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/18 February 2000

ECW on TNN by E.C. Ostermeyer




When we left our last episode, dear fans, the "Bull of the Woods" himself, the "Living Legend", the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes was in the clutches of the despicable Steve Corino, his crippled minion Jack Victory, and his bio-engineered genetic creation, the Rookie Monster called "Rhino".
Corino, craftily laid a cunning trap with which to snare the unwary Rhodes, first by goading him with harsh words, and then by acts of violence to Mr. Rhodes' $200 Resistol cowboy hat. The normally mild-mannered Mr. Rhodes attempted to use mild words and kindness towards Mr. Corino, but the black-hearted villain would have none of it.
Whereupon, it was the sad duty of the "Living Legend" to adjust Mr. Corino's outlook on life by busting him one right in the nose. Mr. Don "Cyrus the Virus" Callis was also in attendance upon this act of Mr. Rhodes, having previously been in a heated argument with Rhodes about the true relationship of ECW and an entity referred to ominously as "The Network." After initially dealing with the blackguard Corino, Mr. Rhodes did deliver a demonstrably final act, a coda, if you will to Cyrus. To whit, a "Bionic Elbow" to the forehead.
As Mr. Rhodes continued to "clean house" on this mob, he was set upon, first by Rhino, and then by all the members of Corino's entourage. After a severe beat-down, Rhodes, garroted by Victory, was subjected to a deliberate and calculated assault by Steve Corino and Rhino upon his right knee. The obvious intent of the Corino party was to fracture Mr. Rhodes' knee and thus end his career of thirty-odd years.
And it is likely that they would have succeeded, if not for the timely appearance of The Sandman, with beer, cigarettes, and Singapore cane in tow, come to wreak bloody and condign retribution upon Corino & Co. in general, and the Rookie Monster in particular.
Will the Sandman save the "American Dream", Dusty Rhodes? Or will Corino & Co. destroy two careers instead of just one?

Join me now in the Arena of Extreme. It's "ECW on TNN" for Friday, 18 February 2000, and I am your recapper, E.C. ( stands for "Exceptional Charisma") Ostermeyer.


We open with a close-up shot of a door. How novel! Mr. Cameraman aspires to be Roman Polanski, no?
Oh, there's a sign next to the door: "Production Office." We get a close-up pan shot of the door frame, some neat-o painted cinderblock walls, and a poster that reads "nOLE Mercy!" with a lot of football players on it.
As we pan left past the video monitor, we see ( and hear) Don "Cyrus the Virus" Callis, grinning evilly as he says:
" I wanna see his face when I do it..." ( is that music from "Interview With a Vampire" playing in the background?), and chuckles nastily.
Cyrus spies Mr. Cameraman, and immediately shifts into "smarmy" mode.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you good news from The Network.
Only (looks a t watch) 59 minutes and 46 seconds until r-r-R-R-ROLLER JAM! (Smiles piously. Either that or he's got gas.)
"Ladies and gentlemen, I now must address a more serious issue.
"Last week, ECW allowed Dusty Rhodes to put his hands on a (holds up the Access Badge) Network Executive!
"ECW, do you really think you need any more heat with The Network than you've already got?
"Which brings me to my next topic. The ECW World Television Champion (Cyrus makes a face) Rob Van Dam, has broken his leg. And while no one feels worse for Rob Van Dam than (spreads his hands as though blessing his flock), tha we caring souls at The Network, we can't be expected to just "wait around" while Rob Van Dam gets better!
"I mean come onnn! This is television! This is a Network! Ratings are dropping! Channels are changing! (Cyrus is getting agitated) Money is (snaps fingers back and forth furiously) is going out ...The ...DOOR!
"So we have to address... the situation!
You see, Rob Van Dam may have been "The Whole F'n Show", but if "The Whole F'n Show" has a broken leg, we at (holds up Access Badge) The Network, find ourselves with "NO F'N SHOW !"
"That is unacceptable. The ECW World Television Title Will be defended, ON TELEVISION!
"And we all know (holds up Access Badge again) that TNN is the main TELEVISION outlet for (makes another face) ECW.
"So you see, in my capacity as "Technical Wrestling Advisor" to TNN, I have come up with a tremendous solution to this conundrum of Rob Van Dam's broken leg, and The Network is behind me 100 percent, and WE are gonna follow through with this!
(Cyrus pauses for effect.)
"It is the decision of The Network that Rob Van Dam be stripped of his ECW World Television Title by none other than (pauses again for effect) ECW itself!
(Grins nastily)
"Now let's get something straight. This is not a suggestion. This is not a production note.
"ECW, you will acquiesce, you will comply (grinning again... Yikes, here's Mr. Hyde!)
(Resumes smarmy mode)
"So you see (heh heh heh) ECW, I'll let you know what you're gonna do with your ECW World Television title.
"Oh, and by the way, your complaining about not getting your show promoted enough?
(assumes deadpan expression and voice)
"But, much more importantly, ladies and gentlemen, only 57 minutes and 53 seconds to r-r-r-R-R-ROLLER JAM!"
(Mr. Hyde's back again!)

