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/18 September 1999

EMLL Lucha Libre by Paul Garcia




Well, let me start off by first saying thanks for the great response I received for last week's recap.. 2 EMAILS( Thanks to and Chuy at La Esquina for being the only two to send comments)!! So, please take a little bit of time to write a brief e-mail, good or bad. I don't care if you say that these recaps are shitty, but let me know why so I can try to fix them in the future. Enough of that, onto the recap!

Tony Rivera/Antifaz del Norte/ Papi Aguila vs. Rey Bucanero Jr./Violencia/Zumbido

Prematch: The technicos hit the ring, with Aguila sporting the boss kilt and Tony showing off his caballero gear. In the other corner, Bucanero catches my eye, because he looks totally different from the last time I saw him. He know has thick facepaint under and around his eyes and his hair is in braids/cornrows/whatever. I'm missing his badass pirate mask even more now. And... our captains for this match are Zumbido and Tony Rivera.

Primera Caida(1st Fall): Match starts with the rudos beating down the technicos w/ the usual brawling/heel stuff. Out on the ramp, Violencia takes care of Rivera with a bodyslam. Bucanero beats on Aguila on the outside while Zumbido handles Antifaz. Bucanero in, double team big boot on Antifaz that sends him tumbling out of the ring. Tony scurries in, met immediately by Violencia who quickly handles him. Bucanero and Zumbido join in on the fun and start pounding the hell out of poor Tony. They work him over a bit before hitting(Zumbido and Bucanero) a double big boot as Tony comes off the ropes. A little more brawling follows and then it finally settles down into a standard trios lucha match. Aguila and Violencia start out, they circle, here comes Zumbido, who hits the unsuspecting Aguila with a low dropkick to the back of the knees. Bucanero enters, triple team time. Aguila sent off the ropes, Buc steps up, drops to the mat, Aguila hops over and runs into double back elbows to the jaw. Bucanero up, Aguila flipped back up into Buc's hands, Violencia gets a hold of Tony's head.. DOUBLE SITTING REVERSE POWERBOMB! Zumbido with the immediate CORKSCREW ELBOWDROP! Violencia starts to lay in on the downed Aguila with little bitch kicks to the face and back, Bucanero runs up and levels Antifaz with a stiff elbowshot that sends him flying off the apron. Tony hits the ring, eats double backhands from Bucanero and Violencia... they get ahold of Tony, hoist him up in the air, and Zumbido comes off the apron with a springboard missle dropkick! Zumbido locks on a figure four, Violencia and Bucanero kneel down on his chest and FLEX, 1,2,3, rudos take the fall and show off some badass double team manuvers while they're at it.

Segunda Caida(2nd Fall): Things pick off right where fall #1 left off.. Antifaz enters the ring all by his lonesome and is taken down by Bucanero. Zumbido and Violencia then get ahold of Antifaz and sling him over the 2nd rope and hold him spread out and elevated above the mat. Rey Buc goes up top, and comes off with a DIVING SENTON onto Antifaz! A running low dropkick to the face by Zumbido sends Antifaz out of the ring once again, and Violencia caps it off with a SLINGSHOT TOPE CON HILO that absolutely squashes Del Norte! Back in the ring, Zumbido has Aguila up in a Gory Special.. he flips him over, SITTING REVERSE POWERBOMB! Zumbido with the cover, 1,2,3! Morales argues that the move by Zumbido was a "martinete"(check 9/11 recap for a definition) while our pro rudo commentator, Leo Magadan, doesn't quite buy into that notion. Ok, Aguila wasn't his team's captain so that means one of his teammates also has to be pinned for the rudos to take the fall... but if the techs can pin Zumbido they win.. well... just read the FAQ at for a better explanation of the general rules of the lucha trios matches. Anyways, Tony back in the ring, taken care of by Violencia. He snapmares him over, kick to the back. Picks Tony up, sets him in a crucifix position, Tony flips forward and out of whatever move, Violencia was attempting, Violenica hits a chop, hammer throw, catches Tony in a double hand chokehold.. tosses him to the mat, and then taunts the crowd.. Cut to a shot of Zumbido on the floor mugging for the crowd. He sticks his face right up tot he camera and then tells all of us viewers at home how he's the best and shit. Back to the in-ring action, Violencia picks him back up.. pulls him over towards the turnbuckle, armwringer, here comes Bucanero off the top with a punch to the chest of Rivera. Rey sends him off the ropes, rebound, TILT UP AND AROUND FACEBUSTER! Tony sent back out, Aguila in, a kick to the back of the knee later and Buccanero is in control. Aguila draped in the corner, rapid fire chops from Bucanero follows. Violencia in, body slam, Bucanero off the top with a TOPE ATOMICO(basically a somersault senton variation)! Baetdown on Aguila continues before he finally makes his exit, only to be replaced by Antifaz. Chopped, whipped to corner, Bucanero follows, Antifaz spins out of the way, Buc MISSES! He turns around, charges in, QUEBRADORA! Shoulderblock, Antifaz runs up the turnbuckle, and flies off with an immediate twisting rolling senton bodyblock.. Buc dodges it, locks on a Scorpion Deathlock, Tony in, SUPERKICK on Bucanero! Everyone hits the ring, Aguila and Tony hit simultaneuos shoulderblocks on Violencia and Zumbido, run off the ropes, double big boot by los rudos! Rudos bounce off the ropes, double monkey flips by the technicos that send both Zumbido and Violencia crashing to their death. Techs up, off the ropes, Tony with a TOPE, Aguila with his trademark TORNILLO PLANCHA! Now only Buccanero and Antifaz are left to square off in the ring. Bucanero runs off the ropes, gets a hold of Antifaz's head, spins around and rolls him up! 1,2,kickout. Antifaz sent into the corner, Bucanero follows again, misses the corner splash, dropkick to Bucanero's back! Antifaz picks him up, sets him on the turnbuckle... hoists him up.... Shit, ICONOCLASM*!!!!!!!! Antifaz hops onto the apron, slings back over with a corkscrew splash! He locks on a sitting figure four and Bucanero taps! Technicos take the fall!

