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        Greetings sports entertainment fans! Well, I've gotten over the crabby mood I was in last week, so I'm back with my rants and raves. First of all some shilling-a big shout out to Sean Shannon, who mentioned Rebecca and myself in one of his Delphi forums-for the record, Sean, I was very honored to be included in CRZ's Smackdown report. (So was Rebecca!) I'd also like to send out a big 'ta!' to our own Marvellous Martin, for not only his kind words on the forum but in his mails to me. I have a real fondness for the U.K. so he definitely gets points for being a native, as well as a cool guy. Last but not least a big wave to our Mr. T-hey T!

        And I would be remiss in my duty if I didn't respond to the Butchster-no, Butch, there is no love in my heart for Mr. Waltman. But if I try to explain it any further, it would definitely go the way of Shakespeare-that is 'me thinks the lady doth protest too much'. Let's just say if the rumors are true, and he retires, this is one girl who would happily say goodbye. And although you say you don't care, I go on the record of saying I'd take either Jeff or Matt Hardy-both definitely float my boat.

    Oh that's right, this is a wrestling column, isn't it? Sorry for the digression...Well, I did enjoy RAW this week, despite the absence of the Rock. I thought it was great to see Jericho being anointed the #3 guy behind Rock and HHH. And on a female note, I never noticed it before but Y2J was working it this week-he was looking quite tasty! Anyway-I loved the cocky 2Blonde opening the show and although I hated to hear the boos and 'asshole' chants-glad to see this heel turn is working for them.
And as much as I love the APA, I don't want to see them get those belts just yet-let 2Blonde cheat and keep their belts longer.

    The rumors now say Too Cool are next in line for the tag team belts-please don't let this happen!
I have nothing against Brian or Scotty but I just don't see them as anything but comic relief. I guess the ghost of Too Much is still in my mind to take them seriously, not to mention the early promos they did as Too Cool. Brian acts a lot like his dad, down to the annoying laugh. And I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't mark out for the Worm-that, the ho train, the people's elbow and the bronco buster are the stupidest finishing moves in wrestling! Oh, let me add the ass splash to that- I thought bouncing your package in someone's face was humiliating enough but then Rikishi comes along! It makes me shudder just to think about it.

    Coming back to tag teams for a minute, I just want to know what the hell is J.R. on to call those fake Outlaws 'the best tag team in WWF history'? Is Xpuke giving him some of his stash? Putting those two over like that is heresy, blasphemy and just WRONG, plain and simple! Get real! What a slap in the face to the other GOOD tag teams! YEESH! *deep breath, deep breath* OK, I'm calm now. Anyway, I couldn't believe I got to see BBM & Bull TWICE before the Hardys came on! Not only that but they're punking out the bad ass Acolytes? I said it before, Bull is very impressive although I've noticed he has a problem with timing but come on, Boss Man? PUH-LEEZ!

    Over to my other favorite fed, it was so great to see Jerry Lynn back and with such a great new aggressive attitude! I cannot wait for Hardcore Heaven this weekend! And I really like the promos that were cut on the Hardcore Show with all of the tag teams complaining they didn't get a shot at taking the tag team belts off the Impact Players. I really hope TNN shows them this week because my fearless prediction is that Scotty Riggs/Anton will turn on RVD. I don't think he was too thrilled with RVD taking him down with Jerry. The promos with him, Fonzi and RVD were hilarious, but nope, he didn't look like a happy camper at all.

    My least favorite part was Electra in the room with the Dangerous Alliance and the Sinister Minister. UGH! First of all, I'm not so insecure that I can't give props to beautiful women (like Lita, Chyna or Trish Stratus) but Electra looks like a skank! I really don't get these guys salivating over her but to each his own, I guess. The Sinister Minister is very amusing, his promo about Francine being used up and Justin Credible fitting her 'like a tricycle in a two car garage' was classic! And Mikey Whipwreck was very impressive out there- I love that WCW wants him and Vandenberg back now.
Just further proof that Paul E. knows what he's doing.

    I'm glad to see Kid Kash get more tv time-damn that guy is amazing! I saw him shortly after he debuted in ECW and was impressed. And he's only gotten better. I was reading someone's column saying how out of place Lance Storm is in ECW-well, he's no chair swinging, table smashing freak, true, but I think he brings a balance to the madness. He's the yin to New Jack's yang so to speak.
Anyway, I've read the spoilers for Smackdown and it sounds like a good show. It's funny how all these rumors popped up for the return of HBK or the Undertaker in Rock's absence and neither has happened.

    And maybe it's me but how brutally insensitive was it for WCW have their PPV, not only at the place where Owen Hart died, not only on what would've been his birthday, but they feature the belt hanging over 40 ft. in the air and then they throw Kanyon off the cage? God, is this more of the publicity they were hoping for? Amazing how Bret can overlook this but he can't get over losing a belt-which according to his boss, means nothing anyway.....

    Until Next Time....

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