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Ok, I have an opener for you this time. Before I get stuck into my 'Final Word on Judgment Day' column I'm going to have a firm dip into Chris Anderson's mail bag (sorry about the lack of originality, but frankly I couldn't think of anything else):

From: Macuso
Subject: your column (the Hardcore Heaven 'Final Word')

First of all, I like the recent column you wrote on CRZ's website about the review of the recent ECW PPV.

Well, I noticed you said that Raven should be the one who carries ECW. Well, I have to disagree there. Now, I don't like Justin Credible as a champ either, but he is a better choice than Raven. I think that the Raven of now is nowhere near the performer he was about 3 years ago. He has put on a lot weight (trust me, I have seen him up close and his gut is bigger than the Sandman's), plagued with injuries and I heard his personal life has been messed up as well. I will say Raven is over with the crowd. However, Paul Heyman has publicly stated that he push anyone who has been busting their ass in ring no matter how over Raven is with the crowd. I am a major Raven mark, but I have noticed that he hasn't done anything memorable since he returned to ECW.

I am disappointed to see Lance Storm go, but if the rumors are true then ECW may make up for the loss by having Masato Tanaka in for full time. I was surprised that you didn't put Jerry Lynn on the top performers list, since he carried RVD to another good match.

I am also disappointed not to see Super Crazy there, as I hope that his visa problems clear up soon. However, he is currently wrestling in Mexico. As he is wrestling for Mexico's top company EMLL. However, he should be back in ECW soon.

That is all my thoughts about the PPV.

Long time ECW fan (5 years actually),
Ryan Mancuso

Thanks a lot for the feedback, all in appreciated. It has often been proven, many times in ECW, that a guy can be over without be fully fit. As long as Raven can still wrestle he would always be a prime candidate for the world title. He is a proven world champion, and I feel he can give ECW a new edge. Then again I do see some of your points; Raven may not be the BEST champion right now.

I'm also disappointed to see Lance go. Not only was he pretty good on the mic, but he could carry virtually anyone to a good match (well maybe not New Jack). Then again all Storm fans should realise that for him the better career move would be to move to WCW. At least that way he is getting paid more for putting his body on the line. From my perspective Lynn didn't warrant a place there. If there were five places then I'm sure he would fit in.

Now onto the 'Final Word on Judgment Day'...



60 minute Iron Man match! Can Rock and Triple H handle it? That was the big question going into this PPV. Judgment Day had been hyped to hell and the fans were relying on the two main performers, Triple H and the Rock, to deliver. There is a lot of history between these two and in the words of Gorilla Monsoon, "Summit's gotta give." But lets not forget about the strong undercard. How can we forget about the Submission match between Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho?


  • The Iron Man Match. How wrong could we have been? I for one went into this match with limited expectations. I didn't think two guys, who show far have only shown us twelve moves between them, could go to a good match. Frankly I didn't even expect them to last the 60 minutes in tact. Props must go out to BOTH the Rock and Triple H who both performed moves we never even thought they could perform! I mean how many of you have seen Rock pull off a figure four leg lock? Let alone a decent one. The pyscology that these two used must also be mentioned. Both guys seemed to sell the knee injury, very well, for long sections of the match. Rock working on Helmsleys knee before setting up the figure four deserves a mention as well. Overall a great match, which I strongly believe is a MATCH OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE!

  • Undertaker returns and kicks ass. After a long awaited return Taker is back. Boy did he kick ass at the end of the Iron Man match. I haven't seen Taker perform a one handed choke slam in years, let alone on a guy of Triple H's build! The crowd went absolutely nuts! Undertaker came out, after the McMahon's stormed the ring and Shawn Michael's was bumped, with a new biker style gimmick. I must say this was a major mark out moment for myself as the nursery rhyme style music played and Taker drove a motor bike to ringside. This gimmick has to be compared the Sting gimmick of 1997-98.

  • Submission match. Well I knew this one would be good, as long as both guys were in good health, and fortunately I wasn't wrong. No one carried anyone in this strong willed encounter, with both Beniot and Jericho digging deep for a fantastic performance. Beniot came out on top in this encounter, but I'm sure this won't be the last time these two meet.


  • Botched up finish to the Iron Man match. I won't hold it against the match rating, but according to Dave Meltzer the Iron Man match ended was pretty crapped up. Taker was meant to interfere earlier leading to the Rock trying to retain his belt with a last gasp effort. As you know this never happened, and instead we witnessed a rushed version with Taker hitting his trademark moves after the final bell ended. In a way this match was void, but then again who's counting? As I said earlier I won't mark it down because of this mistake, after all will the casual viewing fan really hear, from Meltzer, that the ending was fucked up?

  • Shane McMahon pins Big Show. This just didn't make sense. Granted Big Show was multiple teamed to give Shane the win, but why couldn't they have Show going over? I suppose I'm just not looking at the big scheme of things, and as always the WWF will pull this feud out of its grave when Wight returns from injury.


  • Rikishi's ass. Well I'm stuck for thought here so I'll go for the obvious cliched option. Rikishi's ass. Well it's big and dimpled; what else can I say?


  • Triple H. I really don't think I have to justify this one. Well I will anyway; Flair of the 90's, nuff said.

  • The Rock. The Rock pulled off some moves we never even thought he possessed, tonight. Will we ever see these moves, and this new and improved Rock again?

  • Chris Jericho. It was between him and Beniot for this spot, and for me Jericho just edged it. Great performance once again. How many four plus matches is that now for Beniot and Jericho?


    Here's what I thought of all the matches, ranked from top to bottom.

    1. Triple H vs. The Rock - *****
    2. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho - ****1/4
    3. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle vs. Too Cool/Rikishi - ***1/4
    4. Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn - ***1/4
    5. The Big Show vs. Shane McMahon - **
    6. X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. The Dudley Boyz - *1/2


    They've done it again. For the sixth consecutive PPV the WWF have produced a cracking show. All eyes were on the 60 minute Iron Man match, and as mentioned above it delivered. This was five star all the way, and is a strong favourite, already, for match of the year! But don't bypass the spectacular Chris Beniot vs. Chris Jericho Submission match, which could be another MOTY candidate. This REALLY was a cracking PPV for one that isn't even on the WWF's big five list. I urge you to buy or rent the video when it comes out. Great stuff.

    Overall Show Rating - ****1/2

    Chris "Snowman" Anderson

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