Opening credits

Looks like we're still in Tallahassee, Florida.
Equally, it looks like we will never see what the outcome of last week's cliffhanger was.
Suckered into watching AGAIN!

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are still your ring announcers and haven't even had the decency to change their clothes in a week's time.

Imagine what Joey Styles must smell like in week-old clothes.
Heck, imagine what GERTNER must smell like!

(Yeah, I know it's tape-delayed. The concept IS kinda funny, though.)

Styles, handsome as ever, brings us the dread news from on high, while Gertner makes silly faces at the camera from behind Styles' back..

Joey Styles:" Ummmuh, Cyrus on behalf of The Network, demanding that ECW stri Rob Van Dam of his ECW World Television Title...
(to Gertner) "Can they do that?"

Gertner, caught in mid-spasm, tries to look pious. Unfortunately, he only succeeds in looking as if he's been transfixed by a fart, and says nothing for a change.

Styles, giving him a look, continues:

"Paul Heyman, uhhh, I didn't see him, but I'm sure he's on the phone with the lawyers, somewhere in the building...
"A lot is going on right now in ECW. Yesterday saw the national release of Acclaim's
(Snazzy graphic on screen showing cut scenes and game play)
"ECW Hardcore Revolution, the video game. The first ECW video game, the first wrestling video game so violent, it's rated 'M' for 'Mature'...?"
(Gertner grabs the mic from Styles)

Joel Gertner: " It's rated 'M' for my 'Magnificent' calf development, my 'Maneuvers', the 'Stud-Muffin Special...'
(Joey Styles looks disgusted)
"...and the 'Muff-Stuffer'!
(Styles flinches and rounds on Gertner!)
JG:" The royalties are gonna just pour in, you know? I've gotta sweet deal, because I AM the quintessential stud-muffin...

(And now let's pause for "Poetry Corner" with your host, Joel Gertner)

"I've done Tallahassee women by the dozens
"Until I found out that they all were cousins!

(Styles looks nauseated)


"And ohyeahhe'sJoeyStyles..."

(Joey grabs the microphone back.)

Our first block of


for the evening, and we are treated to:

ECW "Living Dangerously" PPV (March 12th up north somewhere)
ECW Action figures.
BattleDome promo. Watch BattleDome and win a Sony computer, or a stick that makes noise.
Fairly decent Radio Shack commercial. (Hey Shacksters! Don'cha miss Bernie Appel?)
Acclaim's "ECW hardcore Revolution" video game.
Sweet mother of... you mean AT&T got rid of Arquette and put THIS in his place? Hey, guys, this ain't the way to get black customers to try your long distance service!
Big brawny men who live in lakes use "Ice Sport" aftershave from Aqua Velva.
PBR Bullriding. Eight seconds to glory! BattleDome? Tough? HAH!

We are back as Danny Doring and Roadkill are making their way to the ring.

We have some thoughts on tonight's Main Event from challenger Masato Tanaka.
Mr. Tanaka speaks Japanese.
Unfortunately, because of New Jack busting my "Universal Translator" last week, I am unable to translate Mr. Tanaka, although he seems very sincere and earnest. Let me see if I can decipher using my training in reading body language. (This will be tough, because Mr. Tanaka's body looks like he lost an argument with a combine harvester.) Well, here goes:

"Umm...something, something, ...I came back from the john... open,...all my stuff's gone...umm, there's a lot here where he's talking too fast... oh, yeah...banged his funny bone when he slipped on the wet floor, umm, yes,...uh, what? Oh yeah, money belt is gone too... oh dear me." (What? English?)


