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For the past two weeks everybody on the Internet has been moaning and groaning on how WCW is at a new low. How this "shooting" is so fake, and how Vince Russo is making WCW even worse. But why doesn't anybody criticize the WWF? The WWF hasn't put on a good show in months. I'm starting to use tapes of Raw and Smackdown to put me to sleep at night. The WWF is making me sick and you people need to know why.

First off, the WWF has been recycling the same old feuds over and over again. How many times can we watch a match between HHH and the Rock and not get tired of it? Those two have been feuding for three years. That's about as bad as Hogan and Piper feuding in WCW. And the same exact thing is happening with Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. I guarantee (there goes that word again) you that Jericho and Benoit will be feuding 3 years from now. It still might not be for the heavyweight title, but they will be feuding in some shape or form. And if you look at it closely, the same is happening to the Hardyz, Dudleyz, and Edge & Christian.

The next reason the downfall of the WWF is starting is because of Smackdown. Everybody said we would get overexposed of the WWF because of Smackdown and the show would become exactly like Thunder. The WWF tried and they tried, but look what happened. Smackdown has become even worse then Thunder. Bad matches, uninteresting angles, very boring promos, and Michael Cole make Smackdown worse then Thunder. And yes, you read right, I just said a WWF show is worse then a WCW one.

The next reason is that the WWF has forgot what got them to be the number one federation; Attitude. Nothing in the WWF right now has to do with the WWF's slogan. Take a look at The Rock. His promos used to be edgy and now he is like a robot. He says things like any other babyface. And why is the Undertaker an American Bad Ass? What has he done to become that? Does riding a motorized bicycle make you a Bad Ass? Or is it because he's a really bad wrestler? Oh, I think get it now. It's because he's now from Houston, Texas and not Death Valley.

And of course who could forget about this reason. Right now, the WWF has been throwing wrestlers out there to wrestle for no apparent reason. I mean is there anything interesting about Too Cool, T&A, Perry Saturn, Rikishi, Eddy Guerrero, Val Venis, Steve Blackman, X-Pac, Al Snow, Bossman, Kat, Terri, and Road Dogg? And why don't any of those people get mic time? Are they supposed to get over as a face/heel just because they are wrestling the good/bad guy? And what makes that person a good/bad guy in the first place? It reminds me of what WCW did with Kidman when they just threw him out against anybody. What were his motives? What did he want to do? I mean can anybody explain to me exactly why is Saturn with Terri?

And the final reason is this. Barely any people are elevated to be main eventers. Sure, the WWF wants you to think Benoit and Jericho are main eventers, but aren't they in the same exact spot they were at Judgment Day? If that happens to those two wrestlers, how come HHH and the Rock are always in the main event? The WWF is making a mistake by holding back on money matches like Benoit-Rock, HHH-Angle, Benoit-HHH, Jericho-HHH, and Jericho-Rock.

I can see it happening. The momentum is shifting. In 1997, WCW started to do the same thing over and over again, and they became boring. While that was happening, the WWF started using new ideas, and planning for the future. The same thing is happening here, but swap the two parties. The shoot angles WCW is doing now may be boring for now, but wait one year. I guarantee (there goes that word again) you that WCW will be the number one federation. Mark my words people and have a good day.

This is Mr. Saturday Afternoon.

Mr. Saturday Afternoon

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