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CMLL Line - 09/28/02 (#53)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

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# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

The original matches on this show are from the CMLL 69 Anniversary Show. There's an extra bit of added hype and show for them.

Vignette: Capos (w/mysterious father figure in black) are in the scary basement of doom. They discuss this match with Pierroth - they're doing this for the Capos, and they're doing it for Mexico. This all shot in blue light, which makes the Capos look even more rougher than they did before. Universo has a very localized smoke machine - it's only Smokey around him. 

1 Pierroth vs Mascara Ano 2000
09/13/02, Arena Mexico
mano y mano 3:57 Mascara DQ (repeated shots with the cookie sheet) a brawl like the others, and sadly still just hype for a bigger match

Notes: One fall. Pierrothitho (w/flag), Violencito, Violencia, Nitro, Bulldog, two valets, Commando Girl and Veneno accompany Pierroth, who seems to be in a good mood. Get this - he talks about how great Puerto Rico is. He asks everyone to stand up for the anthem de Puerto Rico - Veneno starts to sing but he's cut off by the capos music! Oh tragedy! Mascara Ano 2000 gets fireworks (so did Pierroth) but is wearing a white Mariachi outfit. Pierroth tries to confront him on the ramp, but Mascara gives him a big boot to knock him back in the ring. Another in the ring and I'm wondering why the Boricuas don't help. Stomp to the hand, rights to the back, and they're still watching - Veneno with a big boot to the head and now they're all in to stomp him down. Well, Veneno (who's got a helmet on again) is kinda fooling around) - here's Gran Markus, Universo 2000 and Cien Caras down the ramp to make the save. I wonder where Apolo is, and also if this match has started (haven't heard any whistle) because that'd mean actual interference. Apolo Dantes apparently took a side route and brought some other people with him - ah, they had this scouted out. I see Averno (well, I wish I didn't see him because that confirms his new mask is pretty generic looking - maybe we're waiting for another Satanico vignette where he turns this mask into something cool) and Mephisto turns up soon after. Whistle blows while the um...14 man? brawl goes on. Commando Girl takes refugee on the outside, and I got to say I like Mascara's side because Averno and Mephisto may not be the biggest men ever, but they're also not midgets. Markus beats Veneno with his own helmet into the announcer desk, with Veneno being funny while being beat up. They fight up to one exit while everyone else not in this match fights back up the ramp.

The whistle blows again here, so I start counting from this spot. While that brawl is working it's way to back, Pierroth is hitting Mascara in the back with the flag pole - in full view of referee Baby Richards, who does take the flag away after the second shot. Turnbuckle smashes. As part of his outfit, Mascara Ano had a Green/White/Red tie tied around his neck, and it just so happened to stick around during this match. Kicks to the chest. Pierroth starts wisely using the tie as a choking device while Apolo returns to second his stablemate. He doesn't like what he sees with the choke and is letting the referee know, but he's warned to stay in his corner. Whip, clothesline and Pierroth is firmly in control. Crowd shot, and we come back to see Pierroth with his belt off - 

But first, remember last week when Pierroth kicked Mascara in the ribs so many times they had to stop the match and then eventually give it to Mascara. Well now you do

Pierroth with a belt shot (he's got it folded up as better to slap people with) to Mascara's face, while Richard is trying to get Apolo off the apron. Pierroth also manages to hit Apolo with a shot from over Richard's shoulder. Taunting the fans - he wants them to root for Mascara now. Back on the stage, it looks as though Veneno has returned, scouting the setting with his binoculars. Belt clothesline for Mascara. Whip (it's really weak and there's no way Mascara can't be running by his own free will), Mascara blocks the belt clothesline, open hand slap, open handed slap, kick to the leg and now grabbing for the belt. Pierroth won't let go but Mascara keeps slapping him till he will. Despite the protest of Commando Girl, Mascara lets Pierroth have it - shot to his back! Shot to his chest! Shot to this back. Pierroth stumbles to the rope sand tells Violencia )when did he get back?) to run to the back for something. Shot to Pierroth's butt! That can't feel good. Veneno is still scouting. Now another shot to his chest, and a belt choke in the corner. Veneno is watching and not doing much. Violencia is running back to the ring with a cookie pan, but halfway down the stage Apolo sneaks up and trips him. Apolo has words for him but doesn't notice the pan has ended up in the ring. In the meantime, Pierroth has taken back control some how (seems like a low blow), and goes for the pan. Pan shot is blocked with a kick to the gut - Mascara dropkicks the pan in his face! Mascara is pumped - now HE has the pan. He's being warned not to it but he's not gonna stop - shot to the head! Shot to the back! Shot to the head! That's it. (3:57) Richard raises Pierroth's hand, but he's out and bleeding on the mat. 

