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Well I have received a couple of e-mails from people asking me how long I'm willing to put up with the wretched show. I've thought about it long and hard and I've decided there is no way that Excess stays on the air another 6 months. With that in mind - here is my promise. I WILL continue to recap this show until it goes off the air or changes formats, barring circumstances beyond my control.

With that in mind, let's hit the recap of the recaps.

Rob Van Dam hit a Five Star Frogsplash on Steve Austin last Thursday. What role will Mr. McMahon play in the triple threat this Sunday? (Let's hope NONE.)

Hey, it's Jonathan Coachman and Trish Stratus! So many questions to be answered at No Mercy tomorrow night. Also Edge is in the house. He's on a cell phone, probably talking to Grandma Edna.

Now, speaking of No Mercy Kane and The Undertaker are on the card. After missing out on the event last year they take on Test and Booker T respectively tomorrow night. However, some people just can't wait to fight. Let's go back to Smackdown! and take a look at that tag-team match all the kids are talking about.

This is actually probably number one on my Best Match Of The Week list - however No Mercy hasn't aired yet. Lots of false finishes and hot action from the foursome. Booker T pins Undertaker.

No Mercy is NOT available on Direct TV HOWEVER just happens to be streaming it for $14.95 and you can go to WWF New York if you live in New York. We'll be right back!

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Tomorrow night at No Mercy Rocky takes on Chris Jericho in a highly anticipated match. Chris Jericho has never won The Big One and that bothers him. Let's go back to RAW and check out what went on between Jericho and Rocky.

Stay out of The Rock's way Chris! Well, Jericho takes that advice to heart - costing RVD the WCW Title and staying out of The Rock's way while Rocky gets the crap kicked out of him. Later that night, The Rock gets in Jericho's way and gives him a Rock Bottom. Stay out of The Rock's way!

That wacky Mick Foley was hoping Chris Jericho and Rocky could work things out. Why, here's some clips!

Chris Jericho and The Rock have another verbal exchange. Why did he Rock Bottom Jericho? Well Chris didn't stay out of his way. Stay out of The Rock's way! Jericho only got in the way to save the WCW Title. Well, Rocky remembers saving Jericho's ass later that night. Jericho tells Rocky on Sunday night he has to save his own ass. Rocky laughs at the idea of being in trouble. The reason he can't win the big one? He's not that good! Jericho starts to say Never Ever but The Rock cuts him off, then Jericho cuts HIM off with a Talk To The Hand. Rocky does NOT appreciate that - and is even less impressed by "Just Bring It". Rock Bottom for Jericho! Later that night, they fight a whole lot in that tag-team match. Jericho hits a People's Elbow on Rocky.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow night? Order No Mercy!

Coming up next - Edge!

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Let's welcome Edge! What does he think of the new music? He loves it - he's always been a huge fan of Rob Zombie. When he found out Rob was a fan of wrestling it was great and it worked. Rob has an Edge figure, and Edge has a Rob figure.

Edge says that Christian would always pick a fight as a kid, then come running to him to finish it which was fine. Well not anymore - and now he's run to the Alliance. In an one-on-one situation, he has no chance.

Let's go back to RAW where Edge believed mom was in a car accident and went to get Christian to go see her. It turned out to be a ruse by Christian who used it to lure Edge alone with a bunch of Alliance guys and get beaten down.

How does it feel to see him use their mother? Edge wonders what state of mind Christian's in. He doesn't care about anyone other than himself. The Alliance is a haven for insecure people - and Christian's a good fit. Edge says that's fine - he doesn't care about him anymore. From here on out it's all about Edge.

On Smackdown! Edge was looking for Christian, but got caught alone in a room full of Alliance guys. Again he got beaten down.

Physically he's not ready for this ladder match - but mentally he's more than ready. He doesn't need anyone's help and is a lone wolf from here on out.

Commercial break.

Here's a look at Edge and Christian winning their first tag-team titles at Wrestlemania 2000. I really should review that show.

Edge says it's been a long time since that first win - and the E&C dynasty was a good thing. Christian decided he didn't want it anymore, and Edge is not going back there again.

LaVonda via e-mail asks if what Christian did is unforgivable? Edge says yeah it is - and plans on winning the World Title someday. The only role Christian plays is Edge stepping over him to get there.

Paul wants to know how Grandma Edna is? He got a ring from Grandma the other day on his birthday (hey, that's right! It was Edge's birthday. Remember his birthday LAST YEAR? Now THAT was Sportz Entertainment.) Grandma Edna may be a "run in" on Sunday - she's got a mean spear.

His final thoughts on the situation - well this is his SEVENTH ladder match, though his first solo. (Incase you weren't sure of the others: No Mercy 1999, Wrestlemania 2000, SummerSlam 2000, the night after Unforgiven 2000, Wrestlemania X-7, TLC3 on Smackdown! in May 2001.) Fear is a four letter word - and he just has to go out and do it.

Coach wants to know about the danger involved in the ladder situation. Coach isn't about to climb it - so Trish will. She starts to climb - and Edge says that this is on a floor, not a shaky ring. On top of an 8 foot ladder, he's 6 foot 4 and it's a long way down. Trish is scared and holding on for dear life! Edge helps her down, and we'll be right back.

