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I'm 2 weeks behind - so I'm gonna try to get all this out of the way while I have a day off from work.

Despite the fact I list the address as the e-mail address to Excess in EVERY SINGLE COLUMN, somebody out there assumed since I recap the show - I *must* be the person to e-mail their questions to:

dear coach and trish william regal thinks brass nucks aint a weapon he is stupid i cant believe regal kissed vinces butt what a loser and trish u are hot

call me trish xxx-xxxx area code xxx LOVE CHRIS

No, this didn't come from Hot Newz. Which makes it all the funnier.

Chris Jericho bestows the honor of presenting him with the titles upon Ric Flair.

Welcome to WWF Excess! He is The Coach, she is Trish Stratus. For the first time ever in wrestling, we have an undisputed champion. We'll hear more about that later on in the hour. Speaking of controversy, Shawn Michaels is in 'da house. Before we get to any of this, we'll go back a couple of weeks and revisit the Kiss My Ass Club. (Do we HAVE to?) Coach shows the picture of Vince's face shoved in the face of Rikishi. So on RAW, Kurt Angle decided to seek revenge on Rikishi. Here's a clip of that match. It certainly was a match alright. Rikishi will NEVER EVER forget the chairshots from Kurt. NEVER! Like Rocky will NEVER EVER forget Rikishi running down Steve Austin and blaming it on him, nope, no siree!

On Smackdown! Steve Regal and Kurt Angle teamed up to take on Rikishi and Edge. Coach says Regal's lucky that he never hit HIM with the knucks. Trish asks "why, because big angry Coach would be after him?" Hah! Before this match, Kurt slipped the knucks to Regal after the ref patted him down, 'cause they're SNEAKY! Let's take a look at that. Regal's nose gets bloodied via Edgecutioner on a chair. He had surgery this week to take care of that problem.

Later tonight, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. (No, not THAT match.) 60 minutes - Wrestlemania XII! Will it take up 60 minutes of Excess? Not bloody likely! (Unfortunately)

Tomorrow night on Sunday Night Heat, Trish Stratus has a PPV quality matchup with Jacqueline.

Lately Trish has been making news with The Rock. Here's a picture of that kiss. What happened to that angle anyway? On RAW, Rocky and Trish took on The Dudley Boyz for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles. Long story short, Dudleys retain. Test attacks after the fact 'cause he's immune, and not following the same pattern EVERY OTHER HEEL IN HISTORY uses.

This is Excess on the NEW TNN!

Vince McMahon had a hand in both of Chris Jericho's wins at Vengeance. Flair had a surprise on Monday for Jericho though - a steel cage match against Steve Austin on RAW. Let's watch that match inside the cage. Or you can watch it - I'm simply gonna FUHFUHWID (tm CRZ).

We're gonna have some Smackdown! highlights with Austin and McMahon later on - but FIRST, Shawn Michaels!

I think he's cute...I know he's sexy...

What's he been up to lately? When he does something he likes to throw himself into totally. He comes out here tonight and says he is the best diaper changer in the world today. He challenges any other male to a diaper changing race. He's going to be 2 on January 5th.

Hey HBK,
Glad to see you on WWF TV again, welcome back! I was just wondering if you miss being in the ring? And would you consider coming back? I know you have a bad back and all...but maybe just maybe, there's a chance. It's on my Christmas list.
Las Vegas, NV

Every once in awhile he misses being in the ring, but right now he's committed to his family, and he wouldn't feel right doing it if he wasn't totally committed to wrestling. It would have to be something he'd talk to doctors with, and check with his wife. There are so many factors that go into that kind of decision.

Hey Guys,
I was wondering what Shawn thought of the current crop of WWF superstars? Do any of the newer guys impress you? Think anybody has the skills that match up to yours inside the ring? As far as I'm concerned, you are the best ever.
New Orleans, LA

Shawn thinks there's some tremendous talents in the WWF. He's a big fan of the Hardys, Edge and Christian, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and of course there's Ric Flair, whom he would have LOVED to have wrestled in his prime vs. Ric's prime.

Still to come, Booker T goes shopping.

HHH has another Beautiful Day. Sheesh, talk about rubbing it in.

Shawn says so many times, we hear "if anyone can come back...etc." but with HHH, he is one of the few guys who is TOTALLY committed to the business. No one has the drive that HHH has. It has nothing to do with belts, but because he loves wrestling. It's what he is. It's not a wise thing to do to underestimate HHH.

HHH was on Mad TV recently. Here's clips of that appearance. I'm pretty sure these aired on either Smackdown! or RAW, so go read one of those reports. Will Sasso does a MEAN Steve Austin impression!

What is your current relationship with the former members of the kliq? Is there a chance we will ever see you in the ring again or reunited with Triple H, Diesel and Razor?
Sacramento, CA

His relationship is that they all still talk. Most of the conversations concern talk about the kids, except with HHH who doesn't have any yet. He'd love to see a reunion, but doesn't feel the industry is ready for the group of them being together again. Individually, they're fantastic. Together, they're impossible. He's not sure if they bring out the best or worst in eachother.