*Sets up like a crucifix off the top, but the guy flips his opponent over into a Falcon Arrow sitting position... SHIIMA Nobunaga and Mike Quackenbush use this move.*


Tercera Caida(3rd Fall): Tony and Violencia start this fall out. Runs the ropes, hard shoulderblock by Violencia, Tony hops up, Violencia back off the ropes again, the other way, stops and floors Rivera with a stiff chest slap. Tony down, standing senton by Violencia, Tony rolls away and dodges the move, Tony gets Violenica up quickly by the arm, jumps up on the top rope and springs off, armdragging Violencia to the mat! In comes Zumbido, Tony to the corner, runs up the turnbuckle and flies off with a diving hurrancanrana! Zumbido slides across the ring, Tony charges, Zumbido up, catches Tony in a fireman's carry. Tony tires to turn it into a sunset flip but messes the spot up and Zumbido is still in control. Whip to the corner, Zumbido rushes in, jumping knee, misses and takes a hellacious head over heels bump over the turnbuckle and to the floor!! Aguila and Bucanero now hit the ring. Single leg takedown on Bucanero, off the ropes, Buc drops to the mat chest first, Aguila cartwheels out of the way, turns around and catches a Bucanero lariat. Chops, Aguila blocks one, gets a hold of Bucanero's arm and runs to the top rope, arm in tow. He does this intricate almost indescribable sequence and then comes off with a flying rana on Bucanero! Really awesome sequence.. anyways, Bucanero makes an exit, Aguila off the ropes, fakes a mortal and then backflips to his feet where he fires off a few crotch chops Bucanero's way. Antifaz in, back in comes Bucanero.. Bucanero takes command with a few chops, shoots Antifaz to the cornner, wait, reversed by Antifaz, charges in, MONKEY FLIP! Antifaz back the other way, Buc up, catches him, no, spinning armdrag by Del Norte! Bucanero slides out, Zumbido enters, hammer throw, reversed by Antifaz, armdrag takedown, Zumbido back up, in comes Del Norte, RANA! Zumbido out, here comes Violenica, chops, whip to the corner, charges in, misses, Antifaz with a kick to the gut,,, gets Violencia in a necklock, then hits a run the ropes swinging DDT(ala Shiga)! Violencia staggers to his feet, dropkick sends him crashing out of the ring. Violencia struggles to his feet, cut back to the ring, here comes Aguila, TOPE CON HILO OVER THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!! Meanwhile, back in the ring, Antifaz and Bucanero are going at it.. A chop sends Antifaz staggering, then out of nowhere Bucanero charges at the ropes and hits a badass twisting placha onto Aguila! UH OH... Antifaz going up top.. ROLLING SENTON TO THE FUCKING FLOOR ON BUCANERO! Only two men left standing.. Zumbido off the ropes, back the other way, Tony catches him, tilt-a-whirl into GORY SPECIAL! Zumbidosky refuses to give, then wriggles under and counters with a sunset flip! Tony frees himself, rolls through with a jackknife pin, no, both up, Powerslam by Zumbido! CORKSCREW ELBOWDROP! Zumbido calls for the end, ascends to the top, MOONSAULT! Tony rolls to avoid it, Zumbido lands on his feet, Tony runs in and hits a surprise hurrancanrana!! Hooks the legs, 1,2,3! Technicos take the victory and end one of the best matches for EMLL to date for 1999. I may be exaggerating, but I thought it was very well done, a little spotty, but still GREAT.

