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    Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well, my muse took a break last week so I wasn't feeling particularly inspired. But after RAW last night, she came back bearing gifts! First of all I want to thank all those who sent me feedback from my last column. It's nice to know people are reading this, sometimes I feel like Randy Savage in that Slim Jims commercial. You know, just sitting in a padded cell, babbling about wrestling. So much is going on this week, let me pick a few things- why do I get this nagging feeling that Xpuke & Road Kill will take those tag team belts at Backlash? What a complete letdown it was to see those fake Outlaws beat 2Blonde in singles matches! CRZ, I HATED HATED HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Deep breath* OK, I feel better now..

    It was great to see 2Blonde back to their cocky selves at the commentary table and I swear this is the only time I'll ever envy Tori for being that close to those 2 blonde hunks but I digress... At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please give them (and the Hardys) more mic time!!! I definitely want to hear them speak more than Road Dogg, then again, if RD didn't do his spiel, what would he do? (By the way, I loved Mr. T's rhyme about the fake Outlaws-couldn't agree more! Kudos, T!) And here's a BIG shock- I wholeheartedly agree with Rebecca's assessment of the 2Blonde title reign. What the hell are they doing, winning their matches by DQ? Both guys are talented, they should be getting clean wins!

    So Backlash is coming up-and the Hardys don't have a match? On one hand, they have been busting their asses in the last 3 PPV's so I don't begrudge them a break, on the other hand I love watching these 2 brothers in action so I'm kind of disappointed. Of course I was loving Matt Hardy winning the Hardcore title-maybe this'll bring him out of his brother's shadow. Poor Matt suffers from the Christian disease of invisibility, hopefully this will give him a good push. I'm not anticipating seeing him getting hit with various foreign objects, then again I can think of worse things then seeing Matt fighting in his pjs! Down, hormones, down!

    At least my prayers were answered last week when D'Lo finally broke up his pimp partnership! Long overdue in my opinion. I hope this leads to a good storyline and some kind of title reign for him, that's long overdue too. Now where's the frogsplash contest between Eddy and D'Lo? I'm sure it's coming. What I'm not getting is the Big Show-he's fun, he's nasty, he's fun, he's nasty- he's been turned more than a rotisserie chicken!  What's going on? Can we find 1 angle and stick to it, please?

    That said, I am happy to see Kane back to his old monster self. I appreciated the "Of Mice and Men/Beauty & the Beast" angles but all they really did was turn Kane into a big wuss. It's like the equation for Kane is Feelings=Pain and it was really disgusting to see him getting beaten by stick figures like Road Dogg & Xpuke! He could've dispatched those two without breaking a sweat! Of course, putting him in a program with Big Boss Man is hardly a step up from Xpuke but I'm thinking the main target for this feud is Bull Buchanan and if it puts him over, I can't complain. I don't know where they're going with Kane, he deserves to be main eventing but I guess they're biding his time until the Undertaker comes back.

    Onto other feds-as much as I enjoyed seeing Tazz back in ECW, his match with Mike Awesome sucked! But I do understand the point was to just get the belt off of Awesome-who after the match, just disappeared without a word. No thanks to Paul E. or the fans. I don't know the legalities of Awesome's situation but from what I've heard, he did not handle this right at all. I've been talking with Jason W., who believes should Awesome not work out in WCW, he should not be allowed back in ECW! Alright, my Libran mind is seeing both sides-on one hand I agree, Paul E. should not accept him back because of how it was done. On the other hand, for all the abuse the wrestlers put their bodies through, far be it from me to say don't take that money!

    I also think that while Mike Awesome is talented, he will rue the day he walked out on ECW. I'm really hoping Lance Storm will take a long look at what's happened with his various ECW co-workers when they took that trek to Atlanta but he's been very noncommittal in his interviews so that tells me he's not hedging his bets. Lance is very talented and no doubt he could make a great addition to the WCW roster, that is, if they use him right. It would be strange to see him without Dawn Marie but I think there are still Nitro Girls available so good luck, Lance!

    On a more somber note, today marks the first anniversary (wrong word, I know) of the death of Owen Hart. I said it before, but I wasn't a big fan of Owen's at the time of his death and it took his passing to open my eyes to his talent. It also opened my eyes to seeing wrestlers as people and not just performers. After his death, I went out and rented Wrestlemania 10 which showcased a great match between Owen and his brother Bret. Now, when I watch my RAW/Heat tapes, seeing Owen is so bittersweet. Between the Raw tribute show and the A&E bio, what a great loss, not only to the wrestling world or the Hart family, but to the world as well. RIP, Owen.

    Until next time................

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