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Greetings, sports entertainment fans! Well, so much to discuss! My compadre Rebecca covered our trip to MSG and Unforgiven except she didn't talk about our quick run through the WWF NY place. I guess because there was a house show at MSG, the place was mobbed! We made a quick route around the shop (the restaurant was full to capacity so it was closed) picked up a couple of things and left. My cousin had gotten me a copy of the menu (a menu which can be yours for the price of $30.00!!!) and the fare was pretty pricey. But hey, I guess it's worth it, after all you never know who might show up!! As a matter of fact, Rebecca & Heather had just seen Test & Albert! I'm going to try to go back on a week night, preferably when the crowd is low.

Anyway,I hope ypu checked the Idea Man, Matt's column-he did a great job setting up the ECW PPV, Anarchy Rulz. By the way, Matt, I'm still sort of hoarse. :) The PPV was pretty good, I think. I missed some of the first match which was York/Matthews against Roadkill/Doring which saw Roadkill & Doring work their little butts off to win. As a matter of fact, everyone worked very hard. Simon & Swinger ran in at the end and beat on Roadkill & Doring. Swinger looked pretty well too, after that injury report, I didn't know what to expect.

I loved Cyrus proclaiming he had pop!!! Yes, I concur with Matt (again) whomever came up with that slogan should be popped! I loved seeing Spike Dudley again! I'm looking forward to his return. The Kid Kash/EZ Money match was very good-EZ has some great moves! And Kid Kash is always good. I give Paul E. massive props for his eye for talent, he sure knows how to pick 'em. Now after admitting that Joel Gertner is a guilty pleasure of mine, let me say I never want to see him shirtless again!!!! But I admit the stars on his man breasts a la Uganda was a nice touch. I thought he did a good job against Cyrus; this match was a little more entertaining than I thought it would be.

I liked the run-in of Sandman, although the beer on Electra was a bit much. I still don't get her appeal. But hey, he made Joel very happy! The next was The Baldies vs. Chilly Willy & Balls (?) I didn't pay much attention to this, it was brawling and plunder. Plus it seemed too last minute. Baldies won. Big whoop. Next was C.W. Anderson vs. Steve Corino-very good, both guys bladed by the end; Dawn looked great (didn't talk, thank God! oops, sorry) Corino actually won so he's now #1 contender for the belt. And although I agree with Joey, it's very funny to hear the crowd BEHIND Corino for a change, I've always been a Corino mark.

The next match was the FBI vs. Mikey & Tajiri (YAY!!) Great, of course! except the FBI got a lot of help from Sal and kept the belts. :( But I can't complain, Tajiri & Mikey really work well as a team and Mamaluke can bump like no other. These guys have good matches together so I look forward to more down the line. Rhino vs. RVD was just what I expected, but it seems that Fonzi got injured when Rob did his Van Terminator. I'm suspicious because Bill was actually holding the chair against Rhino IN THE RING, as opposed to standing on the floor like he usually does. I'm thinking the seeds may be growing for a Fonzi turns on RVD for 'hurting him in the ring'.

We'll see. Anyway, Justin Incredible interfered to help Rhino retain the belt. :( Booo!!! So the main event-Justin vs. Jerry was long and hard. I hated when the ref was taken out and that heel ref that hates him wouldn't count to 3!!! AAARRGGHHH! Let me just state here that I ABSOLUTELY HATE REF BUMPS!!!!! They serve no other purpose than to work up the crowd-we know. It was cool to see New Jack come out and help Jerry-thank God, he did no suicidal leaps from the balcony.

The other thing that amuses me is that Justin is sometimes more into riling up the crowd than doing his match. But I have to hand it to him, he KNOWS how to piss off a crowd!

But I was very glad to see Jerry Lynn get that belt-he certainly earned it! New Jack hugged him and Jerry wanted to say a few words to his hometown crowd but the stupid mic was off!!! The locker room came out and congratulated him and New Jack grabbed a fan's sign that read 'New F'N Champ!' I love when that happens! It was a good PPV, ECW always work hard to give the fans what they pay for.

Just a few thoughts-

  • I have to hand it to Rhino-he was smart enough to catch the chair RVD threw THEN DUCK thereby avoiding the chair in the face!!! *clap clap* Why hasn't anyone else figured out NOT to catch a chair that Fonzi or RVD throws?
  • I really wish Spike Dudley would let himself heal before doing those bumps!
  • 'They all fear, the Musketeer!' *giggle* oops, sorry.
  • It was very strange hearing the Prodigette rail at the fans about being seen as 'T&A'. When is she going to get in a program with Jazz? I caught a minute of a match they had but it was interrupted by C.W. Anderson.
  • Sometimes I think ECW could stand for extreme cruelty to women.
  • I read the Meanie's new commentary and he talks about having actually gone to wrestling school. I really hope to see him in action soon.

    Well, I'm outta here. Until next time, dear readers..........

    First Lady of the Oracles
    Also not impressed by Trish's mammary glands-Go Kane!

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