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/21 July 2000

ECW on TNN by E.C. Ostermeyer




(The following recap contains material that was videotaped a good week or more before the ECW "HeatWave 2000" PPV in Los Angeles, but was worked over by ECW's "Post Production" gnomes to appear relevant to events that occurred AFTER the PPV.
You have been warned.)

Coming to you live (and REALLY on tape) from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY (taped 8 July 2000), this is your weekly sojourn into the Arena of Extreme. I am your recapper, the ol' "Euchre Champion" himself.
I have a co-recapper sitting in with me this week. Say hello to Mr. Larry Musso, who was an eyewitness correspondent to the events on that fateful Friday. Mr. Musso's italicized report will be mixed with mine in order to give you, gentle readers, a better, more realistic "feel" of what it's like to attend an ECW house show/TV taping.

Without further ado, I turn this report over to my colleague, who will fill you in on what went on before ECW started their cameras rolling, and what he saw that you viewers didn't.

When my friends and I arrived at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, I saw referee Jim Molineaux, C.W. Anderson, Lou E. Dangerously and Jack Victory arrive. I also got to talk to Rob Van Dam for about five minutes.
We got in around 7 PM, even thought he show didn't start until 8:30PM. There were three strippers who were hot as hell in the audience.

Match #1: Danny Doring (w/ Little Spike Dudley) d. Bill Whiles (w/ Lou E. Dangerously)
Doring and Whiles brawled for a bit, then Whiles went outside the ring, but Doring did a pescado onto Whiles, starting an "ECW! ECW!" chant During the match, Doring nailed his "Bareback" finisher, along with a Guillotine legdrop. The match ended with Little Spike Dudley entering the fray, and helping Doring finish off Whiles with a Dudley Death Drop, followed by a pin for the win.
Good match, good opener.

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger came out, with the rest of their "Comedy Troupe" in tow. Diamond got angry with the Troupe following him around, claiming that they are the one's perpetuating his problem about being taken seriously. Diamond exchanged some heated words with the Prodigy, which prompted the Prodigette to slap Diamond in the face. Which set up:

Match #2: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger d. The Prodigy Twins ("Problem Solver" finisher/pin)
The Prodigy was true to his heritage, acting and wrestling like an earlier Taz. Prodigette had some spectacular moves, including a top-turnbuckle moonsault. Diamond & Swinger prevailed, and hit their "Problem Solver" finisher for the win. Good match!

Match #3: Nova & Chris Chetti & Chilly Willy d. Full Blooded Italians w/ Tony Mamaluke. ("Tidal Wave" finisher/pin)
A wild match with lots of signature moves used. Only Big Sal E. Graziano seemed to be off his game, and consequently slowed the match whenever he was working. Chetti & Nova used everything in their arsenal from Chetti's "Amityville Horror" finisher, to a double pescado. Tony Mamaluke looked like a young Billy Kidman from his Independent/"WCW Worldwide" days, real freaky to see. Nova & Chetti won the match with their "Tidal Wave" finisher. Great match with plenty of action and a super hot crowd

Match #4: C.W. Anderson(w/ Elektra) d. Kid Kash.
ELEKTRA IS BANGIN'! Well, at least what she was wearing was. Kid Kash is awesome! This guy should be on TNN! High spot of the match was a beautiful slingshot hurancanrana by Kash to the outside of the ring, on Anderson. The end came with Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger interfering, and Anderson getting the pin. I vaguely remember this match.
(Probably all that exposed flesh that Elektra was posing with!)

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner came to the ring to open the TNN taping. Lots of cheering! It was at this point that two guys in the crowd held up a sign that said: "Styles is not Tenay!"
When Joey saw that...well:

JS: "That's good moron! What, did it take you all morning to figure out that one? While you were watching gay porn? The only thing good about you two being gay together, is that neither of you will have any children!" The crowd was really getting into Styles letting these two guys have it, and was chanting "ECW! ECW! ECW!"

And now, what you, the viewers at home saw:

The show opens with Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the ring. My lovely bride is typing this up for me again, so I will ditch Gertner's "Poetry Corner" offering so as not to offend her tender sensibilities.