Man, THAT was the best guest in weeks and he only gets 20 minutes? Come on!

From The Vault this week sees Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin from King Of The Ring 2001.

Commercial break.

On RAW RVD looked like he was on Steve Austin's side. So on Smackdown! Austin threw him a party. Wait for it...we have clips!

RVD exits a limo. He comes to the Alliance locker room and Austin gives him a big hug. They're having a party for him because he hit Kurt with the Froggie Splash. Steve's looking forward to this Sunday. He has a big match tonight - and Austin wants him to take Kurt Angle out. He means the world to Austin. He has a present for RVD - the watch off of his own arm. RVD chant!

Coach acts like a jackass. This leads to more clips.

Mr. McMahon was the man in the limo. The Alliance can't believe this. Everyone in the room is glaring at him. Funny stuff! What in the HELL was he doing with Vince McMahon? Austin wants him watch back and tells RVD to leave.

Later that night, RVD and Kurt went one on one. A screwjob ensues - and RVD hits the Froggie Splash on Austin! Mr. McMahon comes out and says "RVD" making it about the least cool thing to say on the planet.

This all goes down at No Mercy. PLEASE order this show - we're begging ya!

Commercial break.

Can the fans at No Mercy be as good and rowdy as the fans in Montreal and Ottawa? I can't speak for Montreal - but there's no way they can ever top Ottawa. Am I biased? Damn right!

Linda McMahon gives money to New York. The Rock was with her. And speaking Of The Rock - here's a look at promotion for The Mummy Returns on DVD. The Rock reprises the role as the Scorpion King in the next chapter of that story.

Commercial break.

Torrie was sent through a table by the Dudleys a couple of weeks ago. She's recovered - and she'll be wrestling in a lingerie match tomorrow night on PPV. Coach says no matter who wins, everybody goes home happy. He then puts his hand in his pocket and proceeds to feel himself. UGH.

Here's a look at the history between Torrie and Stacy. Stacy kisses Tajiri so they fight. Then they fight some more. Then Lillian Garcia yells in Spanish. They they fight again. Then Torrie goes through a table. Then Torrie comes back and they fight. Yup.

We're back and Coach is still grabbing himself. He doesn't care about the match at all, but more the lingerie. So why should *I* care? Trish suggests they tuck and tape. Coach doesn't want that. Yeah, heaven forbid they try to wrestle.

Up next, Jericho tries to win The Big One at King Of The Ring.

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Let's remind everyone that Jericho chokes in every big match up. Here he tries to win The Big One at King Of The Ring.

CHRIS BENOIT vs. CHRIS JERICHO vs. STEVE AUSTIN (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

Not a lot of info I can give you on this match I'm afraid, cause it didn't impact history much. The WWF was lacking in ratings, so rather than go with Undertaker and Austin for a second straight pay-per-view they went with Chris Jericho. Unfortunately, they didn't feel he was coming along as much as they'd like so they added Chris Benoit to the mix for a 3 way dance. Around this time, Benoit needed surgery due to neck problems but agreed to keep going until King Of The Ring. Also, the WCW had just started invading with Lance Storm, Hugh Morrus, and Torrie Wilson appearing on WCW television. The match itself looks to be pretty good. I never saw it the first time around. I was going to see it in the theatre - but personal issues came up that stopped that. Thankfully they don't appear to clip a whole lot. Jericho and Benoit lock on a Lion Tamer / Crossface combo and Austin taps - however only one can be champ so it doesn't count. The 2 go at it while Austin lies dead on the floor. Booker T debuts and throws Austin over the announce table and into the chair, injuring Austin's hand legit. Can you dig it? The fans sure as hell do! Austin scores a pin on Chris Benoit to retain the title.

Tomorrow night, Jericho gets a title shot against The Rock.

Commercial break.

This past week the WWF wrestlers read books to kids. What's Wrong With Timmy and Halloween Hijinx were the books that were read to the kiddies.

Mick Foley wrote Halloween Hijinx and is promoting it Right Here, In Bayshore New York! It was originally going to be called Halloween Havoc but it's not about Havoc (not to mention the name of a WCW PPV event). Jill Thompson did the illustrations. Looks like Test is Mick Foley's new victim - who gets attacked a bunch in this book. Unlike Christmas Chaos - there is no naked elf in this one and he promises it's family friendly. Oops, I spoke too soon about Test - there's an Al Snow joke. Foley thinks he has a good reputation with parents and kids. He likes the fact he's family friendly and he can hurt the feelings of his friends. He hopes in the future there are people who know him only for his writing.

Halloween Hijinx debuts at number 8 on the New York Times best sellers list.

Commercial break.

Here's a preview of the triple threat. Every clip involving RVD from the past month! Foley sets up the match and RVD accepts. Kurt Angle is such a non- factor in this match it's ridiculous.

What will Mr. McMahon's presence mean? ORDER THE SHOW!

Tune into Sunday Night Heat tomorrow for all the news about No Mercy. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect. How is Test the MVP of the Alliance anyway? What the heck has he done? No Mercy isn't on Direct TV - unless you happen to have an illegal card in which case it's on channel 592. *wink*

We're out. We'll see ya next week.

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