-Recount of the 3rd fall highspots.


We return to see a clip of Dr. Wagner Jr. killing Santo with the Wagner Driver.. cut to Blue Panther, Wagner and Ultimo Guerrero sparring. Here comes, Shocker, who begins badmouthing Wagner. Doc fires back with some words of his own, Shocker steps in, BITCH SLAP by Wagner.. He picks Shocker up and is about to hit him with El Wagner Driver, but the other rudos prevent him from doing so. So he slams him and locks on a stranglehold, all while talking trash. The other guys break it up, Shocker back up, glares at ends. Hmm, interesting.

Ultimo Guerrero/Dr. Wagner Jr./Black Warrior/ Blue Panther vs. Negro Casas/ Emilo Charles/ El Hijo del Santo/ Olimpico

Primera Caida(1st Fall): Our captains are Dr. Wagner and Santo. Fall starts off with the typical rudo beatdown. Wagner with boot scrapes to Casas who's slumped down in the corner.. Panther has Olimpico up in a fireman's carry walks over to Ultimo Guerrero and then drops Olimpico down onto Ultimo's knee. B.Panther follows it up with a press slam onto Wagner's knee. A bit later Casas is sent off the ropes, drop toe hold by Panther, follows it by sitting Casas up, Wagner/Black Warrior/Ultimo off the ropes, TRIPLE DROPKICKS to the mug of Casas! Emilo dragged in by Ultimo, sent into the corner by Bucanero who charges in with a lariat, Black Warrior follows with a lariat of his own, capped off by Wagner who sets him up top and then sends him back to the mat with a TOP ROPE ACE CRUSHER! Panther quickly locks Charles in an inverted sitting full nelson thing, he taps. Meanwhile, Ulitmo has Olimpico hoisted up on the turnbuckle facing the audience and then... TOP ROPE REVERSE SUPLEX that spells the E-N-D for Olimpico. Cut to Ultimo Guerrero hitting a charging lariat on Santo in the corner. Shoots him over to Panther who flips him up to Wagner, double powerbomb position, Black Warrior up top... Guillotine Legdrop/double powerbomb combo by Black Warrior, Ultimo and Wagner! 1,2,3 that ends the demolition of the technicos..I don't think they even got one offensive move in..moving on to some..


Segunda Caida(2nd Fall): Joined in progress, with the techs pummeling the rudos. A bit later, we finally settle into a standard match setup, with Ultimo Guerrero and Olimpico going head to head. Olimpico off the ropes, hits a tricked out floatover swirling armdrag! Ultimo out, Olimpico sling himself over with a diving rana to the floor! Santo and Black Warrior hit the ring... BW off the ropes, Santo to the mat, back the other way, leapfrog, rebound, monkeyflip by El Hijo!! Up, Santo off the ropes, caught by BW, tilt a whirl headscissors his way out of that predictament! BW up, runs in, laiat, ducked, sent off the ropes by Santo, la segadora and out goes Black Warrior! Santo wastes no time, runs off the ropes and hits an insanely beautiful tope!! Ultimo in, Olimpico off the apron with a HUGE springboard cross body! Up, catches Olimpico, tips him up, Olimpico gets a hold of Ultimo and rolls him up! 1,2,3! Emilo in, Panther in, rana by Emilo, hooks the legs, Panther is gone! Casas enters, dropkicks Wagner who's on the apron! Casas heads out onto the rampway and starts beating on Wagner, ending it with a running low dropkick to the face.. This leads to the..