Dawn Marie came out wearing what appeared to be two maroon dish towels for an outfit. Her new entrance music is, appropriately, Motley Crue's "Hell On High Heels!" The crowd goes crazy, starting a "Wel-come back!" chant. Dawn Marie climbed through the ring ropes, assisted by a delighted Joel Gertner. Joel catches a fleeting glimpse of Dawn Marie's main, ummm, "asset", and does that "Happy Chicken" dance of his.
Joey Styles, ever dapper in his double-breasted gray sharkskin suit, begins his interview with Dawn Marie by asking her why it is that, since her return to ECW, she's been at the center of controversy from the get-go? Dawn Marie blows off (oops, bad choice of words, sorry!) Styles' question, saying that all she wants to talk about is Dawn Marie. Styles is about to ask another question, but gets shoved aside by a lascivious Joel Gertner, who tells Styles that THAT was no way to conduct an interview with Dawn Marie, and promptly takes over.
Gertner approaches Dawn Marie, nervous as a supplicant before a throne.
"Have you seen "Shaft," asks Joel?
"Why, no, I haven't, Joel," rejoins Dawn Marie
"Well, we could go in the back , and I could show you mine!" propositions Gertner...

...and we are interrupted by a "Late Breaking News" chyron, voice-overed by Paul Heyman in full-bore kayfabe, who says that, as a result of the vicious beating administered by Jerry Lynn on Steve Corino at the "HeatWave 2000 PPV, Corino and the Network have put a bounty on Jerry Lynn's head.
It also appears that The Baldies are gonna be around to collect said bounty this week.

Opening Credits. Kayfabe-voiceover by Heyman shills the rest of tonight's matches: Balls Mahoney v. Rob Van Dam, and ECW Heavyweight Champ Justin Credible defends his title against the "Japanese Buzzsaw", Yoshihiro Tajiri.

A lot went on in the ring while we viewers at home were being serenaded by Paul Heyman. Larry?

The Musketeer came out while Gertner was "interviewing" Dawn Marie, and said that he wanted to "stick his 'sword' in her." Funny stuff, until Jean Pierre Lafitte came out, and we had an impromptu Musketeer v. The Pirate match (Match #5 of the evening), with the Pirate winning and counting his own pin. After the match, the Pirate told Joey Styles, "Now THAT, Joey Styles, is how you open a show!" he then threw Styles to the mat, and walked off.
Also, at this point, an ECW Security "Black Suit" ripped up a fan's "TNN Sucks!" sign for some reason.

Match #1 (or # 8 according to the live event): Jerry Lynn (w/ Tommy Dreamer & Jazz) d. Da Baldies' Angel & DeVito, (Lynn w/ cradle piledriver on Angel/pin, we saw 9:10)

This started off with Da Baldies saying Jerry Lynn could have any partner of his choosing, and they'd still collect the bounty on his ass. We get footage from the "HeatWave 2000" PPV, showing Jerry Lynn walloping Steve Corino, then writing "DIE" on his own chest with Corino's blood. Lynn's writing and what's written gets mosaic-ed by the censors.
Lynn arrives in the ring, and gets clobbered by both Angel and DeVito. Lynn struggles to turn the momentum his way, but DeVito pins Lynn in the far corner, and he and Angel do the double-team, with Angel doing a running powerbomb on Lynn...

...and Alice in Chains "Man in the Box" fires up.
Out comes the "Innovator of Violence," Tommy Dreamer and the "Female Fighting Phenom," Jazz. Dreamer pummels DeVito, then tosses him out of the ring. Angel somersaults over the top rope, propelled by a Dreamer clothesline. Dreamer goes after Angel at ringside, and Lynn dropkicks DeVito just as he climbs back onto the ring apron. Lynn climbs to the top turnbuckle, and squashes both Baldies at ringside with a towering tope con hilo.

What the... ?
An ECW Hotline promo?
Yup, here's Styles yammering on about which Hollywood bigwigs and WCW superstars were backstage at the "HeatWave 2000" PPV. A third WCW superstar was turned away. (Mike Awesome?) Well, now I know where the incompetent production goofs that WCW fired last month ended up!
Oh yeah, and kids, get your parents permission (and credit cards) before you call.

Back to the action, as Dreamer is "takin' it to the People", and brawling with DeVito up the bleacher steps into the crowd. Lynn's occupied elsewhere with Angel. Oops, now THEY are headed into the stands, as well.
Everybody meets on the top level concourse, where Dreamer bounces a (Rubbermaid Tough Guy-brand) trash can off DeVito's noggin. Lynn and Dreamer switch partners, and now it's Tommy Dreamer dragging (choking, actually!) Angel with his own T-shirt, and heading back down the stairs...

