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Here we are again. Jeez, these Mondays come quicker and quicker each week! It's Michaelangelo here, living la Vida NyQuil. I got the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so bad that I cannot rest.

Gimme another shot of green death.

Just a side note. I received two whole letters following last week's column, and while I am appreciative to Boon and Sharon for writing, I surely was disappointed by the lack of response. I thought that I was getting into a good hate mail groove there and I was half expecting to see a few flame bursts in my mailbox. 

Well, better luck this week.

The big two are rearing back for another night of violence and overacting disguised at sports entertainment. 

Russo is expected to make decisions regarding his (naturally) winning and (thank goodness) giving up the WCW World Title as well as letting us all in on what he has in store for Goldberg.

The WWF is expected to continue the saga of HHH, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and The Rock. I fully expect to see some follow-up to the Olympic champion's pinfall on the World Champion Thursday night. Perhaps a one-on-one? You really think they'd give that away for free? Well, not without a run-in they won't!

Oh yeah, and I think we'll see Stone Cold deliver a bunch of stunners to the midcarders.

Male soap operas? Ha! It's Action/Adventure! Or it could be crap. The way to tell the difference  is to see whether Vince Russo is involved. Chew on that for a bit as we waste no time moving onto...

The Good, Bad, and Ugly for October 2, 2000


WOW: I had no idea how hard Russo hit his head on the rail after Goldberg speared him out of the cage last week. I guess I was just too enraged at the thought of Vinny Roo booking himself to win the belt that I did not notice.

BAD: We start out with the ducknapping of Disco's stupid mascot. Wow. Originality just flows from the pen of Vince Russo from the get go.

BAD: A "duck on a pole" match. Good Lord. I am already losing interest. Fading...fading...fading...

GOOD: Alex Wright is back. He has the ring skills that might actually make this match worth watching.

BAD: We are supposed to maintain selective amnesia about him as Berlyn and his relationship with Wall. *Sigh*

EH: Boogie Knights? Not too sure...fading...fading...

GOOD: Some neat bumps in this match. The double sandwich with the ladder was nasty looking.

BAD: Too bad they can't compete with last week's RAW match between E&C and the Hardies. In fact, they come off as cheap (and substandard) imitators.

BAD: What was the point of having Konnan put up the duck just to win again? I fail to see why he didn't just challenge Disco to a ladder match. 

BAD: Madden is the heel commentator but he is siding with the face faction when he shouts down Disco and Alex. His illogical biases aren't even consistent.

OH MAN: More of the David Flair/Stacey Keebler/secret dad angle? Please, for the love of all that is good and right, reveal the hooded man's identity, book the blow-off, and get it over with!

BAD: The "rich chatter" between the commentators: "Madden: Maybe he'll retire undefeated like Rocky Marciano. Hudson: Rocky Marciano is dead! Madden: Well you can hardly blame Mr. Russo for that!" Oh, that shit is rich. Yep, rich shit.

GOOD: Russo admitting that he does not belong in the ring and relinquishing the title. 

GOOD: Booking Steiner and Jarrett as the two top contenders. The building tension between them needs a blow-off, and you know that this match will develop over the course of the evening to include at least one, perhaps two, face contenders.

BAD: Borash is standing behind Russo on camera for NO REASON AT ALL. Borash, go back to WCW Live and try to salvage your integrity...if it can be saved.

HEH: Russo in the "Popemobile." I chuckled. 

UH OH: I hope that Goldberg doesn't try to smash his fist through the glass. We all know what happens when he gets near windshields.

BAD: Why the hell doesn't Russo just fire Goldberg? Why give him any kind of chance to keep his job? He has the power to do so, but instead he makes a production about Goldberg having to beat a bunch of under card wrestlers to get his title shot again. If Russo is so smart, why risk it at all?

GOOD: Goldberg does not punch the window out, he kicks it. They also used fake glass. Well, someone is finally thinking about safety.

