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CMLL Line - 10/20/02 (56)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format, Krisz for the results archive, and Joe Gagne for the place to talk about it.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Rayo and Atlantis agree to unite to fight the threat that is Dr. Wagner. 

1 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Black Tiger, Emilio Charles, Bestia Salvaje vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Black Warrior
10/01/02, Arena Coliseo
1 atomicos 2:02 Wagner dropkick to head Rayo Felt quite like we were just going through the motions to set up next week's main event. Nothing much interesting, with Rayo telegraphing his loss by not taking his win. I expect better from half the guys in this match, but they lived down to the rest.
2 4:00
Atlantis abdominal stretch Bestia
Lizmark press slam into a shoulder powerslam Emilio
Warrior swinging DDT Tiger
3 5:55 Wagner low blow kick Rayo
T 11:12 2-1, rudos

Notes: Brawl starts before the match. Warrior gets a cane from a ringside fan but does not use it. Mostly rudo beatdown to start. They don't exactly show the pin, and it's only a minute later that I realize something's happened. It's that exciting. Time is approximate on the pin because we only faintly hear it off camera. Beatdown goes on for a while after the bell. 

Second fall and Black Warrior decides to take on all four rudos at once. Tiger rips at his mask. Lizmark in next - Rayo thinks about coming in but Wagner is talking him. Actually, Lizmark never really gets to do anything because they just shift to Wagner vs Rayo (everyone else wandering back to their corners), and Rayo "is grabbed by the referee" [actually, Rayo grabs the referee for no particular reason but to try and make it look the other way] and Wagner gets the advantage. Out of nowhere, Rayo powers back and starts open hand slapping Wagner, and suddenly there's a tecnico comeback. Not much the way of transitions this week. Rayo goes for Wagner's mask, untying the back. Tiger slams Warrior and goes up, only to get crotched. No DQ called, though. Warrior goes for Tiger's mask. Wagner's mask must've come off at some point because we seem him putting it back on. We get a replay - Rayo pulled it off mid punch, and we get a pretty good look at Wagner's face. Atlantis is outsmarting the Taliban and Tiger by himself. Rayo back in to take on Wagner, and has no problem. Atlantis back in so we can go to the finishing sequence. Replays.

Fall three, and the tecnicos clear the ring while Rayo works to pull of Wagner's mask a second time - he probably pulled it enough to get DQed here, but the refs are busy talking to Warrior and Lizmark. Wagner side steps a corner charge and fights back, going for Rayo's mask. Eye hole in enlarged, and the top of Rayo's head gets exposed. Face bite. Tiger in to stomp, and the tecnico are kept from making a save by the refries. Wagner keeps Rayo in the center of the ring for the rudos to kick for a while. Finally the tecnicos come over to try and do something about it. Warrior takes chops and fights back, scaring off the rest of the rudos. Wagner back to wrestling - whip, head down too soon so it's chopped. Suplex. Rayo going up? Listening to the crowd, now changing his mind, and chopping Wagner. Now going up again - they don't want him to do it, but he kicks Wagner away and dives - headbutt misses. Wagner rolls him over to cover, one two no. Wagner misses a clothesline and somehow manages to go out of the ring in the process - Rayo hits a running tope. Tiger and Lizmark - corner whip, Tiger charges in and finds nothing, Lizmark with a kick that he probably wanted to look more fancy than it did - was it attempt at Vampiro's spin kick? I dunno, but that'd be in character. Spinning side slam, and now the crowd tells Lizmark not to go up either. So he charges Tiger, and gets a drop toe hold into the middle corner buckle. Whip, reversed, dropkick to the chest. Tiger retreats to the outside, so Warrior jumps him and monkey flips him. Lizmark misses a top rope spinning kick on Bestia, clothesline keeps him at the ropes and a double Taliban clothesline gets him out - Warrior tries 'rana, Bestia with a powerbomb one two no. Bestia off the ropes, I guess that was a clothesline try but it was really going through the motions - Lizmark pulls out Bestia so Warrior can do the tope, but Bestia moves at the last season and Lizmark gets it! Atlantis in, clothesline for Emilio, Emilio in the Torture Rack but Wagner breaks it up. Wagener teases a dive, stops and gets a plancha from Rayo. Wagner and Emilio with bad double team work. Rayo with a corner whip, reversed, there' the reverse tope one two PULLED HIM UP. What are you think Rayo? Awful dumb. Powerbomb. Right for Emilio, right for Bestia. Well now that the refs are distracted for no good reason, there's the Wagner low blow one two three. (5:55) Gee, that was pointless. Rayo challenges Wagner to a one on one match to make you think this is going somewhere. Wagner says mask vs mask but I'll believe that when I see it. Replays show Warrior twisted his ankle hard on the tope landing - that's no good.