...and there's our own correspondent, Hawaiian shirted, crew-cutted Larry Musso, big as life, holding a gold-glittered sign that says:


and it's floating over the brawl in the foreground! The brawl between Dreamer and Angel continues, with Larry's sign prominently displayed for what seems like thirty seconds, until Mr. Cameraman obliges by filling the whole TV screen with the sign for about five seconds...
...but I think I'll let Larry describe what happened next:

I GOT THE SIGN ON TV! I couldn't see any of the fight, until they (Dreamer & Angel) brawled right by me. Then I shoved the sign right in front of the camera!

Back to the ring, where Dreamer laid Angel out on the ring apron, then placed the timekeeper's bell over Angel crotch, and
rang the ring bell, causing Angel some REAL eye-watering discomfort! Angel crawled into the ring, and ended up in a heap in the corner, clutching himself.
Dreamer charges, but Angel ducks away just in time, and Dreamer eats the ring post. Angel tries a charge, but gets caught by Dreamer and tied to the "Tree of Woe." Dreamer then decided to do some "Tree-climbing," using Angel' crotch as a convenient foothold. While he's still got Angel tied to the Tree, Dreamer decides to capitalize on this by rearranging Angel's face. First, he placed a steel chair against Angel's mug, then did a vicious baseball slide-type double dropkick into it.
Angel, stunned, rolls from the ring. dreamer follows, but he's a little slow, allowing Angel to partially recover, and crotch Dreamer on the steel guardrails at ringside.
And here's DeVito and Jerry Lynn, both bloody from their brawl through the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, coming back to ringside. DeVito seems to be besting Lynn, as he reached down and pulled away the... floor mats? Where'd these things come from? This is ECW, for cryin' out loud!
We cut to action in the ring, where Dreamer's suddenly on the defensive, with Angel walloping on him. Camera cuts back to ringside, where Jerry Lynn's lying unconscious on the concrete, while DeVito's digging under the ring for a table.
DeVito re-enters the ring long enough for Da Baldies to double-team a big flapjack on Dreamer. DeVito's back outside, and completes setting up the table at ringside. Dreamer gets positioned on the table by DeVito. Angel climbed up on the top turnbuckle, and was about to turn Dreamer into a moist spot and a memory, when Jazz intervened with a neat snatch into a powerbomb on Angel. Jazz then puts Angel on the table at ringside, and Dreamer drives Angel through the table with a big pescado (Crowd: "ECW! ECW! ECW!").
Meanwhile, back in the ring, DeVito and Lynn are still walloping on each other. Lynn does a cross-ring whip on DeVito , then nails him with a corkscrew plancha, goes for a cover, but only gets a two count. Reverse waistlock by Lynn pressured DeVito to the mat. DeVito then powered out, and went for a towering "Outsider's Edge" powerbomb on Lynn, but Lynn reversed it into his signature cradle piledriver. Cover by Lynn on DeVito, hooks the leg, 1,2,3!
Post-match, Team Network stormed the ring, and began pummeling on Dreamer and Lynn. Jack Victory roughed Jazz up, then made her do a clumsy imitation of Scotty Anton's "Clap." Dreamer and Lynn each ended up in Sharpshooters, courtesy of Scotty Anton and Steve Corino.

Larry Musso, again:
After the ring cleared, Tommy Dreamer stayed in the ring, talking with the fans. He got one of the three strippers at ringside to take off her top and flash the crowd! HOLY SHIT is she HOOOTTTT!!


Onewrestlingdotcom Extreme Replay highlights Lynn's cradle piledriver spot, and lo, the Network's vengeance is terrible to behold!

Backstage, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger cut a promo. Simon says that after a year of looking, he's finally found his problem solver, in the person of C.W. Anderson. Anderson opines that the name "Anderson" is synonymous with tag-team wrestling. Swinger, not to be outdone, says he's from Atlanta. This doesn't impress Anderson, who snarls "Hey! No one cares where you're from! What matters is what you accomplish!"
Simon closes with "Now THAT'S how you solve a problem" punch line, and all three pose.


Match #2 (#6 on the program): Justin Credible (w/ Francine) d. Yoshihiro Tajiri, ECW World Heavyweight Title defense, ("That's Incredible" finisher/pin, 9:05)

Well, this ought to be good. The number one hardest worker in ECW gets to carry ol' "Loogie Boy" for ten minutes, while the fans hurl abuse and trash at the ring. Tajiri comes to the ring, his eyes burning holes through Justin Credible even as he shakes hands with the fans along the ramp. You get the feeling that he's expressing a lot of the current feeling the ECW locker room has towards ol' Aldo these days.
We open with


Good, glad we got those out of the way. Wouldn't want to interrupt Da Champ's Title Defense, would we, Heyman?

