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Faux Pas

Well, after viewing this week's ECW show on TNN (home of Rock N' Bowl!!!!!!) I realized there quite a few people I left off my accolades list-how oh how could I ignore the Giant Killer, Little Spike Dudley? LSD is amazing! I'm still reeling from the promo he cut this past Christmas railing against Mike Awesome!! He talked about how tough he was, how much punishment he could take and still keep coming and he was right! Sadly all those major bumps caught up to him and he really messed up his knee but I know this guy is much too tough not to be coming back to the ECW ring! Good luck, Spike!

Now Mike Awesome- he's still working on his mic skills but in the ring, this big man really lives up to his name! I'm curious as to how this partnership with raven came about but I'll not quibble-this match they had against Masata Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer was a good one! I had to eat my words as Raven really showed me something this time, and thankfully it wasn't a snotty hankie! But Awesome, from his sheer strength to his high flying moves truly lives up to the name awesome!

The match the Impact Players had against Jado & Gedo (sp?) was fantastic! This was the first time I've seen Justin do some actual wrestling! I'd gotten so used to him with that Singapore cane...Anyway, these 4 guys put on an exciting match! And I really like Paul E. importing FMW talent. I've never seen any Japanese wrestling and this was a taste I could get used to! And how could I overlook one of the best play-by-play guys in Joey Styles? Shame on me! Joey is on par with Jim Ross with his enthusiasm for the matches-but at least he never mixes the wrestlers up. No disrespect, J.R., but confusing Matt & Jeff Hardy, not to mention Edge and Christian is wrong!

And let me pay tribute to the Whole F'N Show-RVD! He looked really good this week and it was great to see him back-coming out on the shoulders of Scotty Riggs? And let me not forget another fallen soldier-the new F'N Show, Jerry Lynn. I miss you man! Get well soon!

I must commend the WWF for putting on a great Smackdown! Putting the Rock in 2 handicapped matches was a good way of making him earn that spot at Wrestlemania. The Rock Bottom through the table was good but the 3-D was even better! Bubba's screaming had me screaming-with laughter. I was disappointed to see both Hardys get beat by Steve Blackman this week but I can't complain- I like Steve; the pairing of him with Al Snow was truly inspired. I was just telling Rebecca (of 'Rebecca's Rants' fame) that it was strange that since D'Lo, the Hardys, Edge & Christian were Test's groomsmen, their angles have gotten skewed.

I mean for a while the Hardys and 2Blonde were stuck fighting each other over and over (I'm not complaining, I enjoyed every one of their matches!) while D'Lo has become part of the Pimp Nation. Coincidence? Hhmm.......I was watching a Heat episode and D'Lo had a great match with Taka-I miss that D'Lo! Please get him away from the Godfather!

While I'm in this dark mood, let me say how disappointed I am at the WWF's stand on the movie 'Beyond the Mat'. First of all, most of us Internet smarts know about the movie and no doubt word of mouth will bring people to the theaters so pulling ads isn't going to bury this film.

Second of all, pushing it as 'the film Vince McMahon doesn't want you to see' will definitely put asses in the seats! But what the hell are Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair doing on Larry King to promote the movie when they're not even in it!!!! Oh I forgot, they're two egomaniacs who want to hog the spotlight! I hope Terry Funk can get a word in! Why didn't Larry just have Terry and the guy who made the movie? Too easy, I guess..... I also hear that Mick Foley's promo for the movie on Good Morning America cost him the title-now that disgusts me. I'm learning that wrestling is a political game but that's very low, if it's true.

In closing I'd like to give a shout out to Rebecca who was kind enough to send me the Incite magazine with those lovely pictures of the Hardys, Kane & Christian, not to mention Y2J-does Vince own that magazine? And a big get well wish to our own Mr. T! Hello to Michelangelo and Cyan too! Hey whatever happened to Fab Glitter?

Well, those were just a few things I needed to get off my chest........

Until next time..........................
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