We return to ring side in time to see Nova and Chris Chetti make their entrance.
Big sign in crowd: "Scott Ferris is Gay!"
Oh, yeah, like that's big news!

Still to come tonight, C. W. Anderson versus The Insane Luchadore, Super Crazy, and Mike Awesome defends the ECW World Heavyweight Title against the challenger, Mr. Tanaka.

More commercials.

Doug Flutie for 10-10-220. I saw 5 boxes of "Flutie Flakes" in an antique store window the other day. How sad is that? Next thing, you'll see Flutie in there as well!
Roche Pharmaceuticals care about cleaning up your acne problems. We really do. It's not just the money! Honest!

"Boiler Room" movie promo. Hey, you monkeysuits, you want a real selling challenge? Try working as Christmas help at Circuit City.
TNN Action Wednesdays. One hot night! Yeah, if you set fire to your TV.
Roller Jam promo.

Back to the action just in time for the opening bell.

Match #1: Danny Doring and Roadkill v. Nova and Chris Chetti

Chetti and Doring tie up. Doring pushed to the corner by Chetti. Clean break. Doring, whipped to ropes, counters with a shoulder block. Doring mugs to the crowd and gets a boot in the bread-basket, followed by a scissors kick from Chetti.

Chetti with a double punch, right, right, and bounces Doring's head off the top turnbuckle, then tags in Nova. Double-team whip to the ropes. Double clothesline misses, but a double underhook body slam hits, followed by a double elbow drop and Doring is groggy.

As Nova and Chetti wait for Doring to get up, Roadkill hits a double clothesline of his own from behind. Now all four men are in the ring. Roadkill's punching on Chetti who ducks. Nova whips Doring into the nearside ropes, grabs Roadkill's (?) arm and clothesline's Doring. Clever move. Roadkill is a bit put out with Nova's trick, so much so that he doesn't see Chetti's spring board sidekick to the back of his head.

Nova and Chetti double team Roadkill with kicks and punches then whip him across the ring and into the semi-conscious Doring. Chetti floors Roadkill with a standing sidekick, while Nova sets up Doring for the Spine Buster slam. Both Doring and Roadkill roll out of the ring to regroup. Both Chetti and Nova go to opposite turnbuckles, and there's a plancha apiece for Doring and Roadkill. Action outside the ring as Nova whips Roadkill into the steel guardrail, while Doring reverses Chetti's whip, and it's Chetti who eats the steel. Nova and Roadkill are back in the ring. Nova, with a noggin-knocker off the top rope. Whipped to far corner, is reversed by Roadkill, who charges in for the squash, but eats the ringpost instead. Nova, with a boot to the gut, sets up for a Tornado DDT but Roadkill, with "Dastardly Danny's" help, reverses it into the

(Joey Styles: "Lancaster Lariat of Lust!")

Lateral press, 2-count only. Doring whips Nova into the ropes and Roadkill's there to meet him with a dirt-road slam. Roadkill covers, 2-count. Roadkill pounding on Nova and picks him up like a sack of flour. Powerslam. Tag to Doring who's up top flying elbow drop to the sternum hooks the leg, 2-count only. Doring is now arguing with the referee. Doring, with a punch to the head on Nova, whips him to the ropes, but Nova reverses into a go-behind inverted DDT.

WOW! There's another one! Both men crawling to their corners for the tag but Nova's crawling in the wrong direction. Doring tags first and a second later, so does Nova.

Now it's Roadkill and Chetti. Chetti with Feet of Fire on Roadkill

(Joey Styles: "Wow! A trifecta of kicks")

Doring come in and eats a clothesline and a standing sidekick from Chetti sends him out of the ring. Chetti with the Irish whip and Roadkill runs into Nova's DDT. Roadkill's out of the ring as Chetti and Nova go to the top turnbuckle, but Doring is there to jiggle the top rope, crotching Chetti on the turnbuckle. But Nova is able to hit the frog splash on Roadkill, cover, 2-count only. Doring breaks it up with his "Dan-a-conda" super move. Roadkill goes for a table as Doring stomps Nova in the corner.

(Crowd: "ECW! ECW! ECW!")

