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Here we go...

Quick quotes from the foursome in the mini-tournament scheduled to take place at Vengeance. Basically, they all think they're gonna win. Man, a few of these guys are gonna be mighty disappointed.

Our hosts are Jonathan Coachman and Trish Stratus. They'll get us all caught up on wrestling and our special guest tonight is going to be William Regal.

Coach wants to talk about Trish's big week. On RAW Trish got kissed by The Great One. Rocky really must be hankerin' for some pie. Coach says "riiiight" a whole lot during this segment. Later that night, McMahon booked himself in the main event with Kurt against Rocky and Trish. Loser had to kiss ass. Kurt and Vince lost.

Later tonight From The Vault goes back to Royal Rumble 2000. Man, that card was LOADED! They go with Hardys vs. Dudleys, but they could have just as easily gone with the Rumble itself, or HHH vs. Cactus Jack and I would have been just as pleased.

Here's a special look at the Hardy Boyz. They're crazy, smart, and unique. They cite the match at No Mercy 1999 as the turning point for their careers and it's certainly hard to argue with them. Now we flash ahead to their recent issues. They'll settle it all at Vengeance with Lita as the referee.

William Regal joins the program. He feels it's a big opportunity to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion - and he's going to prove himself as the greatest wrestler in the world starting with Edge.

Hey Regal,
Since you're so fond of carrying around those brass knuckles, I was wondering how you're able to travel around with them. They must set off the airport security sensors wherever you go. Or do you pick up a new set in each new town? Just wondering.
Springfield, PA

He didn't care much for the part that said "Hey Regal" and calls them a typical American. He was told by a friend in England to only use the weapon that you're willing to do the time for. This friend was doing time for the use of a shotgun. He feels the knuckle dusters are merely an accessory. Coach shows a highlight package of Regal using the knucks, but he says if you look closely he was merely wearing them on his fingers and he hit the guys with his knuckles.

Regal will do whatever he has to do to make a living. He commands respect in the WWF. He no longer has to do things anyway except his way. A man who will do anything to get his job back is Booker T, so let's go back and watch that.

Booker T hotwires Steve Austin's Smokin' Skull truck on RAW, which is like riding a bike. On Smackdown! he goes to Ric Flair for a job. Ric wasn't hiring though. Booker was not pleased. Regal says Booker T is doing what he has to do. He's getting his face on television, so someone will take notice.

Regal sat next to a guy on a plane the other day who has wooden legs are real feet - and he told Regal you have to do what you have to do.

The Lugz Boot Of The Week was William Regal kissing Mr. McMahon's ass 3 weeks ago.

Regal is sick and tired of explaining himself. He did it to keep his job. Trish says he's on Vince McMahon's good side, and giggles. He reminds her that if Rocky hadn't saved her she'd have done the same thing.

Dear Mr. Regal,
Now that you're back on Mr. McMahon's good side, will you once again get to be the WWF Commissioner? You've always been good at doing other people's dirty work.
Milwaukee, WI

If Mr. McMahon wishes to make him the WWF Commissioner, that's up to him. If he wants him to wrestle, he'll go out and show Vince he's the greatest technical wrestler in the WWF. Whatever Mr. McMahon wants, Regal is there to please. Trish asks if he'd kiss Mr. McMahon's butt to get that job? Coach giggles, and Regal warns him that while he'd never hurt a lady he'd gladly crack open his skull.

He's taken a lot of abuse from the stars backstage since he did what he did. On RAW, a couple of drunken Acolytes laughed at Regal. Line of the night was uttered here: "What do you think he'd kiss to become Vice President?" "Oh man, that's nuts!" Regal gets in Bradshaw's face about it, so Bradshaw challenges Regal to a match in the ring. Regal wrestles his usual 90 seconds before clocking Bradshaw with the knucks for the win. This guy is being groomed as the next main eventer, I swear. After the match, Tazz can't find Edge at WWF New York. Edge is at RAW instead and he blindsides Regal with a spear.

"How bloody dare JR call me a cheater!" He says if you can't trust an Englishman who can you trust? Coach asks how honourable it is to use the knucks. He says it's just an accessory.

Tomorrow night, he's going to be the new Intercontinental Champion and that's all there is to it. He's someone the kids can look up to. He's a true sports hero. In the main event, knowing Kurt Angle the way that he knows him he's picking him.

