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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! I've finally dragged myself back to the keyboard! I've been finding myself getting a wee bit burnt out from writing about wrestling, although my lovely vacation certainly helped. I want to send big props to my wrestling chick pals-Rebecca, Heather and Jen! It was even better than I expected, girls! And now that I'm back in New Jersey, all by my lonesome, reality rears its ugly head. *sigh* "Back to life, back to reality'.......

Onto wrestling-I'm feeling kind of bad for the Rock right now-he really is in limbo. Sure, he's the champ but who really cares? He has NO storyline! The sight of him and UT teaming up on RAW this past Monday really proved that. The Brahma Bull and the American BadAss? Doesn't quite have the ring of the Rock & Sock Connection. Where are either of these guys headed?

I know UT was due for a feud with Big Show before he got sent back to the minors so Kane has stepped up-about time too. Kane's done everything to prove he's a company guy, putting many of the guys over and staying in shape so he deserves something! I like this new agressive monster attitude of Kane, even though I really wish they'd explain how his voice healed up. Then again, the newer fans probably aren't thinking about that particular angle.

My cousin is one such person-she just discovered wrestling like 3 months ago. She's NEVER seen Stone Cold Steve Austin in action, which I find amazing. Then again, I've been watching for almost 2 years now so I missed HBK at the height of his reign! Continuing in the Stone Cold vein, I watched a tape of ECW stuff at Rebecca's and was thoroughly amused by Stone Cold in that fed. His promos were hilarious! I loved his 'Uncle Eric' impressions especially! I've been so used to his serious redneck persona that it's cool to see him being silly.

Things that truly saddened me-

  • Seeing Jericho lose cleanly to Xpuke on Smackdown. Damn, I admit it was a good match but give me a break!
  • Seeing Tazz getting beat up by Jerry Lawler. I like Jerry and all, but Tazz was a killing machine in ECW! Unless he's due to choke King out soon-they are killing him!
  • Stevie Richards getting hurt AGAIN! I think we were the only fans cheering for RTC when we attended Smackdown so I'm sad to hear he's hurt. On the bright side, it's cool that he can still come out and talk trash. Save us, Stevie!
  • Seeing Christian get the Rock Bottom on Smackdown. I know Rebecca agrees with me here. Isn't it amazing how Edge usually avoids all the bad stuff?
  • Seeing The Sinister trio lose their tag team belts to the FBI on ECW.
  • Hearing all the verbal abuse hurled at Jasmin St. Clare from the NY crowd! Then hearing them cheer when Balls got a hold of her and slammed her to the mat. Sometimes, testosterone scares me......
On the other side, things that made me happy-
  • The latest WWF magazine (with UT on the cover) has a lovely pullout of The Hardys-and guaranteed to double sales, they put Matt on one side and Jeff on the other. Both shirtless. *big smile*
  • Seeing Kid Kash pin Rhino to win the ECW TV Title-sure he had help but who's complaining?!
  • Seeing RVD do a Van Daminator AND a Van Terminator to Rhino!!! The man is GREAT!
  • Seeing Tajiri do ANYTHING. Nuff said!
  • Seeing Edge up close-my lust has been re-ignited! ( Sorry, M...)
  • Christian replaying his pin of the Rock from every angle-truly classic.
OK, I'm being rushed here so it's not the best but what I can say?

Until next time,

First Lady of the Oracles, RTC Cheerleader, Keeper of Edge & Christian's sunglasses
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