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Rebecca: Ok, so Sharon and I have seen all the Top 10 hottest women in wrestling lists, and we thought it was time to make a list of our own. No, its not going to be the women we think are the hottest, sorry boys, but instead we are going to talk about the men we think are the sexiest in wrestling today. In our columns we try to mostly concentrate on the wrestling although our hormones do work their way into our writing sometimes, but this column will concentrate solely on hormones so if you don't want to hear Sharon and I rant on about one of the main reasons we watch wrestling than I suggest you don't read any further. If you are curious as to what or more appropriately who gets our hearts apounding then by all means read on. And for all the women who are reading, hopefully there will be a few, then we'd love to hear what you thought of our list.

Sharon: Thank you, Rebecca. I was talking to our own Marvellous Martin (who is really living up to his name by the way ;-) ) and he inspired me. When Rebecca and I write & talk to each other after watching wrestling, somehow sex always rears its ugly head and we always end up talking about who was looking too good for words.

Rebecca: Now, we decided on several different categories to make up the list, because after all, different men have different qualities, so the categories are: Sexiest men, Best Body, Cutie pies, Guilty Pleasures and Guys who we would like to get down and dirty with. I can already see there is going to be some overlap for me on some of the categories, but anyway here goes.

Sexiest Wrestlers
1. Christian - Duh!!! Of course Christian is my sexiest wrestler, hell I go on and on about him enough. I still remember the exact moment he finally lost that stupid white Puffy Shirt and started wearing that beautiful net shirt that he wears now...well there was another shirt in between but that's not important as that one still hid too much of his beautiful body. Whether he is playing the silent mysterious man who slinks around on the floor, or the arrogant smart ass that he plays now, he is SO #1 on my list. And the way he rubs his tag team belt....LOL!

Sharon: I have no problem with Christian however my choice is-
1. The Rock-Helloo! This caramel God struts to the ring in those open shirts and all I can say is DAY-UM! I echo what Star Jones said when he sat down next to her on 'The View'-"It's a sin for a man to look this good" (Hey and let me add "and be married!") The Rock is one of the few men that I call FOINE because he is so beyond fine it's not even funny. Those lips, those eyes, those pecs, those thighs! What a package!!!

2. Matt Hardy - Ok, so it was so difficult to pick which of the Hardy Boyz to put at number #2 because in actuality I think they are both super hot. I must admit it took me a while to notice the Hardys, not there wrestling ability but their other more aesthetic qualities...what really did it for me was seeing a picture of Matt posted on their official website (which has since been hoo) of Matt wearing absolutely nothing but the tag team title belt. Well he's not exactly wearing it, he's holding it vertically over his private areas...but the parts that are visibile...LOL...please someone wipe the fog off my glasses...(yes, I wear glasses)

Sharon: I cannot quibble about this choice at all. It took me a while to notice what eye candy those Hardys are; guess I was blinded by the bad daisy and plaid print gear they wore! LOL! But I think what really drew me to Matt was his writings at their site. He sounds like such a great guy, so honest and sweet. Then I saw that picture that Rebecca just referred to and WHOO HOO!!!!! I'm in love! Honey, I just threw my glasses down, I'll just feel my around...........HIM, that is.....LOL!

3. Jeff Hardy - Jeff is really not 3rd, he more 2b. What to say about Jeff, he is graceful, he is athletic, he is fearless, and he's the only man that can look hot as hell with rainbow colored hair. He is also incredibly intense. A couple of weeks ago on Superstars they showed the making of the DX video, and they showed him dancing to Run DMC on this balcony. I was barely able to contain myself. And trust me, I was able to get up close and personal at the last live event I went to, and got a picture with my arm around him, after he came in riding on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket, and the man is about a million times hotter in person than he is on TV. And those tight shirts him and Matt wear are the best...and even better was when they used to tear them off when they would get pumped up...HEY, why don't they do that anymore? If you want to see the Hardy Boyz in true sexy fashion you should check out the Kat Cam pictures at The pictures are in Stacey's section, and they are some of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen of them.

Sharon: Again, no argument here from me. I just envy the hell out of Rebecca for getting that close to Heaven....I think I first noticed Jeff when he wore those sexy sheer black shirts-Mmm mmm......I love a man's chest, and he certainly has a nice one. Pretty face too. The belly button barbell is cute too......


