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Greetings, sports enertainment fans! Yes, I've done ANOTHER one! Stop me before I write again!

I wanted to do a little preview of the PPV now that the card is complete; and I wanted to talk about Smackdown. Okay, I'm lost-so was the point of Lita actually taking Dean up on his offer- a chance to humiliate him? Revenge for Benoit hitting her with the door? A chance to give all you Lita lusters a chance to see her pose (rather awkwardly) in her bra and panties? Uhhhh...or was it to set up a PPV match between the Hardys & the Radicals? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I won't complain because I like all the participants, though it would be fine if the Hardys got a break!

And talk about a missed opportunity-why didn't they fully set up this Dudleys' turn? Why not show Steven Richards talking to the guys individually, recruiting them for the group? Why not have the Duds do some testifying on the mic THEN turn on the RTC at the PPV? What-it might interfere with Roadie & K-kwick's performance of 'Getting Rowdy'? *groan* Is there someone out there who actually likes that song? I see people with signs reading 'Get Rowdy' but I'd like to believe they were handed those signs by some WWF people.

What was the purpose of seeing Vince lose his mind and break up with Linda? Will this impact the PPV? Will this effect Steph & HHH's marriage? Will Rikishi admit HIS feelings for HHH? ( Oops, sorry, too much slash fiction.) I have no idea where this MacMahon divorce angle is going but I'm not looking forward to seeing RAW and Smackdown turn back into the Vince Show. There are too many guys on the roster twiddling their thumbs in the back now. Of course, we can quibble about the angles they're involved in like-what the HELL is up with Lo-Down? I thought D'Lo was going to turn into Isadora Duncan the way his turban was unreeling-the poor man would end up strung up by his own hand!

So let's look at the Armeggedon matches:

Chyna vs. Val Venis- I like Chyna but I really can't get excited about this match. We've seen them plenty on RAW and Smackdown. I'm paying for this why? I'll pick Val as the winner, simply because there's NO way Steven or any other RTC members won't interfere! This doesn't advance either of them so I just hope it's not very long. Winner: Val

Regal vs. Hardcore Holly for the European title match- Please don't besmirch Regal by taking his title away! Hmm...I'm thinking Crash might attempt a run-in, seeing as he had the title before. But it won't help Bob and I like Regal as the European Champ. (His promos are good too) Shouldn't Bob be living up to his name and going after Steve Blackman for the hardcore belt? Winner: Regal

Hardys/Lita vs. Radicals- Despite a flimsy excuse for a feud, I do look forward to this match. I just hope the Hardys don't try to be too suicidal! This could go either way...But I'll go with the heels just because the Hardys got the upper hand on Smackdown. Winners: Eddy, Dean & Perry

Ivory vs. Trish vs. Molly- Let me add my name to the legion of Molly fans-she's adorable and she can wrestle! And I give big props to Trish, that match these two had on SD was pretty good. Trish is really enjoying her heel role and it shows, and she's really improving in the ring. I've always liked Ivory so I'm really looking forward to this match. I see Molly & Trish locking up, leaving RTC to interfere and help Ivory retain. Winner: Ivory

Fatal 4-way Tag Team Match- Okay, Goodfather & Bull are mad after what the Dudleys did on SD, Edge & Christian just want their belts back while Roadie & K-kwick want to get rowdy. Who doesn't belong in this picture? Then again, Billy got a belt, why wouldn't Roadie? I hope not because Kwick's still a little green to get it-I'd like to see the RTC drop it (and I've heard vague rumours of the Godfather returning-can't wait!) Hmm....I'd like to see 2Blonde back with the belts (or the Duds) but I have a sinking feeling RTC might retain. Winner: Goodfather & Bull

Jericho vs. Kane- This fued started off kinda flimsy but developed into something more interesting and after the brutal way Jericho attacked Kane on SD, I'm thinking this is going to be a hot match! Again, it can go either way, though I can't imagine how it'll help Jericho if he loses. There seems to be the unwritten rule of the winner on tv loses at the PPV so it's got to be Kane coming out, right? Or it could be a draw....Hmmm....tough choice....Winner: *flips coin* Jericho

Benoit vs Billy 'One'- Okay, I kinda missed Billy when he was out but geez, he's been looking bad in the ring! Seeing Benoit take him down on SD left me without a doubt that Benoit's going to come out as the IC Champ. He has to! That belt hasn't mattered since Billy put it on! It's bad enough they jobbed Eddy (whom, like Rebecca said, received tons of heel heat) to this hack, don't trash Benoit like that too! PLEASE!! Winner: Benoit

Hell in a Cell- You know who's involved. This is such lazy booking-hey, let's put all our top guys (well, except for Rikishi) in a match! Everyone'll be happy! Well, I'm not! And why do I know Rikishi's just there to take the pin so the other guys don't have to? This has the makings of a clusterf-ck so I'm just not looking forward to it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Vince do something here since he 'doesn't care about the fans anymore'-for some reason, I'm thinking Kurt will retain. Winner: Kurt Angle

I actually came out 100% on my last PPV predictions (much to my OWN surprise) so we'll see how well I do here..Enjoy the show, folks!

Until Next Time,

First Lady of the Oracles

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