Hey Shawn,
It's so great to see you back on TV. Any plans on reforming DX in the future? I know some of the members are gone, but a new DX with you, Triple H, Billy and X-Pac would be awesome. You guys would kick some serious ass.
Paramus, NJ

Shawn would enjoy doing it - but it's unfair to talk for HHH and X-Pac. He feels they've branched out, and they probably want to be successes on their own. It's great to be a group - but the ultimate goal is to be the top 1 guy. He feels HHH, X-Pac, and Billy Gunn are all after that position. He wouldn't want to be the guy to take that away from them. As fun as it would be, it would be a stop over.

My favorite HBK match was definitely the iron man match between HBK and Bret Hart. Seeing those two fight for 1 hour plus showed the sacrifice they made while working competitively in the WWF. Please play that match!
Joe Crowe
Kansas City, MO

Shawn agrees that the match was a sacrifice. They'd never done a match like that - and it's the kind of thing you spend months training for. It's Michaels' favorite match as well. Coach promises NOT to show the whole 60 minutes (asshole).

SHAWN MICHAELS vs. BRET HART (in an Iron Man Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

Michaels makes the dramatic entrance where he does a zipline from the ceiling to the ring - a scene that gets played every single year come Wrestlemania time. I won't recap the match as usual, since we aren't getting the whole thing. I don't care about the behind the scenes BS, or one guy not working with eachother as is generally run into our faces EVERY DAMN TIME someone goes over this match. Plain and simple, it rocked the house. Anyone who can go 60 minutes gets a vote of confidence from me! Michaels wins in overtime 1- 0 via the Sweet Chin Music.

A lot of people ask Shawn if he was tired. He says no, he trained hard for it, but mentally he was exhausted. When you get the title, it's the most real thing in the world, and depending how much time you put in, it all comes to a head. He was out there with a real pro in Bret Hart, and he was proud of that match, and proud to earn the title from a guy like Bret Hart who represented the WWF as he did.

You're responsible for making me a WWF fan. You had so many classic matches. What was your favorite and who was your favorite superstar to wrestle against?
Las Vegas, NV

That question is hard to answer. He says the ladder match at Wrestlemania X was the match that made people notice him and Razor Ramon. Hell In A Cell with Undertaker was great. Mind Games with Foley was fantastic. The 60 minute Iron Man with Bret was great as well. He can't pick one. He had a chance to work with so many talented guys. He was the guinea pig of the WWF since he was in so many firsts.

Shawn heads out for the evening. Don't know what to make from that interview really, other than it was a token Shawn Michaels appearance.

Tickets went on sale today for the Royal Rumble - so pick yours up.

Booker T has cost Austin the WWF Title on two occasions now. On Smackdown! McMahon and Booker were expecting payback. However, not only did Ric Flair give them their own box, they got food delivered to them as well. But an innocent fire started, and all hell broke loose. Let's watch. Austin arrives with the firemen and attacks Booker. Booker takes off in his car and is chased by Austin. This leads to a supermarket, where Booker SHOPLIFTS! Austin beats the hell out of him for about 9 hours, in a very long, but incredibly hilarious segment.

Maybe we'll find out Mr. McMahon's plan to get revenge on RAW this week. And you can attend that and other fine events by calling Ticketmaster.

One of the most interesting (and worst) matches at Vengeance involved Matt and Jeff Hardy. So on RAW, Matt breaks up with Lita, 'cause he got SMART! Test decided to console Lita. Test gets blown off - which leads to Jeff defending her and saying, and I quote "You like intimidating women so bad, intimidate me." They had a match that can best be described as "a match between Jeff Hardy and Test". You know my feelings on both of these guys, so we won't go there. Test attacks the ref because he's got immunity and stuff. A real man with immunity would beat the piss out of Jim Ross EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Rocky gets revenge by laying him out.

We have plenty more to come! Really! Honestly! LOTS!

Undertaker has become a crazy old man. Taker had his first title defence on RAW against Spike Dudley. Undertaker beat the hell out him, and then chokeslammed him from the ring to the floor for the hell of it. Now we're talkin'!

Speaking of Hardcore Champions, Mick Foley appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Let's look at that. He got the fastest finger question for "Put these toys in the order they were introduced in the US, starting with the earliest: A) Nintendo Game Boy B) Pokemon Cards C) Barbie D) Rubik's Cube" He was playing for the New York firefighters. Foley was hoping to stand up for the WWF and prove they aren't all dumb. Sure there's exceptions like Snow and Test - but they're generally not dumb. He was worried they were making them easy on him. The question that he didn't get, so he stopped before losing his money was "Which of the following is part of the island group called the Society Islands?: A) Fiji B) Tonga C) Bali D) Tahiti" He shouldn't be disappointed, but was. However, $125,000 is nothing to laugh at. He thinks the firemen deserve it far more than he does. When we come back, we're gonna hype the coming week!

Christian hosts Heat tomorrow night, and of course Jackie and Trish GET IT ON! (Not like that, pervs...) On RAW, they go to the Cajun Dome. Until next week, she's Trish, he's Coach, and we'll see you Monday Night.

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