4. HBK - Shawn Michaels - I know he's not an active wrestler, but it doesn't make him any less fine. He is fresh in my mind right now because of the 60 minutes of eye candy we got to see at the Iron Man Match this past Sunday and my friend Jen (thanks Jen!) has lent me a tape of the WWF in 1995 and I have been salivating over Shawn in his hey day. I usually don't go for those male stripper types, but I'll tell you Shawn could strip for me any day...

Sharon: Well , Shawn's nice but mine is:

4. Rey Mysterio, Jr.- This man is the main reason I'll sit through the crap that is WCW. Here, I wrote a little ode to him! 'When I see Rey/ My knees do sway/ He's such a hottie!/ I want his body!/ I do adore/O luchadore' *bowing thank you, thank you* OK! I never said I was Maya Angelou but I'm better than Mark Henry! Anyway, this little sweetheart caught my eye the first time I saw him with those stupid No Limit Soldiers-hooty hoo horrible! He's got an adorable face,( I can't believe it was ever covered by a mask!) he's got a great body and the cherry on top? He's short!! YAY!

5. Chris Jericho - Jericho is just HOT plain and simple. When he wrestled those 3 matches on RAW a couple of weeks ago, the more exhausted and sweaty he got, the better he looked. He has it going on, the sparkly blue-gray eyes, the cute grin, and the damn awesome body make him a total package, and I ain't talking about Lex Luger....YUCK

Sharon: Hmmm, that was the show that made me notice Jericho but he's #6 on my list...
5. Edge- This big blonde Canadian used to be #2 on my list-boy, I had the serious hots for him! But I Got over it once they started beating me over the head with his fiancee. *Sniff* He broke my heart. I was never into blondes before but this guy caught my eye one day while he was pacing behind the Undertaker; that smile and the shades were working. Then he started that slithering...mmm... Not To mention he too has a very nice chest.

6. Eddy Guerrero - I don't know what it is about this man, but I definitely feel the Latino Heat. Maybe it's the body, esp. his arms which are so damn nice, or maybe its just that he looks like he would be really good in did I just say that....but Eddy has definitely got it going on in a big way. He may not be aesthetically handsome but one does not have to be "handsome" to be sexy. I would be his mamacita any day of the week.

Sharon: OK, I've discovered a lust in my heart for this man but he's #7 on my list.

6. Chris Jericho- For the exact reasons Rebecca stated in her #5 choice. And his promos make me laugh, I'll always appreciate a man who can make me laugh.


7. Jerry Lynn - ok, so a non WWF star has broken on to my list...I don't know what it is about Jerry, but I find him incredibly sexy, esp. when he's cutting a promo and has his glasses on. The man can move in the ring too, and it makes me wonder what kind of moves he has elsewhere...

Sharon- OK, I agree, there is something about Jerry Lynn but my choice is:

7. Eddy Guerrero- Since putting him with Chyna, Eddy's got this twinkle in his eye that's very sexy! When he kissed her foot then her calf, then her knee then wrapped his big muscular arms around her thigh, I was hyperventilating! And I definitely concur with Rebecca, the man looks like he knows his way around a four poster-if you know what I'm saying.........


8. Dean Malenko - I know Sharon will have a lot to say about this choice, as she just doesn't understand my Dean thing at all. I can't put my finger on it either, but he is so damn intense, and I love his scratchy voice. He is just such a tough guy, such a MAN that I find him incredibly sexy...come to think of it, I like all of the Radicalz for the most part so I guess...

Sharon: I still say give him a bowl haircut and he could be Moe in the 3 Stooges!NYUK!NYUK! Hee hee! This is where Rebecca and I definitely don't see eye to eye. I like Dean, but sexy? OK, whatever....

8. Justin Credible- Probably just as odd as her choice but there is something about Justin that turns me on. I like his body and his voice is sexy too. He's not muscle-y but looks very nice strutting around with no shirt on!


