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Greetings, sports fans! We got such a great response to our wrestling vacation column, I just wanted to share some. Let me say I really appreciate the feedback and how positive everyone was!

First of all:

"Thank you wrestling gods... for making Sharon's fantasy of being between Edge & Christian come true..."

I laughed my butt off reading this. My wife asked what was so funny, but Icouldn't really explain it to her. Good things happen to good people. I don't know you guys other than reading your stuff here and the few email exchanges we've had. But you've always seemed like good people to me. I am very happy for you guys and envious asall hell.

Clyde Ford

Thank you for the sweet words, Clyde. Glad you liked that line. :)

I read your little vacation descriptions (I read all your stuff, I just don't write for whatever reason) and I just wanted to say I'm glad you had a good time and I look forward to seeing the pictures when you send get them scanned (hint hint, get scanned now!). Keep up the good work...uh, I don't have anything to close it with except by bitching about school starting!


You know, I read people's columns and hardly ever write to them either, Josh. I have to stop that because I know I enjoy it when people write me. Sorry about school! :)

there are vacations, then there are VACATIONS...then, the next level up, barely attained, is the trip and a half I just read about on slash.
you guys rock--that was the most exciting thing I've heard about. I'm going to print that report off now for some friends on mine to justify hanging around when we go to see No Mercy...
I'm so glad that you got to meet your favorites--that rocks so much.
Especially the multiple hardy moments.
and of course, as a complete stranger who happens to email you fairly often, I'm going to pry and ask for the inside dirt about who the dicks you didn't want to name where. I won't ask for a copy of the torrid Rebecca/Jeff Hardy affair, although I hear they are already selling well on the internet...
ok, so I'm just making stuff up. I can't wait until I get back to my apt.
from my (less than exciting) vacation to rewatch RAW and look for your crew. on that note, send pics! I'd love to check them out. and no, not just Amy Dumas.
well, yeah, maybe Amy Dumas...
anyway, thanks for sharing the events of your big weekend!!!

Todd Thomas

Thanks, Todd! Todd's a very nice smark who writes the most thought provoking letters. He did a great dissertation on women in wrestling as well as why WCW sucks. Todd's DA MAN!

Dear Rebecca and Sharon,

I couldn't resist the urge to drop you a short line to say how much I enjoyed reading your account of your recent wrestling vacation that was on CRZs site recently.

I confess I only ever idly browse all these 'opinion' columns as they are sometimes nothing more than a few kids raving as if their opinions mattered to anyone. All your stuff on the other hand was a real joy as there is nothing better than reading an account of someone doing something that they genuinely love and wanting to communicate that enthusiasm to other people. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences at all the shows with everyone, it was well worth the effort

it took to do it as it made me smile.

James Masterton
Radio, Top 40 Chart , Seattle and Wrestling?

Why thank you, James! I really like this letter because he summed up our intention completely. We were so psyched after our trip, we were still floating and just had to write it down! Someone else wrote Rebecca that he enjoyed our columns because we were such obvious marks who enjoyed wrestling that our enthusiasm permeated our words! Oh sure, we talk about physical beauty but it doesn't stop us from enjoying the workrate!

Here's a few more from my mailbag:

Just read your column, interesting stuff. . .which*I* could write that coherent that fast. And now I know one *more* person from NJ. . .
I'd send youa way to tunnel out if I could. I promise. ^_^
The only thing I ask in return is that you explain that whole "garden State" thing.
Now, my thoughts to your thoughts on your column:

  • Hey, I was wondering if I was the only one who wondered if the Rock just wasn't *totally* inconsequential to the title picture. He's kinda in the same position Austin was in around this time. He was *there,* but not really there. He and Jericho should start a support group. . .they have the same problem.
    Well, Rock hasn't jobbed to X-pac yet, but you hopefully see where I'm going.
  • Big Daddy Kane has really surprised me. I find it amazing that he can mumble his way through what is essentially Taz's gimmick (If he says "Path of Rage," I will have palpitations--the irony is that strong) and it works for me. This is the gimmick he should always have. . .a big, scary, angry no-selling monster. In other words, the early days of UT.
  • Yeah, I hated seeing Whipwreck and Tajiri drop the belts myself, but at least they lost to a decent team with a lot of skill in a good match. I'm of two minds though. On the one hand it shows a lack of confidence in Whipwreck and Tajiri. On the other hand, it was done well.
  • Another Tajiri fan? Ah, brains *and* beauty. ^_~ I've loved Tajiri's stuff since his blue trunks days at Guilty asCharged 99. Despite my antiapthy forECW nowadays, I will *always* sit down for a Tajiri match. Anyway, I've babbled on enough as it is. Looking forward to hearing from you. . .Maybe you can explain Heather's obsession with my hair. ^_^


