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I have nothing to say before the show.

Monday night, William Regal screwed Kurt Angle out of the WWF World Heavyweight Title - making Steve Austin the champion once again! He's a 6 time champion now.

RAW changed the course of history and shifted power back to the Alliance. She is Trish Stratus, he is Jonathan Coachman. It's going to be an action packed fun 2 hours. The APA are here tonight. Sweet! Remember, send your e-mails to but DO NOT CALL. I wonder why not? This show is LIVE isn't it?

Isn't it?

Let's go back to Monday night where the WCW Tag-Team Titles wound up in the hands of the Hardy Boyz with help from The Undertaker. You know how I feel about this, so we'll leave it at that.

On Smackdown! Undertaker's brother Kane destroyed The Hurricane before Test and Booker T rushed the ring. Undertaker ran down to clean house.

Next Sunday, Kane takes on Test and then Booker T faces Undertaker. According to Booker T vs. Undertaker is the most anticipated match at No Mercy. Hey, I voted for it!

Tonight, From The Vault features Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz from No Mercy 1999. I actually DON'T own a copy of this show and have never seen this match so I'm looking forward to that.

Commercial break.

Welcome back to Excess. Torrie Wilson didn't have any idea she was going to go through a table last Monday night. She's okay though and she'll be at No Mercy next Sunday in the lingerie match. However, the Dudleys weren't done their destruction.

On Smackdown! Spike Dudley and The Big Show got pinned by the Dudley Boyz in their attempt to win the WWF World Tag-Team Titles. Spike Dudley got thrown over the top rope and through a table following the match. It was a great visual.

Spike Dudley will be out for an extended period of time according to Coach. If that's true, THEN STOP DOING THOSE SPOTS.

The Acolytes are playing cards. Faarooq seems to keep getting dealt the same cards everytime Bradshaw's the dealer. But that's not all - they're out of beer. They call over a WWF backstage guy to go pawn off his watch and get some beer.

Commercial break.

Something new seems to happen every week between Chris Jericho and Stephanie. Well, I wouldn't call it new, but anyway... On Monday, Chris Jericho was told he couldn't win the big one by Shane McMahon - so Jericho challenged Shane to a tag-team match. Something interesting happened in this match.

We're back on RAW with Chris Jericho and The Rock vs. Shane McMahon and Rob Van Dam. Chris Jericho was bulldogged into the steps - and was a bloody mess. His vision was so badly impaired he couldn't see who he was swinging at with a chair - and wound up clocking The Rock. Backstage Rocky asked Jericho what he was thinking - and was happy he was okay. As he walks away, Jericho asks "what the hell did you want from me, I was trying to win the match." The Rock wants Jericho to be a man and take responsibility. Jericho said maybe he should have levelled The Rock instead. The 2 get to fighting and refs and security come running in to break it up.

The Acolytes get their beer. However, it's only a 12 pack and it's non- alcoholic which Bradshaw calls "like a woman without breasts". Great line! The Acolytes threaten to whip his ass - and we cut away to a...

Kurt Angle book promo.

Commercial break.

On Smackdown! Steve Austin had a good idea for Rob Van Dam - to earn his stripes and win a match against Chris Jericho to get a WCW World Heavyweight Title shot. Steve Austin ran in to this match though and cost RVD the win - so Jericho faces The Rock at No Mercy. If we can watch these matches from start to finish, can we watch the From The Vault matches from start to finish? Anyway, Rocky cuts a promo saying everything is cool between The Rock and Y2J. Jericho is standing nearby listening to the promo - and is excited about the match at No Mercy. They shake hands and Jericho bumps Rocky on the way by. Rocky gives a really psychotic grin.

The Acolytes are backstage tying up the beer runner. Isn't this very illegal? They slam shut the vault they're locking him in. Is that the From The Vault vault?

Commercial break.

It was the biggest RAW of all time - headlined by Kurt Angle and Steve Austin for the WWF World Title. Let's go back and watch that match. Once again, we get the whole match. Ouch, they seem to be really searching for time filler. William Regal interfered and cost Angle the title. It was a shame says Coach.

DDP is grinning. It's his message to Kurt Angle from Smackdown! Dammit, I really wish they'd shown the clip from RAW since TSN decided to clip it. I caught it online - but it would be nice to let the rest of Canada see it.

Commercial break.