Vignette: Infernals are depressed that they no longer are Mexican National Champions. They shall have to beat up Family de Tijuana. I believe Satanico has a plan. Or at least an evil laugh.

2 La Familia de Tijuana (Nicho (c), Damien 666, Halloween) vs Infernals (Satanico (c), Averno, Mephisto) 
10/04/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:20 Halloween DQ (cane shot to Mephisto and Averno) Total angle match; existed to get the Infernals revenge, write out Halloween, and maybe build the issue between Satanico and Damien. 
2 2:57 Damien DQ (low blow uppercut)
T 5:17 Infernals (2-0)

Notes: Nicho is wearing the Psychosis mask again. They all have XLAW belts as well. Damien has a Singapore cane. Nicho hops down the steps on one foot! That's the coolest part. Halloween's tights support the Bengals. They all down the one arm walk. Satanico decides to go 1 one 3 - that works not so well. Brawl breaks out to start the match - the junior Infernals are thrown out and it's huge beating on Satanico.  Nicho gets what looks to be a low blow headbutt on Satanico, but I guess the refs miss out. Triple boot takes him out. Averno in, but not having much look - double back elbow, triple faceslam for him. Mephisto in now, and he brawls with Damien before the rest come to help. Double corner whip, Nicho whipped in for a clothesline, Halloween whipped in for a clothesline, hitting his clubbing clotheslines while he's there, and Nicho goes down to hands and knees so Damien can hit the Whisper in the Wind. Satanico in and punching the hack out of Nicho and Halloween, but Damien finnaly takes him down with a running headbutt. FdT regroups to stomp a mudhole in him. Shot to the midsection teaks him out. FdT celebrate, but they haven't actually won yet - Averno and Mephisto take advantage with a double dropkick on Halloween to take him out. Mephisto hits a drop toe hold, dropping Nicho on the ropes and following with a running sit. Averno hits a dropkick to the knee on Damien, then works him over in the corner. Working in opposite corners - now Halloween is back in, Singapore care shot to Averno! To Mephisto! (2:20) Well that's a pretty easy call. Halloween stands around with the cane a little bit and swings at at the referee - Satanico brought in and he ducks Halloween's hot - then fights his way free with the stick - shot for Damien, shot for Nicho, Low shot for Halloween! Now he's working on the left knee with the cane! Infernals are going nuts on Halloween! Halloween's screaming in pain, but it isn't helping. Satanico repeatedly hitting that knee with the cane, breaking the cane in half (and maybe the knee.) Referees finnaly rip the shards of it out of his hands. Decatur in, but Infernals shove him and referees away to get more stomps in. Halloween is HURT. Replays - Nicho manages to low blow Mephisto right before Halloween struck him. And here's Satanico breaking the cane into bits and pieces with repeated shots to the knee. Is this match still going? I don't know if Halloween can get up.

Since we have time - last week: Damien cheated to win the Mexican National Trios Titles. This is why they're unhappy. Let's take a break.