Apolo comes in for about ten seconds of arguing. They come to a group decision that they really were more interested in beating the crap out of Pierroth than winning the match anyway, and Mascara lets loose to kick to the head. Violencia is in but really not trying to make a stand, two on one - Veneno rushes into cover up Pierroth's body. Mascara shoves Baby Richard out if the ring when he tries to prevent his attack. Nitro comes in to back up his side, but Apolo gets annoyed with them and kicks them all out of the ring, leaving Pierroth for Mascara to keep kicking in the head. His kicks to the had are less than impressive. Veneno tries to make the save but Apolo beats him with the belt. Apolo sings at Nitro and Violencia for even trying to make moves. This isn't gonna make Pierroth happy with them.

Mascara get the microphone - he wants a hair vs hair match, right here in Arena Mexico. Pierroth gathers his strength and decides that he'd be more than happy to take Mascara's hair right in front of all these fools. It's signed. Viva Mexico. Replays of the dropkick to the plate - either I'm imagining things, or Mascara Ano did the RVD thumb point after. Mascara kicks Pierroth in the head more times in front of his main troops. 

Vignette:  Porky gets food and a peso change. In amazing coincidence, that peso is just enough to get people into the 9/16 show - where a 16 man, loser losses mask match will be held.

Spectacular Moments: Sangre Azteca rips of Lizmark Jr. ripping off D'Lo Brown. Tigre Blanco does a neat double jump missile dropkick - now if they only could find a reason for Mephisto to stand there like a goof until it hits. Also I notice that Averno has his normal mask here, so maybe Mephisto has a new friend? Maybe there are two Averno masks? Maybe he has a "run-in" mask and a "wrestling" mask? Who can say. Psicodelico with a good tope. Wacky submission hold. Zumbido's got to stop taking that tope to the back unless he wants to kill both himself and the person who's toping. Toping's probably not a word but you get the gist.

Vignette: Casting update on the third Guapo - it's a tough selection process. What if they put them out in front of the people to see how they do. it's tough being guapo under pressure. It's an idea. Coming soon.

2 Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero (champions) vs Shocker, Vampiro (challengers) 
CMLL Tag Team Championship
09/13/02, Arena Mexico
1 parajes 2:58
double team wheelbarrow suplex on Vampiro
Shocker bodyscissors rollup on Bucanero
Ultimo reversed sunset flip rollup Shocker
If only. I believe in these four enough to know that given more time shown, this might very well be a MOTYC, and that expectation may have raised the rating up. What we did see doesn't match up with GdI/FdT or GdI/Santo, though it is good action. The last finish could've been more dramatic.
2 2:21
Vampiro Death Valley Driver Bucanero
Ultimo CO (Shocker tope)
3 2:32
double fujiwara armbar Vampiro
double Tequilla Sunrise Shocker
T 9:38 GdI (2-1), title retained

Notes: Everyone goes full out for entrances. Rey and Ultimo wear elaborate Aztec warrior outfits, complete with head dress, shield, staff and their normal kilts. Every couple steps they take on the stairs on the way down, they raise the spears in time with fireworks. 

Shocker's entrance starts with two valets dancing on stage to "Without Me." (For a moment, they're almost doing the same dance.) Shocker slowly walks out in between them wearing that white fur coat with a fur cap. As the fireworks go off, the girls take off his hat and rip off his coat (leaving a piece around his neck that Shocker has to slip out of) to reveal his yellow hip hop shirt. He's given a cap and glasses - and the power of the dance flows through him! Everyone dance! Shocker throws the heat in the crowd and rips off the shirt as he walks to the ring - he's pumped. Gold and red pants for the occasion. 

Vampiro's song is Ice T's ode to the police - unbleeped, so you get to hear words that aren't usually on TV PG shows. Fireworks and a new vest but Vampiro's too intense for a much shower entrance. Vampiro chant.

