hey, thanks for showing up Nitro. 

3 Boricuas (Pierroth (c), Violencia, Bulldog, Veneno) vs Capos (Universo (c), Apolo, Mascara, Cien) 
09/06/02, Arena Mexico
1 atomicos 1:44 DQ (Bulldog pipe shot to Apolo) If the Pierroth/Mascara feud was interesting, this might have built more interest. Neither side is that interesting and this match was very much to form of previous encounters.
2 5:00
Pierroth kicks cause Mascara to surrender
DQ (excessive beatdown on Mascara)
T 6:53 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: Veneno brings the huge plastic gun (at least I think that's supposed to be a gun) and a helmet. Nitro is here because he's got nothing better to do, I guess. Or just to reminds us that he's around. Both minis here - they were in the vignette but didn't do anything funny so I didn't mention them. Violencia is having issues with his mask  but seems to get it straightened out just in time for the abhorred anthem singing - Capos music cuts them off. Pierroth and Mascara meet on the ramp, and Mascara gets the better of it, but then gets beat by the troops. The rest of the Capos make the save quick. Bulldog gestures wildly and tells Nitro to go get something - don't know what. Quadruple dropkick to Pierroth's head! That was neat. Not exactly at the same time, though. It's a Capos beatdown really - Violencia's next getting a double press slam and double elbow drops. Hiptoss on to the ramp, that can't feel good. Bulldog in next - we take a look at Veneno on the outside, and it seems as though he either got a foriegn object or is look for it. Nitro's back too. I'm not sure what's going on with them. Bulldog is held by Mascara for an Apolo missile dropkick but escapes and Mascara gets it. Bulldog gets what they were apparently looking for - a "steel pipe" that partially compresses the first time Bulldog hits Apolo with it. Probably foil or something. There's a DQ (1:44). It as flat and looking like the stuff you get gum in by the time Pierroth gets it - Bulldog probably shouldn't have stomped on it in mid-celebration, but what can you do now.

As the second fall starts, Apolo is down on the floor and grabbing his left leg - the doctors check on it and it seems as though he's hurt, but I can't tell how. Maybe he's selling the pipe? Mascara in and getting beat by all four legal Capos. Replay - yep, the pipe hit the leg and Apolo is selling what otherwise didn't look like much - good for him. More action, another replay. Command girl hands Pierroth the foreign object as Apolo is helped to the back. Caras in - I don't know if Pierroth ever used his knucks or just stuck in his pocket. He seems to check his pocket so maybe he's saving it for later. Universo is in two and the Boricuas split in twos to take each man out. Universo gets a double whip and backdrop. Senton by Veneno, splash by Bulldog - Bulldog pulls him up, suplex (nearly blown - tried to make it hanging and made it look really unimpressive) and then mask ripping. Caras tries to make the save but he's held back by the Violencia and Veneno. Top of the mask is ripped, and then Pierroth takes him, double whip, Pierroth clothesline, Bulldog whipped into a corner smash. Bulldog unties the mask - actually, I think he's untying the mask partially, but using that extra cord to tie the mask to the ropes. That's a really smart move; someone must've told Bulldog how to do it. Mascara is getting repeated Turnbuckle smashes by Pierroth - he's busted open. Bulldog with a boot choke on Universo, despite getting warned by the referee. I think that's Caras who's getting pulled crotch first into the corner post - Veneno is pushing him and Violencia is pulling his legs, but there's oddly no DQ called. Mascara attempts a comeback but the numbers are two much - He's held for Pierroth to kick. Does he give? Yes. (5:00) Are they going to over do it? Yes! (5:09) Well this was a pointless trip - all the nice work by the Boricuas to cut down their opponents numbers and its' wasted like that. Bulldog goes back to rip Universo's mask some more. Pierroth gets a mic - he talks trash to a near-unconscious Mascara while the other three hold back Caras. More beating on the Capos. If this was more of an American angle, I'd wonder if the next time we saw Apolo, he wasn't turning on the Capos. 

Spectacular Moments - slingshot scissors is okay, as is the octopus. Ultraman with a tope - Zumbido does a full forward somersault from it (having been hit in the back) that's probably too much overselling. Tzuki with a nice Asai moonsault. Tigre Blacno gets good leg extension on a slingshot somersault tope. And Virus with job using Fuerza as a battering ram into the ringpost - Fuerza takes it right in the face.

