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It's some last minute hype before Unforgiven! Angle gets a stinger and still has enough to come back and challenge Austin for the WWF Title.

This is WWF Excess. Our hosts are Jonathan Coachman and Trish Stratus. Trish is ready to get back, so is Coach.

Waiting in the wings are Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson. Trish is a little jealous about the women being around. Plus, Edge is going to be on the phone to talk about Christian. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800- LIVE-WWF, or e-mail at Oh, and incase you got screwed by the Presidents speech and didn't see Smackdown! it's here on the show. Yeah.

There's going to be a match this Sunday with 4 big men. Trish loves 4 big men says Coach. What men is he talking about? Why, Undertaker, Kane, and Kronik of course. Here's a video package.

The Dudley Boyz are going to defend their newly won WWF Tag-Team Titles against The Hardys, Storm and Hurricane, and Big Show and Spike on Sunday. Here's highlights of the Dudleys in a non-title match against The Hardy Boyz Thursday night.

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A reminder the PPV WILL be on Direct TV incase you happened to think differently.

On Smackdown! Steve Austin gave Kurt Angle a piledriver that was REALLY REALLY COOL. Later in the show, Angle came back and told Austin he sees what kind of man he is now and come Sunday Night he's going down.

The history between Steve Austin and Kurt Angle has been going on for a long time according to Coach. Here's a package showing their rich history. So instead of going back to Steve Austin's return and Kurt introducing himself only to get stunnered, we go back to the night after SummerSlam and go from there.

Kurt Angle isn't the only superstar to have a run in with Steve Austin. We just happen to have a guest right now who's dealt with him, it's Torrie Wilson. She has a big hug for Coach. Trish and Torrie seem to have problems with eachother but lord knows if I know what they are.

Torrie was really scared on Monday when Steve Austin called her out to the ring. She thought that he was going to hurt her.

Coach changes the subject. What does she see in Tajiri? Tajiri is the sweetest guy in the world and they have GREAT conversations. Coach says he's talked to Tajiri in the past and couldn't understand him at all. Trish asks if she speaks Japanese, to which Torrie responds yes.

They have an e-mail from Sky. Sky wants to know if she's going to join the WWF after what went down on Smackdown! this past Thursday night. Torrie is with the Alliance, and loves Tajiri but she's going to stay with the Alliance for now.

Damien calls and asks if she likes Tajiri. His friend told him to ask that. Moron. They kick him off the line.

Eric from Las Vegas is on the line now and hopes Trish's ankle is feeling better. He wants to know if the women are more comfortable working bra and panties, and mud matches instead of wrestling matches. Torrie says she prefers gimmicks because she's not a very good wrestler in comparison with Ivory or Lita. Trish will fight anyone whether it's a gimmick match or not she doesn't care.

Josh from Massachusetts is on the phone and wants to know how Torrie got into the business. She was backstage when she was an actress at a Nitro event and was approached to appear on the shows. She loves travelling and learning how to wrestle and it's stuck.

We're headed to the commercial break and later tonight, From The Vault is Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog from SummerSlam 1992 for the Intercontinental Title.

RVD and Jericho are going to have a match for the WWF Hardcore Title at Unforgiven. Speaking of RVD, he's been busy and is on the cover of RAW magazine. However, INSIDE, Torrie Wilson does a spread. Here's a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot.

We see Torrie in a bunch of different outfits. She shot about 9 different looks on the day. Rich Freeda says she has a lot of natural beauty and they didn't need a whole lot of makeup. She was great at projecting for the camera. She tries not to think to herself be sexy but prefers to think of something that makes her feel sexy. She's never seen herself look so good.

Coach is annoyed the tape stopped. Trish says she too has done fitness modelling how is this modelling different? Torrie feels this is a lot more layed back as opposed from the fitness modelling where you had to BE SEXY.

Charles Schmidt via e-mail asks that since both Torrie and Trish were fitness models, did they know eachother prior to the WWF? They did do a shoot ages ago and Trish was on the cover of that magazine.

Rob from New York, who sounds about 12, says he met Torrie at an autograph signing and that was awesome. He's really jealous of The Coach. Coach knows how Rob feels apparently. What's Torrie's goal in the Alliance with Tajiri? She wants to help him hang onto the US Title tomorrow night and be a more prominent member of the Alliance. Coach doesn't understand how she can help Tajiri and be in the Alliance. She also wouldn't mind being WWF Women's Champion. GOOD LUCK Torrie!

Commercial break.

We're back, and Maven from Tough Enough has joined the show.

In a few days he's going to find out if he's getting a WWF contract. Coach wants to bring everyone up to speed on what happened on Tough Enough. Basically, Chris wound up looking really bad. Chris and Josh appear to be having a feud of some sort as well. No emphasis on the women really.

What does Maven think his chances are of winning? He says he agrees with Josh, and goes with 33% chance.

A poll from online, with over 68,000 votes says that Maven has a 50% chance. Torrie offers him a spot in the Alliance.

Who's his favorite WWF woman? Torrie cuddles up to him, but he says it's Jackie.

On the phone is Steven from Virginia. He agrees with Maven's assessment of Jackie. What will he do if he loses? He's not thinking about that right now though he does want to get some time with his mother who's not doing well. If he wins, he'll focus his future in the WWF or The Alliance. He doesn't know if he's ready for the challenge, but he'll do the best he can. He's done fairly well for himself he thinks. He knew going in it was going to be challenging but it was far more mentally challenging than he thought it was. They're up at 7:30am and work out until 10:00pm.

Torrie has had a very positive experience in the WWF. She's not brown nosing she means it.