Nova's on the table. Roadkill's on the second rope. Now he's tightroping the top rope! Jeez, 300 lbs, and would'ja look at that balance he's got!
Holy cow! Roadkill tries for the flying elbow off the top rope, but Nova rolls out of the way, and Roadkill eats the table with a big helping of concrete floor.
Meanwhile, back in the ring, Chetti and Doring are going at it. Chetti tries his "Amityville Horror" finisher, but Doring escapes the hold. There's a boot to the gut, Doring does the double-arm underhook and hits his "Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am" finisher for the win. (6:18)
After the match, the good sportmanship show on the part of Chetti and Doring is broken up by the Impact Players , who storm the ring, and bust heads on all and sundry.

More Commercials.
Mary J. Blige quits doing drugs and accepts her big feet.
Pep Boys tire sale.
Hair club for men. (Snicker. Chortle.Guffaw!)
TNN Action Wednesdays. Chewing gum for the mind.

Oh my god, it's Mike Awesome!
He's got a microphone! RUN!

"Tanaka, you want to try to come, try to take my title belt from me? You want another shot, well I beat Taz's ass, I beat Spike Dudley's ass, and I'll beat your ass! And so your Rob Van Dam's buddy and your trying to fill his shoes. Well, Tanaka, I'm going to beat your ass too and I'm going to give you an ass-kicking that's AWESOME! GRRRRR! "

Is he gone? Can I look now?

Back to the ring as we see C. W. Anderson, Wild Bill Whiles and Lou E. Dangerously walking to the ring. Anderson mouths "It's my night. It's show time."

Whiles looks like he stole his ring jacket from Disco Inferno. Styles and Gertner are nattering about Awesome's scheduled title defense against Masato Tanaka. Suddenly, Gertner has a fit!

"Turn the cameras on me. This is not just a prop-filled, fun time, family focus Monday night! Judge Jeff Jones, in the hospital. Raven Rob Van Damm, Jerry Lynn, Francine...Dusty the hospital. And Mikey Awesome has to take on the most physically competitive challenger in ECW history, Masato Tanaka without the advice, the guidance, of Judge Jeff Jones!"

A quick take on Styles, whose looking impressed for once at Gertner's command of subject. But that's only temporary as

"Well, I object! This title match is out of order! You're out of order! You watching at home are out of order! You (Styles) are out of order, the elevator's out of order... (imitates Jerry Lewis' voice) I'm dying out here!"

We return to the ring in time to see Super Crazy's entrance. The Insane Luchadore works the crowd at ringside, sees a fan holding a Super Crazy T-shirt, and immortalizes him on National TV. Well, TNN anyway!

Gertner says we shouldn't go to the kitchen because there's more Super Crazy coming up when we come back from some

Commercials. and BattleDome.combat.
News Radio promo. Check your locak listings.
Yamaha Kodiak ATV's.
David Arquette falls off a cliff. HOORAY!
Aqua Velva Ice Sport. Try it on the rocks with a twist!
TNN Thrill Zone Friday. Opens with ECW, closes with Rockin' Bowl.
Watch all this and you HAVE NO LIFE!
Local commercials.
"Pitch Black" promo. Looks like fun.

We're back to the action with Gertner babbling in Spanish and C. W. and Loco Lucha tie up. C. W. with a kick to the gut and a right hand to the jaw of Super Crazy.

Gertner is still babbling in Spanish and drops in "Bienvenidos a ECW con TNN, el Nada network!"

Styles: "TNN is the Nada network? Thanks Joel. Now I've got Cyrus screaming into my headset."

Gertner: "Thank you, and that's your problem."

Styles: " Yeah, I know, ...Flying Head Scissors...alright, I know Cyrus, alright, fine!"

Second flying head scissors by Super Crazy sends C. W. into the ropes. Top rope Asahi Moonsault by Super Crazy to the floor, flattens C. W. Anderson. Crowd is really behind the Insane Luchadore. Bill Whiles has been leveled on the ropes as Super Crazy rolls C. W. into the ring then follow with a steel chair. Super Crazy sees Lou E. up on the apron and takes a run at him chasing him back to the floor. Turning he gets a super kick in the chair by C. W. Anderson that knocks him to the mat. Stomped by C. W. on Super Crazy as Bill Whiles slides a table into the ring. C. W. leans the table on the ropes and puts Super Crazy on the table. C. W. to the top ropes but Super Crazy, playing possum, jumps up and crotches C. W. on the top turnbuckle. Now, Super Crazy, up top, Hurancanrana off the top rope followed by a kick by Bill Whiles then up to the top turnbuckle for the "10-count punchdown." With the crowd calling the punches en Espagnol ("una, dos, tres, ...")