We missed the whole belt ceremony while taking the wide angle and getting the video introductions. Shocker milks a Shocker chant, which doesn't make Rey happy. Looks like GdI has new yellow and black tights for the occasion. Refries want to get all four in the center for a rules explanation but Shocker's too busy posing. Great part is the referees explaining about chokes and Vampiro asks about the use of right hands. Vampiro and Shocker look for pre-match handshakes and get shut down. They keep standing there with the hand extended, so Rey slaps Vampiro and it's on. 

Both sides to their corners - looks like Rey will start for the champions and Vampiro for the challengers. Circle. Lockup, battling for control, Vampiro with an armbar into a grounded reverse facelock. Pulling Rey up by the hair, single leg takedown into a grounded side headlock, but Rey rolls though into control. Open hand slaps, Vampiro in the corner - Rey whips him out, reversed and Rey goes in hard. Rey out with a kick, Vampiro catches it and headbutts him multiple times. Corner whip - Vampiro with an overhead belly to belly suplex! One two Ultimo breaks it up with legdrop and tries to go out before Shocker can get to him, but Shocker chases him out. They have words but a referee gets there before it goes further. Back in the ring, both men are shaking sense back into themselves - 

And there's our first cut of the match, as the camera angle switches and Shocker and Ultimo are down in their corners, with Rey and Vampiro seemingly both just coming back in. Rey ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Yell to the crowd, and going up - right by Vampiro to stun him. Vampiro going up with him - off the top rope gutwrench suplex! Rolling him over- Shocker splash one two Ultimo breaks it with a stomp. Vampiro tries a kick but Ultimo ducks it and slaps him. Rey works over Shocker with stomps and hangs him in the Tree of Woe for kicks as Ultimo chops Vampiro. Now Rey over to help - double whip, Rey drops down and Ultimo hits the clothesline. Rolling him up into bodyscissors (takes some effort) and it's the double team wheelbarrow suplex - one two three. (2:58) Rey back over on Shocker with a kicks and a slap. Ultimo to help - double whip, Rey drops down and Ultimo hits the clothesline. Ultimo pulls Shocker up into the Rey bodyscissors, pushes him back, and goes to celebrate - while Shocker reverses into a bodyscissors rollup! One two three! (3:22) Oops! Ultimo still doesn't know, turns around, and then notices the guy left standing. He's not too happy with himself. Shocker draws from the fans as Ultimo asks Rey what happened. Quick crowd shot her (another cut) and we come back to see Ultimo ducking a clothesline, Shocker with a 'rana one two no - I think that was a weak kickout and so does Shocker. He argues and holds on for another count, and Vampiro's on the apron to argue that should've been three, which allows Rey to sneak back in and reverse the rollup - holding the arms for more one two three! (4:01) Well they snuck the first fall away, at least. Ultimo and Rey being halfway home. Vampiro starts to argue and then realizes it'll get him nowhere. He's a smart man. Replay shows Rey timed his interference perfectly but how did they miss the arm grab leverage? The pressure of a big show is surely getting to these referees. Break.

Fall number 2. Challengers discussion what they can do now - Vampiro's not happy with the offices. Looks kike it'll be him vs Ultimo, and indeed, Ultimo nails him with a back elbow to get this started already. Crowd cheers to get Vampiro back into this, but it may not happen. Ultimo with a kick to the head, armbar. Crowd shot. Back, and it doesn't appear we've missed much - Vampiro kips up and does the Cruiserweight flip out to the armbar (but he's not a cruiserweight!) and Ultimo clotheslines him (for breaking the rules.) Rey in to deck Shocker for being there. Double whip, double drop toe hold, double elbow drop. Double whip, double dropkick and Vampiro sent to the floor. Shocker in and he's got two people to deal with who seem to not hear the referees please to go back to one on one. Shocker tries dropkick but it's sidestepped by both) - double whip, Rey drops down, Ultimo waves him by, Ultimo drops down, off the ropes again, double hiptoss but Shocker lands on his feet, double clothesline try but Shocker backflips over it (using the clothesline to get height). Shocker dares them to come off the ropes to clothesline him, and GdI, who seemingly didn't have a plan right here, do just that - allowing Vampiro to clock them from the apron. Ultimo gets hit hardest, and Rey's dizzied (I guess), so he wanders around till Vampiro nails him with a top rope spin kick. Ultimo back up - kick for Shocker, charge at him but Shocker moves and Ultimo ends up on the floor. Shocker TOPE is quite nearly his last as he starts heading straight down way too soon - Ultimo thinks quick and pulls Shocker towards him and into a safe position - Shocker actually lands on his feet, quite all right. It turns out to be such a smooth landing, it makes it look like they meant to that. Back in the ring, Vampiro's giving Rey a German - here's another for him to land right on his neck. DVD one two three. (2:21) Ultimo's getting counted out - he's not moving, I don't think he's gonna make it. Yep, that's it. (2:36) Doctor are into to check on Rey -he landed right on his head and neck on both of those German suplexes. The DVD was nice by comparison. Replay kinda exposing how Ultimo saved Shocker's neck, though you could say if he stood nearer things would have been fine too. 

