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This is weird I guess I should introduce myself for those of you who may not remember me. My name is Heather and I used to write a column that was posted on this site. Needless to say I quit writing for awhile but now I have resurfaced (so to speak...LOL). You are more then welcome to e-mail me and let me know what you liked or disliked about my column. Hey all mail is welcome....esp hate mail...Just love it. It's true. So with out further ado...


Okay again this week I enjoyed Nitro, well at least the first hour. I like several of the angles they have going now. Flair Vs Flair has the potential to go far as well as the Vampiro/Sting angle. I hear a lot of bad things about WCW, and by no means am I saying that they are great. A lot of work is necessary and as the old saying goes..What comes around goes around. Whenever the WCW gets back in competition with the WWF I have a feeling its going to make both promotions that much better. I may take heat for this paragraph but then again I could care less. So bring it on.....LOL!!!

Raw left a lot to be desired on Monday. I mean the two highlights of the night were the Return of Shawn Michael's and the Rock/Benoit match. Which really floored me. I mean how many can honestly say that they saw the Rock ever pull off a submission match. I give most of the credit to Chris because Chris did make the Rock look that much better. I mean the Rock doing a figure four-leg lock. What wall did that bounce off of? I was really impress with the Rock. Of course I am doomed to see him and HHH make a mockery of the 60-min. Iron Man match. But more on that in a minute.

As I promised last week I am going to let y'all take a peek into my crystal ball and see my predictions for Judgement Day. I must admit that I am pretty good at these.... IT'S TRUE...It really is just ask Sharon and Rebecca.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian : I am kinda perplexed on this match...Hell I like all these guys. Well maybe with the exception of Edge. Edge just doesn't do it for me...sorry. But Kurt Angle, who in my eyes will be bigger then the Rock, is incredible both in ring skill and mic work. Christian and Edge with their new cockiness. Too Cool, who for all the naysayers out there...They are so over...So get over it, you can't deny the talent. Last but not least Rikishi, what can I say about this man except for, well he can dance. I am not sure why I am about to choose the team I am going to chose but none the less I am choosing them. Since the Titles aren't on the line I am going with the team of Too Cool and Rikishi. I don't predict that it will be clean look for Kurt, Christian or Edge to get their team disqualified. (Sorry Rebecca).

Big Show vs. Shane McMahon: I must admit that the two matches that Shane has had at PPV's have been good matches and yes he did perform and perform to the best of his abilities. But how the hell did this match happen and the Hardy's aren't even on the card. I much rather see a Hardy's match that quite frankly don't make any sense then this one (I mean with their lack of storyline at the present date). I mean damn how long can Shane get his ass kicked for and can we honestly believe that Shane will win this one. Look for some sort of interference on the part of the new (and definitely unimproved) DX. Shane will win but us the fans will be the losers.

Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac: Okay I will be the first one to admit it, hell and anyone who knows me will tell you IT'S TRUE. I am self-admitted Roaddogg mark. I just love him...always have and always will. But I absolutely hate the fact that he is teamed with X-Puke. I am hoping that the Dudleys win this X-Puke being the first to go through a table. I am hoping against all hope that Roaddogg don't have to go through a table just throw him on the outside and beat him up a little bit. Then with both the Roaddogg and X-Puke out of the picture, Grab RuTori and put her/his ass through that table. Hell do it twice for good measure. That may have been a little brutal...but then again who cares.

Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero: This is a dream come true. I have been waiting for this day since 2 minutes after these men arrived in the WWF. I am finally getting what I want and all I can do is the happy dance. This match has the potential to steal the show and I have a feeling that these three gentlemen will not disappointed. As far as a winner I am not sure what I would like to see is Perry come out the winner. Thus setting up for a bigger feud between him and Dean and who can forget what Mamacita might do if Eddie loses. Well I for one can't wait. I am predicting Perry to win and at least hold that belt until the next night on Raw. As far as what happens after that I am not sure but you can bet you last dollar that it will be amazing.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit : I know most people feel these two fighting is getting old but I for one love when these two get into a ring togeather. It's like going to see a silent movie. These men talk with their bodies and tell amazing stories with their matches. It will be the Walls of Jericho against the Cross-Faced Crippler. I am picking Jericho just because I feel there has to be a lot of title changes at this PPV, hence the lack of title changes at Backlash. I also have a sick feeling that they may somehow someway replay the 1997 screw job in Montreal at Suvivior series. How is the question?

Triple H vs. The Rock : Last and beyond any shadow of doubt the least. There I go being harsh again....sorry. I just don't see all the hype around this match. There is no way this match could ever surpass the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart match at Wrestlemania 12. No way no how. Sorry...nope..wrong number try again.....LOL!!! The Rock impressed me on Manday but that was against a man that is an incredibel in ring technician as well as a alright high flyer. This match needs more moves then a people elbow here and a pedigree there. With all due respect to both men that will be competing I just don't see how they can keep a match like this exciting. Hell lets face it most of the time they can't keep a 10 minute match exciting. What could they possiblely full the remaining 50 minutes with? Of course I may be way off base here and they may pull out stuff both these man haven't even tried in 5 plus years. But what do I know I am just a columnist. One of two things can happen. It can flop, or it can go over big. But something tells me that people aren't going to be talking about this match 4 years from now like most wrestling fans still talk about the Michael's/ Hart match.

Okay I am finsished. Just some thoughts and I am outta here.

****Please answer this for me....(nobody did last week) How can Vince Russo look so hot on WCW televison and look so damn horrible in WWF Video?

****Did JR utter the name of Bret "The Hitman Hart". I haven't heard that name mentioned on WWF programing in a long time...(exp. Owen tribute Raw)

****I am taking some advice from a good friend of mine (Rebecca) and actully tuning in this week to ECW programmig. Sue me I am a slacker and I keep forgetting it is on. I have been meaning to tune in, well since it debuted. But hey I am only human right.

Okay well I am outta here and remember please feel free to either write or harass I welcome both with open arms. All e-mails will be answered in a timely fashion.

Until next week Kiddos.


Webmistress, The World's Most Dangerous Abs

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