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Yep. Here we go again. It seems like these Monday nights just come rushing upon us like ravenous squirrels aching for revenge over their relatives constrantly being run over by humans in their giant motorcars.

Okay, that analogy may have gone a bit too far, but it would make a great movie.

Anyway, I am Michaelangelo, this is my column, and it's time to take a look at the state of the big two.

As usual, the WCW is barely keeping its head above water with it's overage roster and constant hemorrhaging of talent. The question is no longer, "Who will WCW sign next?" but rather, "Who will jump ship next?"

Well, at least things couldn't get much worse. Or could they?

The WWF is coming off it's No Way Out PPV which got mixed reviews from the fans. I will reserve specific judgment since I did not actually watch the show (saving my pennies for WM2K), but I will say this: Nice swerve having The Big Show beat the Rock and then having HHH beat Cactus Jack. I thought sure the victors would be Rock/HHH or Show/Jack. I look forward to the next four weeks to see how everything pans out.

While I am on the subject of Mick Foley and his retirement, I have but one thing to say, God bless you Jack/Mankind/Dude, you were the best thing to happen to wrestling in the 90's and we will remember your contributions forever.

Moving on, it's time to crown our King of Vague references this week. The winner is [slash] Wrestling's own Mr. T who was the first of many to get three of the references correct. Congrats, King T! Here is his winning e-mail:

From: "Mr. T" 
To: "Mike-O"
Subject: Vague References 

VAGUE REFERENCE: "That's all I got to say about that."

Geez! Now, I'm not a V.R type person, being as a)the only TV I watch these days is wrestling and b)movies are a rare treat for me, as my assistant managership-type job does good at paying my bills and keeping me in college, but little else, but I'm sure I know this one [which means it ain't very vague :-)]

Now, assuming we're not referring to Stone Cold, this is one of Forrest Gump's famous lines from the movie of the same name. Am I right?

QUESTION: Isn't he that guy from the No Limit Soldiers, 4x4?
Yup, and he still sucks. 

GOOD: The Bulldog is looking buff! "I'm a lean, mean, fighting machine!" (Vague Reference)
ANOTHER V.R I Know? Bill Murray --from the old military comedy "Stripes" -- I don't know if this is *the* reference you're looking for, but Bill Murray was the first one to bust this one out (Stripes was made in 81). 

GREAT: Saturn clipping the Godfather and stopping the Ho Train! Great spot! Reminds me of a great football movie..."He'll never touch you." (Vague Reference)
Here's another guess -- is this one from the movie Necessary Roughness, the one about the loser team that rallys back and has the beautiful Kathy Ireland as a placekicker? :-) I remember this one too, but I'm drawing a blank as to which movie it's from. 



For the record, here are the references that T missed:

BAD: Jarrett is still talking NWO? Isn't it obvious that the faction is dead again? Jesus, let it go. "There is a time to talk and there is a time to dance."

BAD: This stuff involves Hogan, who can still cut a good interview, but is painful to watch in the ring. "My brain hurts!"

BAD: Again, the crowd doesn't care. You know why? Because the characters in WCW are so inconsistent that we don't even know anyone long enough to care. The moment we start to warm up to someone, they either turn heel, get released, are taken off TV, or get injured. How are we expected to give two shits about anyone at this rate? "I never got to love anybody."

The first is from a little-known John Travolta film called The Experts. The second is from a sketch on the Monty Python television series with a character called Mr. Gumby. The third is from the movie Arthur where Dudley Moore laments his loneliness.

Honorable mentions go to Jeff Tatarek, Shadowlongknife, E.C. Ostermeyer, Daryl726, Scott Stone, Kevin Nishimine, Christopher Gates, and Andrew Fitta Who all got three of six, but T. beat them to the punch. Let's call these noble souls the Knights of the Vague Table.

If you'd like to try your hand at getting a chance to be named Top Dog of Vague References, read through the report and pick them out. Name as many as you can and send your guesses to me at Good luck!

The Good, Bad, and Ugly for February 28, 2000


BAD: Giving Tank Abbott a title shot so soon into his career. The last guy he beat was Mike Jones...does that qualify him for a title shot? We all know there's no way he'll win, and if he loses, they will have dumped his credibility down the crapper. All we have left is a potential screwjob ending. It's a lose-lose-lose situation, but then, what else do we expect from WCW these days?