Fall three. Rey is getting check on the outside - he can not be feeling right after those bumps he took. We take a look at the rudo bell ringer, dancing in celebration of something or other, and look back to see the match back in progress. All four men in the ring -w ell, Shocker just clothesline Rey out. Shocker with the double jump plancha on Rey - looks good. Rey's boot is unstrapped here - I wonder if he hurt his ankle again? Ultimo getting speed - somersault tope onto Shocker! Vampiro's looking at the pile of bodies outside the ring, then pushing a referee out of his way - top rope plancha onto Ultimo! Everyone's down on the outside! Crowd shot. Looks like Rey will be the first on to pull himself in. Lots of crowd shots. Rey and Vampiro back in. Vampiro chant is getting him back into it. Rey off the ropes, misses a clothesline, ducks a kick, Vampiro tries a 'rana but get a powerbomb one two NO! Vampiro tells his fans it's not over yet. Crowd shot, and we look back to see Vampiro kneeing Rey - there's the Rock Bottom - one two NO! Camel clutch! We could really use Ultimo right now - and a camera pan reveals he's laying on the apron. Shocker tries to run at him, but Ultimo monkey flips him over the corner and to the floor (not in one clean motion as Rey does sometimes), which will take Shocker out of the picture for now. Can Ultimo get in time - Vampiro see shim coming and lets go - Rock Bo-FUJIWARA! Ultimo reversed it in mid-move! Rey on with a FUJIWARA on the other arm - that's it! (2:32) Rey celebrates for a brief second, but Shocker is in - big boot for Rey, big boot for Ultimo but it's caught and he's tripped up. Double whip, double press, into a double side slam! Rolled onto his midsection - double Tequilla Sunrise and it's over! (3:01) ULTIMO AND REY ARE STILL CHAMPIONS! They hug in celebration! Wow, this match is a lot shorter than I'd think it would be - I believe everything about twenty minutes of cuts because it feels like there's a bunchy missing.

Some woman and the CMLL Commissioner brings the belts into the ring, and Rey and Ultimo get them back. Pose for pictures! They did it without cheating (much)! Whoever the woman is, she makes sure to get into a picture with the champs - is she Rey's significant other? Seems that way. Ultimo and Vampiro hug, and Vampiro raises Ultimo's arm. That's it.

Note: This was the end point of those show as aired on Televisa. To fill Galavision's time, we get a repeat of  matches from the #43 (07/20/02) show

  • Hooligan/Nitro/Arkangel vs Rivera/Marvin/Volador Jr.

  • Arena Mexico Trios Cup Semi-Final: Team Japan vs Villanos

  • Arena Mexico Trios Cup Final: Team Japan vs Rayo/Lizmark/Warrior

Match lengths are included in total match time figures only. 

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


5 Matches (29:22) about 28.0% of showtime (1:45:00) 

Average Match Rating 76
Overall Match Rating: approximately 78
1 Tag, 1 Singles
1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
1 Title Matches (2 - CMLL Tag Team Title Match)
Show Assessment: So very close to being very good 

Closing Notes: 

1. Match time down due to long entrances and tournament matches that were very short
2. Mascara vs Pierroth was just about what I expected.
3. Which is not a good thing.
4. The tag team title match wasn't up to expectations, but I'm reluctant to blame it on them  
5. Wonder if we'll ever get to see Tarzan Boy/Negro Casas

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