Tajiri opens, appropriately enough, by spitting the "Green Mist" in Credible's face.
Hey, might as well do it now, Credible's gonna be spitting at everybody here in a minute.
Quick action sequence culminating in Tajiri converting a hammerlock into a rolling neck vise. Francine tries to get close enough to whack Tajiri with the kendo stick, but Tajiri sees her coming, and begins stalking her. Credible's over in a corner, holding his neck and making whiny sounds. Tajiri grabs Francine...

And gives her the ol' smoocheroo.
Right on the mouth.
There might have been some "tongue" involved.
I'm gonna be sick.
Francine's been kissing on Justin Credible, remember?
Among "other" things, of course.
I think a gamma globulin shot might not be such a bad idea for Mr. Tajiri.


Credible tries to save his lady's, ummm, "honor", with a healthy swipe of the kendo stick at Tajiri. Tajiri sees it coming, ducks it, and nails Credible in the head with a superkick. Credible took the blow on his hands, yet sold it like he'd had his head taken off. Sloppy!
Credible struggles to his feet, and gets another kick, this one landing, and we have or first "loogie" of the night from Justin Credible, though it's more accidental than deliberate. Tajiri continues his assault with a flurry of kicks and punches, driving Credible into the corner. A whip by Tajiri sends Credible into the far corner for his flip-out move over the turnbuckles, and "loogie #2" flies out into the crowd. Tajiri aims another buzzsaw kick at Credible's head, but Credible leaps off the apron to supposed safety. Only to eat a whole lot of steel guardrail when he lands wrong at ringside. Tajiri follows Credible out, chopping and kicking at him, but gets distracted and starts chasing Francine around the ring. Credible cuts off pursuit with a boot to the gut of Tajiri, then rolls him back into the ring, where he continues to "put the boot in." Credible tries a cross-ring whip, but Tajiri counters with a spinning heel kick to Credible's sternum that rocks him. Tajiri's in control, now, and whips Credible across the ring, only to get his leg grabbed by Francine, stopping his momentum, and allowing Credible to nail Tajiri with a superkick of his own.
Credible then set up a chair in the middle of the ring, pausing to give some obnoxious fan at ringside the ol' one-fingered peace sign, but we viewers at home are spared the exposure to this deficit in Mr. Credible's upbringing through the kind efforts of the censors again. Drop toe-hold by Credible bounces Tajiri's head (hands, really, as his head never made contact) off the chair. Sloppy work, Justin.
Credible keeps up his lackluster and predictable assault, until Tajiri turns the tide, and starts walloping the hell out of Justin Credible.
A vicious buzzsaw kick nails Credible on the side of the head, and he either sold the move for once, or Tajiri really landed a good hard shot.

Larry Musso:

...Tajiri broke Justin Credible's nose at this point.

Oh, yeah, "loogie #3" just misses Tajiri's left eye. This guy's got more loose fluids than a backed-up toilet!