BAD: Tenay interviewing Jarrett. Isn't he afraid of getting smashed over the head with a guitar? What about getting a figure 4 leg-lock put on him? The Professor seems awfully confident considering his last few outings with Jarrett. 

GOOD: Jarrett just mentioned the guitar shot in his interview. It's nice to receive such swift and decisive validation.

GOOD: Jarrett guaranteeing a victory over Tank should he beat Sid. Regardless of whether Tank wins tonight, he can take on Jarrett in match that has soem sort of back story behind it.

GOOD: The Mamalukes come out first. They are always good for a decent match.

BAD: The above is relative. Lately, all their bouts have suffered from "overbookitis" where there are so many out-of-ring elements involved, the actual wrestling suffers.

BAD: They are still being called "The Mamalukes." I thought that, if you did not like your moniker, you could change it by asking that it no longer be used. How long have these guys been telling the commentary team to call them "The Paisans"? When is it going to stick?

FUNNY: Disco just questioned their name again! Just as I said...isn't that enough to get the chyron changed?

BAD: Lane says that Hancock is ruining their "rat chasing." Is that a term I am supposed to be familiar with? 

GOOD: The challengers are Lane and Idol. Should be a good match.

GOOD: Miss Hancock is back. I hope she does more time. "She's a superstar in a superstar machine, taking it to the stars! Yeah! A motion lotion!" (Vague Reference)

BAD: She's still death on commentary. There are sounds coming out of her head, but she just isn't saying anything.

GOOD: She's got those incredible legs. I wonder if they're insured? 

BAD: The match isn't nearly as good as I hoped it would be. In fact, it's quite bad. Miss Hancock's presence at ringside causing the camera to constantly deviate.

BAD: Miss Hancock does the same thing she did the last week and the match just kind of ends...seemed like a dud to me.

WORSE: We are treated to a pointless dance sequence with the Mamalukes and Miss Hancock. Ugh. Just move on, please. 

QUESTION: I thought this was supposed to be family oriented entertainment, a sexy woman in a microskirt dirty dancing with three sweaty guys isn'[t exactly Disney material, you know.

GOOD: Mercifully, the Harris brothers come out and clear house.

BAD: That segment was so bad, the HARRIS BROTHERS saved it. How fucking sad is that?

GOOD: Vampiro versus Jarrett for the US Title. PLEASE, WCW, for the love of all that is good and decent in this world, give Vamp the belt tonight.

BAD: Madden seems to be overdoing it again. Ugh. I used to like his commentary, but he is forgetting that subtlety is sometimes an admirable trait.

GOOD: Bagwell hitting on Liz being captured on the Kid Cam. It may be repetitive, but least this is consistent. 

NOTE: I do have some advice for Buff, though. If you are going to hit on women, stop hitting on women that are valets to wrestlers. There are a bunch of hot prospects in The Nitro Girls and they don't come walking out with the talent. If you ht on women who don't have an active role in the life of a 280 pound guy, you might just be able to get a date and avoid a fight. 

HORRIBLY EVIL: Rikky Rattman is back with more of that crap at the colleges.

BAD: The clips of Spring Breakout show that this year is sponsored by do they give out free samples of anti-fungal cream to college students? Good Lord. They couldn't get any other sponsors?

GOOD: Chae is there.

BAD: She is fully clothed.

BAD: Hogan looks like hell. He looks extra wrinkly and old in his interview...kind of like an old leather jacket left out in the rain for about two weeks.

GOOD: Hogan's interview was pretty good. He seemed to nail whatever he was going for quite well.

BAD: Hogan calls himself the "best wrestler" of all time. Now come on. That's like saying that Sunny Delight is the best drink of all time. Sure it had a good run for a while after it was introduced, but people got sick of it after a few years. Now, it's just sort of there on the shelf at the supermarket.

GOOD: Flair interview...again, it doesn't matter what he says, I want to hear it.

GOOD: Luger is damned good on the stick tonight. He has tons of heel heat.

GOOD: Bagwell versus Package. Good booking.

GREAT: Hennig is back and defending his home state. Flair versus Hennig? That could be a match.

GOOD: Hennig telling Flair to show his puppies. Yeah, it was muted, but it was funny...and all too true. Flair's reaction was classic.

BAD: Hennig saying that if he loses to Flair, he will streak next week. Now, I could do without that stipulation.

GOOD: Booker versus Kidman. This match was booked with a backstory and it's got two of the best workers in WCW involved. I am actually liking Nitro so far. How odd is that?

