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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well, the PPV has come and gone and what are we left with? I don't know about you but I'm feeling rather letdown. Let's look at my predictions from last week and see how well I did, shall we? OK-Kurt Angle beats Y2J for the IC Title. I predicted Jericho would retain his title but I was wrong. It was a solid match, with Kurt forgoing his integrity to win. I don't like Kurt so hey, that means he's doing his job, right? It was amusing to see him celebrate his victory the rest of the night. I can't blame Y2J & Chyna for locking him in his trunk!

I really hated seeing Xpac beat Kane but somehow I knew it would happen. I loved seeing Tori get tombstoned again! (It can't happen enough for me!) I also called it for the Radicals over Too Cool. Those 4 ex-WCW guys work like a well oiled machine-I can't get enough of them either! I did get enough of Mark Henry/Big Vis though. I guess I'm in a minority when I say I like Vis, I think he looks good in the ring. Sure, he's a big man but he works hard! But this match was definitely a bathroom break so needless to say, the technical difficulties were a godsend.

Another match up I don't get tired of is the Hardys vs. Christian & Edge! Now in my prediction, I really didn't pick a winner because I love both these teams! Of course the Terri heel turn was a big surprise but come on, all she ever did was hog the camera! Come on, Vince, we're not all fans of silicone and ribs! Anyway-as usual, Jeff did suicidal moves and all the guys looked good but damn-the Acolytes were fierce! And we were all worried about Jeff after that botched move by Farooq! I definitely echo Rebecca's sentiments on that one!

The true highlight for me-and yes I called it!- were the crowning of the Dudleys as the new tag team champs! I love the Dudleys-hey Bubba once bled on my chair at a ECW show! No tables but a 3D was great! And keeping in my winning streak, while I called Big Show as the winner, I didn't expect Shane to come out to help him! First of all, it was great to hear 'No Chance in Hell' again! And I was screaming for Shane but then he turns on my boy. OK-whatever. I think it would've been too cut and dried to have Rock win so we get thrown this swerve. Fine-as long as Shane is back!

Tazz vs. BBM was a match I didn't know about beforehand and geez, talk about a time filler. I really hope Tazz gets away from BBM soon. I have no problem with BBM-I loved when he was torturing the Big Show over his daddy but he has no heat whatsoever. Sometimes I think the Corporation was the best thing that ever happened to him-just like the Ministry gave Mideon a purpose. Now when I see him on tv-it's like eh. So of course with a run in from Prince Albert, this match was short and...short.

Now the main event- I really didn't expect Cactus Jack to lose and geez-those bumps! I guess telling Mick not to take bumps would be like telling Jeff Hardy not to fly. This was a great match and watching Mick slowly walk up the ramp beaten and bloody was heartbreaking. God bess you, Mick! Again, I echo Rebecca's sentiments! I look forward to seeing you doing color commentary on tv! All in all a good show and I broke even on my predictions-who's da man, uh- woman?

Random Thoughts

  • I went to Smackdown last night-no, I'm not doing spoilers! But this show was better than RAW!

  • This is the end of Mae's pregnancy- thank you God! The best thing about that skit was Pat Patterson's reactions when peeking under the sheet. If he wasn't gay then, I'm sure he is now!

  • I read a comment that had me dying-this girl said Terri needed to eat a meal and stop wearing her daughter's clothes! *snicker* Couldn't have said it better myself! I'm glad to see Edge & Christian don't want anything to do with her.

  • Jeff Hardy-please be careful! Read Mick's book-hey, read Dynamite Kid's book! Slow down, honey! Learn from what's happened to both of those guys!

  • I can buy Edge as a heel..........

  • I've noticed that most anti-Rock people watch WCW. Coincidence? I think not, these people are so used to NOT being entertained, they can't appreciate what he does.

    Well, until next time...................

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