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/4 November 2000

ECW Hardcore TV by Larry Musso




Opening Babble: Just a quick note to bring up. Next Saturday I will be going to ECW's event at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. I will be there in my more casual wear, as I am going with my boss. If you go and want to talk wrestling, I will be at Section 104, Row B, Seat's 3 and 4. I encourage anyone coming to bring a/Slash Wrestling Rules sign just like me ! Hey how do you think I got these gig's as a recapper. (wink, wink)

Okay, I couldn't think of anything else catchy to put here so lets get to work.

The show starts with "My Personal Idol" Steve Corino, Jack Victory and Dawn Marie in the back. Dawn say's she wants Corino that this thing could work, and that theirs no hard feelings or his Old School kick hitting Dawn. Corino said he will kick Credible's and Rhino's ass. Dawn mentions a gangster, and Corino gets vicious and introduces New Jack. New Jack says the stage is in the ring, and to him its a killing field. He says Old School to Corino is a headlock, Old school to him(New Jack) is a screwdriver to the head. New Jack ends it with saying he doesn't care what it takes, but they'll put Credible and Rhino out. New Jack babbles on some more, and eventually leaves. Corino looks a little scared, but tells Dawn to stay in the locker room. Gee, where have I saw this before ? Corino leaves to stay focused, and Jack makes Dawn stay with her. Uh-huh.

Opening Montage starts. Let me see if I can go full CRZ and list all the clips from it. (Rob Van Dam, Van Dam ***** Star Frog Splashing Anton, Van Dam giving Buh Buh Ray a Van Daminator, Van Dam Van Terminating Rhino, Rhino holding the TV Belt, Rhino piledriving Lori Fullington through a table, Rhino goring Sandman through a table, Rhino goring Kid Kash through a table, Mikey and Tajiri standing with Sinister Minister, Mikey almost decapitating Tony Mamaluke, The FBI standing with the Tag Titles, C. W. Anderson, Fred Durst arguing with Corino, Corino entering the ring, Dawn Marie talking to Gertner, Ballz Mahoney taking out Belvis and The Prodigy with a Chair, Tommy Dreamer diamond cutting Justin Credible off a ladder, Kid Kash top-rope hurricanrana on Julio Dinero,Kid Kash flipping into a pile of ECW wrestlers, Diamond & Swinger standing with Anderson, New Jack balcony dive, Sandman smashing a beer on his head, Kid Kash with a springboard hurricanrana on Dinero, Doring and Roadkill, Justin Credible, Face Full of Stuff by Francine onto Dawn Marie, New Jack destroying a ref, Jerry Lynn standing with the world title.)

TONIGHT ! Joey Matthews and Christian York face Whipwreck and Tajiri ! The return to the ring of Spike Dudley ! Jerry Lynn defends the Title against Danny Daniels ! Plus Rhino and Justin Credible vs. Corino and New Jack !

Joey and Joel welcome us to the show. Joey plugs November 2 Remember saying how all the titles will be defended. Off to the ring.,

Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri(w/ Sinister Minister)

Before the match we go to an interview with Rhino. Rhino babbles on about the match saying how he's going to kill Corino and Jack tonight, because he's the Big F'N Deal.

Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri(w/ Sinister Minister) Mikey and Joey start it out, lock up, Matthews with a headlock, both men back into the ropes, Matthews sent to the other side, Matthews sends Whipwreck down with a shoulder thrust, kick to the gut, Irish whip, reversed, hiptoss, kickoff, Matthews misses a dropkick, La Magistral gets 2. Christian York tagged in. York says he wants Tajiri, and the Buzzsaw is tagged in. Lockup goes nowhere. Lockup again goes nowhere. Greco-Roman knuckle lock applied, York rolls through and gets the advantage on Tajiri, Tajiri gets out with a hammerlock, elbow, elbow misses, fireman's carry takeover, into an armbar. Kip-up folowed by an armdrag by York. They shake hands, and Tajiri kicks York in the thigh,rammed into the turnbuckle, tag to Mikey. Variation of the Demolition Decapitation, this time with a legdrop, by Whipwreck and Tajiri. Matthews in now, pair of kicks to the gut. Whipwreck neckbreaker, slingshot somersault senton onto Matthews. Commercials. When we come back Mikey and Matthews are outside, with Matthews trying to get in. Mikey picks up Matthews in a wheel-barrell, kick to the face by Tajiri, and Mikey drops him on the guardrail. Mikey and Tajiri take York and toss him back first into the guardrial. Back over on the other side now, Tajiri irish whip's Matthews into the guardrail. Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, Matthews rolled inside. Mikey up top, clothesline, gets two. Matthews in the corner now, irish whip, clothesline, countered with a hangmans neckbreaker ! York in now with a spinning heel kick on Tajiri. Punch, York tagged in, snap mare, Matthews up top with York, Quaker Fall onto Whipwreck, followed by senton by York. One, two, Kickout ! Punch, punch, irish whip, clothesline, missed, Whipwreck with a hurracanrana. Double tag. Clothesline by Matthews, missed, side kick, York now with an Irish whip, springboard elbow by Tajiri sends York down. Matthews back around. The two men trade chops, Matthews push's Tajiri down, kip up, GREEN MIST ! Kick to the head, Matthews draped across the bottom rope, legdrop by Mikey, kick to the head by Tajiri ! Matthews rolls outside, and back come York. York caught by both Tajiri and Mikey, both men do the rolling crab thing to York, stand him up, and nail a Double Brainbuster, gets three. (6:25 showed. )