GOOD: Are those pimples on Torrie Wilson's chin? Looks like a cluster! I think this is good because it gives hope to those of us who are nowhere near as perfect looking as she is. If she can be blemished, it's okay for the rest of us!

FUNNY: Madden cut off by the commercial spot again! Shouldn't they be calling cues to these guys or something? Eh, what do I know?

GOOD: The Nitro Girls dancing. 

DECENT: Jeff Jarret's interview. He seems to say the same things every week, but at least he says it well. 

BAD: I did like the whole " Slapnuts" thing at the start, but when he uses it three or more times every time he gets a microphone near his mouth, I can't help but roll my eyes and sigh deeply.

GOOD: Sting will be back tonight.

BAD: He will probably do a whole lot of nothing.

GOOD: Torrie. She always looks good, even with zits.

BAD: Booker's new music. I just can't see it working for him. It lacks that punch that the Harlem Heat anthem had.

GOOD: This match. Two good workers giving it upwards of 85%. What more can we expect to hope for now?

BAD: FUCK YOU WCW. The Goddamned Harris boys have to fuck up another decent match.

FUNNY: The Harrasshole Boys destroy Kidman and Booker. Torrie gets bumped and twists her widdle ankle. Charles Robinson ignores the two horribly injured wrestlers and rushes to make sure Miss Wilson didn't crack a toenail. Not dure if it was supposed to be funny, but I laughed.

STILL UNDECIDED: I don't know what to think about the new Harlem Heat. I suppose if they make them super badasses, I might just give them the benefit of the doubt. They have yet to do anything, though, so I will stay on the fence.

GOOD: The vignettes with the wrestlers giving their opinions on the main event. It builds good heat for the match and gets some mic time for wrestlers who might not have it ordinarily.

INTERESTING: Arnold Schwarzenegger on WCW? All he needs to do is get on ECW and he has a trifecta.

UGLY: That Big Ted guy's arms! Good Lord! His arms are bigger than his head! 28 Inch pythons. That's not just ugly, it's borderline freakish. Does he think he looks good like that?

SARCASM: Jeeze, I wonder if he's gonna be a wrestler. I just can't guess.

BAD: Knobbs versus 3-Count? Okay, let's just waste the high fliers again by having them job to a loser like Knobbs.

AWFUL: This match. Three Count beats on Knobbs for about 10 seconds, and after he no-sells multiple contusions, he gets the advantage and the boys have to take turns waiting for his fat, lazy ass to get around to hitting them with a garbage can lid one at a time. Knobbs sucks.

GOOD: The table spot was pretty good.

INTERESTING: They put the belt on the three little guys! Not only does this booking make sense (three guys should always beat one), but it opens the door for some interesting matches down the road.

GOOD: Setting up Thunder by booking a match with Three Count versus Knobbs/Finley and a mystery opponent.

BAD: Norman Smiley versus Dustin Rhodes. There's four minutes before WWF RAW begins. This will be a short squash, I suspect.

BAD: Norman cites Terry Funk as his inspiration for holding the Hardcore Funk screamed like a girl and won all his matches by luck? Sure he did.

BLEAH: This match. Seems to sort of limp along like a clown with a three inch nail embedded in his shin. 

WHAT THE HELL...was that analogy?

IMPRESSIVE: Norman nails the swoop-scoop slam on Dustin!

BAD: His big wiggle cost him the advantage...I kinda knew that it might.

I KNEW IT: Dustin beats Norman with little effort. Interesting that this match leads us into the 9:00 hour.

HERE WE GO: One of the few wrestlers left in WCW that I actually like, Vampiro, has a shot at the US Title. Again, please WCW, I've been good all year. "Justify my love!" (Vague Reference)

GOOD: Madden puts Vampiro over. He lays it on a bit thick, but hell, Vamp deserves it.

BAD: Vampiro has to learn not to use that somersault senton, he always misses.

BAD: The spot where Jarrett reverses Vampiro's Frankensteiner into a short powerbomb. it looked like it was in slow motion. I had to adjust my tracking to make sure we were at fell speed.

WORSE: I am beginning to notice that this whole match is in slow motion. Ugh.

FUCK! Interference! God Dammit! Now Vamp is gonna lose!

GREAT: Vamp kicks out of the belt shot!

