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Greetings sports entertainment fans! Well, so much is going on in the wrestling world, I just don't know where to start! Let me toss in my two cents about Mick Foley's return-what the hell is wrong with you people? How can you cry, piss and moan about his being in the Main Event at Wrestlemania? Have you no heart? Did he not make it clear, more than once, that was his dream?

And evidently you also haven't listened-it's for one night only, people! Get a grip! People are calling him a hypocrite, a con, a sell-out, an outright liar! Please, you sound like Phil Mushnick! I say go for it, Mick! As usual, I'm in agreement with my compadre, Rebecca-let him win, let the roster come out, give him a standing O and then let a tournament start for the big belt!

In watching 'Beyond the Mat' this past weekend, it's so obvious that Mick loves and lives for wrestling, why would he turn down a chance to be in the main event at the biggest show of the year? And let's say it again-it's for one night only! I'm enough of a mark to believe that. Speaking of Wrestlemania- I'm confused-so besides the fatal four way-what else is happening at Wrestlemania? I guess Vince is trying to swerve the Internet community by revising the card at almost every show. We won't truly find out what's happening until the weekend of the PPV!! I can almost understand this, after all, the internet is quick to report everything. Sometimes it sucks because it ruins the surprise. On the other hand, I like to be informed.(So sue me, I'm a Libra)

I'm looking forward to seeing the Hardys make their Wrestlemania debut-I'm sure it's something they've dreamed of all their lives too! Although I won't be disappointed if 2Blonde wins, I figure it'll be a short reign anyway. It's obvious Edge is in place for a singles run, it would be nice if Christian gets that too. Anyway I do look forward to the Hardys wearing the gold again. I'm also hoping Rock will lay down for Mick, although to steal a thought, it would be much sweeter to see HHH do the job after all the crap he and Steph have put Mick through. The Rock is so over, he doesn't need the belt and I don't know very many people who were impressed with Big Show as the champ so it'll be great to see Mick win!

As I mentioned, I saw 'Beyond the Mat' over the weekend and as a wrestling neophyte, it showed me a lot. I can't understand what Vince has against it (if anything) because it shows the WWF in a positive light. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all a work just to attract publicity. I was very impressed with how ECW came off too-Paul E. is like Vince Lombardi-a great coach! No wonder these guys work so hard! Of course, it's to their detriment because they continue to work through injuries (Tommy Dreamer) and take the craziest bumps (New Jack & Grimes)!

But I guess it's like Spike Dudley says in the movie-they do it for the pops. I've read reports of New Jack defending his bump at 'Living Dangerously', saying this is what he wants to do and if he dies in the ring, so be it. What can you say to someone who feels like that? I was saddened to hear Jerry Lynn will be out for 8 more weeks because he ignored a doctor's advice. Damn, Jerry! I thought RVD looked great on the TNN show and how funny was it to see Super Crazy kissing and fondling his belt like it was a woman? I'm also happy to hear Gedo & Jado will make more appearances in ECW, I think they did a great job against the Impact Players!

That's it for me this week!

Until next time...............

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