Regal leaves the show.

On Smackdown! Vince had all kinds of plans to get out of kissing The Rock's ass, but after teases from Rocky, Jim Ross, and Trish Stratus, Rocky introduced Rikishi back to the WWF and rubbed Vince's face in it.

That one segment literally ate up about a quarter of Excess. I'm not sure whether or not to rejoice or cry.

Coach doesn't want to bring Trish down - however Vince doesn't forgive and forget. But what a moment it was, chuckles all around.

If people at home aren't sure what to get for their friends and family over the holidays, check out the new Shopzone catalogue, unless you expected the box to arrive in time for Christmas. I've said it before - but incase I have new readers who are even THINKING of using the Shopzone, here's my story. Last Christmas, my girlfriend and I were surfing the web during our webcasting class bored out of our skulls. I showed her the some of the cool looking items at the Shopzone. So she got a great idea - to get me my Christmas present from there. She ordered a HHH jersey, a Kurt Angle It's True It's True t-shirt, The Rock's book, and a Mr. Socko shirt for herself. This was in late November. Come Christmas time she was devastated by the fact that it hadn't arrived, but I calmed her and told her it was alright. Anyway, the weeks went by, and she continued to make inquiries on it - everytime having the Shopzone promise it had been sent, but because it was late they'll send out a new shipment. We had FIVE orders reportedly coming. Anyway - I finally got my HHH jersey come late June. Apparently the Mr. Socko shirt had been discontinued, and they simply never sent the other two items. It's my discretion - so if you've had good luck with them, all the power to ya and I hope you keep using it. But I'm simply issuing a warning, ESPECIALLY to Canadian residents!

Anyway, Lita checks out the new stuff. She loves the bobblehead Rocky and Austin. Hey, they still have Scotty's Worm! Coach wonders who she'll buying gifts for - Jeff or Matt. The catalogue is in the new RAW magazine, with Stacy and Torrie on the cover.

Coach and Trish wonders what Undertaker has left to prove in this business. They head back to RAW two weeks ago where Taker forced JR to kiss Vince McMahon's ass. They we go through the clips of Taker beating on Tazz and Bradshaw. Also included are shots of Taker beating RVD on RAW with the powerbomb through a trashcan, and RVD getting retaliation on Smackdown! RVD and Undertaker - it all goes down at Vengeance.

Steve Austin's My Sacrifice video airs. He's come a long way as a person as far as I can tell. Maybe Owen's death opened his eyes that life's too short to hang on to the BS? I'm only making mention because ESPN Classics aired Steve Austin on Off The Record from 1998 Wednesday night, and he was REALLY bitter about having his neck broken and stated he was pissed with Owen.

Never in the history of wrestling have we had an undisputed champion. On Smackdown! all four guys who are competing for that chance on Sunday had a tag-team match - with Kurt and Jericho on one side taking on Rocky and Austin on the other. Rocky had Jericho tap to the Sharpshooter. Angle flips out and Olympic Slams Jericho. Austin and Rocky toast eachother.

Hey Coach & Trish,
For this week's "From The Vault" I would like to see the Hardy Boyz versus the Dudley Boyz in the first ever tag team table match. It was Royal Rumble 2000 at Madison Square Garden. I've never seen so many tables broken. I was at MSG that night, but I've never seen this match on tape.
Mark Celli
Jersey City, NJ

THE DUDLEY BOYZ vs. THE HARDY BOYZ (in a Tag-Team Tables Match)

Terri doesn't escort the Hardys to ringside - and I can't remember if it was due to the danger factor from this match, or if this was during the time she was "injured" from being put through a table. Anyway, these crazy spotfest style matches were still relatively new to the WWF at the time, and this match was really cool at the time. It's nothing we haven't seen before at this point - but is still fun to look back on. The Hardys win it with a Swanton Bomb from Jeff through a table which has D-Von on it off of a balcony.

E-mail your favorite Shawn Michaels match because next week on Excess HE is the special guest. Sweet! They've already aired a number of Michaels matches, including Mind Games with Foley, and Badd Blood with Undertaker. I'll be curious to see what they dig up.

Sinner by Drowning Pool brings us a highlight package with all four guys in those three big matches tomorrow night.

The Coach and Trish quickly run down the final Vengeance card. They say goodnight - and we'll see ya tomorrow night in San Diego!

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