SUCK MY ASS WCW: Jarrett beats Vamp clean. What the fuck! I am so sick of this bullshit booking. It's shit like this that keeps me hating WCW. Before you say it, no, not because my preferred wrestler lost. I question the logic of the state of the US Belt. Why does Jarrett need it if he is in the World Title race? He should not be the US Champ because there are many other deserving wrestlers that are not main eventers who could use the belt to get over in the upper card (Vampiro, Norman Smiley, Crowbar, members of Three Count, etc). Jarrett is already being pushed to the main event as a top heel, his possession of the belt is redundant and serves no real purpose other than to make the fans angry.

GOOD: Disco questioning Ricki Ratass's presence in WCW. You go, Disco. 

BAD: Finley attacking Vampiro backstage again. Why? Does anyone actually remember the match they had three weeks ago?

GOOD: The Nitro Girls...Chae looks good. as expected! 

INTERESTING: The David Flair and Daffnee spot. David's two stepping  is entertaining. "Go trig boy, it's your birthday!" (Vague Reference)

EXCUSE ME...but wasn't he like...normal...last week when his father was talking to him and Arn?

GOOD: Crowbar at the broadcast location. He's funny as hell. I hope he says "Ha-Ha!"

BAD: Is it me or is The Artist's entrance entirely too long?

GOOD: Crowbar calls a suplex a "suplay."

BAD: Madden stealing blatantly from Joey Styles with the "Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!" line.

BAD: Sid being found next to a broken guitar. Why not just show the guitar shot? Oh yeah, Jarrett keeps crippling people with it. Silly me.

OH PLEASE: The Paizans send a fish to the Harris Boys. Please, give me a break.

BAD: Sid is "injured" by the guitar shot...who booked this crap?

GOOD: The Cat is still a heel. That's actually a relief. 

BAD: He's on in the second hour.

WORSE: He's taking on the Maestro.

UGLY: The Maestro's new do. He looks like he stuck his head into a food processor.

BAD: The bad music from the boom box plays over the PA even after Symphony takes the microphone away from the speaker. It's magic!

BAD: What was the point of this match? Why do I think that we are going to have to watch these two fight each other at least 10 more times before this feud is over?

BAD: Luger lost his bat. I wonder who could have it. Could it be a certain Crow-looking motherfucker? How fucking predictable.

GOOD: Here comes Flair, and he's getting heel heat.

BETTER: He's taking on Hennig. This should be a good match.

GREAT: Flair flop! Flair Flip! Flair goes to the top rope and gets tossed! This match has all of Flair's most popular's like a "best of" reel.

BAD: Ref bump leading to a Hennig loss. Nice booking, WCW.

OH NO! Does this mean we have to see a 15 minute vignette of Hennig streaking next Monday?

FUNNY: Meng (Where's he been?) talking about how he wants to see Sid and Tank beat the hell out of each other instead of making a prediction. He may be the one logical guy out of the bunch. Think about it. Don't they all know wrestling is fake and that the winner has already been determined? Sheesh.

I HOPE: Wasn't Chae just at Nitro? Now she's at the college? Does she have a twin? Cool! So one can date Nash and I can have the other one!

AWWWW! Tony just said that the previous footage was from the Spring Breakout over the weekend. Curses! Foiled again!

GOOD: Madden with a good line in reference to Luger's physique. "4% body fat? I have 44% body fat." I'll give him a couple of stars on the chuckle meter.

GOOD: Buff versus Luger. Good booking, as usual.

BAD: If this ends with a pin, I will be surprised.

YEP: There's the DQ. There's Sting. There's the bat. There goes my interest in this match.

BAD: Why the hug for Bagwell? Weren't they enemies the last time we saw them in the same ring?

INTERESTING: Abbott entering the ring area on a motorcycle. 

GOING OUT ON A LIMB: Why am I getting the feeling that Sid is turning heel tonight...I just get this rumbling in my gut...I may be way off, and probably am, but I just don't know. I guess we'll see.

GOOD: Tank dominating the match. It does add some depth to Sid's character.

BAD: Sid gets Tank to tap out to a submission hold he stole from Chris Benoit. They just ruined Tank forever.

AT LEAST: I was wrong about a Sid heel turn.

OVERALL: Did anyone notice that this "Night of Champions" had NO title changes at all. Fucking WCW. Overall, the card was good, but too much overbooking really got in the way of what could have been a great show. I'm still pissed that they kept the US Strap on Vampiro. Having the guy lose all his matches is no way to push him, even if the announcers do try to put him over. Well, it was better than last week's show, but as a whole, really kind of dull.