Another Anniversary Show ad here 

Vignette: Rey and Ultimo talk - in a room, good for Rey. They're talking about the tag match and Rey's fear of cats. I think. Suddenly, a window breaks - they're not as concerned as I'd be, and I think Rey doesn't want to see if a cat broke it. Someone says something from off screen and I'm totally confused now. Anyway, they're the best tag team in CMLL so they can't lose the belts. 

4 Blue Panther (c), Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero vs Vampiro (c), Shocker, Lizmark Jr.
09/06/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:42
Ultimo/Rey double Boston Crab Shocker
Ultimo/Rey double press slam Vampiro
Very good match, just lacked some more drama near the finish and some significance to work for me. Built to the tag match next week very well, made the challengers look strong. Panther looked good. Points for clean finish.  
2 2:12 Lizmark spinning side slam Panther
3 4:07

Panther Fujiwara armbar Lizmark
Vampiro pumphandle chokeslam Rey
Shocker Strech Muffler w/leglock Ultimo
T 9:16 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Panther gets a separate (first) entrance. Does Vampiro have new music again? he's got a see through button shirt, weird. The shirt has white cuffs too. Shocker is back to his 1000% Guapo shirt but sill the Eminem. Lizmark get last entrance? Rey and ultimo charge their opponents while Lizmark's music starts up. Lizmark and Vampiro being in the ring at the same time seems like a problem for the time/space continuum, but the universe doesn't come to an end so I figure everything's okay. Lizmark very calmly walks right into Panther's charring way- there's a clothesline. All the tecnicos end up getting beat in the ring - tag chokes hold down their opponents with chokes for a bit, then Panther holds up Lizmark for - 

Previously: I blew the finish last week - CMLL decides to give me a chance to make up by showing Vampiro's win over Ultimo via an evidently extremely painful variant of a hammerlock. 

Back to live action - Shocker (with his ring entrance pants falling down) is whipped, double kick, double suplex (once Rey realizes that's what Panther was planning on doing.) Legdrop by Ultimo and Panther sweeps him out. Vampiro in - double whip, Ultimo corner clothesline, Rey corner clothesline, Panther corner clothesline, Vampiro collapses, but Ultimo isn't done - kick to chest - hey, let's show what happened last week again. Good work! Back live again - double whip on Vampiro, double back elbow by Panther and Ultimo. Panther pulls Vampiro out and sets his head hanging up over the apron - Ultimo on the apron - running double stomp to the midsection! Rey has kicks for Lizmark in the meantime, Panther lifts him up near the ropes, and Rey gets to hit the running assisted high sit. Panther cleans him out of the ring with a clothesline. Shocker (who has gotten his ring pants off) is back in double whip, double hiptoss into a faceslam, double Boston Crab (with Panther adding a knee for more pressure) and that'll do him. (2:42)  Vampiro back in for his team - some chops, double whip, Panther drops down and GdI with a double press slam into a kinda modified double powerbomb. One two three. (3:09) Lizmark is in but quickly gets chopped to the floor. Rey celebrates with the front row rudo bell ringer. Rudo bellringer busts a move. Replay - Vampiro landed awkwardly (mostly on his side) on the double press slam, which made it looks so strange. I don't think he was sure what bump they wanted him to take till midway down.

Fall 2 - rudos still own the beatdown, with Rey hitting a nice senton in Vampiro on the floor. Lizmark is held on the apron for a bit - triple corner smash. He's another replay - Vampiro 's left arm hits first, and he does end up grabbing as he's getting pinned. Shocker getting worked over while the other two tecnicos are out on the floor. Figuring out what's next (I guess) triple corner whip, Panther with a corner clothesline but Shocker ducks it, double dropkick for GdI, GdI back up, Shocker handspring flip over a double clothesline (! - though they obviously helped him with getting high enough) and Vampiro is back in to double clothesline them as Shocker boots Panther! Lizmark with  a double dropkick to knock Ultimo and Rey out - Shocker with a double jump plancha onto Rey Vampiro has a little more trouble but goes all the way up - plancha on Ultimo! Panther and Lizmark in the ring - Lizmark with a shoulderblock, than run up moonsault bodyblock. Whip, Panther tries a crossbody, Lizmark catches him, spins around a few times and drops him in a side slam. One two three (2:12) - announcers say Panther is the captian which is good because I missed when they said it the first time. Replays of the dives - Vampiro's plancha almost ended up being more of a double ax-handle from a really high place - and the finish.

