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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! I'm having a crappy day so excuse the bitterness that will seep into my writing. I really enjoyed Backlash, more than Wrestlemania and I guess Vince took advantage of the PPV afterglow, there fore on this past RAW, brought me down to earth with a very rude thud. Well before I rant about RAW, let's see how well I did with my predictions- 

    Acolytes vs. Bull & Big Boss Man- What an uneven match. Farooq & Bradshaw are brutal, while Bull is impressive, and BBM just sucks!... Between Farooq's devastating power bomb and Bradshaw's 'clothesline from hell', I predict an APA squash. ( At least I hope so)
    Well, I guess I tacked that 'I hope so' on for a reason, huh? This match was OK, but I was so disgusted with the outcome. The Acolytes are usually unstoppable, I guess until BBM reaches for his nightstick anyway!             Kurt Angle vs. Big Show- Another uneven match, in the real world this would be a squash but it's the WWF 'where anything can happen'! I'm thinking Steffy Mac will send some interference in to protect Kurt Angle so it'll end up a DQ. Somehow I don't think Kurt will suffer too much.
        Boy I blew this one big time, didn't I? Of course the best thing about this match was seeing Big Show do his Hulkster imitation. And wow, the real world actually intervened  and Kurt was squashed. Shocking!

            Dudley Boyz vs. T&A - Hmm..the best thing about this match is the sexual tension between Trish and Bubba. I love the  Dudleys- I can't see them losing to a novice team like T&A. But I also don't think Trish will end up through a table.  I think Vince has high hopes for T&A, despite the rumors, so I'll pick T&A.
        Well, hmmm, I was right about the winner but wrong about the table for Trish. I loved the smug look she had after kissing Bubba-she just knew he was in her spell. What a smash!

            Essa Rios vs. Eddy Guerrero- I really look forward to this match. Smackdown gave us a good taste of what was to come. Both of these guys are so impressive in the ring, I'm sure it'll be a highlight of the PPV. And Lita seems like a formidable opponent for Chyna, so I'm definitely looking forward to these two women facing off. Eddy has a good angle going so I'm predicting Essa will win this match. A belt could only help advance him, that is, until he starts cutting promos.
OK, I tanked on this one too. And who saw the strip coming? I guess they're saving the inevitable Lita-Chyna match for the next PPV. Chyna looked great-in and out of her dress!

            6-Man Hardcore Match-Although, the Butchster had a good point about Crash needing that belt more than Matt-after that great match the brothers had, I kinda want to see either Hardy get it. But between all the participants involved-Tazz, Saturn, Bob & Crash-they'll all be paired off against each other so it'll be interesting. Winner? Hmmm...could be anybody's guess-but I'll say Crash.
        Those Hardys once again put their bodies on the line with crazy spots which made this match very interesting. I was actually right about this-shake my hand! Well, it's not like they have anything else to do with Crash. And by the way, I really loved the little Hardys' tete a tete before the match. I wonder if someone over there read my last column? (Yeah right...)

    X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Edge/Christian- Geez, I'm dreading this match because I just have this
    foreboding of doom.  I'm really hoping my instinct is wrong because these fake Outlaws certainly don't need these belts. Edge & Christian not only deserve them but having them has really given them an interesting angle. The cocky aggressive attitudes are working so well! It really depresses me to say this, but I think we'll have new tag team champs.*sniff!*
I tell you, my heart stood still when this was the first match of the night. The feeling of doom only got stronger and I swore if those fake Outlaws won that would've made the rest of the PPV suck! But then Xpuke bleeding? I have no complaints! 2Blonde retaining their belts? *happy dance*
Of course Vince negates it all on RAW the next night by having 2Blonde face 2tons (of fun) and get butts rubbed in their faces!! EWWWWW!!!!!!! That was even worse than having them job to DX.

            Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit- I like how these two guys have been building their feud. They're both so talented, I really anticipate an exciting match.  Winner-Benoit
        Whew, this match was brutal! Damn, I was clutching MY chest with every chop! This was really even and the blatant DQ by Jericho was kind of cool. I guess the feud goes on to the next PPV.

            HHH vs. The Rock-  Ever since SCSA was added to the mix, everyone's been predicting a heel turn for him. Vince likes a swerve so I don't think it's going to happen. HHH has done a great job as a heel and most of the fans can't wait to see the Rock take that belt from him! set. I can see SCSA costing HHH the title but I don't know where to take it from there-SC's not fully healed so he can't defend it. This is tough but I'll say HHH keeps that belt-for now.
            That wasn't much of a payoff for SCSA fans, him turning up at the last minute but after seeing him, I understood. Poor man doesn't even look fully healed, it's obvious. I can't imagine how he's going to come back-there'll be a lot of moves he won't be able to take anymore because of this injury. He can't take a suplex, a powerbomb or heaven forbid, be put through a table. Anyway, I was wrong on this too but I do like the way Linda brought Earl Hebner back. The double Rock Bottom was pretty cool too. But I'm really tired of the Rock getting ganged up on-I know it really sets him up as the underdog but damn, all it really does is piss me off!

     Some other things about Backlash-

     Was Debra throwing back some brewskis in the back with Steve or has she always slurred her words like that ? And what was the point of her announcing that match anyway? And why did her voice fade when it came to Christian? She kept saying "EDGE and Christian" What was up with that?

     That hardcore match would've been better if it had eliminations-6 guys all over the place really doesn't work.

      I hear that Vince was very impressed with the Hardys after their match on Smackdown, thinking they'll add a spark to the hardcore division. I'm begging you, Vince, don't put them in that.
They do enough crazy things in their regular matches, we don't need to add foreign objects to the mix!

     No women's match? So when is Stephanie defending that belt? And how does having it on her make more sense than having it on Jacky or Ivory? (You can insert your own David Arquette reference here)

     Anyway, onto RAW- I was SO looking forward to this show. It started off so well with our favorite blonde commentators coming out to 'shoot'. Edge & Christian were the best thing about this show-their cocky attitudes were really funny. Then they called out someone to fight them and it went downhill from there. Actually it went downhill for me after watching the Hardys job to Too Cool-not to mention the crowd booing Matt after he broke up the Worm! WTF????? The Hardys bust their butts, give it their all and you people pop for a frickin' dance move cum wrestling finish? What the hell? And WHY OH WHY did we have 2 dancing segments? PUH-LEEZ!

Then I have to suffer through Xpuke & Road Kill's posturing about 2Blonde then see Chris Jericho suffer the broncobuster? Gott in Himmel!! Then seeing 2Blonde get the ass smash? And THEN I have to watch Rocky get gangbanged AGAIN????????Oh freakin' HELL!!!!!!!!!Needless to say, I am not a happy camper....... Until next time............

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