GOOD: HHH stomps out first. Let's get right to the meat of the meat! I can't wait to hear what he has to say after last night.

INTERESTING: HHH doing the "respect" shtick. We all know that it's not sincere. When is that other shoe going to drop? They are not turning him face, they can't, he's the top heel in the company and will be at least until Taker gets back.

GOOD: The video montage they made for Mick. It's kind of cool. 

YOU AREN'T GOING TO SWERVE ME: I know it's going to go sour any minute.

GOOD: I was right. The cuts of less flattering scenes of Foley's career were funny as fact, the montage as a whole really did chronicle his career well, from the humor and triumph to the massive bumps that he loved to take.

INTERESTING: Shane and Show as heels against HHH and Stephanie. Ross called it a "power struggle." That's a good way to put it and I like what this could develop into.

GOOD: Shane on the stick. My goodness, how I missed him.

GOOD: The Rock forgoing all normal catchphrases and just calling the heels a bunch of "assholes."

GOOD: The Rock admitting defeat...I like the way he can take a loss and not have it affect his popularity. See, Hogan, you can job and still be incredibly over.

GOOD: HHH putting the Rock down at the bottom of the ladder. Now Rocky has a month long angle laid for him and we all know that he will jump through every hoop and eventually get back the #1 contendership. I look forward to the road to Wrestlemania.

GOOD: The new feud between the Hardy's and the Acolytes. Could be a good series if done correctly.

GREAT: The start of this match. The Acolytes catch Matt and then Jeff knocks them both down with a senton leap over the top rope onto all three men. "Good show, old man!" (Vague Reference)

NOT TOO SHABBY: This bout. It managed to showcase the speed of the Hardies and the strength of the Acolytes at the same time. I was reasonably impressed.

GOOD: The Hardies won the match...nice move with that blind tag and finisher. I liked the match from top to bottom.

GOOD: Angle talking the guy's ear off about his two belts. I did find the spot amusing and I have started to warm up to Angle's mic work and ring presence.

GOOD: Having Angle challenge anyone for the European Belt. 

BETTER: Having Rikishi answer the challenge.

BAD: There's no way the big man is going to win this match.

GOOD: Rikish's "injury" slows him down just enough to make this a decent match.

BAD: Sometimes I hate being wrong. Angle forces the countout.

GOOD: If this leads to a Rikishi/Angle feud, I will really dig it.

NOTICE...that Jericho and Saturn go at it in the corner. Remember Jericho's last big feud in WCW was with Saturn and led to Perry wearing a dress for a's times like these that a little WCW lore comes in handy.

FUNNY: Chyna and Jericho pretending that the sunglasses give them a magical urge to dance with Rikishi and Too Cool. The look on Jericho's face was priceless. Okay, I admit it, I marked a little.

INTERESTING: Saturn and Jericho in a match together. I bet a million dollars that this one fight is more over in WWF than the whole damned feud was in WCW.

GOOD: Blackman's new music. I think they may have finally gotten something to get him over, they paired him with a blithering idiot.

QUESTION: What makes an idiot "blithering"? Can someone out there define "blither" for me?

A WRESTLING RELATED QUESTION: When do Edge and Christian get their title shot?

BAD: Terry's reason for turning on the Hardys: "I didn't get the adoration I desired." Sure, okay, whatever. I'd think it would have made more sense to have her say that she is angry because they were unable to protect her from the Dudleys.

GOOD: Al Snow can really sell! In spite of what Mankind says about him in his book, his matches are not hard to watch. In fact, they are quite decent.

BAD: Blackman allowing himself to be distracted by the giant cheese hat that Terry wears. He should just deal with it and start concentrating on his matches. He makes too many stupid mistakes and I am a bit tired of it.

GOOD: Lillian's skirt tonight. Nice and short, like I like it. Above the knee, right Cyan?

COOL: The Brooklyn Brawler on RAW! Does it get any better than this?

GOOD: Rocky wins with little effort. Let the games begin.

GOOD: Rocky challenging HHH and no match taking place. This, though it seems like a tease, will build great heat over the next month.

GOOD: Rock saying what we are all thinking: "If Wrestlemania is going to be HHH versus the Big Show, then Wrestlemania is going to absolutely suck!"

BAD: Rocky getting another chance to get his contendership tonight in a handicap match...I liked the way it seemed to be going with Rock having to work his way back up to the top.