Final fall - Vampiro makes an "I want the belt" motion while Shocker does the Shocker pose. Everyone gets reset and Vampiro and Ultimo will start this off. Ultimo chop, chop, chop, chop, right and a headlock. Cranking it in. Vampiro shoots him in to the ropes, Ultimo back with a shoulderblock. Vampiro falls to one knee. Ultimo off the ropes - Spear! rights to the head! Yell! Those rights couldn't look better - these open hands slaps in the corner are better. Forearm choke while taunting the fans. Corner whip, charge in, monkey flip try but Vampiro puts him on the top rope - and Superkick s him to the floor! Panther with chops, whip, Vampiro ducks the clothesline and hits his spinning kick to the midsection - cover one Rey tries to break it up with an elbow drop but gets Panther by mistake. Vampiro grabs Panther in a 3/4 headlock, kicks Rey as he charges and puts him in a front facelock - Stunner and DDT at the same time! That's incredibly wacky. Vampiro and tags out to Shocker. Rey in, - they run into each other, Rey with a leg trip, off the ropes, over Shocker, takes a right run, off the ropes, over Shocker, takes a right turn, off the third set off ropes, over Shocker, right for Shocker when he gets up but it gets block - slap by Shocker. Whip, reverses, Shocked ducks the clothesline, crucifix into a spinning headscissors! Ultimo in with a hard open hands laps and a pose - but Shocker is back up with hard chops of his own - windup punch gets him. Shocker poses - Ultimo with a climbing 'rana!  Shocker up, Ultimo misses a clothesline hiptoss but Shocker bounces off the ropes and reverses to armdrag! Ultimo rolls out and Shocker does the dive fake out pose - right into a Panther slap. Corner whip, reverse by Shocker, Shocker Special! Pose! Lizmark tagged in - dropkick on Rey misses and he gets an elbow drop in the back. Right, corner whip, Lizmark with the moonsault bodyblock, Rey steps under it, Ultimo grabs Lizmark, Rey goes for the punch, Lizmark escapes, Rey pulls up just in time. Turning around, Rey goes after Lizmark but gets hits clothesline blocked - Stunner! This just in, Steve Austin going to CMLL for revenge. He never did like the lucha libre. Ultimo tries to dropkick Lizmark while he's still holding in the 3/4 bulldog but Lizmark gets out of the way and Ultimo gets Rey. Lizmark with a superkick and out goes Ultimo - Panther in with a back elbow to level Lizmark. Whip, reversed, Lizmark charges in, flipped up but Lizmark hits the spinning headscissors. I think we just missed the Spianaroone - there's the spinning side slam for Panther again, and he's hurting. Lizmark takes time to pose and then picks up Panther - armbar takedown, Fujiwara! (4:07) Panther was playing a little possum and suckered Lizmark in. Vampiro is and boots Panther out, but gets a dropkick from Rey, Shocker with a boot for Rey, Ultimo with a clothesline for Shocker. The four in the tag match say in the ring and both sides get pumped - double GdI clothesline but the challengers do no go down. GdI gets motivated again - this time the clotheslines are ducked and they get a double big boot. While Vampiro hits a pumphandle into a Rock Bottom on Rey, Shocker hooks on a modified figure four with Stretch Muffler and we have a double finish. (4:55) Challengers get the clean win going into the big match. Replays - Lizmark is still holding his arm, but at least his side won.

Next Week: The anniversary show! Casas vs Tarzan - hair vs hair. Vampiro/Shocker vs Ultimo/Rey - tag team title son the line. Pierroth vs Mascara Y2K. And much much more. 

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (28:42) about 27.3% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 63.5
Overall Match Rating: approximately 67
3 Trios, 1 Atomicos
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: Set most of the issues for the Anniversary show well - but no Tarzan/Casas

Closing Notes: 

1. Only one really good match, but we got pretty much what we expected
2. The tag team match could be really good 
3. I wonder if it's a booking or coincidence that Shocker and Vampiro are winning by singles move and not doing the team work the champs are 
4. Wish something more was done with Virus after the build of that last few weeks
5. Next week could be fun

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