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/21 January 2000
ECW on TNN by Bill Barnwell




Don't call it a comeback.
I'm pretty freaking busy this weekend, so if this report seems a bit rushed, it is.

We start off with The Impact Players addressing Danny Doring and Roadkill (An Amish with a 'tude; You thought that was unheard of!). It leads to a match with Doring and Roadkill. Generic brawling, yadda yadda yadda, Dawn Marie comes out and hits Francine with a slapjack(?), Raven saves Francine, Raven and Francine leave, Dreamer fights off both Doring and Roadkill, but falls prey to a run in by Rhino, Steve Corino, and Jack Victory. Rhino piledriver, Doring top-rope elbow, leads to pin. Post-match, Dusty saves Dreamer from a heel beatdown, gets a weak clothesline from Rhino, Sandman runs in, makes save, faces celebrate. 

Three segments that last about 30 seconds inbetween COMMERCIALS leads to, yes, a GOOD FREAKING MATCH: Tajiri vs. Super Crazy, Mexican Death Match. It's not like a Texas Death Match, which was the only other way a Mexican Death Match has been done in ECW (Misterio-Psicosis at N2R95, a **** match); instead, just an excuse for violence.

I can't begin to give this match justice via words. I'll just write down some of the insane spots:

  • Tajiri tree of woe dropkick to face with 3 chairs on Crazy's head
  • Tajiri puts Crazy's head on a table, then slides chairs across the table at him
  • Tajiri does TWO DOUBLE FREAKING FOOT STOMPS through a table onto Crazy!
  • Tajiri mocking Crazy's post-thrust kick to face sell on his knees :)
  • Crazy's quebrada off of the bleachers through a table on Tajiri
  • Crazy does an great blade job, Tajiri a good one
  • Crazy wins with a Liger Bomb through a table. 

    Awesome match, **** 1/2 in my book. 

    When we come back from commercials, Mike Awesome is in the ring. He challenges RVD. Calls out RVD. Rob Van Dam comes out. Awesome and RVD BS. They go to fight. Lights go out, and Sabu's in. Three-Way-Dance, says the crowd. NO, instead, Sabu kills RVD with a chairshot. Both attack RVD. Spike Dudley in, but he gets a running Crucifix Awesome Bomb through a table. Sabu puts Bill Alfonso through a table on the floor, ending their 30 month relationship. Awesome and Sabu both go up top, and do the patented "RVD & Sabu do a frog splash/legdrop through a table" spot", except they do it in more synchronicity than RVD and Sabu do.

    End of show. Decent show, too bad I couldn't recap it further. Sorry about that; next week, I'll be back to my full reporting self.

    Bill Barnwell
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