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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well, yet ANOTHER PPV has come and gone and what are we left with-I don't know about you but I enjoyed Judgment Day. My only complaint was that the Hardys weren't on it! Of course you lucky people in and around the North Carolina area got to hear them on local radio and news stations, hyping the upcoming SummerSlam-which Rebecca, Heather and I will be attending! I am so psyched! Alright back to the business at hand.......

I am so proud of Edge and Christian! And it's funny, Rebecca and I were discussing how they should be more like Kurt Angle when ta-da! They were paired up with him! They make a great team! I don't get all these matches with Too Cool, mostly because I'm in denial and trying not to see the WWF obviously has plans for Too Cool to wear the gold shortly. As I've stated before, nothing against Too Cool but please, they don't deserve those belts! I won't be entirely disappointed to see Too Cool win the belts at the next PPV, IF they lose them on RAW the next night.

And while the dancing was fun at first, it's starting to really aggravate me now. It's another time waster like all those walking(!) segments, give me a break. The idea that people go crazy for this crap really just amazes me, I don't get it. At all....Anyway, I was enjoying the fake Outlaws getting the tar whipped out of them-any excuse to put Xpuke through a table is fine with me! I was very disappointed to see the Duds lose to those two...I'll hold my tongue. Needless to say I was very disappointed that Tori did not get wood but if they're going to continue this feud, she'll be laid out somewhere down the line. Anticipation...........

I don't know what to say about the Big Show/Shane match-I was impressed by that flying leap Shane took-the boy must have some Hardy in him. But after the sparking sound system, I was just reminded of the "I Quit' match Rock & Foley had. That 'concrete block' was a bit of overkill. I was explaining to my 10 yr.old nephew that if those things were real, #1-Big Show's leg would be crushed and #2-he would be out cold, if not dead, after that cinder block to the head. Well it served to get Paul out for surgery-good luck!- and remind us what a bump machine Shane is.

The Iron Man match was very good; I was preparing myself for another HBK interference and Rock losing the belt. After all the bumping they did, I know they were sore the next day. But I wasn't prepared for the return of the Undertaker! What a pleasant surprise! OK so it wasn't a total surprise-I marked out for it! But what-no sidecar for Paul Bearer? UT looked great! Now I'm just waiting for him to get on the mic and give us real attitude-no more 'Lord of Darkness' stuff!

Now RAW-my my the Rock was seriously working it, walking around with that open shirt! Damn, he looked beyond fine! I'd read that he hyper extended his knee but he looked just fine to me! It is truly a sin for a man to look like that..........................................................................................

OK, I'm back now, yes he was doing Stone Cold's Superman angle, i.e., getting the drop on the bad guys-SO?! It was better than DX beating him down for the 843rd time! Vince really took a beating, didn't he? Hee hee....OOhh, Xpuke got a pipe right across his head!!! Let's rewind the tape! Hee hee!

Well, I guess by default, the Hardys get stuck in a program with T&A-I don't know how I feel about this. I know I didn't like the 'puppies' chant during their match-oh you boys! The Hardys looked like they were on fire and I hope this fuels them to go right after 2Blonde (or whomever) for those tag team belts! It sounds like they'll be going for the gold at SummerSlam and from the radio interview I heard about, they sound very determined! I hope so!

Well today marks a year since Owen Hart was taken from us. Even as a new wrestling fan, I was deeply saddened by his death. It made me look at those guys in the squared circle as human beings and not cartoon characters. It still makes me both angry and sad when I hear people label wrestling as 'fake'. Tell it to Stone Cold, Droz, Spike Dudley or even the dreaded Xpuke-I tried to explain to someone recently, sure it's choreographed but it doesn't stop you from getting hurt if you fall the wrong way. Owen's death really had nothing to do with wrestling, well except that it was part of the entertainment that we expect now from wrestlers.

It left me with a deep disdain for angles involving EMTs, ambulances, hospitals and fake injuries. I really wish the promoters and writers would think about the fans when presenting angles like that-it's that very problem that makes people think All injuries are works or angles. There were some people that thought Owen's falling was a work! I remember reading the wackest report that said Owen was the Higher Power! The guy actually claimed it was Owen under the hood! There's some sick people out there...

I now look at Owen's matches with bittersweet feelings but I'm glad I have them. I just hope once the lawsuit is over, the WWF will be able to present the full tribute video they had planned.
R.I.P. Owen

Until next time......
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