Tajiri pulls Credible to his feet, only to get golotta-ed by Credible and then locked into a headlock. Tajiri elbows out, then counters a powerbomb by Credible with a hurancanrana of his own! Wow! A bounce off the ring ropes by Tajiri gets shortstopped when Francine whacks him with the kendo stick, followed by a very sloppy DDT from Justin Credible, a cover, but no pin. Tajiri counters Credible's cross-corner whip with a mean-looking spinning heel kick, then climbs the turnbuckles...
...only to get shoved off by Francine. Tajiri's had enough of this, and chases Francine under the ring, and follows after her. Credible and the referee are looking for them, but they pop back up on the same side they went under in the first place. Tajiri's got Francine by the throat, and tosses her into the ring. Credible tries for the save, but Tajiri drops his hold on Francine and reverses the "That's Incredble" attempt. Francine interferes, and gets the "Green Mist" right in the face, blinding her. Tajiri, back to business, nails Credible with a tombstone piledriver. Instead of going for the pin, Tajiri grabs the kendo stick and lances Francine with it. Then, he cinches the stick around her neck and begins choking her with it. Credible tries to come to Francine's aid, only to get a buzzsaw kick to the knee that drops him to the canvas once again. Cross-ring whip by Tajiri sets up his signature handspring elbow, only Credible miss-times the sell, and fakes a hit to the head. Tajiri aims another buzzsaw kick , but Credible's still protecting that busted schnozz of his and the kick only grazes him, despite a sloppy job of selling the impact. The crowd's beginning to sense a "work in progress" by the champ, and starts hollering abuse at him. Tajiri sets up a table in the ring, stiff kicks Francine once more, (and man, that looked like it HURT!) then puts her on the table. As Tajiri goes up top, Credible tries for the save, only to trip over his own big feet in leaping across the table to get to Tajiri.
Tajiri shoves Credible off the turnbuckle, over the table and into the center of the ring. (Loogie #5) Tajiri then nails Credible with a long missile dropkick, and rolls him onto the table in place of Francine, giving him a whack from the kendo stick for good measure. Tajiri goes back up top, and lands both feet on Credible's chest driving him through the table to the mat.
Crowd: "ECW! ECW! ECW!"
Tajiri covers but, unbelievably, only gets a two count. Screwjob finish coming up, I think.
Tajiri's attempts to hook a tornado DDT on Credible get blocked, then does a small package roll up that doesn't get a pin, though it looked like the referee's hand sure hit the mat for the three count.
Tajiri tries for a moonsault, but gets caught in mid-air by Credible, who nails his "That's Incredible!" finisher for the pin and, just like that, the match is over.

Larry Musso:

Tajiri is GOD! This match was awesome, probably the one match that the crowd was most into. (The) many near falls by Tajiri had the crowd almost rioting. the win, but afterwards, the "Bullshit! Bullshit!" chant got started.

Kind of says it all, don't you think?

Larry, again:

Match #7: Rhino d. Raven, ECW World TV Title defense. Rhino w/gore/pin)
Can you spell SQUASH? Rhino retained the Title in under three minutes with the gore. Total squash. After the match, Raven gave one last crucifix sign as some of the crowd chanted "You sold out!", while others chanted "Raven! Raven! Raven!"

ecwwrestlingdotcom is promo-ed, with actual on-line screenshots of the site courtesy of Mr. Cameraman standing REAL close to the monitor. In fact, so close you can see his reflection in the monitor glass. Pics of Elektra displaying her impressive, (but discretely covered) mammary glands can be found here. Ditto Jasmin St. Clair. Get out your bookmarks, please.

ECW Upcoming Events Calendar:

7/28 Dallas, TX (TV taping)
7/29 Houston, TX
8/4 Huntington, WV (TV taping)
8/5 Cloumbus, OH
8/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (eat at "Dewey's" after the show, folks!)
8/12 St. Petersburg. FL
8/18 Virginia Beach , VA
8/19 ECW Arena, South Philly (if it hasn't been sold already!)
8/25-8/26 New York City, NY ("Manhattan Debut": two shows.)
9/7 Cleveland, OH
9/8 "The Flick" in Buffalo, NY
9/9 Mississauga, ONT, Canada (Canadian Debut show)
10/1 St. Paul, MN ("Anarchy Rulz" PPV)


Match #3: Rob Van Dam (w/ Bill Alfonso) d. Balls Mahoney, ("Van Terminator"/pin, we saw 10:25 or so.)

Huge-bosomed blond female fan at ringside holds up a sign:
Male seatmate looks at her and then at Mr. Cameraman, with a big grin on his face!
Action in the ring begins with Balls grabbing RVD in a side headlock, only to have RVD shove him off. Balls rebounds off the ropes and nails RVD with a tackle. Another spring off the ropes by Balls, but this time, RVD leapfrogs way over his charge-in. hiptoss by balls but RVD, cat-like, lands on his feet, and counters with a stiff dropkick that drives balls to the canvas. RVD uses the ropes for momentum, and tries a springboard, but Balls counters with a tilt-a-whirl, and RVD escapes, landing on his feet once again. Both men trade punches, with Balls getting most of his blocked by RVD. Sloppy enzuigiri by Balls fails to send RVD out of the ring. This is unfortunate, as the momentum of Balls' kick sends HIM over the ropes to the outside. Balls recovers, makes for the ring apron, only to get a missile dropkick in the sternum from RVD that tumbles him back to the floor at ringside. RVD then does a spectacular full-gainer over the top rope and planchas Balls all the way to the floor! RVD goes back into the ring momentarily to allow Balls to recover somewhat, then comes back out, only to get a full drink cup (?) right in the face. Balls decides that a snack is needed to go with the beer, and starts gnawing on RVD's tasty forehead (pass the mustard, please!) An attempted whip into the steel guardrail is blocked by RVD. Balls softens him up with a couple of punches and THEN sends RVD into the steel guardrail. RVD tries to turn the momentum his way with a moonsault off the steel guardrail, but Balls blocks it and hurls RVD back into the guardrail with such force that RVD hurdles the guardrail, landing in the crowd, (and almost ON poor Larry Musso!) at ringside. Balls goes after him, steel chair in hand, only to get a Van Daminator as he crosses the railing, that busts him open. They brawl for a bit, with the ECW "Black Suits" and Arena Security trying to clear an area for them to wrestle in, and not having much success. The brawl continues until both head back to the ring, fighting as the go.