GOOD: I kinda got a kick out of Russo stuck in the Popemobile while Goldberg runs off Borash and takes the keys. Russo squirmed well.

COOL: Meng is back! I hope he says "Hufhufhufhuf!" I really missed that.

BAD: Meng versus Goldberg. Looks like he is jobbing on his return.

OH NO! Chuck Zito?!?! Hogan's buddy?! What the hell is he doing there? Hulkamania is not far away, is it?

WELL, OK: Awol versus Reno. I thought Reno was feuding with Big Vito. I guess I will give these two young guys the chance to do something.

BAD: Chuck Zito's commentary: "He's taking some shots, this guy." How fucking observant.

GOOD: Consistency rules as Big Vito helps the Wall to his first title belt. 

BAD: A God damned Dusty finish as they DQ Awol for interference in a hardcore match. Interference? I think I may have an aneurysm.

GOOD: I knew they'd get Sting and Booker involved. We all know it's gonna be a fatal four way and it might just be worth watching with Jarrett, Sting, and Booker involved.

INTERESTING: Rumor has it that Bagwell is the father of Stacey's baby. I find it hard to believe that David Flair could subdue him and get him begging for mercy. Did they ever explain how this guy came to be in the clutches of David in the first place?

GOOD: Torrie looking hot tonight. That zippered shirt is just begging to come off.

BAD: Shane Douglas makes a comment that all the members of the audience have just had their tickets paid for by his presence. I was in San Francisco when tickets went on sale for this show. They sold 800, so likely most everyone there was comped to begin with.

CRINGE: I just can't like Mike Awesome while he is doing this "That 70's Guy" gimmick. Can't he even wear wrestling tights when he is working? Put bell bottoms on him or something for Christ's sake, just lose the leisure suit.

BAD: Luger turning three times in one week! 

BAD: Torrie Wilson flashing Awesome and costing him the win. Jesus. Deborah did that two years ago. Wow. What a joke.

BAD: Awesome jobs again. Sure you aren't ready to go back to ECW? I hear Jerry Lynn is the champ now. You can beat him, Mike.

BAD: Borash lurking backstage as Sanders, Jarrett, Steiner, and Nash have a little jaw session backstage. I guess the Hobbit is here to stay. Christ. They have a place for him while Norman Smiley is not allowed to get anywhere near TV. 

GOOD: Sanders in the Russo role. See, he is a wrestler, and as such, deserves the TV time more than the writer does. Russo should phase himself out in favor of Mr. Above Average.

I WONDER: If Goldberg can get to 177 wins the way Sid did, by interfering in other matches and pinning guys he is not booked against.

GOOD: They pulled out the old montage of "Meng the Monster." Isn't that the voice of Bobby Heenan?

BAD: Why bother? They are just gonna job him out anyway.

NOW THAT'S FUNNY: Meng on his impending match: "Goldberg, you must die." Wow, the stakes are higher than I thought. That's how they are going to get the ratings! Fights to the death!!!

BAD: I always hated Goldberg's extra long entrance. It takes so much time that they put his chyron up while he was walking backstage.

GOOD LORD: Goldie beats "The Monster" in 15 seconds.

WHAT? Kronik turns heel and beats on Goldberg? What the? Oh, I get it. It makes no sense so naturally, that's how it's booked.

GOOD: Tag team match where Sting and Steiner face Jarrett and Booker. The winners face each other. I kinda like the dynamic of the matches. It's better than a Fatal Four Way.

HA! David nearly drowns the masked man by pouring water on his head. The mask becomes soaked and sticks to his face. They haven't really thought this through have they?

HERE WE GO: I will give this mixed heel/face tag match the benefit of the doubt. It contains three good workers and only one guy who refuses to job clean to other wrestlers. We will see how well they gel tonight.

GOOD: Solid effort by all four men for the first part of the match.

INTERESTING: It comes down to heel versus heel and face versus face as the match begins to flesh out.

WHOOPS: Booker shouts "Shit!" right into the camera after a Steiner suplex.