Tercera Caida(3rd fall): Wagner and Casas start off, both with chops, both no sell. Wagner with a series of shots to the face, no sold, rolling solebutt by Casas! Here comes Santo and Panther, santo rushes in, caught, tip up, face slam, no, headscissors his way out! Monkey flip to flying headscissors by Santo follows! Spinning armdrag! Panther slides out, santo hops up top, PLANCHA off the turnbuckle! An all out brawl on the floor ensues.. Cut ot Casas with a single leg Boston Crab on Wagner in the ring.. broken up by Ultimo. Panther snapmares Santo over, rips his mask open(even more). Up, shoots him to the corner, runs in, eats a Santo boot. Santo hops up on Panther's shoulders in a victory roll position.. can't roll him up, so Casas pushes Panther, causing Santo to headscissors him out of the ring. Now we have Wagner and Casas in the ring, Casas exits, here comes Olimpico, SPINEBUSTER! Off the ropes, a dropkick sends Wagner out. Black Warrior in, headlock, thrown off by Olimpico, BW rebounds off the ropes, back the opposite way, catches Olimpico with a spinning heel kick! Follows it up by posing for the crowd.. back up, bodyslam sends Olimpico back down. Ultimo, who was waiting up top, comes flying off with a FROG SPLASH! Olmpico kicks out, Ultimo runs off the ropes, back body drop by Olimpico. Olimpico then slides out, as Emilo comes in, dropkick on Guerrero, standing senton, misses, shot to the corner by Ultimo. He charges, Emilo spins away, Ultimo hits and takes a horrid bump up and over to the floor. Emilo hits the apron, runs and connects with a Flying Thesz Press onto Guerrero! Back in ring we have Olimpico and Black Warrior..BW backdrops Olimpico out of the ring, runs off the ropes, reckless TOPE by BW!! Santo and Blue back in facing off. Runs off the ropes, Santo up and over with a sunset flipvariation! 1 count, Wagner and Casas hit the ring! Panther catches Santo with the immediate waki-gatame! Casas caught by Wagner.... WAGNER DRIVER! Santo taps and Wag scores the pinfall on the lifeless heap that is Casas.. Los Rudos!

-Replay of the Wagner Driver on Casas..

Leo Magadan follows up with an interview from Wagner and Blue Panther. In the meantime Casas is being attended to in the ring.. Panther and wagner mock the almost "paralyzed" Casas. Casas comes back with a few choice comments of his own as he's being ready to be stretchered out..

-Replay again.



Lo Espectacular- AHH! One of the Headhunter's hits a diving Vader Attack off the apron on Gran Markus.

Lo Combinacion- The Santo/Casas diving neckbreaker combo on Wagner from last week's show.

Lo Sensacional- The sandwhiching of Pieroth by The Headhunters from last week's show.

La Mas Destacado- Oriental hits a top rope inside out victory roll on Super Cacao!

Lo Admirable- Oriental and.. I can't recall the other guy with stereo tope con hilos!


More of Pieroth's "Puerto Rico" angle.. that's all I need to say.

SHOCKER/Apollo Dantes/Villano III vs. Atlantis/El Brazo de Plata, "Super Porky"/ Mr. Niebla

Primera Caida(1st Fall): Just going to recount the key moments from this particular match.

  • Shocker hits an amazing running double jump springboard elbowdrop on Niebla.
  • fall ends when Apollo will not release a side sleeper hold on Porky and get's DQ'ed.

    Segunda Caida(2nd Fall):
  • Porky is stretchered out after clutching his test and having a "heart attack".
  • Shocker with a diving senton on Niebla after a Somoan Slam by Villano III.
  • Dantes gets in the way of a Shocker diving elbow to the head...
  • Shocker accidentally takes Villano III out with a lariat.
  • Niebla takes out Dantes and makes him submit with la Neblina.
  • Atlantis hits a rana on Villano III and scores a 2 count.
  • Abdominal stretch by Villano III reversed into an abdominal stretch by Atlantis.
  • Atlantis takes Villano III out with a tope suicida.
  • Shocker scores a 2 count on Niebla with a jumping bomb!
  • A Falcon Arrow by Shocker on Niebla nets another 2 count.
  • Niebla moonsault off the turnbuckle to the outside on Shocker!!
  • Villano III with a crotch chop directes at Atlantis! Heh!
  • Atlantis brings Villano down with a top rope armdrag, then catches him in La Atlantida(side argentine backbreaker/torture rack) and gets the win for the Technicos!

    Wow.. interviews with both sides follow and it looks as if a Niebla/Atlantis vs. Villano III/Shocker, mask vs. mask match is now set.

    Clips for next week's show( 66th Anniversary show for CMLL). Here's the lineup:

  • Santo/Casas vs. wagner/Blue Panther
  • Giant Silva/Rayo de Jalisco/ Lizmark vs. Universero Dos Mille(2000)/ Bestia Salvaje/ Scorpio Jr./ Apollo Dantes
  • Atlantis/Niebla vs. Shocker/Villano III, mask vs, mask!!!!!!

    Check out my EMLL Lucha TV archive: 1 recap and growing! =)

    Paul Garcia
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    Check out my EMLL Lucha TV archive: 1 recap and growing! =)

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