Larry Musso:

I ALMOST GOT TRAMPLED! When these guys came over to my area, I was waiting for them, and that was the stupidest move I've done all day! I felt like I was in a mosh pit! It's a wonder I'm still standing up!

Both men back in the ring, with Balls beginning to bleed pretty freely now, and he promptly gets stomped and squashed by an RVD legdrop. Cover, 1,2, but Balls kicks out just in the nick of time. Brief flurry ends with an RVD clothesline attempt, but Balls blocks the move, scoopslams RVD and tries a Victory Roll, but only gets two. A front kick by Balls gets caught by RVD, who counters with a stiff dropkick of his own. Cover by RVD, but again, no three count. RVD with another flurry of punches and kicks, and a cross-ring whip that Balls reverses into his "Ballbreaker" finisher, a cover, but only a two count, again. RVD's on the mat, as Balls goes up top to deliver the New Jersey Jam. Nobody's home, however, as RVD sees it coming, and rolls out of the way, leaving Balls to take a fanny-first dive onto the canvas.
Balls staggering to his feet, catches a Fonzie-thrown steel chair, followed by a VERY stiff Van Daminator from RVD. One Five Star Frog Splash later, and RVD goes for the cover...
...only to get it REVERSED by Balls who goes for his OWN cover, and nearly gets a three count out of it.
What an upset that would have been!
RVD foot-sweeps Balls to the mat, then nails him right in the head with another dropkick. RVD places a chair on the prone body of Balls Mahoney. He leaps for the top turnbuckle...and Balls is up and right behind him with a Big Right Hand to RVD's head. Balls climbs up to the second rope, and nails RVD with his Nutcracker Suite finisher, and a cover, but only gets a two count. Balls grabs the steel chair and nails RVD with a vicious wallop, goes for the cover, two count only. Balls wedges the steel chair in the ropes in the far corner, then grabs for the timekeeper's bell and striker. Balls positions RVD's noggin against the chair, rares back with the ring bell, and gets his feet swept from under him by an RVD legsweep, causing Balls to fall face first into the chair. Fonzie grabs the chair and places it on Balls' chest, which RVD promptly nails with a one-and-a-half sit-out senton bomb. Cover by RVD, 1,2, NO!
Balls lies huddled in the corner after that last shot from RVD, and Fonzie again puts the chair against Balls' noggin. Van Dam climbs to the top of the far opposite corner, sets...


...and NAILS the chair to Balls noggin from all the way ACROSS the ring!
So that's what a "Van Terminator" looks like!
Crowd: "ECW! ECW! ECW!" chants are mixed with equal parts of "HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!" chants. Most impressive.

Given the date this was taped, lil' ol' Poughkeepsie, NY got to see the debut of this new RVD finisher first, long before the PPV-paying folks in Los Angeles ever did.
Congrats, Poughkeepsie.
Y'all ROCK!

Oh, yeah. Cover, 1,2,3! RVD wins. Spectacularly, I might add.

And I'm gonna let Larry Musso have the last word for this week's column:

RVD hit all of his moves; but the most amazing one was that springboard dropkick from one end to the other end of the ring to literally NAIL a chair in Balls' face for the win. (After the match) I got to talk to the strippers. Too bad I'm only sixteen! Geesh, they're HOT! Credible was the most hated, but everybody else was over in a good way. Great show! Awesome night! Awesome crowd. I slept on the car ride coming home.

Closing credits.

My thanks again to Larry Musso, a REAL die-hard ECW fan, and the only guy I know who could show up to an ECW Arena Event clad in a Hawaiian shirt and a crew-cut, and live to tell about it!

You are now a "HardCore Correspondent," sir.

Anybody else want to join?

E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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