BAD: When Booker hit the spinebuster, I half expected a People's Elbow to follow.

WOW: Long ass match. They must be taking into consideration that the WWF is putting on a 25 minute opening interview right now.

WHAT A SHOCK: Steiner's team loses but guess who doesn't get pinned. Frankly, I think it would have been much more interesting if Jarrett had nailed Pump with the guitar and covered him for the win...but that's just me.

BAD: Elix calling out both Sanders and Nash. Yikes. Doesn't he know that if Nash is affiliated with a faction, that faction always wins? 

BAD: Madden on Nash's comment about having to apologize to Beetlejuice: "Beetlejuice isn't Canadian!" What the hell does that mean?

GOOD: Skipper with a HUGE missile dropkick on Nash. Wow. That was impressive.

BAD: Nash only sells the smaller guys for so long.

YEP: The NBK (with Nash) capture more gold. Heh. It's the Natural Born World Order.

GOOD: Goldberg with another match. That last one was way too short.

BAD: So now Team Canada are faces? It's anarchy! Faces are heels, heels are faces! Tweeners are taking over! Aaaaaah!

HOW DELIGHTFULLY TELLING: Nash leaves the scene just as Team Canada attacks. Lazy asshole.

HM: They are going to job both Harris Brothers to Goldberg? 

YEP: And he pinned both of them inside 20 seconds. Two pinfalls in one match? It is Sid!

INTERESTING: A 49ers match. Find the gold to win the title. I almost like it. Looking for the belt among weapons.

BAD: What the hell is David Flair waiting for? Why doesn't he just pull the mask off him? 

BAD: Suddenly, with the cuffs off, the "dad" is super strong. What the hell? Sorry, but I simply don't go for those "miracle" recoveries. 

GOOD: At least Bagwell is back.

WHOOPS: When Jarrett hit the ringpost, a box fell down nearly clocking him in the head.

UGLY: A blow up sex doll? Sure, let's degrade the WCW title more by having joke weapons in the boxes.

GOOD: Okay, the photo of Hall was a quick laugh moment, especially since Booker busted it over Jarrett's head.

OWCH: Booker pile drives Jeff on the announcer's table and it does not break.

BAD: Madden on Jarrett with the Coal Miner's glove: "Do a little dance, make a little glove." Do yourself and all of those watching a favor, Marky, think before you speak. Why do you have to spew every inane and worthless comment just because it occurs to you?

BAD: Why doesn't Jarrett get the last box? He had about 3 solid opportunities to do it...

BAD: The guitar is stuck under the ring? 

WORSE: It's Beetlejuice. Yikes. I had a funny feeling that little troll might show up again.

UGLY: Beetlejuice ramming his tiny fist into Jarrett's asshole. Yegads. I just don't have the words...

UGLIER: Beetlejuice selling the Steiner recliner! Arg. Ever heard of a dentist, pal?

BAD: Booker wins the title back. I don't have an issue with him as the champion, but why script Booker to lose the title to Russo last week only to get it back tonight? It seems more and more like Vince scripting his own title win as one final stroke to his ego before Bischoff buys the company and rides him out on a rail.

BAD: Booker has no time at all to celebrate. Yep, Russo booking. Even when the faces win, they lose.

OVERALL: I suppose I can't complain about this show too much. It was light on Russo on camera, and that's always a good thing. There were some decent matches, but an absence of teams like Jindrak and O'Hare, Rey and Juvy, Three Count, and the Jung Dragons, there wasn't any one segment with hot action. The Sting/Booker/Steiner/Jarrett tag team bout was decent, as was the title fight, but other parts of the show, like the David Flair/Bagwell sequence and the Mike Awesome/Shane Douglas match, were contrived and nonsensical to watch. All in all, tonight WCW put forth a decent effort and, in my opinion, an improvement over past weeks.


GOOD: Vince offers a moment for the producer that passed away. Respect for those that leave us will always be looked upon favorably by me, no matter how obvious.

HM: Been a while since Rocky's music was the first to play. 

