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As you may have realised by now, I'm trying to cover all the big three's PPV's in this 'Good, Bad and Ugly' format. I'll try and get the reports out about a day after the event. If I get around to it I might even start doing some of the older PPV's. Well all I can say is; I hope you enjoy them...


Van Dam's back, Van Dam's back, VAN DAM IS BACK! Sorry just had to get that off my chest. The main event is set for a Justin Credible-Tommy Dreamer-Lance Storm triangle match. My expectations are pretty high for this one, although I don't really agree with the placement of Tommy Dreamer. The Credible-Storm feud is well documented, and centres around Credible dumping his share, of his and Storm's tag belts, in a trash can. As well as that we have the aforementioned return of RVD, as he takes on long term rival Jerry Lynn. Will line get his much deserved victory over undefeated Van Dam? All will be revealed...


  • Jerry Lynn defeats Rob Van Dam. It took a long time, but finally Jerry Lynn has won a pinfall victory over Rob Van Dam. This is a fitting end (if it is the end) to a long and personal feud. This match, needless to say, had it's incredible high spots. Unneedless to say it actually had better match flow compared to your usual RVD spot fest. One downside to the match was it's serious over booking (about five guys came to interfere in as many minutes). What, do they think these two can't carry a match on their own? Scotty Anton interjected himself, at the end, to push RVD off the turn buckle, which enabled Lynn to get his much deserved pin. Good stuff, and finally RVD has been defeated.

  • Masato Tanaka. Great to see this hot talent back in America, and ECW. He curtain jerked along with Balls Mahoney, but still made the match worthwhile. You can't exactly expect much of a match from Balls, but Tanaka carried him to a respectable match with a good finish. Wow, amazingly stiff chairshots, by both men, added to Tanaka's reputation as a versatile and important wrestler for ECW. EC dub need to hang onto Tanaka for dear life!

  • Steve Corino. Here's a guy who is fast becoming one of THE best all round talents in the world! Not only can he wrestle or good match, but he proved tonight that he can brawl and do an AMAZING blade job. This one was defiantly on the Muta scale. Great performance.


  • The New Jack-Da Baldies brawl. This was didn't really do that much for me. So New Jack comes out with a trash can full of goodies, then he proceeds to whack the living hell out of just about everyone in the ring, after Baldies match. Jack takes his trademark balcony leap. It's a big one this time, though, it's got to be at least 15 feet.

  • Justin Credible's Title reign. This just doesn't make sense! It strikes me as the kind of thing WCW would do. WCW did exactly the same with Jeff Jarrett. ECW have taken a wrestler, who was not bred for it yet, and put the world title on him. I know ECW are a bit short of talented guys right know, and have had a lot of let downs, but they need to put their world title around the waist of someone who can carry the company. This man should be Raven.


  • Electra. Euer...Gross.


    1. Steve Corino - Fast becoming ECW's greatest talents. How long is it before the WWF, or WCW snap him up?

    2. Tajiri - Great worker. Strong all round wrestler. It doesn't matter whether this guys a baby face or heel, he always delivers.

    3. Masato Tanaka - Great to see this guy back. Another of ECW's finest all round talents.

    Here's what I thought of all the matches, ranked from top to bottom.

    1. Steve Corino vs. Tajiri - ***1/2
    2. Ballz Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka - ***1/4
    3. Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn - ***
    4. Simon Diamond vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Little Guido **3/4
    5. Justin Credible vs. Lance Storm - **
    6. Kid Kash vs. C.W. Anderson - *3/4
    7. The Baldies vs. Danny Doring/Roadkill vs. Nova/Chris Chett - *1/2
    8. New Jack vs. Da Baldies - *
    9. Rhino vs. Sandman - DUD


    Not a bad ECW PPV overall, but it is still lacking from some of the greatness that inspired last years spectacular; Anarchy Rulz. Steve Corino vs. Tajiri stole the show, with Ballz vs. Tanaka not far behind. Great performances with all concerned visibly busting their asses to give the fans a good show. Some matches were pretty low rated but the top three matches and the sports entertainment pieces were enough to grant it a three star rating, in my mind.
    Overall Show Rating: ***

    Chris "Snowman" Anderson

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