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    Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well, Wrestlemania has come and gone and what are we left with? I'm feeling a bit letdown- I don't know whether my expectations were too high or what, but when all was said and done, I was left unsatisfied. (Sounds like my love life) Anyway--out of all the matches, only three stand out in my mind. This PPV has been recapped on every wrestling site out there-check out our own Mr. T, along with Marvellous Martin so I'm not adding to them-I'm only checking how my predictions held up.

    In the first match, I picked D'Lo & Godfather- Well, obviously D'Lo has really done something to piss off Vince and/or J.R. because not only is he stuck in this horrible pimp angle but he gets pinned by the new guy!! That said, I am impressed by Bull Buchanan, the man has awesome size and strength but, like D'Lo, he's stuck with deadwood as a partner. I say cut him and D'Lo loose! It's truly sad when I see the Mean Street Posse more than I see D'Lo.

    The Hardcore Tournament was a bit of a, in Rebecca's words, clusterf**k! I predicted Tazz would walk off with the belt and he did-for a minute. This whole debacle would've moved a lot faster if you were eliminated after you were pinned. Of course, that would've meant Tazz didn't stay in the match but geez, it was such a waste of time! Where were Ivory, Esse Rios, and Mideon? Might as well had thrown them in there too! And what was up with the ref not quite completing that three count?

    OK, I hedged my bet when it came to the T&A vs. Head Cheese match-initially I picked Head Cheese then said I wouldn't be surprised to see T&A walk off with the win so I wasn't quite wrong.

I did think Trish would do something to cause Head Cheese to lose-judging from Steve's reaction to her last week, I expected her to do what Debra used to do. But T&A won cleanly! Of course, this was for naught after seeing them get beaten the next night by those fake Outlaws! Way to push the new team, WWF! I also hear that Vince & Co. aren't happy with Trish's mic skills, which explains why she hasn't spoken lately. Excuse me, but after a while, I'm sure she'll get better-the saying is practice makes perfect!

    So after three basically lackluster matches, we get the big ladder match-it seemed the general consensus out there was that 2Blonde would walk away with the belts and they certainly did! This match lived up to its hype-what little there was. I really enjoyed the Hardys & 2Blonde's pre-show promos that turned into a brawl-Edge's screaming 'Oh My God!' when Matt knocked him off the ladder had me dying. But the cockiness at RAW the next night really impressed me-there's a lot of potential in Edge & Christian as heels. And they both seemed so much more relaxed on the mic! I look forward to the Hardys getting better in their mic skills too!

    So next was the catfight......*YAWN* The best thing about this match was the backstage peek, using the Austin Powers method of covering Kat's nudity using ordinary items. Very cute but the so called match itself was exactly what I expected-nothing. I didn't predict a winner in this match, well I did say the male fans but considering there was no real nudity-you guys lost too! Well, neither Mae or Moolah stripped so maybe you guys won................

    I'd picked the Radicals in the six man tag team match-I figured with their skills and ring experience, they'd have no problem defeating Too Cool with Chyna. Well, imagine my surprise when Chyna ended up being the secret weapon in this match! This is the best I've seen Chyna look, usually she seems to get fatigued early in her matches but she did really good this time! I'm not disappointed

that Too Cool won, I just hope for Perry Saturn's sake, they don't have to fight them anymore. Well, after RAW,  I guess the Saturn-Tazz feud has begun-I say bring it on!!!!

    With the Angle/Jericho/Benoit- I did predict that Kurt would leave Wrestlemania belt-less, although I managed to mix up who would get which belt but the point is Kurt lost! This was a good match but I knew when Kurt wasn't pinned, he would complain about losing those belts. I find mysef looking forward to when he comes out now, he is so amazingly clueless. His RAW promo about 'children staying home from school, depressed over his loss' was classic.

    I was most disappointed in the Kane/Rikishi vs. the Fake Outlaws match. All that build-up with such little payoff! I'm convinced that greasy little Xpuke is putting those knee pads to good use in the back-how else do you explain everyone has to take that totally gay bronco buster move but he manages to escape the ass smash??????? Seeing Tori get it was sweet but seeing him get it would've been just desserts! It wasn't a fitting end to the Big Red Machine/ Praying Mantis feud- I really wanted to see him chokeslammed through the mat!! But after RAW, putting Kane in a program with the Big Boss Man is a step down.

    Now for the main event- I was one of the few predicting HHH would keep that belt. Rebecca and I argued over this-tradition dictates the babyface always wins at Wrestlemania but I just knew Vince was going to swerve us this year. I did expect a special guest appearance, i.e. Undertaker or HBK or even Stone Cold to somehow figure in the match but I was wrong. At first, I was psyched to see HHH, Mick and Rocky team up to eliminate Big Show but then after Mick was eliminated, all the air went out of my balloon. I knew Rocky wouldn't win so I wasn't totally surprised to see Vince hit him with the chair (and tell the timekeeper to ring the bell-I'm sure Bret was home, banging his head against a wall!). But I was disgusted to see Mick taken out-what was the point of putting him in there

(and seeing those sick bumps he took)????

    CRZ certainly called it right-this family reunion swerve has holes you can drive a Mack truck through. But I guess that's the way of drawing you in-what will they do next? But still, I expected a lot with this Millennium Wrestlemania-especially after seven hours of the glitzy past Wrestlemanias.

This was better than last year's but that's kind of damning it with faint praise. I'm no Nostradamus but I think I broke even on my predictions.......

    Random Thoughts-

  • How can you expect the women's matches to get over when you see so little of them? I heard that Jacky wasn't getting over as the women's champ-again I say, if you gave her a personality and a good storyline, maybe she would be over! I know I sound like a broken record but come on! A woman's match once a month isn't going to get the fans into it! And please-no more catfights!
  • It's a good thing I don't eat while watching RAW, those lingering close-ups of Rikishi's ass would definitely curb my appetite.
  • Back to the women-Steph having that belt is just as bad as when Debra or the Kat had it. What the hell is the point of having Jacky, Ivory, Lita and Tori when you aren't going to do anything with them?
  • Wow! Chyna turned on Jericho and went off with Eddy! But geez-how many times did King use the term "latino heat"? And just how soon before we see an Eddy shirt with that on it?
  • Speaking of shirts-wow-the Radicals have one already! So do Too Cool! So why doesn't Christian have one? He is too long overdue..
  • How much of a poke in the eye to WCW is the fact that in less than 6 weeks, the Radicals have gold and a t-shirt-something it took years for WCW to do for them (if at all).
  • Speaking of that other company, Mark Mdden has a lot of nerve talking about Steph's 'fat thighs'! The man, and I use the term loosely, looks like he never met a buffet he didn't like! Who's bright idea was it to hire him and can't he be swept out with the rest of them? No, I'm sure after the major ass kissing he did on Nitro, his job is secure.
  • How amusing was it to see Edge, Christian, and the Hardys limp out on RAW while the Dudleys looked as fresh as daisies? I guess ECW really toughens you up-but then that ladder match was a walk in the park compared to what they did in ECW. I'm so glad to see how well the Dudleys have adapted to the WWF-although I still miss them in ECW.
  • Ok, 4 weeks ago, we were all missing Vince and now he's back, hogging the spotlight. This is a true illustration of 'be careful what you wish for'. Enough! It's time to turn the focus back on the wrestlers-I've had enough of TV's most dysfunctional family.
        Well that's it for me. I'd appreciate any feedback!

         Until next time.........................

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