Anderson staggers around the ring. Super Crazy with a whip that gets reversed by C. W. into a Spine Buster through the table. Whoops, looks like C. W. elbow was under Super Crazy when he went through the table. Anderson in obvious pain here, but covers and gets only a 2-count. Anderson arguing with referee Mike Peters then gets Super Crazy in a body slam, hooks the left leg and only a 2-count again. C. W. with a whip to the corner then a whip across the ring but Super Crazy dodges the charge and it's C. W. that eats the turnbuckles. Super Crazy to the top rope Swinging DDT on C. W. Anderson. Super Crazy puts another table into the ring and now we have 2 chairs and 2 tables in the ring. Bill Whiles, trying to get the crowd to shut up, C. W.'s on his feet, as Super Crazy hangs a chair over his head, then whacking it hard with the other chair, decking him. Now Super Crazy is setting up the tables. Super Crazy Clotheslined C. W. onto the table. Super Crazy to the outside. Springboard Senton Drop drives C. W. through the table. Lateral press, 1,2, but Lou E. pulls Super Crazy off C. W. to stop the count. Super Crazy takes a swing at Lou E. who promptly clocks him with his cell phone then pinions Super Crazy as Bill Whiles charges in for the squash. But Super Crazy ducks out of the way and Whiles squashes Lou E.! Billy Whiles is apologizing to Lou E. who is unconscious on the floor, and thus doesn't see Super Crazy stalking him with a chair. POW! And Whiles joins Lou E. on the floor. Super Crazy is setting up the second table, C. W. still looking for his teeth and gets a Super Crazy body slam onto the table. Super Crazy to the top rope, hits the Moonsault again, but the table doesn't break (OUCH!). Second Moonsault attempt and Super Crazy nearly impales himself on the up-turned table legs but C. W. Anderson takes the full force of the blow that time. Lateral press for the win. (7:08)

Styles: "Super Crazy was mere inches from getting a table leg in the throat." The whole front row knows it too as they are doing the "we're not worthy" bow, and Super Crazy's just loving it.

How 'bout some more commercials. Same old, same old.

Recap of last week's events leading to the Raven/Tommy Dreamer feud.
Rob Van Dam is out at least 12 weeks with the broken leg.
(Hey Paul, bet you wish you hadn't fired Chris Candido and Axel Rotten so soon, what with all your wrestlers on the disabled list or in the hospital!)

Match #3: Mike Awesome v. Masato Tanaka for the ECW World Heavyweight Title

Awesome opens first with a kick to the gut and two big right hands to Tanaka's head. Head lock, then a whip of Tanaka into the ropes and Awesome catches him with a shoulder block on the way back. Cross-ring action, Tanaka's attempt to leap frog Awesome, comes up a few feet short as Awesome grabs him and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Another big right hand by Awesome, but Mike's Irish whip gets reversed into a power slam by Tanaka. Irish whip by Tanaka but Mike climbs the turnbuckles and hits a very sloppy elbow that Tanaka, nevertheless, sells big time!

Running Lariat by Mike gets reversed into a backdrop to the apron, followed by a Tanaka big punch that sends Mike Awesome to the floor. Tanaka whips Mike into the steel guardrail, but charging in only gets Tanaka an Awesome Boot to the face. Mike whips Tanaka toward the opposite guardrail, but Tanaka is too nimble and hops the fence, having a seat in the first row. Awesome, with a running leap over the barrier, squashes Tanaka into the front row seats, scattering the fans. Mike Awesome just towers over them! He's going to be going "fee, fi, fo, fum," in a minute.

(Crowd: ECW! ECW! ECW!)