Will there be a fall 2? We first get a replay of the ending sequence of the first fall - Mephisto gets a cane upside the head. Stop there - back to live action, where the officials really would like to cart Halloween off, but the Infernals keep knocking him off the stretcher. Looks like they finnaly have him, and if this match is going on, it's gonna go on with two people. Nicho is laid out, and a Mephisto dropkick to the face just adds on to the damage. Damien tries a sneak attack but is not sneaky enough. Everyone takes a turn throwing him by his hair, and he's eventually kicked out. Nicho tries an attack on Satanico but the Juniors get to him. Satanico tells him to hold for him - Nicho spits at Satanico! That was less than a good idea. Beating, elbow to the head to top it off, Corner whip, corner back elbow. Corner whip, Satanico charges but Nicho moves and throws Satanico in. Rock Bottom on Averno! Wait, those arm motion seems awfully familiar - crowd shot - off one set of ropes, off the other set of ropes, Mephisto blasts him with a back elbow before he can the People's Elbow! I think Nicho forget he was in a death fight here - double whip, triple powerbomb! And pick him up for another!  I think he's dead. Averno isn't done - he's put on the top rope, facing out and roped into the tree of Woe. Damien tries to make another save, but stops to celebrate and gets three man clubbing. Now he's whipped into a double back elbow, odd way to load him into a powerbomb but it was cool - double off the rope rope elbow smash to the back. Whip, into a three person press slam - are they gonna throw him out? This side? That side? Nah, the mat. As Averno and Mephisto celebrate this massacre, Satanico goes to pick up Damien - low blow uppercut! This time the rest of the Infernals are too close and he's beat down - but that's another DQ. (2:57) Nicho manages to save his partner's life by pulling him out of the ring, but they just lost two falls by DQ. I think this war isn't over - except that Halloween seemed in bad shape. Replays.

Sounds like Nicho has the microphone - no, it's Damien. He's mad at them about what they did to Halloween. Satanico retorts - and I think challenges Damien to a hair/hair match, anywhere he wants - Tijuana, here, wherever. I think Damien says yes, but they don't agree to a date or place or anything.

Vignette: Shocker and Magica discuss their plan for Third Guapo Tournament. Shocker has it all planned out on a white board! This is man with a plan. Two guys have a match, and the public decides which one they'd like to see more. The winner moves on. I think they're gonna run into a problem with 12 people, though.

Spectacular Moments - midget tope is okay. Panther likes reversing moves into submissions. Takemura's koppo kick is gonna stick in here for quite a hiwle. Niebla with a senton to the floor - almost head first into Nosawa's midsection. Mephisto's jumping sunset flip off the apron to the floor on Damien that looked like it killed his neck. 

Vignette: Pieroth and his forces march into the parking lot. I guess this is supposed to be a victory party, except no one's doing much partying. A lot of standing at attention. Bulldog has no mask and now looks like an ugly Canadian. Pierroth gets a cell call, then addresses the troops. Veneno is wearing plant camouflage even now. Commando Girl has a bruise on the bottom of her left cheek - I guess it's from the match. I get the impression Commando Girl is getting a commendation for her work in this mission. Veneno yells very loudly and Commando Girl calls him stupid. I think he wants credit for helping Pierroth win but c'mon Veneno that ain't happening. Pierroth explains things to him. Maybe he's explaining why they're still fighting the Capos. Pierroth not so kindly points out his sneakers aren't very military. I think Veneno almost starts crying. 

3 Boricuas (Pierroth (c), Violencia, Killer, Veneno) vs Capos (Mascara Y2K, Universo 2K (c), Cien Caras) and Gran Markus Jr.
10/04/02, Arena Mexico
1 atomicos 2:35
Killer pins Cien
Killer fist drop Markus
Pierroth repeated kicks to Mascara
Another boring permutation of the boring feud. Boricuas how nothing, Capos show the glimmer of team work which almost makes the interesting, but not enough to save this. Ever notice that Killer has a way of making sure he gets to look good? Odd. 
2 2:57
Markus second rope splash Killer
Markus running splash Violencia
Cien cradle Veneno
3 2:27 Mascara low blow kick Pierroth
T 9:21 Capos 2-1

Notes: Not again. Everyone is out with the Boricuas - I don't think we saw Killer in the sketch before, but he's there now. Capos have (new?) orange (sherbet) and black outfits for no particular reason. We get to see Mascara Y2K bald, having missed that match earlier. I can tell him Cien Caras apparent quicker now. Universo looks odd wearing an orange mask; it's really a goofy color scheme for people who are supposed to be tough guys, but Universo looks the best I've seen him. The match will suck regardless. Brawl to start, with Rudos taking control. Veneno and Pierroth hit a double backdrop. Markus and Cien in to get beat. Veneno beats up Mascara all by himself. And everyone else helps out. Veneno breaks out a jawbreaker. Cien and Universo back in. This match isn't so captivating, so let's go back to Last Week: Pierroth tried to hit a dropkick to the knee on Mascara, but when Mascara moved, Pierroth somehow managed hit a sliding dropkick to Veneno's jaw on the outside instead. That must've been what Veneno was complaining about. The referee turned to check on Veneno, missed Pierroth's low blow kick and that's how the hair was won. We come back to see Killer covering Cien, though who knows what set that up. (2:35) Markus gets a double backdrop from Violencia and Veneno, then Pierroth has to direct traffic to get all the elbow and fist drops to work right. (2:55) Mascara brought in, and held for Pierrorth to kick in the chest many times. Ref stop here (3:20) but they keep kicking. They do manage to stop before it gets overturned, again. We watch Commando Girl yell at the fans for some reason.