    Lewis is a great long haired shaman I met through Rebecca at SummerSlam. As you can tell, he's also a big flirt. :) I do feel for Rock & Jericho, Lewis. And to see Chris face Xpuke YET again as he did at last year's Unforgiven is well, unforgivable. And I wish I knew why this is place is called the 'Garden State'. Living in the deep dark urban jungle, I'm not seeing much greenery.

    I just read your latest column and I thought I would give you some feedback on it:

    Kane deserves a run with the WWF Title and I am not talking about a one day title reign. I agree with everything you said about him on your column. I got a feeling that Raven will be the one responsible for Kane becoming a monster.

    What did Jericho do to get someone upset with him in the WWF front office? Especially with Jericho jobbing to X-Pac. Jericho should not be losing to X-Pac. Jericho is a rising star, while X-Pac's star is fading away. I bet a lot of the wrestlers would love to have the same stroke X-Pac has in the WWF front office.

    Tazz has to choke out Lawler soon or else he might as well ask Heyman for his old job back. I know a lot of people were probably saying something similar when Jericho did a clean job to Chyna about a year ago. However, Jericho has more than redeemed himself. I think that Tazz has paid his dues in the WWF to move up to the next level.

    I'll tell you the same thing I told Rebecca, the only reason Tajiri and Mikey lost the ECW Tag Titles is that Tajiri will be heading back to Japan to spend a month with his family. I didn't like that they lost the titles either, but that is the way things go. Everything is not that bad as X-Pac is not a champion for now.

    Christian showing the replay of him pinning Rock was truly classic.

    I also have to retract my statement about being the biggest Masato Tanaka mark in Louisiana. The guy who I am buying the tapes from lives about 1 hour North from me. So now I am the 2nd biggest Masato Tanaka mark in Louisiana, as he has basically every big match that Tanaka has participated in his career. I am still happy though.


    Ryan's my bud from Louisiana and he knows A LOT about wrestling. He's also the sweet person who sent me that great wrestling tape I talked about before. As you can see, he's not an Xpac fan either. I'm glad to hear that's why Tajiri lost the titles though, that means they can challenge them again when he returns at the PPV. I also love the thought of Raven being the force behind Kane.

    First off, Something I did got mentioned on Slash! One of my ECW compilations got mentioned on Slash (God, I'msuch a mark)! Seriously, what did you think of my match and promo choices? I've been told I have some weird taste.

    I agree about the Rock. Who really cares about his four way feud? Kane's motives are the only one of the four in that title match that have really been fleshed out, and will probably get the belt. Still, I can hope Beniot will win the title, can't I?

    Also, who really cares about X-pac, and what will this feud do for Jericho but bring him down?

    I agree about the sinister trio. They are unbe-fucking-lievable. Even though they lost the title, that title match was incredible. I wish I had seen that mountain of suck, Rhino lose the TV title to Kid Kash. Oh well.


    Now I hope Greg will be truly psyched that I put his letter in here! Greg, whom I also met through Rebecca has an extensive ECW collection and he made that tape I mentioned last week.

    Nothing wrong with being a mark, Greg, I know I AM!!! I wouldn't mind if Benoit got the title but I'm with Ryan, I really think Kane should get it. Greg's right about Kane's motives being the most thought out though. And sadly, that 'mountain of suck' got his title back tonight so I'm bummed. :(

    Thanks for all the great letters and good thoughts! Until next time, dear readers.............

    First Lady of the Oracles, RTC Cheerleader, Keeper of 2Blonde's sunglasses and Kane's mask
    [slash] wrestling

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