BAD: It's the beginning of a 20 minute plus ramble-fest. I can do without all this crap.

GOOD: Rock staying "Stephanie McMahon Angle." It was worth a chuckle and keeps the story alive.

I KNEW IT: Rocky versus Angle for the title. Heh. I guess I should not celebrate just yet. There is still time for this match to be morphed into something else.

BLAH BLAH BLAH: The Rock jaws at Angle. Angle jaws at The Rock. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I have a hard time keeping awake through this stuff.

OH GOODIE: It's Mick Foley to put in his two cents.

OVERKILL: Now HHH and Stephanie are here.

BAD: Steph seems to be siding hard against Angle now? Is this intentional treachery or is it just inconsistent angle?

BAD: Okay, it's pretty much agreed among most Internet opinion that these opening segments run too long, involve too many people, and bore most of the television viewers and folks in the stands. I hate to follow popular opinion, but hell, I agree. 

GOOD: I have to admit, however, that the matches booked out of these opening segments are usually well thought out and backed with a strong narrative. 

HAPPY MEDIUM: They need to find a way to shorten these segments while still giving us the storylines. They have to be able to do it somehow.

GOOD: Benoit baby. Make that Number One Contender's Match a three-way dance tonight.

OOPS: Oh yeah, Kane. I guess it's a fatal four-way.

GOOD: Kane ain't so bad on the stick. Too bad that mask makes his voice sound entirely too muffled.

WHAT THE? Rikishi too? What the hell? How many people are gonna get mic time tonight? I am getting exhausted just watching this shit.

BAD: The Rock has to make penis jokes to end out the segment. Are they aware that this ran 25 minutes? Nearly a half hour of acting and no wrestling. Ugh.

GOOD: Too Cool versus the Hardies. Let's see these two teams work a program now. Maybe Too Cool can be elevated as well, if they can take the nasty bumps.

GOOD: Mandy and Victoria. Right behind Lita, these are the two best looking women in the WWF.

HMM: Shades of a heel turn when Grandmaster Sexay gets angry with Jeff's dancing. Heh. About time.

GOOD: Pretty good match, but then the Hardies make most teams look good.

BAD: Run-in by E&C makes the ending something of a cluster. Too bad. I'd have liked to see this end sorta clean.

GOOD: HHH developing a conscience? Heh. Methinks Steph may turn on him very soon.

GOOD: Chrsitian on not having the gold: "It perpendicularly sucks."

GOOD: E&C's reaction to being booked against Blackman: "That's not even real gold, it's all cracked and stuff." 

BETTER: E&C on Mick Foley's booking: "You're a hainosisist!"

BAD: Jericho rushing the three heels before his partners get there. Not smart. Three on one is never a victory for the "one" unless the "one" is Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan (or Nash if he is booking himself).

GOOD: This match moves at the speed of light and showcases most of the members' high spots.

GOOD: Jericho selling a hurt jaw long after the match ends.

GOOD: Bull Buchanan seems to have come into his own as far as mic time is concerned. He and his PTC friends worked well with Mick Foley backstage.

GOOD, BUT SLOPPY: Jackie and Lita beating one another up backstage. Trying to top Torrie and Ivory's through the showers brawl, are they? 

WOW: Jackie's got some serious jugs.

UGLY: Jackie with a trashcan lid to the boob on Lita. Watch the implants!

GOOD: Putting the Rock/Rikishi versus Kane/Benoit right at 10:00. Of course, they are able to stack their secondary main event against WCW's primary and come out on top.

GOOD: Benoit and The Rock put on a nice display.

BAD: Kane and The Rock punch one another repeatedly.

GOOD: Kane pops up to deliver a chokeslam that stops the People's Elbow. I hate that move almost as much as I hate "The Worm."

BAD: Rikishi and Benoit blow the Samoan drop spot and it comes off looking like the Crippler jumped on Rikishi's back.

GOOD: Benoit turns on Kane. That's characteristic of him. He doesn't like anyone and he lost patience with his partner and the match.