9. Chris Benoit - or as my friend Heather would say Chris "I should be illegal" Benoit. Speaking of intense, and Manly, Benoit is both these things and then some. I even find the missing tooth attractive...I know I need help... I already know what Sharon will say that his arms are too short for the rest of his body, well I think his body is just fine the way it fact I think its better than fine...Benoit is just HOT and he's a great wrestler on top of all of that.

Sharon: Coming soon....Chris Benoit is Tom Servo! (I miss you MST3K!) OK, the torso is very nice but Chris really does look like a midget they stretched out.
9. Kaz- I don't fully know this guy's name because the Jung Dragons haven't been on WCW tv for a while. This guy reminds me of Mark Damascos who was The Crow on the tv series. He's very intense and I love the goatee thing. I noticed him right away when I saw a couple of the matches they had with Three Count.


12 10. Undertaker - now last year UT would not be on my list, but after seeing him on that bike, wearing the long leather coat, with his shirt hanging open just enough to tease us with his tattooed chest I have to add him. First off I love tattoos....I mean really love them, and they look so damn sexy on him. I also love facial hair and the red goatee is really working for him...So UT gets the final spot on my top 10.

Sharon: There's something about UT but he'd be more in the top 20 for me.
10. Rob Van Dam- I swear when he's in the ring, my eyes just run all over RVD's body! The arms, the thighs, the prefect ass. Even the cockiness is attractive! The man looks like he could give you the ride of your life! Ooh, did I just say that?....

Rebecca: I know Sharon is now wondering where is Buh Buh, because yes, I have this very strange fixation with Buh Buh Ray Dudley...and I don't know why so that is why I am putting him on guilty pleasures.

Sharon: Yes, Rebecca, I did wonder but you know he'd really be #4 on your sexy list!

Rebecca: To me Guilty pleasures are men I find sexy but have no earthly idea why, but before I start feeling all weird about my Buh Buh fixation, I just have to remember that Sharon has Joel Gertner on her list, so I feel much better about myself now.

Guilty Pleasures:

1. Buh Buh Ray Dudley: He is definitely first on my list, and I know of at least one other friend Heather...(sorry to expose your little secret) who also finds him inexplicably attractive as well. Since I have gotten into wrestling, I noticed that I started liking big guys, well Buh Buh is certainly a big guy...and he seems like a big teddy bear. So although I can't fully explain it...I think Buh Buh is a hotty and before I get to graphic bringing up tables and how I would like to use them I will just stop here.
2. Raven- yes, despite his big gut, and his out of shape body, something about that brooding psycho path just does it for me. Again, the tattoos and piercings don't hurt...and he just looks like he would really know what he's doing if you know what I mean.
3. Kane - it's the mask, its the mystery, it's the body, and Kane definitely makes the list.
4. Mosh - I know how random, but he has a great body, and he is super sexy as well.

Sharon's Guilty Pleasures:

Well, Rebecca exposed me, yes, here at -
1. Joel Gertner: Aah well, how do I explain my fondness for Joel? I think he's a cutie, that goatee thing works for him too. Sure he's crude but I think he's harmless and he's just so funny! I like his voice too.
2. Spike Dudley- I didn't give LSD a thought until he did that vicious promo on Mike Awesome last December-gone were the glasses and crooked smile-he was so damn cute!
3. Steve Corino- I always thought Steve was kinda cute with a decent body but the bleaching of his hair (now that I'm used to it) really focused on it. I love his promos too.
4. DeVito (Baldies)- Again, I have no earthly explanation for this. Something about him, the leer when he comes out, nice body..I don't know.......He's short!
Hey, wait a minute! How come all my guilty pleasures come from ECW?
Hey Rebecca, where's the Sandman on your list??

Rebecca: You know Sharon, I thought of putting him on my list, but then I forgot, so I'll add him now. Usually I don't really go for the beer drinking psycho paths, but he has been looking pretty good lately. Also I have to second your Spike Dudley pick...poor baby has been gone so long I almost forgot about him, but man without the glasses, those blue piercing eyes...spike would definitely make the list...

Rebecca: Best Bodies - this one is pretty self explanatory, I am not going to repeat anyone who I have already mentioned because if I mentioned them then I like their bodies.