Mike in New Jersey wants to know what it was like to meet all the superstars. The trip to the PPV, RAW, and Smackdown! was the best trip of his life. Everyone was great to them and they had a ball. HHH made the biggest impression by far, because he came in and made his big speech and Jason wound up taking off. It hit home. Torrie and Maven leave the show.

Commercial break.

Coach and Trish are back and talking about Moppy. Trish lost a stuffed animal as a kid and she was distraught. Coach didn't even want to compare that to Moppy. Here's some highlights from Smackdown!

Here's an Excess exclusive: Saturn is taking on Raven tomorrow night at Unforgiven! And another huge match is Edge taking on Christian for the Intercontinental Title. Here's a highlight package starting from King Of The Ring.

Edge joins the show on the phone. He's in Redding, PA. What does he think about the matchup tomorrow night? Edge is travelling by himself because he's pretty down about what's happened. He's in another world these days.

He got a new entrance video and song on Monday. He's a big fan of Rob Zombie and was quite excited when he found out Zombie could do his entrance stuff. And it kills Christian's entrance!

Has Christian been jealous forever? Edge says it kinda looks that way now. He feels they were a team as tag-team champs but maybe Christian saw it differently. Either way, he can't wait to get his hands on Christian.

Rambo from Texas is on the phone waiting to talk to Edge. He makes NO sense and is probably stoned out of his mind. Finally he gets it out, wanting to know what he's doing to Christian. Edge asks if he's seen the movie First Blood that's pretty much what he's going to do.

Roddy from Pennsylvania is on the phone. He comes onto Trish then wants to know who he idolized and why he got into pro wrestling. He was into superheroes as a kid and when he saw wrestling it was like superheroes come to life. Growing up, he saw a whole list of wrestlers including him being a Hulkamaniac. He was at Wrestlemania VI and loved it.

Coach suggests when they started talking they became big stars. Edge agrees no one can get into a character who doesn't speak. He just wanted to be himself and they were but without the volume up. As soon as they turned up the volume and had fun the fans were hooked. Someday he wants to win the WWF Title if you get into the business and don't want the title you don't belong there. Edge leaves the show.

Commercial break.

Stacy Kiebler is in the wings and ready to come out shortly. First though, Rock is taking on Booker T and Shane McMahon tomorrow night at Unforgiven. Here's a look back at Monday and Thursday nights with this feud. Rocky sings Great Balls Of Fire.

Coming up after the break Stacy Kiebler will be on the show.

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They're back, and here's Stacy. She has a big hug for Coach as well. You know he's going to be bragging about it for weeks, so why do it? Coach wants to know about her relationship with Shawn Stasiak. She says he's a little clumsy, but whatever. She does NOT state whether or not they're a couple. I don't think the WWF knows to be honest.

Matt Zimmer wants to know if she's jealous of the fact that Torrie has Tajiri and she has Shawn who gets knocked out all of the time? She says he just makes mistakes. Let's take a look at some of those mistakes.

Stacy says he tries, and she'll be with him until she gets fed up.

Darryl from Maine is on the phone. He wants to know if she actually goes think about the People's Strudel. She says EVERYONE thinks about it, even Coach. She asks Trish, and Trish says she does.

Alex wants to know if Stacy is going to pose for Playboy. She says she'd never say never. Coach gets a huge smile on his face.

David from Georgia wonders if she's going to go after the WWF Women's Title, and is the champion going to be coming back to defend it? She doesn't think she's ready for it now due to her skills. No response on the Chyna part.

Commercial break.

Chris from Tough Enough is on the set now. In 5 days he'll know if he's a winner. Coach wants to know where he got his shiner. He ran into the steel post of the ring. They call it pulling a Stasiak.

Here's a look back at Maven and Josh talking about Chris on Tough Enough. Chris holds back as best he can. He doesn't care what Josh and Maven say about him. He doesn't call it kissing ass, he's just getting info about wrestling. Trish wonders if he cares what the fans think. They bring up the poll again that says Chris has a 15% chance of winning. Stacy suggests the women didn't vote because of the fact he told his girlfriend he'd stick with wrestling instead of her.

Trish wants to know if he doesn't win. He says he's staying in wrestling if he doesn't win. He doesn't care if he's in front of 20,000 people or 2, he's having a blast. His favorite superstar that he met was Al Snow. He shared so much with them and he left a mark on his life forever. Coach brings up the fact Al is one of the voters for the winner of the contest so it goes back to the ass kissing thing.

Bob from Daytona's on the phone. He wonders what Chris' prior wrestling experience was compared to Tough Enough. He had an indy match prior to Tough Enough, and looking back it was brutal. He's learned a TON from the wrestlers.

Here's a reminder the Tough Enough CD is out now. Chris and Stacy leave.

Commercial break.

It's time to go back From The Vault. Steven Lamb wants to see the match from SummerSlam 92 in front of 80,000 fans in Wembley Stadium.

THE BRITISH BULLDOG (with Lennox Lewis) vs. BRET HART (for the WWF Intercontinental Title)

We catch the entrances of both guys before it gets clipped towards the end, as usual. I really think the WWF is completely dropping the ball by never showing a full match from start to finish. If I wasn't recapping this, I'd honestly have NO reason to watch this show at all unless my favorite stars were on. Putting a famous match on the show would work great at attracting me but I want to see the full thing. On the plus side, they do show more of this match than others they've shown in the past, so they're at least dedicating more time to these segments. End of the match sees Bret Hart get pinned on a reversed sunset flip to a HUGE pop!

Commercial break.

Next week on Excess, Perry Saturn and Kanyon are the special guests. A reminder the PPV is tomorrow night. Here's a package hyping Booker T and Shane against The Rock.

That was a short segment.

Commercial break.

Here's a run down of all the matches on PPV tomorrow night. 8 matches on tap, all look good on paper. Finally, here's a package once again involving Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. We're out.


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