INTERESTING: Pitting Austin against a figure or authority is nothing new. Making that figure of authority a loved face commissioner like Foley is something new. I look forward to seeing how these two continue their pseudo rivalry.

GOOD: Mick's requests of Austin to not interfere in matches is legitimate and reasonable. If I didn't know better, I'd say that Austin was the heel here.

WOW: Billy Gunn is back. I did not hear a thing about this on the net. Cool. I wonder if he is still in face mode. If memory serves, he was on the side of right when he was beaten down by a heel DX Faction.

GOOD: Gunn looks good.

BAD: Gunn claims to know more about the driver than anyone else so far, yet Stone Cold stuns him anyway. Looks like a heel turn to me.

GOOD: Blackman gets a respectable pop from the crowd. If I didn't know better, I'd say that Zed's love for him is rubbing off.

I WONDER...if Blackman cut his hand on that trash can. He keeps favoring it.

GOOD: The PTC burning copies of Playboy. Hey, do they realize that by purchasing those copies for destruction, they are helping to pad the sales stats on this issue?

BAD: The more people that Austin beats on unmercifully, the less I like the guy. The Brawler was begging off from the beginning and that did not stop Austin from kicking his ass. I am not so sure that the fans will stay behind him if he keeps this up...or if he attacks some of the megafaces like UT or Rocky.

I GET THE FEELING: That Eddie may turn against Chyna during this feud with RTC. Perhaps I am off base by considering it, but it seems to make sense to me...

WELL, MAYBE NOT: The rest of the RTC rush the ring. Not today...

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Stone cold makes the "save" but also takes Eddie down. I am kind of getting tired of this.

AW MAN: I almost hate the fans for cheering Stone Cold after stunning Foley. Are there no loyalties among these people or is that a stupid question? I suppose that I should not be surprised. The bald guy is just loved, no matter what he does. I'd like to see him stun Rocky tonight. See where that gets him. I doubt that Austin would go for it, since it might draw him...GASP...boos!

INTERESTING: Foley told Austin not to interfere in any matches tonight. Austin did not run in until the match was called on a DQ. So, did he really interfere?

GOOD: HHH asking Steph to stay behind. You know she will play a part in the main event.

WOW: What a slap on Benoit by Stephanie! Holy! The guy even takes stiff shots backstage. You gotta love his reaction, his head snaps back and his lips curl over his teeth in a sinister smile. Benoit is the SHIT baby.

BAD: Gore and Bush are not going to accept the Smackdown challenge, okay? By offering up idle threats and trying to intimidate them into appearing, the WWF is beginning to look like a bunch of crybabies. The election will come and go without any appearances by the candidates and Vince and Co. will come off like fools.

GOOD: HHH using his bandages as a weapon. Any means necessary.

GREAT: I have to admit it, I am into this match.

GOOD: Angle gets a win over HHH finally. I loved the way this match was booked. Yes, there was interference, but it was Benoit who did the interfering, so you know I am biased.

GOOD, CONDITIONALLY: The teary ending of the night. This has happened before. They have to move forward on the breakup now, since we have seen these two in this state in the past

OVERALL: Solid night for the WWF, aside from the entirely overbooked opening interview. We saw folks like Rikishi and Too Cool get elevated by facing off against (or alongside) the top men in their respective divisions. The Angle/HHH match was great to watch and told a really powerful story. One can only hope that they commit to a breakup of Hunter and Stephanie and stick with it as the time is now for her to turn on him and join Angle. I could have done without Austin and his constant attacks on innocent and honest people. It's too bad he still gets a pop for that stuff. It almost seems like the WWF wants to turn him heel, but just can't get the fans to buy into the idea. Short of The Rock, I am not sure who he could attack to side the fans against him. At any rate, top notch effort this week.

Well, I made it through another week, and so did you. Have a great one, gang!

Questions, comments, a strange odor you want to share? Write me at All letters will be answered or stacked.

I am Michaelangelo and will be for a while.

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