We then go to the back where Francine and Justin Credible are. Credible says that the clock is ticking on New Jack's head. He then continues to say that Corino is a punk, and that his time ain't over yet. Francine say's shes been with Pitbulls, she's been with Franchises, she's been with Dreamers and shes been with Raven's. But, shes never been with Gangsta's. She's always been with champions, and he better get back into title contention, or she will have to weigh her options. Credible then gets pissed, and says Corino, New Jack after I beat you two, I'm gonna go home and beat her. Nice, PJ, real nice.


In the back Commissioner Dudley paces back and forth. He says he'll fight Hamrick, because the voices inside his head are telling him too. Tonight Hamrick wil find out why he's the Giant Killer. "November Rain" plays in the backround as Joey and Joel talk about Spike.

"Confederate Currancy" Chris Hamrick vs. Commisioner LSD: Hamrick takes the mike. He says that even though the fans at Battlecreek (so thats where we are) want him to wrestle, he can't due to his "knee' injury. Dudley isn't buying it and procedes to come in. Hamrick blocks him from coming in the ring a couple of times. Spike through two chairs, and Hamrick's knee injury heals amazingly. Hamrick starts strangling LSD with the ace bandage. Spike thrown out of the corner by the Ace bandage. Hamrick sets the chair on the floor ,bodyslam, reversed, kick to the gut, ACID DROP on the CHAIR ! One, two, three !(1:15)

Afterwards, Hot Commodity comes out and procede to beat down the Commish. "Bawitdaba" blares and out comes Kid Kash. Kid Kash goes for the Money Maker, but EZ breaks it up. Buggy Bang, no, Doring and Roadkill come out and stop it.


"Quick Count" Danny Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn(c)-ECW Heavyweight Title Match: Daniels charges, and misses a clothesline and Lynn hits one of his own. Lynn rips off the ref shirt, rammed into the turnbuckle, chop, chop, chop, bulldog. Lynn now grabs the belt, places it on the floor, Cradle Piledriver on the belt ! See-ya. One, two, three. (1:00)

RHINO and Justin Credible(w/Francine) vs. My Personal Idol(w/o Jacko Victory) and Da Gangsta(w/the Local Yard Sale): Justin and Francine have visable tension. Corino charges down with no Victory and get's beat down in the process. "Natural Born Killa" blares and out comes Jack. Jack staarts pounding away on both men. Jack with a sickle on the forehead of Credible. Jack with the staple gun, as Corino and Rhino are in the crowd brawling, Credible gets a staple in the head. Rhino and Croino are all the way by the concession stands, while Jack is brutalizing Credible. Corino is bleeding like a pig. Credible is bleeding a tad bit. Corino and Rhino just brawl around aimlessly, same for Credible and Jack. Corino into the wall. Corino pounding away on Rhino in the crowd. Corino has a gusher. All four men, just walking around the crowd, throwing each other into things. Rhino sets a table up in the rign, while New Jack kills Credible. Credible knocks down two rows of chairs. New Jack choking Credible out, now hits him with a beer. Corino pounds away on Rhino in the ring, bionic elbow. Rhino no sells, and hits Corino in the shoulder with a chair. New Jack into the guardrail, and Rhino is tossed out of the ring. Credible pounds away on New Jack, no, low blow. Corino rolls Credible inside. Corino with more brawling, Old School, whats that. Francine accidently canes Credible, school boy ! One, Two, Kickout ! New Jack with a cookie sheet to Rhino. Superkick to Rhino, Rhino is back up, 187 CHair Dive. Both cover ! One, TWO, THREE!(Call it 8:57)

Afterwards Credible canes both men,and attacks New Jack. New Jack gets Gored through a table ! "Enter Sandman" plays and you know who comes out. Cane in hand. Sandman canes Creidile, Russian Legsweep. Rhino gets caned twice. The heels bail, and Sandman takes the mike. Sandman offers the two a beer. Corino slaps the beer out of Sandman's beer out of his hand, and the show ends.

Larry Musso
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