Let's go back to Smackdown! where Austin had a few words for Kurt Angle. Those words? It's over. No rematch for Kurt Angle. Theme from Wrestlemania hits and Linda McMahon joins us. Linda fires William Regal and tells us we have a new commissioner. Here's something for Steve Austin - When You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword, It's Twue It's Twue. Angle attacks Austin from behind.

Later on Smackdown! Rob Van Dam was not happy about having the WCW Title shot taken away from him from Steve Austin. Mick Foley joins us and offers to make No Mercy a 3 way dance for the title - if RVD is interested. RVD says he's in.

The Acolytes are next.

Commercial break.

Let's welcome The Acolytes to the program.

Bradshaw's smoking a cigar and blows it in the face of Coach. Trish is the breast announcer Bradshaw's ever seen. Bradshaw wants pyro for their entrance. Big Show goes AAHHHHHHHHHHH and gets pyro, Tazz is a midget and gets pyro, Angle and Christian get pyro - THEY want pyro. So they run the video again and they come back and Coach is looking disgusted holding a couple of candles. That was hilarious! Coach blows out the candles. They refer to Coach as a dumbass. Coach wants to know what they want to talk about. Faarooq wants to talk about Trish. Trish wants to know if they've been drinking all day. They say they've been drinking all decade.

Fans are curious how much they drink in a day? Ron goes and gets himself a chair and puts on some sunglasses. I'm guessing his knees are hurting - but I can't say for sure. In answer to the beer question - Faarooq falls asleep. Faarooq jumps up and tries to fight Buh Buh Ray Dudley.

Our next e-mail asks about Mick Foley. Faarooq wants to know how many times Foley's coming back. He's had more retirements than Tazz is feet tall. Then again, that's not much says Bradshaw. Ouch! Oh my god, this is falling apart but it's so damn funny at the same time. I can't stop laughing at these 2.

Commercial break.

Dudleys eat Chef Boyardee pasta.

Bradshaw and Faarooq want to know when they're getting paid. Coach wants to talk about the No Mercy commercial - but they want their fee. Tomorrow afternoon they'll be in MSG. They're going to be there - but they're annoyed the Dudleys have pyro. Faarooq and Bradshaw go looking for something on the floor - and stare at Trish's ass. They'll be in Ottawa on Monday - but they aren't sure where that is. They keep blowing smoke at Coach and he's choking now. Coach tries to plug the magazine, then tries to move to the next segment and says thanks to the Acolytes. They say they aren't going anywhere. So Coach moves to the Stephanie photo shoot segment and looks genuinely annoyed.

She's in character here. Stephanie wears a lot of black and poses like a bitch as much as possible. She says everything in the shoot was her idea. The toughest part was the crew and the photographer. The whole experience was a good overall feeling.

Commercial break.

They've cleaned up the set. Coach says they've left - and actually seems very relieved and quite annoyed with the way they acted, and I can't say I blame him no matter HOW funny it was.

Now it's time to go From The Vault in match #6 from the TIT tournament 2 years ago at No Mercy.

EDGE and CHRISTIAN vs. THE HARDY BOYZ (in the finals of the Terri Invitational Tournament for her managerial services and $100,000)

Awww crap, they're already well into the match by the time we start. Looks like it was a really cool match at the time - and I'd probably still dig it now, but you've got to imagine we've seen this sort of thing at all kinds of PPVs since then. This is where this insanity pretty much got kicked into high gear though from what I can tell. Hardys get the win which is kind of a surprise considering the outcome of the next 100 or so matches they had against E&C. Terri would turn on them some 4 months later at No Way Out.

A reminder Edge and Christian face off for the WWF Intercontinental Title at No Mercy in the same type of match.

Commercial break.

Here's a look at Kurt Angle's new book - and Kurt promoting the book in New York. Kurt sounds like he's got a cold. He does 3 hours of radio - and is given an hour and a half of sleep time before he back at it again. He's on Pile Driver - the wrestling radio show. He managed to get a good half hour sleep before he was off again on the Opie and Anthony show. Next he's off to Regis and Kelly. The first segment is about his book - and in the second he's going to show some moves to Regis - then Kelly's going to show Kurt some moves of her own. He then moved on to WWF New York to do a book signing and had a great time.

Commercial break.

A reminder the WWF is in MSG tomorrow - and Sunday Night Heat is just down the road at WWF New York. Booker T and Edge face off on Sunday Night Heat. Next week Edge is the guest. That's it for this week, and we'll be back next week.

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