Tanaka, back in the ring, Awesome back with steel chair in tow. WHACK! Tanaka goes down but gets back up. Another whack to the head but Tanaka just shakes it off and grins hideously. Three chair shots to the gut by Mike have no effect. Tanaka is still grinning. A running chair shot by Mike is no-sold by Tanaka who's looking peeved. Tanaka tries an offensive move (a Lariat) but it's reversed into a German Suplex. But this doesn't faze Tanaka one bit. Attempted Flying Head Scissors by Tanaka, however, gets reversed into an Awesome Bomb that stops Tanaka, at least temporarily. Mike covers but only get a 2-count. Awesome sets a table on the outside of the ring but he's slow about getting back into the ring giving Tanaka time to recover. Clothesline floors the challenger. Attempted Awesome Bomb through the table is thwarted when Tanaka escapes the hold. Roaring Elbow from Tanaka followed by a Leaping Clothesline levels Awesome. Second Clothesline attempt misses and Awesome's got Tanaka set up for the Power Bomb through the table. Tanaka escapes over the top rope and into the ring. Sidekick by Tanaka staggers Awesome. Tanaka hits a Swinging DDT that sends Mike Awesome through the table and onto the concrete floor.

(Joey Styles: "Oh my GOD!")

Tanaka is hurt. Awesome is hurt, but still the match continues. Irish Whip sends Awesome into the steel guardrail. Tanaka follows with a Running Chair Shot to the head. He then hangs the chair over Awesome's head. Sidekick to the chair drives the chair into Awesome's chin. Tanaka rolls Awesome back into the ring. Missile Drop Kick snaps Awesome's head back with the impact. Cross body cover by Tanaka, 1, 2, NOPE!
Tanaka to the top turnbuckle with a steel chair. Flying chair shot on Awesome's head and shoulder knocks him to the mat again. Far leg hooked, 1, 2, Not this time. Tanaka sets up for the Tornado DDT finisher but Awesome reverses and hits a Spine Buster on the steel chair. Awesome with the chair to the top turnbuckle. Attempted Flying Chair shot by Awesome meets a double Tanaka Boot coming up and the chair is driven into Awesome's face. Tanaka sets up for the Tornado DDT again and make it this time. Near leg hook, 1, 2, 3 WHOOPS! Awesome's slow kicking out but the referee counts it only as a 2-count. Tanaka's heatedly disputing the call in Japanese but the ref doesn't understand and motions for the match to continue. Tanaka hits a Neck Breaker, but 3 Elbows in succession by Mike Awesome are followed by an Awesome Snap Power Bomb. Big right hand for Awesome misses. Roaring Elbow from Tanaka misses. Sit Out Awesome Bomb on the challenger, Schoolboy Press 2-count only. Awesome up to the top rope. Mike's setting up the Awesome Splash. A fan's beer cup hits him in the back while he's up there. Awesome gives the finger to the crowd who cheers lustily. Mike flies through the air. Jeez lou-weez wouldja look at that hang time! Awesome Splash! 1, 2, A kick-out? HOW? Awesome is frustrated, the look on his face says, "What's it going to take to defeat this guy?"

I know Mike, how about another table?

Styles and Gertner are still bickering the supposed 3-count earlier in the match with Gertner making his point a whole lot better than Styles.

Gertner: "You're not even a good announcer Joey Styles. What makes you think you'd make a good referee?"

Styles: "I just call them as I see them. I think there was a 3-count earlier in this match-up. What is your problem, Joel?"

Awesome sets up the table. (Is that someone's shoe in the ring?) Tanaka escapes a Running Awesome Bomb and hits the Roaring Elbow that drapes Awesome over the table. Tanaka is on the top rope, but Mikey's playing possum, it seems, as he wallops Tanaka on the noggin. Awesome climbs to the top rope with Tanaka, setting up for the (and even the referee is holding his head, not believing what he sees!) Sit-out Awesome Bomb, that puts Tanaka, back first, through the table!
It looks like a train wreck in there!

Crowd: "ECW! ECW! ECW!"

Styles: "But both men are comatose! Can Awesome make the pin?"

Mike recovers consciousness first, sits up, and drops a weak arm across Tanaka's chest for the 3-count and the win. (9:35)

This week's ECW cliffhanger,
Paul Heyman will respond to Cyrus and The Network's ultimatum on Rob Van Dam's title.
Dusty Rhodes possible career-ending injuries.
The Raven/Tommy Dreamer feud

Yikes, they're out of time, and so am I.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostermeyer
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