1. Steve Blackman - his lethal weapon is that body...
2. Perry Saturn - weird face, beautiful body covered in tattoos
3. Bob Holly - Sociopath but a great natural body
4. Lance Storm - its very obvious that this man works out
5. HHH - whether it be steroid induced or not...HHH is stacked and I certainly can appreciate it.
6. Rock - Rock really doesn't do much for me ( I know Sharon is shaking her head in amazement) but no one can argue that he has a beautiful body...and the man looks so damn good in dress clothes
7. Brian Christopher - not a big fan of Too Cool but no denying the younger Lawler has a fine as hell body
8. Ken Shamrock - I know he is not currently on the WWF roster, but I have not forgotten the way he looks in jeans with no shirt...he has no equal.
9. Test - Test has got the body and a nice tattoo...I still miss those little velvety shorts that showed off his very nice thighs and other things as well.
10. RVD - in my opinion he is the real Mr. Ass. He gets on this list for his perfect ass alone.

Sharon's List of Heavenly Bodies-
1. The Rock- I reserve comment for Rebecca's taste, the man looks fantastic in and out of his clothes!
2. Ken Shamrock- The man was perfection and I miss seeing him.
3. Steve Blackman- I want to run my hands over those abs just once!
4. HHH- Damn, here's another pretty piece of rock hard flesh.
5. Brian Christopher-I'm with Rebecca, could care less about Too Cool but love to see Brian throw off that shirt!
6. Perry Saturn-looks as solid as a rock. Mmm mmm!
7. RVD-yes, back that ass up indeed........
8. Test- I miss seeing those thighs!
9. Bob Holly-He went away and came back ripped...damn!
10. Billy Gunn- What can you say about a well built man who prances around in tiny shorts? Well, besides thank you! The main reason I suffered NAO......

Cutie Pies - man, I have practically covered the whole WWF roster already. These guys are really cute without having that little extra something to make them sexy.

1. Crash Holly - he's just so damn cute ( Sharon: And he's short!)
2. Shane McMahon - I can't help it, I think he's just adorable. ( Sharon: I agree!)
3. D'Lo Brown - Besides being an awesome wrestler, I just thing he is so cute. (Sharon: I just want to pinch those cheeks! ON HIS FACE, you perverts!)
4. Kurt Angle - He's super cute...its true, its true ( Sharon: Yes, he's grown on me too)
5. Al Snow - although with the new serious look, and the dark hair he is now officially on the borderline. ( Sharon: Told you so!!)
6. Mick Foley - had to put the retired Hardcore legend on here. Mick is the most adorable man of all time. I love that crazy hair of his too. ( Sharon: Looks like a big ol' teddy bear)

Sharon- Well what a surprise, Rebecca has pretty much written my list except at #1 I would have Christian, I just think he's adorable! Very nice chest too! And such a natural on the mic! I actually find myself watching him more than Edge now.

Rebecca: Now we get down to business. Just because I find a man hot doesn't necessary mean I would like to get down and dirty with them. Here is my list of men who I would have a seriously hard time throwing out of my bed if they happened to find their way into it.

1. Christian - for reasons covered above. The man just drips sex in my opinion, and his stupid fiancÚ is one lucky woman
2. Matt/Jeff Hardy - As both these men are actually single it makes them even more appealing...Either one or both, doesn't really matter to me.
3. Raven - yeah, I don't understand why but I would have to test my curiosity.
4. Undertaker - He's single, and that bad ass biker thing just works too well

OK, so enough from me. Hope you enjoyed my list. I certainly enjoyed writing it...

Sharon- Yes, although the title of 'sexy' implies you'd like to sleep with them, doesn't make it so.

1. Matt/Jeff Hardy- The only reason these guys got this spot over the Rock is because he's very happily married and my name ain't Monica! Matt has a very hot body..that chest! And you know that Jeff is just so damn flexible.........Where's my Kama Sutra?
2. The Rock-OK, I have to put him here because damn, if he offered I'd take it! Lucky woman, his wife.
3. Rey Mysterio,Jr.- Another married guy, but too damn hot not to be listed! And the only guy I have no problem seeing doing a bronco buster! Hey, can we do them on each other, honey? Oops! Did I just say that out loud? LOL!

Alright! Time to hit the (COLD) showers!

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