I'm rooting for the Boricuas to end this here, but I don't have much hope. Markus gets the beatdown now, with Pierroth hitting a corner clothesline being the biggest highlight. Veneno gets in a big kick to take care of him. Universo in - double back elbow for him. Double corner whipped into Pierroth's boos. He's kicked out of the ring by Universo. Cien in next - he gets whipped into Pierroth's corner boots. Veneno and Violencia kick him out. Now Mascara in, and I bet he does better. He gets beat for awhile, with Pierroth gives him some chops - then he waves everyone off. Mascara starts fighting back but it looks like Pierroth has the best of it. Again, he tells his partners to let him take this alone, it ain't no thing. OH NO DON'T TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS! Ah, he's just using the belt. No DQ as usual On the outside, Markus has beaten Veneno badly, and is coming in. Pierroth doesn't see him, hits Mascara in the head once (softly) with the belt, and is attacked by swing two. Mascara get the belt - Baby Richard doesn't want him to use it but he's doesn't care. Shot to the head. Cien and Universo are in to help hold him, Mascara gets in a couple more shots but then gets the heck out of there. Mascara thinks about hitting Richard but does not - eventually, the belt is taken from him. Now it's the Capos turn for boring beatdowns. Killer first, double suplex by Mascara and Universo, then a Markus second rope splash.  (2:57) Violencia in - and runs right into a double press slam. Whip, Cien with a side slam, Markus with splash one two three. (3:34) Veneno fights hard for his side but it's not gonna work.  He's dead after a chop. Universo splashes him, then tells Markus too - nah, I guess Cien will just cradle him. Whatever. (3:45) Hey look it's tied up. Mascara still wants Pierroth but Pierroth has retreated behind Richard and Commando Girl. Break.

We come back to see Universo and Markus stomping Killer and Veneno on the outside. Capos manage to corner Pierrorth on the inside , and take turns holding him so the third can chop him. Markus gets a turn too, as the rest of the Boricuas regroup on the outside. Triple Capos dropkick to the head - Pierroth manages to get out while Violencia comes in. This isn't probably going to end till Pierroth gets back in. Double press slam, then a big backdrop to take Violencia out - Universo with a pescado! Veneno runs into a double back elbow. Held so Markus can shoulderblock him clear out of the ring. Markus apron plancha! That's car. Killer in, and the Capos manage to miss fire on him, but Cien pulls Killer out anyway. That leaves, hmm, Pierroth and Mascara. Gee, I sure hope everyone else figured that out. Mascara hitting punches and ducking Pierroth's, now connecting with a low blow kick with the referees distracted - will Baby Richard count? He won't but the tecnico ref is in one two three. (2:27) Yay it's over.

Richard tries to get away, but he's cornered by the tecnicos to asks why he didn't make the count. I think he tries to explain that he didn't want to screw someone over because of a low blow kick again, but then stopping the post match attack on the Boricuas probably says his alliances lay elsewhere. Replays. 

Next Week: Damien, Emilio, Vampiro, Nicho, Ultimo, Buccanero, Bestia, Atlantis, Mr. Niebla and much more. 

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


3 Matches (25:50) about 28.7% of showtime (1:30:00

Average Match Rating 55
Overall Match Rating: approximately 58
3 Trios, 1 Atomicos
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Show Assessment: Two bad matches for story purposes, and one for no good reason

Closing Notes: 

1. This is probably the worse show in quite some time.
2. Damien vs Satanico does hold some promise, though I suspect it'd be a bit screwy;
3. Rayo and Wagner promises only to be cheap heat mask pulling junk
4. Looks like a better lineup next week.
5. Shows without GdI show how vital GdI is to the show. 

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