GOOD, BUT NOTHING SPECTACULAR: Jericho versus Saturn. It looks all too familiar for me to be able to really give it it's due. Admittedly, both men have come quite far since their last outing, and it shows, but I just didn't get into this match the way I thought I would.

GOOD: Malenko's interference and his attack on Chyna which led to Jericho's win...a bit on the overbooked side, but not terrible, especially since Chyna took some hard bumps.

BAD: X-Pac and Road Dogg get the next title shot? "Executive influence?" Come on. Just call it "booking for convenience."

GOOD: DX beating on Billy Gunn. That will explain his upcoming absence.

BAD: Mark Henry. Is it me or is this guy just worthless and in a worthless angle? I, for one, am tired of seeing him in the ring. Maybe it's my current mood, but I am not so sure...I think he just sucks.

WORSE: Mae Young again getting involved in a match and again putting the "baby" in jeopardy. Jeeze. When will it all end?

NOT BAD: Mae's acting ability. Her cries while being stretechered out were shrill and convincing, as much as I hate to admit it.

UGLY: Mae Young in labor?!?!? Are they crazy or something? This is the single worst angle to come down the pike in a very long time. I can't think of one redeemable quality to this whole thing.

GOOD: Tazz versus Benoit. Now there's a nice match.

BAD: There's no real reason for this match...there's no story behind it, and all likelihood, it will end with some sort of screwjob. I predict a Bossman run-in tonight.

GOOD: The crowd's chant of "E-C-W." They know the score.

GOOD: Guerrero pretending to kick dirt on the ref after being thrown out.

RIGHT ON CUE: There's the Bossman and Prince Albert. >SIGH<

BAD: Another beatdown on Tazz. How many times is this going to is getting a bit boring now.

BAD: Mae asking for a cigar before she gives birth. That's nice...remember girls, cigarettes are bad if you're pregnant, but a stogie is just fine!

GOOD: The paramedics finally questioning whether Mae could actually be pregnant at her age.

BAD: The fact that nobody thought to ask about this before.

AWFUL: That whole "birth of a hand" spot. What the hell was that all about? My head is spinning...I just can't seem to understand it at all and it was disgusting.

GOOD: Perhaps this means that the Mae Young is pregnant angle is done.

QUESTION: DX versus the Dudleys...who's the heels?

BAD: The crowd response during this match...I think "tepid" says it all.

BAD: "Tombstone Tori." I understand the meaning, I just don't like the term. It's just too...easy.

GOOD: Kane being the unstoppable monster. This is where they should go with his character. 

BAD: He's still after X-Pac. Jesus, blow this feud off and let it go, for God's sake. This feud has been brewing for entirely too long.

GOOD: The retrospective on Mick Foley's WWF career. It was well done, tasteful, and touching. Let's leave it at that.

GOOD: JR finally telling Lawler, "Why don't you kiss my ass?" when the King insists on badgering him about his prediction that Rocky will win the match.

INTERESTING: It's not a triple threat match. You'd think that if Shane and Stephanie wanted Rocky out of commission, that they'd put all three men in the ring at once.

BAD: Show with a piss poor backbreaker on Rock. Rock didn't even touch Show's leg.

BAD: Is it me, or is this match a bit formulaic? Top to bottom, it was a telegraphed effort.

GOOD: Rocky lost. Now the original scenario can return.

OVERALL: Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with the show tonight. It seemed to be a bit...boring. No matches had any real punch to them and the main event left me with a dry taste in my mouth. I did like Jericho and Chyna joining Too Cool for a dance, but the whole Mae Young thing was simply awful. Overall, I have to give this show the old thumbs down.

Before I go, allow me to put closure on an angle of my own. As many of my longtime readers know, I have spent quite a bit of column space flirting with another [slash] Wrestling columnist, her name is CyanIndigo. She reciprocated in her column many times and this went on for a few weeks leading up to a joint column in January when she came to visit me.

For the record, and for the last time, Cyan and I are not the same person. We are both in our 20's and are of opposite genders.

What's in our future. Who knows? Will we ever publish a photo? Eventually, when a good one gets taken. Does she have perfect breasts? All signs point to "yes."

That's all I can give you now. Want to know more? Ask me, maybe I'll tell you.

Questions, comments, a burning, itching, rash? Write me at All letters will be answered or sold for scrap.

I am Michaelangelo and will be for a while.

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