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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well here we are, looking upon yet another WWF PPV! And like before, Rebecca, Heather & I are meeting up to enjoy it first hand!! Whoo hoo!! Yes, if you read Rebecca's column ( I certainly hope you DID!) she was debating but with a little nudging from me, she's coming!! And accompanied by Heather too!!! Sadly, Jen isn't able to make it but she'll be with us in spirit!

So the main thing I'm looking forward to is this steel cage match between 2Blonde & the Hardy Boyz. Well, part of me is looking forward to it, another part is dreading it. Knowing how reckless Jeff can be, I'm just hoping everyone comes out in one piece! Of course, I could be seeing things but considering how E & C decimated the Hardys on Smackdown, that could mean those Cameron boys will be the victors on Sunday! You know that pattern: usually he who loses last on tv, wins at the PPV.

I really enjoyed Smackdown last night, despite all the talkiness. It was great to see everyone like that, I remember the last time was when the Rock demanded Mick be reinstated in the WWF. I loved the whole set-up from Mick pointing the finger at Rock (who really was in Tom Green mode) to the UT getting those shots in at Steph! But I really love the way HHH is making fun of Kurt Angle's manhood! HHH is so great when he's in smartass mode and his zingers are very funny!

I don't know what the deal is with Chyna & Eddy though, her Heat promo was very in the battered wife type of deal. 'You don't understand, he LOVES me!' To be honest, it makes me uncomfortable. I've read some say she could just kick his butt, but I think the point is you can be dominated no matter how you look. I guess that's the point. I mean there ARE some men who get battered and it's not because he's weak. Now that they've had them get engaged, I really don't get where this storyline is going! Will it end with Eddy just flat out turning on Chyna? Or will she see reason and leave him?

Now I hear rumors that Mick Foley will turn heel and I'm thinking the only way they can do that is to have HIM be the driver that ran over Stone Cold. I'm sure with both of them on a limited move rate, this could help Steve ease back in the program. Of course, I really can't think of any justification for Mick doing that, aside from jealousy. At first, I was thinking Billy Gunn but that's too obvious. I don't think they have enough faith in Billy to put him in a program with Steve. Besides he'll have to feud with Road Dogg or X-Pac for causing his 'injury'!

I'm still waiting for Raven to appear. Why is it they can't think of anything for him? Let him be Raven! Let him do some promos on his elast time in the WWF! Come on! Every week we're exposed to 20 minute interviews-cut them in half and bring on Raven!!!! Speaking of promos, Edge & Christian outdid themselves on Smackdown this week. I was dying! I loved the 'someone took a dump on Jeff's face' remark from Christian!! And ow! The sound of Lita's head hitting against the wall!! Of course, the lucky woman has Matt almost fall on top of her........*sigh*

Anywayyy-that segment was done very well. I had to ask Rebecca though, what was young Matt doing? Was that really bad breakdancing or was he doing a Flair strut? OMG!! Speaking of bad break dancing-what WAS Bradshaw doing?!! I never thought I'd see the day when the big bad ass Acolytes would be busting a move with Too Cool!!! Isn't that a sign of the Apocalypse? :)

Well, I'm not making any PPV predictions this time. I'm just going to go, enjoy myself and pray the PPV doesn't include any thong shots of the Kat or Terri!! OR Mideon!!! PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!

Some Random Thoughts:

  • So why is Val dressed like the Good Humor man? Is there a point to him being in all white?

  • Did Dennis Knight lose a bet, really? Or did WE all lose one?

  • I hear TNN is getting a makeover after the WWF comes, I hope so.

    Still don't understand why Vince didn't hold out for CBS though.

  • Oh boy! A 'Ms. WCW' contest on Nitro! Wow, bikini babes! Russo gets a title shot! Smell the ratings!

  • I was reading a recap of WCW Live and I'm now convinced those calls are scripted too. A guy called in praising the whole Gary Coleman thing. From Pro Torch, someone said after that great PPV, the WWF better watch its back! You know, hope is a beautiful thing..... but you people need a wake up call. Hellllooooo?????!!!!

  • I accompanied my cousin to Afa's Wrestling School last weekend. (She's got a tryout next month-whoo hoo, go T!!!) Can anyone tell me why he put in Allentown? Nothing against Allentown, I'm just curious.

  • Happy birthday, Matt!!!!!!

    Well, here we go on another wrestling vacation! Hope it's at least as good as our first one!

    Until next time,

    First Lady of the Oracles, RTC Cheerleader, Wrestling mark at large
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